Shakesperean Clothing Essay

Shakesperean Clothing Essay

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Have you ever looked at a picture of your parents when they were your age? Or maybe your grandparents from way back when? Well, judging by how much we laugh at their goofy clothes and ridiculous shoes, not to mention the hilarious hairstyles, styles have changed a lot. We?ve gone from high waists to low waists, baggy shirts to shirts that could fit your little sister, from bellbottoms to skin-tight jeans, and from voluminous hair to straight and silky locks. Yes, style can change a lot in a few decades and if you think that's a lot of change, try going back a few centuries, to the times of Shakespeare!
Back then, the women wore a lot more clothes than we do, that?s for sure! The style included a chemise, stockings (hose), a corset or bodice, a hooped skirt called a Farthingale, a roll (rowle), a stomacher, a petticoat (or a few), a kirtle, and a forepart as underclothes. For over-clothes, they wore a gown, separate sleeves, a ruff, a cloak, shoes, and a hat. I never wear that many layers. Can you imagine how warm it would be in those clothes all day in the middle of July?
As f...

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