Shakespeare’s Growing Influence in Interactive Storytelling Essays

Shakespeare’s Growing Influence in Interactive Storytelling Essays

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In all of literature, William Shakespeare has been made one of the most recognized and beloved writers of all time. With over 38 famous works under his name, Shakespeare has maintained both legitimacy and relevance to this day. Part of the reason Shakespeare has maintained his fame and influence is the multitude of adaptations many have made from his works. Whether it is a play with a modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet or an animated rendition of Hamlet where the characters are placed in futuristic robotic mech suits; the messages and themes written by the bard have transcended both the eras they were written in and the mediums the works are presented in. As new mediums of entertainment come to fruition, it is inevitable to see someone adapt Shakespeare into that medium. One of the mediums of entertainment to gain considerably recognition in recent history is video games (or interactive storytelling). Interactive Storytelling in recent years has been more and more regarded as a new art form, bringing out a new sense of immersion which hadn’t been seen in any other medium before it. What was previously seen as a medium only made to entertain children and inspire massacres; has now emerged being recognized as a new medium which encourages character development and storytelling utilizing choice within the games. With new measure in videogames which focus more on artistic value rather brainless entertainment, there are some games which take influence from Shakespeare’s works. However, because of the young age within the medium, there are few adaptations of Shakespeare’s works seen in games. Partly because is often seen by game audiences as something outside of their circles, and rarely collects any interest. However, as the med...

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