Essay about The Shadow of Greatness of Jimmy Collins

Essay about The Shadow of Greatness of Jimmy Collins

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There have been countless books, lectures, and and trainings, and retreats constructed around the idea of cultivating leadership in an individual. However, cultivating individuals’ ability to follow great leadership has received far less attention. Who are these people leading if each person within an organization is being trained to be a leader? The word follower has negative connotations, evoking the images of a weak, uncreative, milquetoast personality. However, Jimmy Collins, in his book, “Creative Followership: In the Shadow of Greatness”, suggests that the ability to be led brings as much creativity, consciousness, and indeed leadership to an organization or team as the leader himself. Great followership is a reflection of great leadership. In this, the follower is just as important as the leader in the relationship. Many great leaders have asserted that a leader with even a modicum of understanding of what drives their subordinates can take their organization to previously undreamt-of heights in creativity and productivity. Collins does not disabuse us of this notion, he does however add that the follower is indispensable agent in this interplay between leader and follower.

In Mr. Collin’s speech on Thursday, April 3, 2014, he highlighted a few of the most imperative principles of the thirty-five principles outlined in his “Creative Followership”. Collins suggested that through application of these principles, any individual has the potential to be passionately committed and deeply involved in their organization or project - and even in their personal life. All of this without having fashion his or her self into the next Andrew Carnegie. His or her contribution does not have to be as leader to be immeasurabl...

... middle of paper ... Mr. Cathy’s goals and objectives for the company. Their stellar professional relationship was the soil out of which their friendship grew and flourished. Mr. Collins’s unwavering loyalty to Mr. Cathy was rewarded by Mr. Cathy’s friendship and trust as well as gaining Mr. Collins a champion and mentor. The most important result was the development of Mr. Collins’s character. His long career of hard work, decency toward others, a non-gossiper, and a supporter of his boss and team, all made him into a fine individual indeed.

One cannot help but think about how these principles can be utilized in one’s personal dealings. Loyalty, decency, and lifting up of your fellows are wonderful ideals to strive for in friendships, marriage, and in the rearing of children. It is difficult to think of any place in our lives that these ideals would NOT be applicable.

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