Essay on Sexual Violence And Its Effects On The United States

Essay on Sexual Violence And Its Effects On The United States

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Sexual violence is very common in the United States. There is still little information known about the causes of sexual violence, however, research has proven that the acceptance of rape myths has been linked with the perpetration of sexual violence.
In 2016 when asked on national television his thoughts on abortion, United States congressman, and U.S senate candidate Todd Akins was quoted saying that “females rarely gets pregnant, if it 's a legitimate rape.” He also went on to say “the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down". The congressman later apologized, claiming he misspoke. However, the belief system reflected in his statements is more prevalent than realized. Sexual violence is a widespread occurrence in the United States. The federal Bureau of Investigation (2000) predicts that one in four women will experience sexual assault in her lifetime. Woman between 16 and 24 reported being victims of rape at a higher rate than any other age group. For decades, advocates of rape victims has drawn attention to the issue of rape. However, rape remains a social problem. Since sexual violence continues to be a common occurrence, it is imperative to understand how cultural norms, and attitude diminishes or promote tolerance of sexual violence (Iconis, 2008).
“Rape Myths are a specific set of attitudes and beliefs that may contribute to ongoing sexual violence by shifting blame for sexual assault from perpetrators to victims” (Inconis, 2008). Many rape myths communicate two ideas: They define rape narrowly and blame the victims of rape. In rape myths rape is define much more narrow than the legal definition. For example, rape can only occur between strangers, has to involve weapons, leaves the victim injured, and r...

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... what is considered rape by Kansas legal definition, fewer than one-half of the participants checked the label “rape” as relevant to their experience. The hypothesis of this study was proven, victims who accepted rape myths did not were less likely to acknowledge that they had been raped (Muehlenhard & Peterson, 2004).
Rape myth acceptance has been linked to perpetration of sexual violence. Studies have shown that the acceptance of Rape myths has often lead to men justifying sexual violence. Studies shows that those who engage in sexually aggressive behavior, specifically rape, encourages a belief system that are different from those who abstain from sexually aggressive behavior. Research shows that factors such as sex role expectations, victim blame, and misinformation contributes to an individual potential to subscribe to rape supportive attitudes (Inconis, 2008).

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