Gun Control And Gun Violence

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Fewer Laws More Guns Is scary to think about family members or close friends dying innocently because they were victims of a gun shooting. The recent shooting at a 7-Eleven store, across from Cerritos College, has many people talking about gun violence. In America, on of the biggest issue is gun violence. Throughout the years, the gun violence in America has been increasing. Most of the time, the shootings occur at schools, stores and at public places where lots of innocent people get injured or dies. When a shooting happens, the news reporter, social media or at the front page of a newspaper talks about the problems with guns. There are two sides in this gun debate, one is making more laws and the other is more guns. Individuals must consider which side of the debate offers the greatest gain for the least cost. Looking back to laws, making more laws will not work because individuals will break the rules. Many will not stop until they own a gun, legally or illegally. Even though, some individuals do not favor the right to own a gun, owning a gun will determine the live or death of an individual by making sure the individual is safe. Having the right to own guns might help save more people’s lives because a gun will be a really good source of protection. In terms of the gun debate in America, individuals should prioritize personal liberty because having more guns people might feel more safe and protected. In the United States, in order for people to legally carry guns, individuals have to pass through background checks but the background checks are failing because some individuals are bringing guns illegally to the state. In Nicholas Kristof article “Some Inconvenient Gun Facts for Liberals” gave some suggestions that having back... ... middle of paper ... ...he gun debate in America, has many people talking about how dangerous guns could be. Trying to avoid people to buy guns or eliminate guns would not help because guns could be brought illegally. Background checks would only work if the government makes the law stricter but since is not yet strict, then things will still remain the same. Instead, of making more laws, the government should let people carry guns with them because the gun could be used for protection. There could have been a possibility that in the San Bernardino shooting, the 14 individuals who died in the attack, could have survived if those individuals had a gun. Who knows where and when a shooting could happen? No one knows but the one who will commit the crime. That is why having more guns could reduce individuals to get injured or die in a shooting. Which means that more guns will equal more safety.
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