Essay on Sexual Harassment And Abuse Of Female

Essay on Sexual Harassment And Abuse Of Female

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The documentary, Rape in the Fields, details the sexual harassment and abuse of female
farmworkers in the United States and the important power dynamics that come with
undocumented workers and their supervisors. During lecture, we discussed “unwelcome” and
“involuntary” actions, specifically in the workplace. The film documents these actions through
the particular story of Renee Rodriguez and Olivia Tamayo, where unwelcome actions were
clearly present, unwelcome purely being an understatement. The harassment taking place on
Harris Farms and similar farm and food industrial cites places the “unwelcome” distinction in
great contempt, there is clear criminal activity happening and workers certainly being taken
advantage of yet there is no reporting. These women face unwelcome advances daily and are
kept hushed or forced to believe that they want it or no one will believe them. These actions
prove despicable and bring workplace harassment to an entirely different level, one that is hard
to even conceptualize being Middle Class and white.
Furthermore, questions of power dynamics become clear and make it impossible to
believe consent was ever given or could ever be given by the victims. Many, if not all, of these
workers are undocumented. Speaking out about things like this becomes impossible for these
workers and the position of supervisor is instantly given an incredible amount more power taking
away workers’ ability to consent. It could easily be argued that consent cannot be given within
the relationships being investigated because of this, just as a relationship between a teacher and a
student is considered rape even if the student is of age due to power dynamics. The movie cites
that these women are terrified of deportation and wo...

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...ented immigrants.
Finally, though, the EEOC did sue the rapists in the plant and the women were awarded money.
Which, in my eyes, that still is not the justice they deserve.
The documentary effectively displays the amount of sexual harassment existent in
agriculture and the farms throughout the United States. There are few to no statistics on such
harassment because of the legal status of the workers and the reluctance of people to gather such
statistics. That being said, this is what Women’s Studies is for, though. Classes like this allow us
to synthesize this information, become aware of it, and work to fix it. These women are
susceptible to rape and it is our job to uncover and work to fix such injustices. It is necessary for
us to have intersectional perspectives in order to bring to light real life gendered problems
existent for women of color in our own country.

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