Essay on Sexual Assaults On University And College Campuses

Essay on Sexual Assaults On University And College Campuses

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In our society, the amount of coverage that is received of the rape culture among college campuses and universities continues to become more prevalent each and every day. Sexual assaults on university and college campuses are most likely to happen amidst the student population. According to Burnett, Mattern, Herakova, Kahl Jr, Tobola, and Bornsen (2009), every two minutes in the United States, someone is raped, and the chances of being that victim are four times greater for a college female student than for any other age group. Rape is described as being non-consensual vaginal, anal, or oral penetration by force or even threat of force. Twenty-five percent of women on college campuses have said that they have been raped or has experienced an attempted rape (Boswell & Spade, 1996).
The most frequent pattern of sexual assault that occurs on university and college campuses are acquaintance rape as well as date rape. Both date rape and acquaintance rape are found to be one in the same. Both date rape and acquaintance rape are a type of sexual assault that are committed by an individual that the victim is familiar with either socially or intimately. Most recently, it has been discovered that rape culture is more prevalent among university and college campuses (Burnett et al, 2009). The phrase rape culture has been applied to a universal culture that encompasses and promotes rape. However, it does not acknowledge places in which a rape is most likely to occur. Burnett et al (2009), has stated that college campuses tend to foster the date rape culture, which increases the risk factors that are related to sexual violence. Another group that has a tendency to foster the rape culture among campuses are fraternities and athletes. According...

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...ssault and less than half actually provide a phone number that can be used after hours. If universities provided effective measures to guarantee that a victim can report an assault, then less victims will feel like they do not have a voice or someone that they can turn to for help. A recent study found that a mere 50 percent of universities provide a hotline for victims of assault, 44 percent of universities allowed sexual assaults to be reported online, and 8 percent of universities provided anonymous reporting (DeMatteo et al, 2015). Another starting point would be if policies were put in place to protect victims of sexual assault rather than blame them. If university and college campuses could continue to implement preventative measures, then it is possible that more people will be educated on the occurrences of sexual assault on college and university campuses.

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