Sex Education Is One Thing By Anna Quindlen Essay

Sex Education Is One Thing By Anna Quindlen Essay

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What is acceptable when it comes to teaching kids about sex education? “What Schools Should Teach Kids About Sex” by Jessica Lahey uses more of a logical approach to the issues of sexual education given to adolescence, compared to “Sex Education Is One Thing” by Anna Quindlen which tells more of her personal story and opinion using pathos to connect to the audience. After reading both articles about sex education, it is clear that there are many different interpretations of what qualifies as sex education, who is qualified to teach it, and what should be included in the curriculum. Both writers believe that there should be more sex education taught to high school kids but they go about it in different ways, using rhetorical appeals of logic versus pathos.
A very distinctive characteristic in the article by Lahey is how she uses the rhetorical appeal of logos to convince her readers she is correct. In “What Schools Should Teach About Sex”, Lahey has a very clear thesis in the first paragraph, “There is probably no subject that has posed greater headaches to teachers than sex education” ( ). Lahey makes it clear to her readers that she is going to talk about how teachers have always struggled with deciding what to teach kids about sex and how to teach it. She states in the beginning of her second paragraph that the amount of sex education given to high schools depends on local politics and beliefs, although she provides no evidence to support this theory. As she continues with her article she does use one main rhetorical fallacy which is logos. A lot of the information she provides is supported with reputable evidence. For example, “According to the CDC, almost half—47 percent—of all U.S. high school students have had sexual in...

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...ans and where they are located, but whose job is it to tell students about the dangers of getting pregnant and to use protection? At this point in her article Quindlen gets even more personal and brings her son into it. She tells the readers that when her son is the appropriate age she will tell him what she believes he should know about sex education, and teachers in class can tell them whatever they are supposed to.
I like both articles very much. I did find it easier to connect with Quindlen’s paper over Lahey’s because she was more personal. Lahey was very forceful in her opinions and threw a lot of facts to the readers, with not as much of a personal opinion. Although, both have the same point they carry on their argument with different perspectives. In the end it comes down to the reader and their personal preference of whether they prefer logic or emotion.

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