Sex Education in Adolescents Using the Comprehensive Risk Reduction Essay

Sex Education in Adolescents Using the Comprehensive Risk Reduction Essay

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Sex education has been widely controversial throughout public schools not only in the United States but across the globe. The debate covers many different issues but currently the main focus is whether abstinence-only lessons should be used versus the more contemporary version referred to as comprehensive risk reduction (CRR). Many factors play into this debate including moral and ethical bias but all of the research for both practices poses the question “which method is more effective in reducing sexual risks and consequences?”
Sex Education is essentially the teachings of human sexuality in regards to sexual anatomy, reproduction, intercourse and behaviors associated. Learning about these aspects is important to adolescent development as it is a natural part of life. One way children learn about this is through school or somewhere in their community such as an after school program. Though it seems like an obvious lesson to learn, children have a difficult time getting this information from any source other than an organized curriculum in their health class at school. This is somewhat understandable as it can be very uncomfortable for parents and guardians to discuss these intimate details with their innocent child but it has the potential to cause problems later in the adolescent’s life. Brewin’s article addresses the parental concern that sex education may actually stir sexual desires and behaviors in the children that were not present before (Brewin.) However, curiosity comes about naturally and if it is met with over-protectiveness and suspicion from parents then the child has no other choice but to get the facts from another source which could possibly be firsthand experience.
Due to the risk of adolescents learning all abo...

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