Sexual Health Education in China

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Does the lack of sexual health education in the Chinese education system pose serious consequences within Chinese society? This summary of my thesis argument intends to present more understanding regarding the comprehensive literature surrounding sexual health education in China. My thesis will aim to contribute a focused argument to the sexual health education dialogue by providing a case study of the sexual health education system in China, in order to analyze the current problems of the system and the possible serious results regarding the Chinese population because of these problems. While conversing about the current state of sexual health education, I will focus on the different ways that sexual health education is carried out in the school systems throughout China compared to other countries, what these effects have on society and how this could be changed. This is only a short compilation of the number of sources I will eventually have, as I plan to find much more information as I continue my research. Professor Zhou-Yu Feng touches on the problems within Chinese society in her thesis “The Comparative Research on Sex Education for Adolescents of China and the US”, by saying “it is known that sex education is a blind spot in China’s basic education. Many social problems are caused due to the lack of sex education, which has gradually aroused people’s attention” (Yu-Feng). The importance of providing clear and correct sexual health education by the education school system is also of great importance because as many Chinese citizens are increasingly having premarital sexual relationships without concise or clear sexual health education, this poses the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, unplanned pregnancies,... ... middle of paper ... ... of Comprehensive Sex Education in China: Findings from Suburban Shanghai”, International Family Planning Perspectives (2005): 63-72. Wen, S.H., J.D. Zeng, and M.L. Ng. 1990. Sex and Moral Education. Hong Kong: Joint Publishing. Will, Rachel. "Contraceptive Use In China." US-China Today:. 30 Mar. 2012. Xinhua News Agency, First sex education VCD for youngsters released, May 31, 2002, , accessed July 16, 2003. Yifen, Wang, and Chen Wei. "Progress or Pornography." News China Magazine RSS. News China, Dec. 2012. Web. 12 Apr. 2014. Yu-feng, Zhou. "The Comparative Research on Sex Education for Adolescents of China and the US." US-China Education Review 408-417 (2012): 408-17. Web. . Zhu, WeiJing. "The World of Chinese." The World of Chinese. 20 Aug. 2013.
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