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Sex Education : At Home Essay

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Sex education: At home, at school or both?
1.06 million is the number of abortions took place in the U.S in 2011 according to Guttmacher Institute. This is not a small number in compare to the whole population of the world. 1.06 million abortions equals to more than 1.06 million babies have been killed before they even have full bodies. That’s a very sad statistic to look at. And what is the main reason why this sad number exists? We could blame poor education in sex for this controversy issue. Lack of knowledge about sex and how to have safe sex could lead to pregnancy and the outburst of sexual transmitted diseases. If the pregnancy was unexpected, the mother will get abortion; which is not only pitiful to the unborn child but also very hurtful to the mother herself. Sexual transmitted diseases not only harm the people who carry it but also a thread to the health of the whole population. The ways to teach students about sex is even more important because it will decide whether the information gets into their mind or not. With the evidence of many researches, teaching sex education both at home and at school has been proved to be the most effective way to impart students.
To understand why students should get appropriate teaching way of sex education, we need to understand what is sex education and what role does it play in our life. Sex education is not considered a main subject to teach in school or take credits but it is essential to everybody. Nowadays, a lot of schools teach sex education for their children as a sub-subject. Furthermore, there are numerous states that enact the law which stated that high schools, some also include middle schools, have to open sex education classes and teach this to students. So what is sex...

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...rom their parents’ past.
Sex education is no longer a strange topic and every school in the world should teach their students about this. Sex education has become more and more important these days to fights STDs and lowers the number of abortions. But the government and the schools effort is not enough. Bringing the lessons home and parents giving lecture to their children seems to be the best way to impart students. Parents are the one closest to the children, sex education takes longer time, children will understand better when parents use personal experience and children be willing more to discuss are the four main benefits that support the idea of giving the role of teaching sex education to both educators and parents. If parents and government work together teaching safe sex to young people, they will open up a better world with less STDs and less abortions.

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