Where Should Sex Be Taught?

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The debate concerning where sex education should be taught seem to be intensifying as days progress. The rift between those who believe that it should be a school obligation to teach the children sex education and those who believe it should be a parent’s duty continues to widen. This paper gives a detailed analysis into this matter to make you more informed and help lessen the heat that surrounds this debate.
Schools are very instrumental for the development of the child. Modern parents are so busy to an extent they do not have time to spend with their children. The economy alone cannot allow them, even if they really want, to have a special time with their children. That being the case, the parents do not have time to share pertinent intimate information of sexuality with their children. Therefore, there comes a need to have someone else who can do that work in a very reliable manner and impartially. You find that schools or rather instructors spent most of the time with the children and thus forms a central part of the children’s lives. Mandating them with the obligation of taking care of the overall development of the children is not an option. The overall development of the children here includes sex education. As any other education helps the child develop, this too should be added in the list. Considering how these children’s parents are tied up by very busy schedules, the teachers are the only solution into this problem and this confirms why sex education continues to be taught in schools.
Doing the right thing at any time requires a well informed person. Education is the catalyst through which people learn to do the right thing always. Technocrats will say it is in school where discipline is well instilled and it is th...

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...t parents are the people every child trusts. That trust and sense of security makes the child freely ask or share sex information with his parents. Knowing how caring parents are, they would not hesitate to advice and teach accordingly their child on matters concerning his sexuality.
In conclusion, the two sides of the argument seem valid. Every side has a point. However, the plain truth is that sex education is needed and irrespective of who gives it should not be a point of discussion. Raising a child is a collective responsibility that includes the entire community. This means that both teachers in school and parents back at home need to cooperate to make this happen. The only point of correction should be on the flaws that exist on both sides. Everybody should play his role and when that has been done sex education will be effective both in school and at home.
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