Sex And Its Effect On Society Essays

Sex And Its Effect On Society Essays

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Sex is either glorified or shamed in everyday life from media, movies, and in to-day’s magazines. We pick up a magazine and can instantly find attractive, strong, sexual men or woman flaunting the idea of what a women should look like. What exactly are they trying to tell readers? The times are changing and so are our views on sex, the way we view others and especially the way we view ourselves. Society today relies on pro-moting and advertising sex to sell products in popular readings which can often lead to low self-esteem in women of all ages.
Magazines rely on promoting and advertising sex to sell products in popular read-ings which can often lead to low self-esteem in women of all ages. What most people find attractive differs because not everyone has the same interest, but we all have the same goal. According to Tom Reichert, a professor and head of the department of adver-tising and public relations in the UGA Grad College, “Sex sells because it attracts atten-tion. People are hard wired to notice sexually relevant information so ads with sexual content get noticed” (2012). In an evolutionary psychological sense, as times passes our human nature or goal evolves into finding acquired resources within others, also known as natural selection. Natural selection involves physical and nonphysical characteristics that apply to societies expectations. For example, when a man or woman is looking for a mate or a commitment, he or she often looks for what is “attractive” to him or her. These traits can be from weight, height, fitness, intelligences, values, etc. Although many of us like to think “looks are not everything”, it actually has to do a lot with our natural selec-tion. It is human nature that drives us to make these specifi...

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... Adolescents then buy these products aspiring to look similar too these models.
According to Teen Health and the Media, one in every three articles in popular teen girl magazines include a focus on appearance, and most of the advertisements use beauty to sell their products. Magazine advertisements are somewhat of a role model for adoles-cence on how they are expected look yet majority of advertisements are promoting sex. A passage from the article The Prevalence of Sexual Imagery in Ads Targeted to Young Adults, stated that “the effect may be heightened for young adults, for whom sexual ex-pression and experiences are still relatively new. As such, hormonal changes and body development contribute to the novelty and salience of sexual images.” Going through pu-berty the body goes through hormonal changes which often leads adolescence wanting to look at mature content.

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