The Seven Different Learning Styles Essay

The Seven Different Learning Styles Essay

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In a classroom environment, it is essential to understand how each and every individual student is able to retain information. The seven different learning styles: visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social and solitary are all effective strategies a teacher can use in order to allow students of many different backgrounds to learn in their own unique way. It is very important for a teacher to implement these aspects into their daily teachings because their main goal is to get all students to understand the information they are required to learn. School for some kids is a difficult place to learn and be comfortable based off of their learning preferences and if an instructor can assist in any way possible it can make a tremendous difference in how students view education. As a teacher there are a plethora of ways to create a well thought out lesson plan that covers all learning style areas and accommodates every student. Overall, a teacher should consider all seven learning styles while instructing a class to ensure that all students have equal opportunity to learn and feel comfortable in a school environment.
The visual learning style brings about various aspects that appeal to the sight of a student. Visual learning can be implemented through images, pictures or even colors so a student may have a visual representation of an instruction. This style is very important because it appeals to one of the main senses that people use on a daily basis. It is also much easier for a younger person to comprehend something that is being taught if they can relate it to what they have seen.

In a physical education class visual learning is quite necessary when it comes to teaching a skill and a teacher will most often demonstrate a move...

... middle of paper ... into a teacher’s lesson plans so they can make sure all students have the capability to learn.
In conclusion, it is essential to understand how each and every individual is able to retain information in a classroom environment. This is so crucial to understand as a teacher because there will be many different types of students that make up one particular class. The variety of students may learn similarly or quite differently based off of a myriad of factors and instructors need to know how to reach every person in the class. By including all seven learning styles in each lesson plan it reaches the main goal of a teacher to provide information to all in a classroom with equal opportunity. With this, they need to ensure each student is comfortable in a learning environment and will want to continue going to school and acquire information to broaden their horizons.

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