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In higher education, learning and studying differ in several ways from secondary education; consequently, the main difference is that there is more emphasis on independent learning at university compared to college. My definition of independent study is learning and motivating yourself on your own whilst being self-disciplined in order to allocate enough time to meet assignment deadlines. This is really important for higher education because the majority of the course at university is learnt by studying or revising on your own in the library finding topic related resources and completing exam papers. Consolidation work, however, is far more important at a university even despite the lecturer giving you the right direction; it is the individual…show more content…
Understanding the lecturer’s feedback regarding any submitted work is important to comprehend, since you have minimal contact hours with the lecturer. I have gained this attribute mainly from college and Portuguese school, therefore, this will hopefully prepare me more on this aspect. An example of this would be when I had exams, I always handed in work for my Portuguese teacher to mark and give feedback, this was without the teacher asking me to do anything as I thought feedback on my work is really important. On the other hand, I will also use this learning experience to help me when it comes to university, as I learnt how to integrate myself into a new learning environment. I am aware that the university learning environment will require a lot of my own research as the lecturers cannot spoon-feed the students everything. The personal attributes that I have gained from this experience were primarily adaptability and self-reliance. However, I think that sometimes a lot of dependency on the teacher has been one of my weaknesses. This weakness has improved tremendously during the beginning of my second year at college, as I began to study for my A-levels using online resources. At university, if I do have any problems with any theories or principles, I will attend the support sessions that are available, as it is better to understand the concept then just remaining

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