Essay on Service Activities At Chicago 's Pizza

Essay on Service Activities At Chicago 's Pizza

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Service activities were not always my main priority. Before my freshman year of high school, I focused mainly on my athletics and my education. I participated in basketball and softball my freshman year. For these two sports I often times was asked to help work concession stands for volleyball and football games. Some of my fellow teammates did not like to help in the concession stands; however, I loved it. I liked being able to support and cheer on my fellow Marksmen while also volunteering to help my coach and school out. Quickly learning to count in my mind and learning to make proper change without a cash register also helped me gain experience in order to obtain my first job at Chicago’s Pizza. Without having this background in working concessions stands I possibly would not have gotten my job.
My sophomore year I started to try and branch out from my comfort zone. I also tried to participate in more activities than just athletics. Once I was old enough I decided that I would donate blood whenever the school held their biannual blood drives. I have experienced multiple surgeries throughout the years and wanted to give back to those that needed the blood more than I do. I was upset this last time when they told me my iron was too low to donate. Donating blood is my way to give back to people that could have possibly saved my life. I almost never have troubles after donating with being dizzy and such so it always made sense in my mind to donate when I was able to. Tell City High School is where I started to come into contact with volunteer opportunities. At the time, I did not realize they were preparing me for better experiences in the future.
I was asked to be an assistant coach for a youth soccer team of fou...

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...l; usually, I was told that it was a tragedy that something would happen to a young girl. I could tell she was suffering on the inside like I was. I hope my words gave her the power and courage to become successful despite her imperfections. This is my favorite memory from my experiences volunteering.
As a current senior in high school, I have gained many experiences through my school, my community, and my church. Without these volunteer hours I would not be as vocal and social as I am today. I thank the community for making me feel included in this community. Perry County has many opportunities to become involved. After graduation, I plan on continuing to do service for St. Paul’s Church and the community. This summer will be my third mission trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I am thankful for all the money we have raised and also have been donated to us.

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