Characteristics Of National Honor Society

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It is an extraordinary honor to be considered as a candidate for the National Honor Society. This means I have achieved my goal in demonstrating my determination- in school and outside of school- and my willingness to aid people in my community. Being a part of such a prestigious organization is a huge responsibility in which I will fully devote my time to. Ever since I was a freshman, my goal was to work diligently to be amongst the highest scholars and to be accepted into this scholarly “hall of fame”. Through my immeasurable hardwork and perseverance, I believe that I contain the four characteristics of a National Honor Society member- leadership, service, character, and scholarship.
Acquiring leadership skills along with a strong character
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Serving for the community and the school without compensation or recognition is a defining characteristic of the National Honor Society. I believe that I provide plenteous hours of service to my school and community. In my school, I am a member of Interact Club- a club that encourages volunteer work regarding the school and the community. I have participated in many Interact activities such as Make a Difference Day- cleaning trash at the Wildlife Refuge, Martin Luther King Day at Stockton University- helping organizations such as Circle K, and Project Green- cleaning trash and planting at the Atlantic City beach. In addition to these activities, I have volunteered at Seashore Gardens over the summer before my junior year. There, I was able to engage and interact with the elderly by coloring with them, distributing their lunches, and getting to know them. During my first day volunteering there, I had made a friend instantly as we bonded over gossiping and each other’s daytime activities. It was definitely an experience I will never forget. In addition, I volunteered my time by bagging groceries at ShopRite and washing cars to help fundraise for the Absegami girls soccer team as well as making Valentine's Day cards for the elderly, decorating classroom doors for Christmas, and helping my class with a cookie fundraiser. Helping the environment, aiding the elderly, bagging groceries, helping my class, and being…show more content…
Along with all my extra-curricular activities, I still manage to find time to accomplish my homework and achieve a high grade point average. Currently, my GPA is a 97.889. I constantly work harder and harder to maintain my grades and continue to challenge myself every year by scheduling difficult classes. Even though travel soccer is all-year-round, I make it my priority to uphold my high grades. With many stresses over the overlap in soccer schedules and studying for school, I make a list of assignments and follow my schedule in order to have time to participate in both. As proof of my scholarly achievements, I have received Distinguished Varsity Scholar Awards for both my freshman and sophomore years. I persevere to progress and maintain my grades so that I can accomplish more when I go to college. My ambition is to become a doctor and I know that I can achieve this feat as long as I stay steadfast in my education. From my years of schooling, I have learned that achieving great things comes with hardships, perseverance, and
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