Serial Killers, By Ronald M. Holmes And James De Burger Essays

Serial Killers, By Ronald M. Holmes And James De Burger Essays

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It is almost difficult to give a generalized description to profile all serial killers, nor is it easy to give an specific explanation in their motive to kill—varies in every serial killer experiences. Still, researchers introduce multiple typologies based on developed databases using past cases of serial killing. This is to help law enforcement authorities give possible idea by following patterns aiding to profile the serial killer(s) and the public to understand psychological these behaviors. Furthermore, Researchers, Ronald M. Holmes and James De Burger has presented four types of serial killers, classifying him/her based on motive and on characteristics of the victims. The four typology is as follows:
I. The first is visionary, the title is suggestive of the type of serial killer; These are individuals who are delusional and are driven by “visions” or have hallucinations to led him/her to kill. Most likely suffering from a mental disorder. David Berkowitz, for example, referred to as “Son of Sam” who claimed that his neighbour’s dog was Satan and told him to murder.
II. The second type of serial killer is called missionary or mission oriented. This type of serial killers kills to eliminate a particular group of people that s/he deem undesirable, such as homosexuals, prostitutes, members of a particular religious, racial or minority groups, etc. An example of this type of serial killer is Robert “Willie” Pickton (1969-). A Canadian serial killer and a former pig farmer whose mission was to murder prostitutes and he fed them to his pigs—his mission was to eliminate prostitutes. Joel Rifkin is another mission-oriented killer who murdered 17 young women who were runaways and prostitutes in New York.
III. Oxford dictionary defin...

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...air perhaps common characteristics shared with his mother. It is mentioned in his documentary that he reacts violently if he feels or is rejected, especially by women. Hence, his sexual assaults and murders are a suggestive result of his childhood trauma. Essentially, Sithole’s mission is to gain power and control over women who “mistreat” him by either sexually assault which makes them “vulnerable” and fearful—evident that he identifies with a power/control serial killer. Further, sexual assault, injuring and killing his victims gives him gratification and pleasure, (in other words, nonmaterialistic benefits) in succeeding and is not feelings vulnerable himself (as he was as a child), which correlates with comfort-oriented serial killer. Ultimately, he demonstrates characteristics of a hedonistic comfort-oriented, power and control, mission-oriented serial killer.

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