Dennis Rader: Serial Killer

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Have you ever wondered why some people love art and music, and some love science and math? These individuals love math or art because they get a sense of relaxation and excitement from these activities. Serial killers are the same way they love to kill people and have lots of different motives for why they kill them. A serial killer is a person who kills repeatedly. The one motive that drove Dennis Rader, to kill his victims was to gain power and control over them. In order to identify serial killers before they kill repeatedly, a person needs to study the characteristics that makes up this type of criminals. Most serial killers have been abandoned, by one or both parents, they are emotionally, physically, and even sexually abused by a family member, or relatives from unstable families who have criminal, psychiatric and alcoholic histories, or tend to have hate for their parents and people in general which makes them have antisocial personality disorder. They have conflicted pain or tortured animals at a young age and most are highly interested in gaining control over things. Even though not every serial killers posses these characteristics, but most share these characteristics the same way they share the psychological need to have complete control and power over people. Dennis Rader was one normal avaergae citizen untill he shocked the public to when he was caught as a serial kiiler who caused tragedy in their town. A article stated “either in his genes or in his childhood or perhaps a grim combination of both created a hole in the spot most of us call a soul”(Klepper). Dennis rader was the oldest of four sons. He grew In Wichita Kansas. As a child dennis was known to kill and hang stray cats.( article 3) Peopl... ... middle of paper ... ...05, Mar 06). Suspect in 10 kansas murders lived an intensely ordinary life. New York Times. Retrieved from O'Driscoll, P. (2005, Jun 28). 'BTK' calmly gives horrific details ; serial killer who stalked wichita enters guilty plea. USA TODAY. Retrieved from Help prevent children from growing up into monsters. (2006, Jan 23). Redlands Daily Facts. Retrieved from Megan, K., & Courant, S. W. (2005, Mar 10). THE KILLERS (AND LIARS) IN OUR MIDST ; HOW DOES A SERIAL MURDERER LIVE UNDETECTED AMONG `NORMAL PEOPLE'? BY BEING A SOCIOPATH -- A PERSON WITHOUT A CONSCIENCE, WITHOUT THE ABILITY TO LOVE. Hartford Courant. Retrieved from

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