The Serial Killer By James Clayton Vaughn Jr. Essay

The Serial Killer By James Clayton Vaughn Jr. Essay

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Nicknamed “the racist killer” James Clayton Vaughn Jr. killed more than fifteen people. He is a perfected example of what characterizes a mission type serial killer. He was a neo nazi and a member of the Ku Klux Klan and was motivated to kill interracial couples and Jewish people because of his hatred towards them and belief that they were inferior and destroying America. His desire to kill this demographic of people stemmed from his desire to incite a race war after reading Adolph Hitler’s Mein Kampf. He even attacked celebrity Larry Flint, publisher of Hustler magazine for allowing his magazine to depict interracial sex. He was found guilty for his crimes and was executed in 2013. (Blanco, 1999)
The hedonistic serial killer is perhaps the most complex of the typologies, as it has three sub categories within it. The first type is that of the comfort-oriented killer, this killer will murder for profit and is usually an assassin or a “black widow” woman, meaning they kill their husband/partner, or other family member for a profit (usually inheritance/insurance.) The second sub category is the thrill killer. This type of serial killer murders for the pleasure they experience and or thrill they get from the act of killing alone. The third and most violent type is the hedonistic lust serial killer. This serial murder will often kill for the sake sexual gratification and is much more violent with their victim. The lust type of killer is process focused as opposed to act focused. This is why they will usually commit acts such as necrophilia, mutilation, dismemberment, torture, rape, and cannibalism as well as murder. (Holmes, R. M., Holmes, S. T., & Park, H. 2007.) These types of killers generally blend in well with the rest of society...

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... an MO. (Hicks & Sales, 2006)
In conclusion, serial killers are a deadly threat to any community that they inhabit. Thanks to the hard work of law enforcement and psychological professionals we now have an effective tool to aid in their apprehension. Psychological profiling is not a perfect field but it can give investigators answers where other tools cannot. The ability to look at a crime scene and the evidence and be able to tell if the offender is organized or disorganized alone is immensely helpful, as it narrows down who an investigator might be looking for. This tool has given investigators a valuable insight into the minds of serial killers they did not previously have. Just as psychology, sociology, and criminology have grown as disciplines and become more exact over time so too will psychological profiling as it is rooted in all three of these disciplines.

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