Criminal Profiling: The Most Important Part Of The Criminal Justice System

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Many individuals are interested in criminal profiling. It’s a very important part of the criminal justice system because it helps the cops find the criminal based on behavioral patterns. They need to figure out the person, how they act, what sets them off, what calms them, etc. It takes a lot of schooling and you also have to be a special agent for up to 3 years before even thinking of becoming a profiler. Although it takes a lot of work and experience if you are able to handle all of the violence and danger, it would be a very rewarding job knowing that you are helping get criminals off of the street.

Throughout the history of criminal profiling people have had concerns about whether or not it actually works and/or helps find
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"It 's a combination of analyzing the physical and behavioral evidence, reconstructing a crime from the beginning to the end and coming up with the most scientific determination possible with the information available." - (The Profiler by Pat Brown) Since criminal profiling is such a small field there really is not a lot of degrees focused thoroughly on criminal profiling but most agencies such as the FBI typically want a dual degree in psychology as well as criminal profiling,The FBI also desires work experience in law enforcement. A a degree that could also be helpful would be a masters in behavioral science or forensic psychology. (,…show more content…
In the 1960’s, people actually believed that psychology was simple minded and unnecessary, so, becoming a criminal profiler back in the day definitely involved difficulties. Little did Teten and Mullany know that they would change the was law informants works forever. (Susssex Publishers, 1991-2016). Although criminal profiling was not utilized until the 19th century by Dr. Thomas Bond. He wrote a description on the legendary “Jack The Ripper” describing how he may act or look. Even after all of the work he done he or anyone else to this day has been able to find out who Jack the Ripper was. Criminal profiling is more involved with crimes such as murders, rapes, etc. The FBI would be a prime example of somewhere criminal profiling is needed along with the branches they have such as the NCAVC, and you will need to have experience in the field as a special agent of some sort as well before being able to work as a profiler (,
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