The Serial Killer: The Case Of Lemuel Smith

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When it come to the wrongdoing of serial murders the first thing people think of is that the offender is psychotic, white, abused as a child and experimented with animals. However that is not true, serial killers have different alternatives, motives and desires. Some are sexual sadist, act in necrophilia and are mission base serial killers. However people do not know that African-Americans consist of the largest racial minority group among serial killers, representing approximately 20 percent of the total amount of serial killers in America. (Bonn) Most believe that serial killers are white and other races are not likely to partake in that type of crimes. However two notorious well known black serial killers are Lemuel Smith & John Floyd…show more content…
He was born In Amsterdam, New York. Lemuel Smith came from a religious African American household. During his juvenile stages of his life early indications showed that Lemuel was going down the wrong path. At the age of Sixteen Lemuel Smith was accused of murdering and raping Dorothy Wallstreet , however due to misconduct from the prosecution he was not charged for the murder. (Blanco) After his first accouter with the police Lemuel, left New York and relocated to Baltimore Maryland. There Lemuel tried to murder again. However he was not successful. Lemuel took a 25 year old women as his prisoner, beat her and nearly kill her. However the women survived and Smith was sentenced to 20 years in jail for assault. (Blanco) Lemuel spent 10 of 20 years in jail and was released. In 1976, the day before Thanksgiving Lemuel Smith struck again, killing two people Robert Hedderman and his secretary Margaret Bryon. The murders took place in Mr. Hedderman’s religious store in Albany New York. (Blanco) On the evidence at the store, human feces were found. This would later make Lemuel Smith a prime suspect. While the investigation was going on another Joan Richburg, was raped, murdered and mutilated in her car at Colonie Center mall in Colonie. The evidence at this crime scene also made Lemuel Smith the prime suspect, however he was still free on pending investigations. After weeks of passing Smith was convicted of both crimes and also one…show more content…
While Lemuel Smith would kill randomly people, mostly women, John Floyd Jr had a certain type of women and killing method that he followed by. All of his victims were elderly and lived alone. The reason why he would pick this certain type of victims is because they would be less likely to fight back and no witnesses would be left since they lived alone. Both serial killers show different type characteristics that reflects serial killers behavior. Lemuel Smith is seen to be a disorganized serial killer. A disorganized serial killer is seen to be very random, carless and aggressive. That particular type of killer has no strategy of murder he/she commits and doesn’t have an ideal victim type. They kill just to kill, they don’t try to hide evidence or clean up the crime scene.(Burgess) John Floyd Thomas on the other hand fits with the characteristics of an organized serial killer. Organized serial killers plan there murders , have an ideal victim type most of the time and are at a low risky to get caught.(Burgess) John Floyd Thomas was on the run for over a decade before actually getting caught by law enforcement. He planned every step with the upmost caution. He based his day job primarily on his victim type’s
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