Senior Synthesis And The Synthesis Process Essay

Senior Synthesis And The Synthesis Process Essay

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Senior Synthesis is a class that is fundamental to the Brophy experience. It is designed to bring all of our academic and, more importantly, our spiritual growth and education to a cohesive climax by applying the three main questions of the examen that we pray daily: "How is God at work in my life?" "How have I responded to God 's presence in my life?" and lastly, "How am I being called to respond now?" . The entire Senior Synthesis process forces you to delve deeper into impactful life experiences and to learn more meaningful lessons about yourself and, especially so, your faith. In order to completely engross ourselves into the synthesis process, we must also be willing to ask your own fundamental questions and be willing to research and apply the answers that are found to your end result, which is ideally seeing where God is throughout your life and what your response shall be going forward.
When tasked with looking back upon my life to find events that had a profound effect on me and who I have become so far, the memory that first comes to mind is, on the surface, somewhat lackluster. My mind pretty much immediately jumped to this memory, especially in the context of the Japanese movie After Life, and its premise of choosing one single memory that you will relieve on loop for the rest of eternity, whether it is a good memory that triggers a sense of nostalgia, or it 's a bad memory from which you learned a priceless life lesson.
The memory that most formed me is from when I was little, probably eight or nine, and my parents, brother, and I were taking our annual two week vacation back to our home state of Michigan to make the rounds around the state visiting family and friends, going to Tigers games, hanging out at a few of ...

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...t to know if there is any way that I could recognize His presence in the moment and not after looking back upon the fact. Next, I have found myself very frequently wondering about how time works in relation to God and why His timing is always "right." For example, why was it that both of my grandparents had to die within a month of each other? What good came out of them both dying so close together and why did it all have to be so sudden? My last question shares some similarities with my first about God 's timing. My question is asking if God 's plan for our lives ever changes or if there is a way that we can change the plan ourselves through our decisions or other outside means. I thoroughly believe that through further exploration of these questions will broaden my overall view and perception of God and how he acts through my life and the lives of others around me.

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