Essay on Self Reported Goals And Nonself Report Performance

Essay on Self Reported Goals And Nonself Report Performance

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Yperen, Blaga, & Postmes, (2014) researched multiple studies done on the topic of “Self-Reported Goals and Nonself-Report Performance across Three Achievement Domains (Work, Sports, and Education)”. They suggested that there are four different types of goals that someone in these different settings use when they are considering the accomplishments that they want to reach. These four categories of goals that Yperen discussed in the research are mastery approach goals (goals that focus on doing better than the person has done before), performance approach goals (goals that people set because they want to be better than everyone else), mastery avoidance goals(goals that have an idea that the person doesn 't want to be worse than everyone else), and performance avoidance goals (goals that make the person not want to do worse than they did before)(Yperen et al., 2014).
These articles consisted of experiments which included a 2X2 table that separated the four different sub-groups of goals (Yperen et al., 2014). Those goals were separated into different sub-groups which were mastery versus performance and approach versus avoidance (Yperen et al., 2014). Yperen narrowed it down to 98 different papers that focused solely on non-self report measure of performance in order to eliminate the possibilities of same source biases (Yperen et al., 2014). Non-self report measures were used because the validity of performance evaluation could become flawed if someone were to have rated themselves on their own performance. This could be due to self serving bias and self enhancement. They studied the different impact each type of goal would have on a person’s achievement in the work, sport, or education domain.
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...idn 't have to put in one hundred percent effort.
These aspects can also range from the culture, age, and gender of the participants. Culture can play a big factor in goal setting due to the major differences between interdependent and independent cultures. Age can impact goal setting due to a level of maturity in relation to human development. A twenty-one year old may set a goal to get into graduate school while a two year old may set a goal to cry until they receive a lollipop. Gender can also cause a difference in the type of goal setting. Women may set different kinds of academic goals than men do due to stereotype threat. As stated earlier, the evidence that the researchers presented in their research is a good starting point, but it needs more work on specific groups to better understand the impact of different kinds of goals and their relation to success.

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