Self-Management in the West Essay

Self-Management in the West Essay

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Self- management is a firm/ organization’s decision are made by the workers, they decide what to do, where to do and how to do, instead of decided by the owner or the managers which are the majority in nowadays. It is a system which able to provide efficient production with good and power equitably at the same time.

Efficiency on self- management

Self-managed firm and capitalist firm can be distinguishing by different goal they achieve, while the goal of self- managed firm is to maximize income per worker instead of profit. By using capitalist “twin” firm as a reference, the inefficiency of self-management can be observable. In the case with only one input variable, the self- managed firm react in a different way. The supply curve bend backwards and prices are very sensitive to any changes in cost and demand. If the price increase, the firm will produce less, at least less than a normal capitalist firm will produce. As a result, rise in price will diminish the employment and output in self- management. Workers are only hired under the condition while addition to the net revenue exceed the current share since the hiring decision are made depends on the how much the worker will get of a share of firm’s net revenue. Employment equilibrium are now depends on each firm average net revenue structure, relationship to the marginal productivity of labor in other firms are no longer necessary. As a result, since worker are now maximize income per worker, the society as a whole now produces less than it’s physically possible for a given level of inputs, which leads to inefficiency. Moreover, wages are no longer existing while every worker now received equal share as a payment of labor service. Where unemployment worker are no long able to...

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...slavia is only sufficient to use as an introduction, in order to have a bigger picture of self- management, different cases should be studied.

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