Self Confidence In Sports Essay

Self Confidence In Sports Essay

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The greater the understanding of the correlation between self-confidence and successful performance determines the accomplishments in sports. Self-confidence is the foundation of performance success in sports according to experienced sports confidence researchers.
Self-confidence is needed for success in sports. However, success is also essential in the enhancement of self-confidence in competitive sporting. This confirms that there is a great correlation between self-confidence and success in sports performances. Self-confidence is the degree of personal belief and trust in one's abilities, judgments, traits, strategies, and qualities. Self-confidence can be attained through the accumulation of unique achievements across the different competitive situation, (Damon & Raedeke, P 188). The authors in their credible book argue that self-confidence is a crucial part of successful sporting as it escalates morale, assertiveness, motivation and helps sports people to be composed. Damon and Raedeke's research confirm that most coaches have realized the role of self-confidence in improving the performance of their subjects in sports. Therefore, scientific evidence affirms that the most successful performing athletes have a higher score for realistic self-confidence than their counterparts. In other words, it is true that self-confidence is directly proportional to successful performance in sports. The mastery of the art of self-confidence is the basis of successful performance in sports.
Higher performance and self-confidence levels are intertwined concepts whose relationship can never be ignored in sporting environs. Firstly, it is vital to note that anxiety, motivation, and concentration tremendously influence people's self-confidence ...

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...a reasonable level of self-confidence. According to sports experts, overconfidence in sports means unrealistic confidence. In this case, the level of confidence can be psychologically injurious since it is great that competencies and preparation. Secondly, overconfident sports people are difficult to coach due to controversial misperceptions. Therefore, these athletes are unable to learn vital skills form their navigators and end up making errors in performance. Eventually, the inability to perform to expectations can hinder the success of potential athletes. Despite the important role played by self-confidence in promoting success performance in sports, it is clear that overconfidence can ruin achievable goals. Nevertheless, sportsmen are encouraged to focus on improving their performance, motivating themselves and eliminating negative thoughts for ultimate success.

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