Self Assessment of Study Skills Essay

Self Assessment of Study Skills Essay

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The learning profile gives a result of what kind of learner that someone may be. The test used for the Webliography Research assignment had a different result than the website provided. In the Research assignment I had a result of a visual learner, which was fairly accurate. I tend to learn things better listening to someone tell me how something works and why it works.

The results for this test show me as an Auditory Learner, which also represents me, for example at work when I am teaching or being taught I will be instructed by hands on training. This is a great way to learn also, it provides someone with real time training instead of instructor/computer based training.

Both of these ways work for me to learn a specific job, and any other college classes, or material that I may need in the future. Usually I can learn both ways due to my photographic memory way of learning, so using both of these methods work as an advantage towards me.

Five Factor Personality Test

The five factor personality test goes over 5 different points of view to summarize someone’s view and attitude. These factors include: Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, and Openness. In the following paragraphs I will go over a basic description that is related to the personality and how it affects me, and whether or not I agree with the results and my view of it.

Extraversion, also known as Surgency, sums up someone’s ability to behave in a social environment. The low scores are those people who usually keep to themselves, where the high scores tend to be more open. My score was about average, showing that I am open about myself, but I am not the party guru. I agree with these results based on the fact that I tend...

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...mest one by far, and relaxing with the ocean view. I actually used this for studying for a big test, and I did fairly well on it. I still do not recommend this location due to its suitability to people studying.

From past experience, I have come to realize that none of these locations are a great spot to study in, hence the low score. I am on a naval ship so the capability of me finding a spot to study in is hard. On watch I tend to do most of my homework, followed by either the outside or the cafeteria. With all the distractions I tend to do best while on watch since I have the opportunity to be on a computer to do the online courses. I also have people in the space that are taking classes with me so it causes interaction between each other to help each other out. This is why I like this location the best, and it makes the 12 hours of watch go by faster.

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