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Getting passengers through all of the different processes that air flight requires can be a difficult and daunting task. With the construction and launch of high velocity trains across the European Union, airlines are finding tough competition when covering short distance routes. From the moment a passenger parks a car or gets off a taxi or a train at the terminal, to processing the same passenger at the boarding gate, that person will lose many hours of valuable time along the way. Flights to and from the United States can require a person to be in the airport 4 hours before the scheduled departure time. Over the following paragraphs, I will attempt to expose improved systems to facilitate passenger processing..
The main key facilities any successful airport requires are customer parking, an excellent public transport system, wide open and airy terminal buildings, a dedicated ground force staff, clear signage, comfortable and prepared security screening lanes and a sufficient amount of departure gates to process the large amount of enplanements as quickly and professionally as possible. The size of the parking lots and terminal buildings are extremely relative and no general or average size can be recommended as it depends on factors such as the amount of planned enplanements, location, sizes and types of aircraft and so on. Since the launch of self-check in, the process has been formidably faster and now allows millions of passengers to simply check themselves in from the comfort of their laptop or desktop, choose their seat and go straight to security screening.
Security screening is still the main show-stopper for many passengers. When boarding a train, doors usually close 2 minutes prior to departure time. Travelling by bu...

... middle of paper ... airport can be considered as an enormous step forward when it comes to moving passengers quickly through ground installations, both before and after flying.

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