Security Risks of Mobile Devices Essay

Security Risks of Mobile Devices Essay

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I will be searching about the Security Risks of Mobile Phones, Expanding on them, how they affect us and what we can do to prevent them. “About 75 percent of the world has Mobile Phones”. I will be searching how it affects their everyday life. I will also talk about different Mobile Phones and what kind of risks they contain. It is a Vast and broad topic which requires a lot of Research. I will be searching different sites to make sure that I have

Why we Choose it?
We Chose Mobile Security Risk because we thought it was a really nice area to expand our knowledge in and also expand the knowledge of the person who is or might be read this. This subject was chosen by all of us and decided to start the research straight away to know each other’s knowledge about the Security Risks of Mobile Phones. Another factor which made us choose this was that we all had mobile phones, which we use every day so we that it will pretty easy to find the information but to decipher that information will be hard because there are so many sources to get the information from.

From the Research that I have done I have found quite a lot of risks for mobile phones. Every phone from different countries has different Security risks. Different risks affect people differently; some are on a really small scale and some risks which can ruin people’s lives.
Fake vs. Real— There are lots of fake mobile phones that are circling around us. Some people who can’t afford the real smart phones tend to buy the fake smart phones because they don’t want to feel left out. The smart phones that are out right now have more copies of them than actual self, because in china there about 1.25 billion mobile phones, about 35 percent of them are smart...

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...v 2013.

BBC. "314 mobile phones 'stolen in London every day'" BBC, 15 January 201. Web. 21 Nov 2013.

Caroline Vutagwa. "CEO WEEKENDS:BOTSWANA FAKE PHONE DEALERS RISK 10 YEARS IN JAIL & OVER $200,000 IN FINES - See more at:" TECH MORAN, Friday, August 23rd, 2013. Web. 21 Nov 2013.


What Risks are there?
Author: Steven Furnell (July 2009).
Mobile Security A Pocket Guide.
Where: Cambridgeshire
Publisher: IT Governance Publishing.
Pages: 77

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