The Security Measures Of Airports Essay

The Security Measures Of Airports Essay

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It was a bright and clear sunny Tuesday morning in Boston, MA and Newark, NJ and Washington, DC as air passengers boarded jets for what they thought would be routine flights. Shortly after takeoff, their worst nightmares came true, the planes were taken over by unknown militants. Soon the entire world would be tied to their televisions watching the horror of planes crashing, buildings exploding and helpless bodies falling from the sky. That day, the 11th of September, 2001 was the day that all of America realized that the security measures in airports were not sufficient for maximum safety. More diligent efforts and integration of new technology was needed in order to correct the problem. More investment in transportation security is required to meet this new threat level.
There were not any security breaches reported by law enforcement or airline officials that morning according to the general managers at the airports the attacks originated from. No one suspected that a hijacked plane would be used as a missile, but more likely the value of the lives of those on board would be used to pressure governments for political reasons or simply as a means of reaching a far-off destination . (Citation here Since this event, the United States has been placing more and more security measures in airports to prevent the possibility of a skyjacking or bombing. It was discovered that the Air Transport Association had mistakenly reported spending $1 billion annually on security measures, when in fact they had only been spending $300,000 annually. McGee, William J. Attention All Passengers: The Airlines ' Dangerous Descent -- and How to Reclaim Our Skies. New York, NY: HarperCollins, 2012. 2...

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...a frequent traveler seems to indicate that the measures are not overly invasive and are welcome. Matt Sanders, a local business traveler with over 120 security experiences, said he has mistakenly left scissors, a pocket knife and other tool-related items in his carry-on baggage. Those items were confiscated on separate occasions, along with a power drill that cost almost $200. That was hard to accept, but the agent insisted that an accomplice could have a hidden drill bit and the precaution could prevent breaching the plane’s window. “Imagine how many other people forget to unpack items like these. I wouldn’t want the guy behind me to have a pair of scissors or wrenches”, said Mr. Sanders.

The economy of the United States and all other developed countries depends heavily on the commerce enabled by safe, relatively inexpensive air travel. Blah blah blah

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