The Secret Behind Buy One Get One Free Coupon Frenzy Essay

The Secret Behind Buy One Get One Free Coupon Frenzy Essay

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The economy is making it difficult for people to purchase the items needed let alone items that luxury and not must have products. I was one of those customers moaning and groaning as the person in front of me sorted through coupons looking for one valid for each item in their cart. That was before I heard the savings of a customer in front of me one day. The lady had just saved almost seventy dollars on her purchases. I broke down and ask how she managed to save that much money. I knew she had coupons, I just was not aware of the type. She told me the best ones she had were the buy one get one free coupons.

My total purchase was tremendously higher than the customer in front of me and she had triple the amount of items as I did. Frustrated and curious I made it my vow to go home and research this coupon using thing so I also could save money on groceries.

What I found was there are coupons for anything and everything, both necessities and luxuries. I remembered my mom cutting out coupons from the newspaper every Sunday so that it where I did my first research. There were coupo...

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