The Secondariness of Virgilian Epic and Its Unprecedented Originality Essay examples

The Secondariness of Virgilian Epic and Its Unprecedented Originality Essay examples

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Separated by seven hundred years these two ancient European epic poems, the Aeneid and the Odyssey, use the after-effect of the Trojan War as a basis for their storyline. William Franke, a professor at Vanderbilt University and historian, constructed this scholarly journal article; The Secondariness of Virgilian Epic and Its Unprecedented Originality, to compare and contrast the Aeneid and the Odyssey, and proposes a theory based on prophecy by Virgil (Franke, 1). Dealing with the first chronologically written poem, the Odyssey, a Greek poem written by Homer, starts off beginning ten years after the Trojan War, where the main character Odysseus faces conflict on his journey returning home to his kingdom Ithaca. Throughout the epic poem, Odysseus encounters issues with Greek Gods, traveling at sea, and gaining acceptance from his wife and kingdom to believe that he is not an imposter—luckily, he reclaims control of his throne and wife’s love (Krstovic 1). Comparatively, the roman literature written by Virgil, the Aeneid’s plot is about the Trojan king Aeneas, who leaves his land with the remaining survivors to reside in Rome, Italy. The Aeneid is a combination of the past and the future, where Virgil writes about the future of the Roman Empire based on historical information of the past. The synopsis presented by Franke, is the Aeneid mimics aspects from the Odyssey and presents his theory by comparing and contrasting against one another. Franke also argues, Virgil wrote the Aeneid based on historical events designed to explain the creation of the successful Roman Empire and Virgil’s writings have a religious-moral goal dealing with prophecy related to one of Christians (Franke).
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