Second Language Acquisition Theories And Supports Many Of The Six Proposals

Second Language Acquisition Theories And Supports Many Of The Six Proposals

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The proposal that I believe in the most is Get It Right in the End. The main reason why I identify with this proposal is because in my opinion it seems to touch upon several different second language acquisition theories and supports many of the six proposals. Lightbown and Spada (2006) discussed how this proposal believed in the idea that certain language features, such as pronunciation or certain aspects of grammar will arise naturally if the student has the proper exposure. They also believe that students need the proper motivation in order to successfully acquire a language. These beliefs are reflected in the Lets Talk, Two for One and Just Listen…and read proposals. Another belief that is reflected in this proposal is the idea of content-based instruction, from the Two For One proposal. The last belief that is reflected from a different proposal is that of students only being able to learn certain aspects of language at certain times, from the Teach what is Teachable proposal. However, Get it Right in the End, does not fully believe in every aspect of each of these other proposals it pulls different components from each and then adds it’s own spin to it.
As mentioned this proposal adopts beliefs from other proposals but do not fully belief in all components of these other proposals. Aside from the components they belief from the other components that I discussed previously they have one belief that is all their own. This belief is that students need form focused instruction at times when learning a new language (Lightbown & Spada, 2006). Form focused instruction refers to explicit teaching of certain grammar features within a language and the utilization of corrective feedback when appropriate. They belief in this because som...

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...hly ineffective for not only me but also my classmates. The grammar translation method focused highly on translation from the second language to the first language, and only teaching all grammar explicitly never within a context or through interaction. This in my opinion is useless, because I connected none of the grammar rules with how to use them in real conversation, and therefore they did not stay with me. The audio-lingual method focuses mainly on repetition, which again I found to be ineffective for my own learning purposes. This method is when a teacher has students repeat phrases usually in a scripted dialogue that often has no connection to their real life. Students learn to memorize these dialogue and can read and speak them well, but often do not know what they mean or cannot transfer the skill over when they are asked to use this in real life situations.

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