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The Best Way to Care for Wounds

- One of the most basic principles of nursing is bringing the patient back to optimal functioning. Assisting in healing a wound is one of the most elementary tasks, but can be complicated by many factors. The patient must be assessed for all factors that could affect wound healing. Giving the best care must begin with the knowledge of wounds, wound healing, and available equipment. Synopsis Wound healing is very prevalent for a variety of wounds, many of those being pressure ulcers in geriatric patients....   [tags: optimal functioning, geriaric patients]

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Classifying and Healing Our Wounds

- ... Some common clean-contaminated procedures include ear surgery on an infected ear, the removal of pins or wires from previous surgeries as well as Cesarean Sections that include a rupture before the procedure is preferred. Class II – Contaminated wounds. Infection rate 15-20%. The wound is considered contaminated if it has a foreign object inside it. These classes of wounds are often visibly more inflamed than the skin around the wound site. A large amount of fluid is present. Many Class II wounds are operation wounds that are a side effect or mistaken in technique, including those that become infected with bodily fluids....   [tags: skin, surgory, infection]

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Love Is All Of The Wounds

- Tough Love Love, an intense feeling of deep affection. Everyone wants to reach this state, whether its physically, mentally, or emotionally. Love brings peace, it 's the only thing that does not hurt. Hate hurts, lies hurt, loneliness hurts, but love is what cures all of the wounds. Seeking a lifelong partner to provide support, for a plethora of people, is an ultimate objective and goal. This happiness can be discovered several times; however, only true love will triumph. Not an average, but a supererogatory significant other is what is dreamt of....   [tags: Love, Interpersonal relationship, Friendship]

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Surgical Wounds and their Correlation to Surgical Technology

- ... Dirty surgical wounds consists of wounds that could be from old traumatic wounds, a perforation, an existing infection, or organisms that are already present before a surgical procedure. Examples of dirty wound would be a perforated bowel, peritonitis, positive culture results prior to procedures, or a wound debridement (Sheetz et al., 2012). With the various classifications of surgical wounds come different types of wound healing. The type of wound healing will mostly depend on the type of wound amongst patient co-morbities such as diabetes mellitus (DM) that may slow down the healing process....   [tags: patients, contaminated, heal]

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Managing Wounds, Non Healable Or Maintenance

- Question: 4.1- Discuss and appraise your approach to managing wounds that are classified as either healable, non-healable or maintenance. Comment on the differences of care approaches between these classifications. Our approach in managing wounds was far from being optimal in our own setting. After having read the article of Sibbald et al (1) and assisting to presentations during the first residential week-end, our approach at St. Mary 's Hospital Center 's Family Medicine Clinic must change. We were not classifying wounds as healable, maintenance or non-healable....   [tags: Wound healing, Wound, Healing, Infection]

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Prevention and Pain Management for Burn Wounds

- Throughout the world there are approximately 300,000 deaths caused by burns with about 4,000 of those deaths occurring in the United States. These numbers indicate that burn injuries are ranked as the 3rd leading cause of accidental deaths in the United States (Burn Injury Recovery Center, 2013). As a nurse, it is likely that you will care for a patient with burns at some point in your career. When caring for these patients it is important to create a plan of care that prevents infection and minimizes pain....   [tags: rule of nines, infections, skin]

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The Wounds Of Peace, by Connie Bruck

- The basis of this paper is to review and examine specific principles and theories of cooperation and argument management as reflected by a specific story of the Middle East peace process within the named article. The article is entitled "The Wounds Of Peace," by Connie Bruck. This, of course, is one individual author's perspective, yet, nevertheless, it is the view of this author that much of the content is historically factual and accurate, with a definite sense of individual perspectives as purported by the author....   [tags: Middle East Peace Process]

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Effects Of Colonization On The Black Community With Deep Soul Wounds

- The effects of this colonization has left the Black community with deep soul wounds, ones that have not been simple to heal. One of the leftover side-effect of colonization is what being “Black” means and represents. The term Black has come to represent everything that white is not. What this means is that if white represents purity, virginity, beautiful, and innocent then being black represents dirty, sullied, ugly, and guilty. It is this understanding of Black that has created the stereotypical image of what being Black represents....   [tags: Black people, Race, Human skin color]

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A Soldier 's Wounds From War Are Not Always Visible

- A soldier’s wounds from war are not always visible. Louise Erdrich, the author of The Red Convertible, presents a short story about two Native American brothers Henry and Lyman, who live in North Dakota on an Indian Reservation. Henry and Lyman purchased a Red Convertible and took a trip across the United States with the car. Upon their return, Henry is drafted to fight in the Vietnam War. When Henry finally came home, he was a different man. Like Henry, I have a nephew named Bobby, who serves in the United States Army....   [tags: Military, Army, United States, United States Army]

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Reopening Old Wounds

- Reopening Old Wounds Professor’s Comment: Bob’s essay is an intensely personal, admirably honest introspective examination of his repressed emotions concerning his parents divorce. I would cry, but that would be a pointless waste of energy. It’s one of those things that I envied my mother. In a flash she could go from the stoic lady of the house to a sobbing goose. I never understood how. I’d go from astonishment to disgust to envy. I take more after my old man. I’ve never seen him shed a single tear....   [tags: Personal Narrative, Autobiographical Essay]

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Evaluation Of Honey Based Products For Lower Extremity Wounds At A Home Care Setting

- Honey Heals Loraine Flores, RN and Whitley Neal, RN California State University, Fullerton NURS 345 Sommer Kaskowitz, MSN, FNP-BC, BSN, RN, BS May 15, 2016 Certification of Authorship: We certify that we are the author of this paper and that any assistance we received in its preparation is fully acknowledged and disclosed in the paper. We have also cited any sources from which we used data, ideas or words, either quoted directly or paraphrased. We certify that this paper was prepared by us specifically for this course....   [tags: Wound healing, Wound, Healing, Scientific method]

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War Wounds in Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried

- War Wounds in Tim O’Brien’s “The Things They Carried” War is serious. In the short story “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien, he recounts his personal experience with war and personal issues, not just any war but the Vietnam War. This was highly disregarded war by most Americans. Lives would be forever changed from their experiences of battles, guilt, wounds, heart brokes, emotions, and even death. The main character of the story is Tim O’Brien, who is also the narrator and protagonist. These collections of stories are a glimpse of his personal encounters....   [tags: Vietnam, War, Death]

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New Money Does Not Heal Old Wounds: Reparations to Descendants of Slaves

- The debate over reparations to descendants of slaves contains a wide range of diverse viewpoints and involves many ethical, moral and legal issues (Bowman). To properly analyze this complex situation and form an educated opinion, one must understand the basic pieces forming the reparations puzzle. Understanding who was impacted by the institution of slavery, when they were impacted, how they were impacted, where slavery took place, and what exactly took place will help create a better understanding of both sides of the debate....   [tags: ethical, moral issues, history]

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Free Admissions Essay - Healing Old Wounds

- Admissions Essay - Healing Old Wounds Modest one-room houses lay scattered across the desert landscape. Their rooftops a seemingly helpless shield against the intense heat generated by the mid-July sun. The steel security bars that guarded the windows and doors of every house seemed to belie the large welcome sign at the entrance to the ABC Indian Reservation. As a young civil engineer employed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, I was far removed from my cubical in downtown Los Angeles....   [tags: Medicine College Admissions Essays]

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Hurt People Hurt People by Dr. Sandra Wilson

- Dr. Sandra Wilson (2001) provided great insight on why people do what they do in her book “Hurt People Hurt People”. As a Correctional Case Manager for North Carolina Correctional Institution for Women in North Carolina, I have heard many stories from hurt women who have hurt others and as a result landed in prison. So many times I thought to myself that if this person had received therapy or counseling earlier in life, it’s possible that this circumstance would never have happened. Affect Wilson explains that we suffer from the affects of temporal systems; family, friends, social systems, and churches....   [tags: Sandra Wilson, emotional wounds]

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Critical Analysis of The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemmingway

- In post WWI Paris, we meet Jake Barnes and his clan; a ragtag group of melodramatic drunks with expensive taste. Hemmingway’s The Sun Also Rises is the embodiment of the time period, one part Jazz Age, one part Lost Generation. From the start of the book, one gets a heavy sense of aimlessness. This is just what the characters in the book are—especially our dear Jake Barnes, an ex-patriot who’s war wound left him impotent and raw. Wounds and wounding work in this piece by reinforcing the themes and motifs of dissatisfaction, identity, and the faultiness of communication....   [tags: wounds, identity, dissatisfaction]

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UN- United We Stand: A Short Story

- ... “I didn’t hear that last part.” Devadas said finally stopping and turning around when Chandi quickly kissed his cheek. “You can become my fiancé but I will be the one in charge!” Chandi shouted before she ran off with her face red. “What… just happened?” Devadas muttered in shock unable to process what had just happened. At that moment he woke up just in time to see Chandi at the foot of his bed. Right when he was about to get up to greet her she motioned for him to stay lying down. Chandi was a little startled when he suddenly woke up but gave him a smile....   [tags: wounds, power, childhood, invasion]

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The Mastery of Love by Don Ruiz

- Chapter one, entitled “The Wounded Mind,” is about people’s emotional wounds. All humans are mentally sick. That illness called fear. People afraid to be who they are. If someone says something bad to a person, he/she will take it personally and it would be hurtful. To protect that emotional wounds people create a big “denial system” which helps us to become a perfect liar. Sometime we lie to protect ourselves from the pain. Daniel system is a wall of fog that blinds us from seeing the truth, and it lets us pretend that everyone believes what we want them to believe about us....   [tags: fear, freedom, emotional wounds]

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Pressure Ulcers and Cafe Facilities

- Pressure ulcers are a major concern in hospitals and care facilities. According to the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel, between 2% to 28% of nursing home residents have pressure ulcers (Park-Lee & Caffrey, 1). “In 2004, about 159,000 current U.S. nursing home residents had pressure ulcers” (Park-Lee & Caffrey, 1). This means that more than 1 in 10 nursing home residents had a pressure ulcer in 2004. Considering this is such a prevalent issue in many facilities, a closer look at pressure ulcers is warranted....   [tags: wounds, tissue compression]

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Invisible Wounds: A Glimpse into PTSD

- Trauma is a powerful force on the human mind whether it is from a vehicle crash, discovering a cheating spouse, a terrible fire, a drive by shooting, or events experienced in a combat zone. At that moment when a traumatic experience occurs, a person is often changed forever. Dan is a person who was affected dramatically by trauma. He is an army veteran who served two tours in Iraq. During his second tour in Iraq, Dan and his fellow soldiers were traveling in a Humvee when it set off a roadside bomb....   [tags: post traumatic stress disorder, shell shock]

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We Must Solve the Abortion Conflict to Heal the Wounds of Society

- We Must Solve the Abortion Conflict to Heal the Wounds of Society One of the most controversial issues that affect the entire world, especially women is abortion. This is the killing of a fetus or an embryo in the womb of a woman. The effect that the word abortion has on this world is incredible. It put fear in some people heart and nothing in others. Pro choicer are 45% of society and are all for abortions, 40% are pro-lifers and are against abortions and 15% are neutral, there go with the flow....   [tags: Papers]

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Chronic Pressure Ulcers

- ... It sounds foreign to some. Unless complete information on the quality of care as well as the outcome measures are easily accessible by all in the system, the U.S. healthcare system will suffer. The delivery of care for the patients will get poorly affected. The text of Chassin 2012 says so. The changes in the system cover a lot many people and entities like payees, clients, and health care organizations. They would always put pressure not to raise the cost. That is why outcomes management is now developing in this area....   [tags: osteomyelitis, chronic wounds]

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Animal Experimentation for Medical Advancement Must be Abolished

- Animal experimentation for medical advancement must be abolished. Instead, such experiments would yield augmented results if conducted on humans. In the facilitation of experimentation, those who have been convicted, beyond a reasonable doubt, of heinous crimes must replace all laboratory animals. According to Black’s Law Dictionary heinous crimes are defined as those considered shockingly atrocious or odious. Examples of said crimes include: capital murder, serial murder, and serial rape of children and adults....   [tags: harm, cannibal, wounds, healing process]

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Relationship Wounding and Failure

- Because of a human’s lack of perfection, almost all have fallen short; therefore, all suffer from wounding from life at times that is irreparable. This wounding causes lasting impairment in our personal behaviors, consequently, our marital relationships will suffer ultimately from these wounds. It is the desire of most to live in a perfect world, as in the Biblical “Garden of Eden”; however, one finds that defectiveness keeps us from this perfection. In other words, this imperfect world and its imperfect people produce a wide range of relational issues....   [tags: wounds, lies, vows, Christianity, God]

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A Very Long Engagement

- When the war began and it came time to recruit soldiers no one was depressed or upset. Everyone was excited to be given the chance to fight for their countries. Wives and children were the only ones that were even a little worried about their families. With excitement, the men would march away to their destination, even putting flowers inside the barrels of their rifles. They didn’t understand the potential of what the war could be or even consider the possibility of not returning home. Sadly, the soldiers wouldn’t realize this until it was too late....   [tags: open wounds, film analysis, soldiers]

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Love in Molière's play, Tartuffe, John Donne’s Canonization, and Crashaw's On the Wounds of Our Cru

- Love in Molière's play, Tartuffe, John Donne’s Canonization, and Crashaw's On the Wounds of Our Crucified Lord Other than being examples of some of the best literature of the seventeenth century, the three works listed in the title of this essay don't seem to fit very well together. Or do they maybe after all. Creativity consists of connecting things that don't always seem to be related. All three of these works of literature deal with the various aspects of love--both human and divine. Earlier this semester I read about the Italian poet, Petrarch, whose sonnets followed certain romantic conventions as he recounted his unrequited love for Laura....   [tags: Comparison Compare Contrast Essays]

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Phases of Wound Healing

- (A)Wound healing is a biological process occurring in the human body. In this lecture we had discussed about both acute and chronic wounds. An acute wound is an injury to the skin that occurs suddenly rather than over time. It heals at a predictable and expected rate according to the normal wound healing process. The chronic wounds do not heal in an orderly set of stages and in a predictable amount of time the way most wounds do. The normal wound healing process mainly consists of four main stages being haemostasis, inflammation, proliferation or new tissue formation, and tissue remodeling or resolution....   [tags: injury, skin, healing process, chronic wounds]

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Sea Cucumber in Medical Application

- 1 SEA CUCUMBER IN MEDICAL APPLICATION 1.1 INTRODUCTION Sea cucumbers from class of Holothuroidea are a group of echinoderms that include about 1,250 known living species. It is a unique creature due to the existence of endoskeleton or internal skeleton that consists of tiny ossicles or spicules, small particles of calcium carbonate embedded in the body wall. Mostly of them are indeed shaped like soft-bodied cucumbers. Generally, sea cucumbers can grow to the lengths of between 4 to 12 inches but there are also few species that are smaller or larger in size....   [tags: cell growth, asia, wounds]

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Struggling Back From War’s Once-Deadly Wounds

- Denise Grady’s (2006) article sound a strong wake up call for the American government and for the American public to re-evaluate their guiding principles towards war in Iraq and the continued presence of the American soldiers in the Iraqi soil. Grady delineated the enormous damages the war had costs in not only monetary terms but also the future of thousands of promising young and talented men and women sent in the Iraq War; that had no clear benefits to them or the American people. The story of Jason Poole as presented by Grady is a clear picture of the ravage of the potentials of soldiers in the face of war, and the wrong priorities of the American government in spending billions of dolla...   [tags: Denise Grady]

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What are Endorphins?

- What are Endorphins and what does our endorphins do to our body. Endorphins are made up from two words, endogenous and morphine. “The definition of endorphins is “morphine within” – natural, opiate-like neurotransmitters linked to pain control and to pleasure.” (Myers). What are endorphins made of. They are small, protein molecules that are produced by cells in your nervous system and other part of your body. Endorphins are important to our body because they are like a sedative, which is known to relieve pain....   [tags: morphine, pain, wounds]

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Patient Pharmacological Analysis

- Pharmacological Questionings These pharmacological inquiries focus on a 62-year-old patient whom I will refer to as Bob Smith. Bob was medevac’d to OHSU from his home in Grants Pass, Oregon. He has been a paraplegic since the age of 19 after a motor vehicle accident. His current diagnosis happened as a result of falling and being left for three days. He has extensive pressure ulcers that were infected and needed immediate surgery. Bob also has type 2 diabetes. Bob has a current prescription list of 31 medications....   [tags: vitamins, wounds, antibiotics]

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A Analysis On Wound Bed Preparation

- Wound bed preparation extends the existing practice of using a holistic approach to evaluate and remove all barriers to healing, so that wound repair can progress normally. The overall goal of management is to achieve a stable wound that has healthy granulation tissue and one that is characterized by a well-vascularized wound bed. Therefore, the way in which chronic wounds are viewed and managed should be based on a model that is both different from the acute wound paradigm and representative of the complex nature of nonhealing ulcers....   [tags: Wound healing, Chronic wound, Wound, Healing]

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The Complex Process of Wound Healing

- ... The first is primary intention also known as first intention wound healing. This wound is a clean wound that is closed (S. Zinn, n.d.) It results in low infection rates postoperatively (Mulholland and Doherty, 2006, p.135). Next, is second intention wound healing or spontaneous wound healing (S. Zinn, n.d.). This wound is left open to heal by the body’s natural ability of epithelialization and formation of granulation tissue (Mulholland and Doherty, 2006, p. 135). It is often used for an infected or contaminated wound....   [tags: contamination, stages, complications]

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Symptoms And Treatment Of Diabetic Ulcers

-   Wound Wounds is a broad term that includes many other types. It is very important to know the proper and scientific method to care for wounds as well as knowing the types of them. Moreover, nurses must familiar with each type of wound, risk factors, prevention, and treatment. However, wounds may have a different range in skin breaks such as trauma, injury, cut, incision, and laceration. Skin prevention is the first step of preventing any break to occur in the skin. The various types of wounds, method of treatment and healing are mainly depending on their conditions....   [tags: Wound healing, Chronic wound, Infection, Skin]

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Emotional First, Aid, And Mental Illness

- Emotional First--Aid Aristotle proclaimed the idea that those with tendencies towards brilliance also have tendencies towards mental illness. Geniuses, as we call them, see the world differently than average people. Sir Isaac Newton invented calculus on a dare about why the planets travel in ellipses, while “[suffering] from extreme paranoia.” Although brilliance and mental illness correlate, Gottfried Leibniz invented calculus independently from Newton, proving mental illness is not a requirement for brilliance and vice versa....   [tags: Psychology, Psychiatry, Mental health]

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The Wound Bed Preparation Guidelines

- Before any wound can heal the practitioner needs to understand the dynamics behind the wound and the patients concerns. All wounds are individualized in their own etiology, various organisms and healability. Understanding of the wounds individualized characteristics allows the practitioner to select the best possible treatment plan. The wound bed preparation guidelines created by Sibbald (1-2) helps practitioners to understand these aspects and incorporate the patient concerns before implementing a treatment plan....   [tags: Wound healing, Wound, Chronic wound, Infection]

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Biology Review : The And The Bacteria Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus ( Mrsa )

- Microbiology Review Paper 1.What are (a) the hypotheses tested and (b) the logically formulated rationale for each. Explain 
 both LOGICALLY and in terms of the Biological Sciences. The hypothesis of this experiment is clearly stated and tested. They hypothesized that wounds within a hospital are the cause of the cross-contamination spread of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Methicillin resistant S. aureus is one of the more dangerous pathogenic strains of S. aureus, because it is highly resistant to antimicrobials thereby limiting treatment....   [tags: Staphylococcus aureus, Antibiotic resistance]

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Witnesses Accounts of The Attck of Pearl Harbor

- ... Monday, December 8 - The United States and Britain declare war on Japan with President Roosevelt calling December 7, "a date which will live in infamy...” (Japanese Bomb Pearl Harbor). I was working in the hospital at the time of the bombing and people were coming in by the hundreds. So many were injured, burned, and they all were in a tremendous amount of pain. Many patients suffered from burns. Our patients suffered 2nd to 3rd degree burns and the only way we could help was to cut off their burning skin....   [tags: tragedy, base, work, bullets]

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The Uses of Calendula

- ... The most common use today is topically applied to the effected area of the skin it can be as a tincture, ointment or wash. The uses of calendula is extensive some of these are: many skin conditions wounds, bruises, inflamed skin conditions, acne, boils, sebaceous cysts, fungal infections athletes foot, eczema, herpes simplex, cold sores, chilblains, nappy rash, varicose veins, haemorrhoids, burns, vaginal infections, bladder infections gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers, jaundice, anorexia, indigestion, sleep induction and many more....   [tags: ointments, sunburns, fight minor infections]

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Designing A Proposal For Mtf 's New Division

- Thriving businesses continually expand and improve their products, services, and operations. In order to improve the company, an organization must evaluate if an expansion project would be best performed by utilizing an internal or external source and calculate the overall risks to the business. As a result of performing a risk and project analysis, a business can best gauge the best strategic decision for the organization. In order to understand this process more thoroughly, for this project selected a company that was considering this type of organizational decision for expansion....   [tags: Project management, Management, Wound healing]

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Questions On : Honey Dressings And Wound Healing

- 1.3.2 HONEY DRESSINGS AND WOUND HEALING: A number of factors such as wound type, phase of healing process, presence/absence of bacteria, pressure, body type as well as immunosuppression may delay or promote wound healing (Hess 2011). The acidity of honey is said to help in the provision of oxygen from haemoglobin that helps tissue regeneration and growth as well as synthesis of collagen (Al Wali et al 2011, Molan 2011). Mohamed et al (2015), studies the efficacy and safety of natural honey on the healing if foot ulcers, and highlights that healing of wounds with no contraction or scars using honey was achieved with an average duration of 23.8 days on all patients compared to 120.2 days prior...   [tags: Wound healing, Wound, Chronic wound, Healing]

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The True Hero of the Lost Generation

- Society tells people that if they go to war and fight for their country, they are heroes. Every generation has war heroes that sacrificed a great deal. Many heroes die fighting for their nation while other heroes survive and have to live with post-traumatic symptoms either stimulated by physical and/or mental trauma. Ernest Hemingway, an expatriate of World War I, recognizes the effects of the war has on soldiers and effectively captivates the heroes’ distress, alienation, and detachment in The Sun Also Rises through his writing style....   [tags: Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises]

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Medical Technology During World War I

- Surgeries at the time of WWI were a direct result of the Industrial Revolution’s new technology; these surgical advances struggled to fix the horrible injuries sustained by soldiers from the new sophisticated weaponry. "Every war stimulates medical research. It’s sad, but true," said Frank Freemon. Although many soldiers died during attempts at things like reconstructive surgery and Caesarian sections, experimenting in the surgical fields improved conditions and advanced the science, as well as develop new professions in surgery....   [tags: Medical Technology]

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Surgery and The First World War

- “Every war stimulates medical research. It’s sad, but true" (Freemon). World War I advanced surgery to an unprecedented level through new discoveries and treatments. However, it was a struggle to fix the horrible injuries sustained by soldiers. Many soldiers died during attempts at reconstructive surgery, amputations, and other experimenting in the surgical field, yet these experimentations improved conditions and advanced medicine. During this time, surgery was becoming more successful by leaps and bounds, attempting to overcome problems that killed soldiers, like infection and gangrene, with new inventions in the field, like transfusions and asepsis....   [tags: Medical History]

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The Crime Scene Of A Homicide

- Since homicide is a crime in which a life has been ended, it is highly important the investigation surrounding a homicide be taken seriously and be completed effectively. That is, it is critical for the investigator(s), and other branches of the investigation, to be highly trained in preserving a crime scene, as well as interpreting the evidence left at a crime scene, or surrounding the investigation. There are various techniques available to aid in the examination of a homicide crime scene, but none more importantly than what could be told be the body....   [tags: Murder, Serial killer, Spree killer, Ted Bundy]

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Comparing War Poems

- Comparing War Poems Died of Wounds and Suicide in the Trenches are two poems, which I will be comparing the similarities and differences, which were written by the same author. Both these poems were written by a person called Siegfried Sasson, who wrote most of his poems during the World War One, which outlined how bad the war was to those at home after suffering from being Shell Shocked. I will be comparing the language it uses, ideas it contains and the way it is structured between both poems, which Siegfried Sasson uses to demonstrate that war is evil, and should be stopped....   [tags: Papers]

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Risk of Impaired Wound Healing

- Introduction. This report will discuss the risk of impaired wound healing, amongst patients in the community. Patients may be at risk due to increased age, malnutrition and underlying medical conditions (Timmons, 2003, White, 2008). However, this report concerns with patients’ knowledge deficit about the importance of nutrition, which may be the risk factor (Casey, 1998, Dealey, 2005, Timmons, 2003). In this respect, a management package in the form of a leaflet aimed at these patients has been prepared, (see appendix), which may improve patients’ knowledge....   [tags: Medicine]

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Process of a Homicide Case

- I feel that the wounds explain what happened in a story in a wrongful death, it all depends on the wounds and where and when the victim was shot. From the direction of the gunshot; the wounds of Mr. Jones indicate that he was shot in the back and he never saw the suspect coming towards him with a gun, because his back was turned to the suspect. According to Orthman, Hess, “The victim’s background provides information about whether the death was an accident, suicide or homicide. If a homicide, the background often provides leads to a suspect....   [tags: Wrongful Death, Forensics]

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A Brief Description Of A Interview

- Write a brief description of your project that starts by stating your clinical question and succinctly explaining your planned intervention in order to orient everyone. Population-(P) Inpatients receiving wound care. Intervention- (I) Wound Care Education for Health Care Provider. Comparison- (C) Usual care by a healthcare provider who has not participated in wound care education. Outcomes- (O) Improving wound care skills among healthcare providers, alleviation of pain resulting from improperly treated wound, speedy healing of wounds....   [tags: Health care provider, Health care, Patient]

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The Current Case Concerns Anne Doe

- The current case concerns Anne Doe. Anne is a 10-year-old young lady who right now is selected in grade school. The staff individuals at the primary school have documented a late report with youngster defensive administrations concerning the associated mishandle and disregard with Anne. The staff at the grade school have reported that Anne has substantial wounds on her arms and legs; torn grimy garments; and has missed fifteen out of twenty days of school since a meeting was held with Anne 's mom in regards to the welfare of Anne....   [tags: Primary school, Primary education, Family]

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The Cost Effectiveness Of Npwt

- The first theme is about the cost effectiveness of NPWT. In United Stated there was an estimated $1.7 billion every year for wound management of patients with acute and chronic wounds. (Suissa, Danino and Nikolis 2011). The expenses are expected to rise as the population of aging people increases. NPWT is commonly used in various clinical settings in managing different wound types, which will be either simple or complicated. Nather et al. (2010) noted that to minimise the cost of VAC therapy, an adequate granulation of tissue was required in a wound prior to the application of NPWT, which will provide the affordability in the usage of the VAC therapy....   [tags: Wound healing, Chronic wound]

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My Subject Is War, And The Pity Of War

- ‘My subject is War, and the pity of War.’ ‘Dulce et Decorum est’ is a line from the ode by Horace that translates to ‘It is sweet and fitting,’ a common trench lyric with the purpose to inspire men to believe their deaths will make them heroes. Wilfred Owen titles his poem with these words as a juxtaposition to the text, since he depicts the vulgar realities of the war in opposition to the patriotic propaganda soldiers were corrupted with. Through Owen 's use of the supernatural, a liminal world between reality and unreality is created....   [tags: Poetry, Rhyme scheme, Rhyme, Sonnet]

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Hurt People Hurt People by S. D. Wilson

- Summary of Theory In “Hurt People Hurt People” (2001) Wilson is candid about her personal hurts and how these have lead her to her personal theory, which may be summarized by the title of her book, and that there are no quick fixes to healing, it is a lifelong process. She emphasizes that it is in the recognition of hurts and identifying who we are in God and growing in dependence on Him that healing is found. Wilson states, “change means choosing a new direction. But some of us still wrestle with the idea that change is a journey, not a destination, and that the journey proceeds “one step at a time,” as twelve-step programs say” (2001, p....   [tags: psychology, personality theory]

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Spinal Cord And Its Effects On The Body

- In the United States, a large number of individuals get to be incapacitated by spinal cord injuries, with obliterating consequences for their personal satisfaction. The treatment of such wounds is a standout amongst the most enthusiastic regions of restorative research today. Specialist in this forte must know spinal rope life systems and capacity to comprehend their patients ' utilitarian shortfalls and prospects for development and to arrange a proper regimen of treatment. The spinal cord is the information transmitter that sends signals the cerebrum with the lower body; it contains the neural courses that disclose why a sore to particular area in the lower body....   [tags: Spinal cord, Muscle, Reflexes, Reflex]

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Observations and History of the Blow Fly

- Blow fly Include a number of species including the common bluebottle fly, Calliphora vomitoria (Linnaeus) the green bottlefly, Phaenicia sericata (Meigen) and others. Adult flies are metallic blue, green, copper or black colored flies that otherwise resemble house flies in appearance. Adult:Blow flies are a diverse group ranging from 6 to 14 mm in length and generally having a metallic sheen to their bodies. The black blow fly has a dark, olive-green body, black legs, and orange pubescence around the mesothoracic spiracles....   [tags: species, habitats, larvae]

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Analysis Of The Play ' Coriolanus '

- In the play Coriolanus, the story’s namesake character struggles with capturing the trust and support of his people while more manipulative officials prevail. Coriolanus is a rather shy and awkward type who doesn’t wish to show off in grand gestures why he is a superior leader for the community. This play focuses on how persuasion is a very powerful tool in earning the support of other people as well as recognizing the value of an honorable background but is not enough by itself. The idea that in order to win the support of the people, it is necessary for people to understand that there is a balance between being persuasive and being honest....   [tags: Regulatory Focus Theory, Persuasion, Evidence]

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Medical Advancements During World War Two

- ... Pharmaceutical companies researched many medicaments to see if they could potentially cure other diseases or infections than originally thought. They were looking for new possible curing abilities that a drug may have. An example of a famous, world-changing drug that was used a lot during World War Two is “M+B”. It was created by the May and Baker company, and was used to treat many infectious diseases such as gonorrhea, pneumonia, and many other diseases of the sort. Winston Churchill, the prime-minister of Britain at the time, was actually treated for pneumonia by “M+B”....   [tags: medications, antibiotics, pain]

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The Management of Wound Healing

- The management of wound healing in various health care settings can vary according to what treatment is performed, in our scenario a patient has come to us in regards to a complication that has occurred after a resurfacing procedure. This essay will discuss the procedure that has occurred and the issues and implications surrounding the procedure in terms of infection control. How the wound was created and what should have occurred during the repair process and what isn’t expected to occur. Possible causes of delayed wound healing will also be looked at and how we expect to manage in this situation, we will also discuss how we could prevent this from reoccurring....   [tags: Health, Treatment]

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Criminal Profiling

- The process of inferring the personality characteristics of individuals responsible for committing criminal acts has commonly been referred to as criminal profiling. (Turvey) Criminal profiling can also be referred to as, behavioral profiling because when a profiler creates a profile they refer to the behavior of the offender. The general term criminal profiling can also be referred to as crime scene profiling, criminal personality profiling, offender profiling, psychological profiling and criminal investigative analysis....   [tags: Criminology ]

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The Great Recession

- The Great Recession In 1929 the United States was faced with the beginning of the Great Depression. As the finishing bell rang on Wall Street on what become known as “Black Tuesday” the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped thirteen percent and the following day dropped another ten percent. This was the beginning of one of the worst decades in U.S. history. Over the next four years unemployment would sky rocket from three percent all the way up to twenty-five percent. All across the country citizens were faced with the fear of economic uncertainty and the onslaught of poverty....   [tags: Economics ]

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Home Remedies for Abrasion

- Home Remedies for Abrasion Abrasion is an injury that occurs on the topmost layer of the skin called the epidermis. This external scratch is a minor condition that may result in bleeding. The scar and sign gets healed within a small duration of time. However if the injury occurs owing to some rough surfaces then the skin may appear red or pink. There can be a burning sensation without any bleeding. This may be mainly because the second layer of the grazed skin is exposed to injury. The common victims of abrasion are children and kids who often get scraped knee and bruised arm....   [tags: Health Care]

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Jerry the White Mouse

- There once was a small white mouse living with his family in the middle of the rainforest. He had nine siblings sharing his tiny bed. Every night Jerry, the mouse was pushed out of his bed. He decided it was time for him to leave home and find his own adventures. Jerry's parents wished him lots of luck and hoped he would stay away from danger. Jerry had no idea what to expect but he was not afraid to be on his own. Jerry set off into the rainforest with only a small bag of supplies. Jerry traveled a long distance and was beginning to feel tired....   [tags: short story]

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The American Civil War

- The Civil War was the bloodiest war in American history. It had terrible losses and almost completely ruined the South, but there were some good things that came out of the war. Medicine has never been as important as it was during this time. Because of this, medicine was innovated like never before. One of the amazing innovations during the war is doctors started using life saving amputation. Many soldiers did not die of their wounds, but instead the diseases they caught in the open and poorly treated wounds in their body....   [tags: amputation, battlefield doctors]

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Antiseptics and Joseph Lister

- Antiseptics and Joseph Lister Antiseptics are physical or chemical agents that prevent putrefaction, infection, and analogous changes in food and living tissue by destroying or arresting the development of micro-organisms. Since ancient times food has been preserved by the use of antiseptic agents such as heat in cooking; nitre, salt, and vinegar in corning and pickling; and wood smoke (containing creosote, chemically similar to carbolic acid) in the smoking of meats. In modern times the principal antiseptic agents used in the preservation of food are heat and cold in such processes as canning, pasteurisation, and refrigeration....   [tags: Free Essays]

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African Influenced Christianity in Toni Morrison’s Beloved

- Religion has influenced fiction since people first began writing fiction. Christianity tends to be one of the most influential forces on western writers in the last couple millennia, but the introduction of other cultures changes the influences present in books. The forced migration of enslaved Africans created a fascinating fusion between Christianity and native african religions, primarily totemistic but often involving archetypal pantheons. The slaves often identified with the Israelites enslaved in Egypt, and such parallels between biblical stories and their own experiences hastened the adoption of a modified Christianity by the slaves....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Medicine Is The Applied Science Or Practice Of The Diagnosis, Treatment, And Prevention Of Disease

- Medicine is the applied science or practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. Many people from all different cultures have made vast contributions to the medical field. This has been a field of study throughout history. Early day practices laid the ground work for were we are today in the medical field especially during The Renascence. One man to lay ground work into the medical field was a surgeon Ambroise Pare. He would get his start as an apprentice barber surgeon. It was common practice for barbers to do things from cutting hair to amputating body parts and was also looked down upon, surgery was “beneath” doctors during this time....   [tags: Heart, Blood, Ibn al-Nafis, Circulatory system]

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- During the winter of 1812, after the abysmal failure of the American invasion of Canada near Niagara, the remnants of American General Alexander Smyth's invasion force settled into log barracks built along a creek in Erie, New York. , Later in 1813, these barracks were expanded and converted into a military camp hospital for the sick and injured. Incredibly, the lethal threat to the survivors of Smyth's original invasion force was hardly lessened with the cessation of the previous assault and the eventual redeployment of these forces to the quiet camp near the town of Cheektowaga, in Erie county, NY....   [tags: U.S. History ]

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Prokaryotic Bacteri A Diverse Range Of Habitats And The Open Ocean

- 1.1. Bacteria Bacteria are unicellular, prokaryotic organisms that are present in a diverse range of habitats, including soil and the open ocean [ww]. Unlike more complex eukaryotic organisms, prokaryotic bacteria, as shown in Figure 1, lack the presence of a well-defined membrane-bound nucleus, and instead have free flowing nucleoid DNA. Bacteria also lack membrane-bound organelles such as mitochondria and the endoplasmic reticulum (MC). Figure 1: Schematic of a typical prokaryotic cell Bacteria are typically small in size, ranging from 0.5 to 2.0 μm (0.5 – 2.0 x 10-6 m) in diameter and 0.5 to 10 μm in length....   [tags: Bacteria, Microbiology, Infection]

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Chronicle Of A Death Foretold, By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

- The symbolism in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novella, Chronicle of a Death Foretold, emphasises the connection of the rural Colombian people and the Bible. The names, deaths, and spector activity as symbolism greatly affect the novella’s parallels to Christianity. The Vicario family name is significant as it refers to the term vicarious, which is used to describe something done or endured by one person substituting for another; the pope is an earthly reflection of Jesus and acts vicariously for him....   [tags: Jesus, Bible, Gabriel García Márquez]

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Critical Thinking Is Needed On A Daily Basis

- Critical Analysis Critical thinking is needed on a daily basis. Critical thinking is needed for school, in the workplace and everyday activities. Critical thinking is the process of breaking a situation down and going through steps to get to an outcome or solution. Let’s go through some critical thinking as we look further into what happen to John Schmidt while on the job. Explanation of the Issue or Problem The problem for this situation is that on June 7, John Schmidt, a worker of the organization, has been harmed real badly on his hand when pushing a huge piece of wood through a table found in the generation shop....   [tags: Critical thinking, Thought, Tendency, Reasoning]

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Who Was The Killer Of John Fitzgerald Kennedy?

- Who was the killer of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Does anyone know who killed Kennedy. The J.F.K Assassination is a conspiracy wrapped in a conspiracy. Can the people of the world seriously accept what the U.S government has told them that Lee Harvey Oswald solely killed the President of the U.S.A. Evidence shows that it seems possible that the American Central Intelligence Agency could have been involved in the president 's death. All the facts suggest that this assassination was not the work of one, Lee Harvey Oswald, but a higher power....   [tags: John F. Kennedy, John F. Kennedy assassination]

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Advancements in Med-Care since the Civil War

- ... The amputations took about six-minutes to perform, but had a mortality rate of 25 percent (Hirsch). One procedure that doctors turned to before amputations, were where they used medical probes of different sorts to remove the bullet and clean the wounds. This procedure failed, because the medical probes were contaminated and caused many patients to acquire an infection called “hospital gangrene” (Sohn). The medical procedures during the Civil War were egregious and caused countless deaths. Even though the procedures during the Civil War were horrific, they had a huge impact on how we operate today....   [tags: medical equipment, procedures, sanitation]

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The Epic Poem Omers by Derek Walcott

- ... He believes that Walcott did the world great justice in exposing both the white and black race. Walcott did this by using the wounds of his characters to rectify the race and ethnicity but not only that also to give life to the suffering of the African Caribbean’s in a way never shown before. Walcott takes the hardships of one race and makes them applicable to almost everyone. An example of this would be of Achille who struggles to find his cultural identity even though he has his racial identity....   [tags: attention, racial, ethnic, political]

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Letting Go: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

- Anger, aggression and confusion are a few symptoms of the fabled myth of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). An over whelming feeling that devours men and women of the armed forces, but hasn’t been talked about openly until, now. A subject no one likes to openly speak of, due to fear of being cast out as an outsider among the normal people who never witnessed something so traumatic can function in normal society today. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a psychological disorder where the person diagnosed with PTSD encounters various symptoms caused by a traumatic event such as combat exposure, sexual assault or a serious accident....   [tags: armed, forces, disorder, war, event]

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Is Clara 's Humanitarianism Ignited Her Passion?

- Clara 's humanitarianism ignited her passion to help in any way she could. “I think,” she says, “the city will be attacked within the next 60 days. If it must be, let it come, and when there is no longer a soldier 's arm to raise the Stars and Stripes above our Capital, may God give strength to me.”1 This demonstrates her devotion to helping others and patriotism for her country, two values that I believe that all Americans should hold. She began her journey by volunteering her time to help the 6th Massachusetts by treating the wounds of the wounded....   [tags: American Red Cross]

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Joseph Lister:My World History Game Changer

- Around the world, Joseph Lister is considered to be the “father of modern surgery” (Pitt & Aubin, 2012). Joseph Lister was a surgeon in England that not only influenced the surgery techniques of surgeons in England, but who also played a major role in the sterilization techniques that surgeons use in our country. He realized that the infections and deaths that occurred after surgery were caused by bacteria and was able to come up with a sterilization technique that would minimize the deaths of the patients....   [tags: surgery technique, medial instruments]

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The Slavery Of The Native Americans

- Almost four hundred years ago, my ancestors arrived in this country on a boat and would go on to steal this land from the Native Americans. Almost two hundred years ago my ancestors were slave owners. A hundred years ago my grandparents employed African American maids and handymen yet would not share a table or bathroom. Their stories are their stories and do not represent my story. I cannot speak for them or state for a fact they knew what they were doing was wrong. The morals of those centuries are not the morals of my time....   [tags: African American, Race, American Civil War]

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R v Maglovski

- R v Maglovski (No 2) [2013] NSWSC 16 (4 February 2013) The Case DONE On the the 15th of November 2012, Dragi Maglovski was convicted guilty of the murder of his wife, Rosa Maglovska. This conviction was made after a 7-day hearing in the Supreme Court of New South Wales. Mrs. Maglovska’s murder was the result of 10 stab wounds and 37 slash wounds, all inflicted by Mr. Maglovski. The wounds were inflicted with a knife taken from the couple’s kitchen. Mr. Maglovski pleaded not guilty to the charge of murder, but pleading guilty to manslaughter with the defense of provocation....   [tags: murder, guilty, actus reus, mens rea, wife]

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Honey is Medicine

- As times change so does medical technology. The profession of midwifery is no exception, but they’re still doing things a little differently. Most women will have a baby, born into a modern hospital, by a doctor or midwife. How that baby is treated will stay virtually the same, but how the mother is treated and her aftercare will differ greatly. One controversial technique now being employed by midwives is the use of raw honey for postpartum perineum care. Midwives argue that raw honey has a great number of healing effects and they are all scientifically proven....   [tags: Medical Technology, Midwifery, Birthing]

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The Kennedy Assination: A Conspiracy?

- What reasons did the HSCA have in 1979 for suggesting that President Kennedy was the victim of a conspiracy in 1963. In 1976, the House Select Committee on Assassinations began to reinvestigate the events at the assassination of JFK. A report was published by the committee in 1979 stating that there was a probable conspiracy surrounding Kennedy’s death, contradicting the Warren Commission’s theory. However, the HSCA could not prove that someone other than Oswald may have assassinated the president....   [tags: American Presidents, JFK]

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