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Developing an Engine that Repurposes Waste Energy

- The fact that our engines waste our fossil fuels by only using only about 30-45% of the energy from gasoline would create an outrage among the people that want to maximize the use of out fossil fuels as they begin to run out. They would call it pure insanity. What will anger them more is that the wasted energy goes off as heat into the atmosphere. Increasing the efficiency is upsettingly and depressingly, near-impossible. What can be done is that we repurpose that heat into something useful. The best solution is to use an engine that takes this waste heat and converts it into some energy....   [tags: heat, efficiency, thermodynamics]

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Case Study : Harris Waste Management

- Harris Waste Management provides customers with a concept to production engineering service. Utilizing our design, CAD and press production lines have the ability to take a customer’s needs and bring them into fruition and even sustained production if necessary. We take pride in the fact we produce a product, which always meets our customer’s specifications and ensures customer satisfaction. Our 175 employees are hard working and dedicated to our organization, which continues to expand. In the coming months we are looking to continue this expansion with the hiring of an additional 25 employees, which is an expansion of one fifth of our current staff....   [tags: Human resources, Human resource management]

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Analysis of The Waste Land, by T.S. Eliot

- ... (19-24) Eliot is comparing England’s post WWI culture to the cultures described in these sections of the Bible. Eliot is saying that the culture is lifeless, and falling to “darkness.” He is saying that people can’t prosper as long as the culture is this way in the lines, “What branches grow out of this stony rubbish?”(19-20). One of the reasons that the culture was stagnant is because the populace of England was in a kind of “shock” from the brutality of the First World War. Eliot portrays this in “The Burial of The Dead,” Unreal City, Under the brown fog of a winter dawn, A crowd flowed over London Bridge, so many, I had not thought death had undone so many....   [tags: poem analysis]

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Susan Cain : An Extraordinary Waste Of Time

- ... SC: At age 16, you were diagnosed with VHL disease, a rare genetic disorder that causes cancer cells to appear in various parts of your body. Since that time, you’ve been researching and experimenting with various ways of slowing down the growth of those tumors. What have your most important findings been. TR: An essential learning for me is that anyone can dramatically improve their odds of living a long and healthy life by making better choices. Just look at the physical aspects. If you get a good night’s sleep tonight, it gives you a clean slate for tomorrow, where you are more likely to be active throughout the day and make better food choices....   [tags: Psychology, Thought]

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Why Do Teenagers Waste Their Lives?

- ... Some experts state that teenagers attempt suicide because of emotional causes. Since teenagers are growing, they are affected by the hormonal change and their environments. Therefore, they are more likely to suffer loneliness and depression. As a result, they will find a way to end the pain, which is by killing themselves. There are several conditions that worsen the situation. Rupert (2015) mentioned that people make mistakes when they let their teenagers expose to different kinds of technology....   [tags: Suicide, Adolescence, Demography, Death]

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Royal Carribean Toxic Waste Dumping

- ... Holst gives an apology given by Jack Williams, the Royal Caribbean international president, after being charged with the twenty-one felony charges. Williams makes a sincere sounding apology, however placed the blame on those enforcing the rules and regulations within the company, and not on the corporate employees. Holst also explains that the company was monitored by the court for the five years following the charges in 1999 (1999). As previously established this is, according to Friedrichs, a corporate crime....   [tags: chemicals, crime, cruise ship]

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Regulating Toxic Waste Emissions: EPCRA

- I. Introduction Regulating the toxic waste emissions of polluting organizations has been a costly and time-consuming element of environmental policy for as long as there have been restrictions on these emissions. However, the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA), signed into law in late 1986, set forth a number of standards that required polluters to disclose information about their emissions levels to the public and started a chain of events that has led to the creation of numerous information disclosure policies....   [tags: Right-to-Know, Environmental Policy]

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Waste Water Collection-Treatment Systems

- What are their benefits and potential environmental impacts. Waste water is any water that has been affected in quality by domestic residence, industrial, and agricultural wastes that leads to presence of wide range of potential contaminants in water. Planning for wastewater treatment and disposable facilities is a challenge for each community. This treatment leads to protection of public health, protection of water resources and growth of community. Nowadays, people know that they should give nature their support and collect waste water to increase property value, protect wild life and fish and allow many recreational activities to be enjoyed on t...   [tags: benefits, potential environmentall impacts]

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The Nuclear Energy Controversy: Finding a Place for the Nuclear Waste

- Nuclear waste has a reputation for making law makers and the public uneasy, thus it is difficult to find a site for nuclear waste disposal units. However, creating such sites is necessary to allow nuclear energy to the electricity production forefront in America. In the search for a waste disposal location, companies have been turning toward Native American reservations as the final resting places of the radioactive waste. Multiple tribes have quickly denied companies access to their land, but others have taken advantage of the potentially prosperous opportunity....   [tags: pollution, radiation, environmental issues]

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Construction and Demolition Waste Management System in China

- C&D waste management is not a new concept in China. Since the early 90s, in order to respond to the international society’s call about ‘building sustainable development society’, Chinese government introduced developed countries’ advanced experience and then conducted a variety of reforms of economy, society and environment. During the process of reform, China has successively enacted a series of laws and regulations about environmental protection and pollution management, which not only includes general environmental protection laws, but also refers to municipal solid and urban C&D waste management as well....   [tags: regulations, financial, environment]

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Our E-Waste is Harming The Environment and Developing Countries

- What is E-waste. E-waste is also known as electronic waste in which we no longer use our electronics. Did you know that “a massive eighty percent of the e-waste that is generated worldwide is not properly recycled” (Ford, Matt.). What happens with the electronics when we are done with them if they are not recycled properly. Most people just toss out their unwanted electronics, but do you know what happens if you just toss the products. Many end up half way across the world distributed all over third-world countries’ land....   [tags: electronics, pollutants, disposal]

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Safe Disposal of Waste: Global Trends to Combat Dumping

- Global trends to combat dumping To date, very important is the question of safe disposal of waste. Back in 1992 at the International Forum in Rio de Janeiro , this problem has been called one of the main problems of mankind. Increased interest in this issue is caused by an increase in the annual volume of waste produced in the world ( so far ), and the tangible results of their disposal in landfills or burning in the open. As a result of anaerobic (without air) decomposition of organic matter (about 25 % of waste in landfills ), and various kinds of plastic, an allocation of toxic substances - garbage gas consisting of methane (50% is considered to be the main cause of the greenhouse effect...   [tags: burning, processing in different ways]

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Improving Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Management in Indonesia

- Raddy defined Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) as any garbage or refuse or other discarded material arising from every day items produced by domestic, community, industrial, commercial, agricultural or any type of human operations (2). In 2013, it is estimated that Indonesian population reached 250 million people and it continues to increase at the rate of 1.5 per-cent every year (“The World Factbook”; Munawar and Feliner). Every Indonesian produces approximately 0.76 kilograms per day of MSW. Total MSW produced in 2010 was approximately 65.9 million tonnes....   [tags: garbage, discarted material]

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Waste Reduction Plan in Manufacturing Areas for Kimberly Clark

- Introduction I am again going speak about Kimberly Clark and introduce additional sustainable information on their efforts to reduce waste and on their continued process improvements, in the areas of manufacturing. We will review the company’s strategic initiatives for reducing waste as it relates to process manufacturing, which contributes to the majority of their solid waste, water and energy issues, and we will conduct a solid waste audit assessment, and review the findings in this un-official report....   [tags: global green initiavies]

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Football is a Waste of Time and Money

- Football is a Waste of Time and Money Many people enjoy watching or playing the game called football. However, there are many people that think football is just a waste of time and money. I, for instance, am one of those people. Whether it is just hometown high school football, College football or even NFL football I think that football is an awful representation of athletic ability. There are many cons including the physical effect that it has on the players, the amount of money that is spent on the players, and the message that it is sending to children....   [tags: Free Essays]

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The Problem with Nuclear Waste

- The Problem with Nuclear Waste The United States alone produces an average volume of commercial low-level radioactive waste of about 500,000 cubic feet each year. That is a lot of waste. This comes from a variety of places. Mainly though, it is produced by nuclear power plants. This waste brings up a problem though. It is difficult to dispose of radioactive materials for two reasons. One, some radioactive materials last for thousands of years. Two, most radioactive materials are hazardous and can't be stored with conventional means....   [tags: Papers]

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Yucca Mountain: A place for Nuclear Waste Material

- Nuclear waste is a huge problem in our world today but it also makes the world that we know possible. The problem with it is that we have reached the point where we produce it faster than we can store it. Everyone will agree that the waste obviously needs to be stored somewhere, but we can also agree that we do not want it stored or transported through our back yards. The goal of the government is to store the waste in one location, Yucca Mountain, instead of scattered across the country. To do this all of the existing waste must be removed from their locations, put into some type of safe transportation and shipped across cities, states and even the country....   [tags: Chemicals, Toxic, Repository]

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- Waste Hi today I’m here to talk to you all about waste, just to give you some scary facts about it and why it is effecting our lives and in a bid to help you people to consider your lifestyle. Firstly I’m going to talk about what actually happens to the stuff we chuck away. When the bin men come and empty the bins they take it to the rubbish dump. After that it gets transported to big incinerators and burned, this is a problem. It is one of the fundamental principles of science that matter can never be destroyed; it can only ever be transformed....   [tags: Papers]

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Voting is a Waste of Time and Effort

- Voting is a Waste of Time and Effort Intro All of us here will have the chance to exercise their vote in the not to distant future - 3 or 4 years. However will you choose to do that. Will you bother to spend 2 minutes of your day to write a single x on a form. Or perhaps you'll remain at home and just leave it to others. History We look at ourselves today and think we are a mature, cultured democracy. We pride ourselves on equal rights, women having the opportunity to do any job they fancy, great benefits - free education, health care etc....   [tags: Papers]

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Pharmaceutical Waste And Its Effect On Our Environment

- ... The “main contamination pathways” for these drugs are said to be industrial and domestic disposal (Lawrence et al, 2005). Domestic waste is known to be the most consistent method of contamination because people are constantly flushing pills down their toilets or washing them down their sinks. On the contrary, industrial waste tends to be more accidentally disposed because it can get lost through its production. Through an investigation upon the disposal habits of Americans, it was found that 35.4 % of the population got rid of their medication by pouring them into the sink or toilet, and approximately 54% of them just threw their waste into the trash (Bound et al, 2005)....   [tags: Water, Sewage treatment, Sewage, Water pollution]

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Treatment of Waste Water from Domestic, Agriculture and Industry

- Treatment of Waste Water from Domestic/ Agriculture/ Industry Major contaminants of waste water from domestic: - Suspended solids - Dissolved solids - Settleable solids - Inorganic matters (eg. Minerals, heavy metals, as well as compounds like cadmium, calcium, copper, lead, magnesium, nickel, potassium, sodium, zinc) - Organic matters - Nutrients (eg. Nitrogen, phosphorus) - Oil and grease - Pathogens (eg. Bacteria, viruses, parasites) Major contaminants of waste water from agriculture: - Suspended solids - Dissolved solids - Settleable solids - Inorganic matters (eg....   [tags: water quality and health, contaminated water]

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The Municipal Solid Waste Dilemma

- Everyone buys things and sooner or later, we will throw it away. Or suppose we eat at Mc Donald's. After we are finished, we throw away our trash and never see or think of it ever again. In our fast passed world that we live in today, there are many people living in it and produce a lot of garbage and waste. The United States alone produces over 200 million tons of Municipal Solid Waste every year. That is equates to about 4.5 pounds of waste per person, per day. According to data from the EPA, about 35% of that is paper, 30% include yard trimmings and food scraps....   [tags: Environmental]

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Waste Water Management in the Philippines

- I. INTRODUCTION This report aims to discuss and to enrich the reader’s knowledge on the proper desludging and disposal of waste accumulated from septic tanks. The information gathered here is vital as it provides a culture of awareness to everyone on how wastewater is disposed of. Wastewater comes from everywhere; from our residences to our workplaces, even public places. Filipinos as we are, have been known to be hygienic yet we know little of what happens when our used water is flushed to the drain until it’s carried off to treatment plants....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Television, What A Waste Of Time

- Television, What A Waste of Time How much does television mean to you. Would you sacrifice your mind, your health, and your well-being just to keep ahold of it. Most people would. They are unaware of the severe effects that TV has on our lives and on our future. I think that television should be banned from all American households because of the negative ideas it exploits, the creative minds it destroys, and the growing amount of kids and adults that are making this place a bigger and lazier country....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Use of Guava Leaves as a Bio Absorbent for Waste Elimination

- Introduction Nowadays, industrial activity in the world has grown very fast. In addition to induces positive impacts, the growth of industry also generates a new problem for the environment and so we need to search an effective and efficient handling ways of negative impacts such as waste. One example of pollutions due to industrial wastes is a pollution caused by waste containing in dissolved heavy metals. Waste with a high content of heavy metals could be dangerous pollutants. One of heavy metals that are harmful is chromium....   [tags: Chemistry, Chromium]

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Bringing Waste Water to the Surface in the United States

- The United States oil and gas producers bring 60 million barrels of waste water to the surface everyday (Waste Water: America's Hidden 60 Million Barrel A Day Industry). Waste water includes human waste, rainfall, seawater, highway drainage (oil, rubber residues), etc. To make use of this waste water, scientists have come up with a way to generate electricity from sewage using ‘wired microbes’. In the word, coastal waters and lakes contain dead zones. These dead zones are caused by the excessive nutrient pollution from human activity which diminishes oxygen required to support marine life towards the bottom....   [tags: battery, microbes, electrons]

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A Nuclear Waste Race: Perspectives on Reprocessing Spent Fuel

- “It isn’t easy being green” — Kermit the Frog. Even though Kermit was referring to the color of his skin, this is also vindictive of today’s mindset in thinking green trying to merge the environment into our everyday lives. Nuclear power first hit the scene as an alternative to burning fossil fuels and emissions of toxic carbons released into the atmosphere as waste products. But, the general public’s first glimpse of the awesomeness of nuclear energy was in the form of a highly effective and destructive weapon, therefore giving a distinct aura around the possibilities of nuclear development....   [tags: Energy]

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NASA is a Waste of Money

- Were you aware that the budget for space exploration extends well over thirty-two billion dollars. People are dying of hunger overseas, not even wealthy enough to feed their own families, and NASA is spending twenty billion dollars to put a man on the moon. What did we learn on the moon, how can this endeavor help mankind. Nothing, and it can't. Some people declare that space exploration is man's greatest enterprise into the unknown. Space exploration is no great endeavor, it is in fact man's greatest waste of money and time that could be better spent elsewhere....   [tags: Politics Government]

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Presentation Of Urban Garbage : Paula Pentel 's Presentation On Urban Trash

- The purpose of this paper is to summarize the contents of Paula Pentel’s presentation on Urban Trash, present the themes which constitute the outlined concerns regarding urban waste and pollution, and to assess the multidimensional outcomes of dealing with waste disposal and conversion to energy in the United States. The United States produces 11 billion metric tons of waste per year from mining, agriculture, industrial processes, municipal functions, and sewage sludge; New York alone produces 32,000 tons of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) each day....   [tags: Waste management, Recycling, Waste]

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Garbage, Recycling, and Waste Management

- Garbage, Recycling, and Waste Management There are already ways of getting rid of garbage so people won’t have to see it or smell it. For example there is incineration, in which trash that can’t be recycled is burned. Although this meets the requirements mentioned above it has a downside. The burning itself causes waste and eventually it will have a bad effect on the environment. Recycling is a good process that reuses materials so they won’t be wasted and cause waste. But many products are not recyclable, like plastics....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Analysis of The Waste Land by T. S. Eliot

- If René Descartes’ “Cogito Ergo Sum” embodies the essence of what it means to be a unified and rational Cartesian subject, then T.S. Eliot’s “heap of broken images” eagerly embraces its fragmented and alienated (post)modern counterpart. The message this phrase bears, resonates throughout the entire poem: from its title, “The Waste Land”, to its final mantra “Shantih shantih shantih”. All words, phrases and sentences (or just simply images) which make up this poem seem to, in Levi-Strauss’ words, “be a valeur symbolique zero [and the signifier] can take on any value required ”, meaning that the images Eliot uses do not have one fixed signification and consequently conjure up thought-prov...   [tags: descartes, modernist]

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Toxic Waste Sites in Texas

- Major Toxic Waste Sites in Texas When thinking about the most polluted states in our country, California and New York instantly pop into our mind. What most people don’t know, however, is that Texas now ranks number one in most categories of pollution. Whether it be increased emissions from refineries in Beaumont, large pits filled with contamination at Kelley Air Force Base, or polluted water at Lake Sam Rayburn, Texas has more than its fair share of toxic waste. Exxon/Mobil, one of the nation’s leading oil producers, has its main refinery located in Beaumont, Texas....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Urban Pollution and Waste Management

- Urban Pollution and Waste Management Urban pollution and waste management is a major problem in both the first and third worlds. The increases of major air pollutants in the atmosphere are causing damage to our waters and land. The increase of garbage and waste in urban areas, such as cities, are beginning to look like huge landfills, acid rain is causing forests and buildings to deteriorate, and finally ozone, which is caused from primarily transportation, is slowly suffocating the populations it affects....   [tags: Papers]

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Waste Removal with Incineration Methods: An Experimental Stud

- Millions tons of waste are discharged worldwide every day; most of it is dumped in landfills or discharged to rivers and seas without prior treatment. However, while the demand for waste disposal capacities is increasing, the availability of suitable sites is on the decline. Waste has become a critical problem for industrial society, particularly in big cities and densely areas. Therefore, the need to avoid or reduce the waste and to recycle it will become an over important political and economic issue....   [tags: Filter, Sorbents, Chemistry]

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Enormous Waste of Food While People Starve

- ... But fortunately, with the advance technology and resources we have today, there are a multiple solutions that can help decrease the amount of wasted food in the world. Solution 1 - FreshPaper One low-tech aid called FreshPaper have the ability extend the shelf life of produce by two to four times. FreshPaper consists of large square sheets infused with organic antifungal and antibacterial herbs and spices which preserves produces for a much longer time period. Kavita Shukla, an Indian American, developed the patented product based on tea recipes she have learned from her grandmother in India....   [tags: refrigeration, fresh-tec, farmers]

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Capitalism Avoids Costs to Abolish E-Waste

- E-Waste Capitalism in its purest form is all about maximizing profit at whatever the cost to the workers, economy or environment. In this light capitalism can be viewed as a double-edged sword, in which a company in a capitalistic economy will avoid extra cost at any chance possible even if that means the illegal disposal of harmful secondhand electronics avoiding all the rules and regulations that would make disposal cost extra called E-Waste, to impoverished countries such as China and Ghana....   [tags: disposal, environment, economy]

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Use of Guava Leaves as a Bio Absorbent for Waste Elimination

- Introduction The wide use of heavy metals and its compounds by modern industries has resulted in large quantities of this element being discharged into environment. These inorganic micro-pollutants are of considerable concern because they are non-biodegradable, highly toxic and have a probable carcinogenic effect. If directly discharged into the sewage system, their presence decreases the efficiency of the biological treatment [1, 2, 3]. Among the heavy metals, chromium is one of the most important environmental issues....   [tags: Chemistry, Chromium, Sorbent]

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Everything Happens for a Reason in The Waste Lands by Stephen King

- Does devastation always wreak havoc for no reason. The answer is no, there is always a reason for everything that happens in the world. The theme of everything happens for a reason, be it good or bad, can relate to modern society. This theme is constantly used in the book The Waste Lands by Stephen King and is a key point in the book’s plot. Events such as bad things happening to innocent people, changes in weather, and natural disasters happen every day and possess reasons behind them that the mind may not perceive....   [tags: innocent, weather, disasters]

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Nuclear Waste Is The Most Problematic By Product Of The Nuclear Energy

- ... Prolonged exposure to radioactive substances, percolation of radioactive substances into soil and poisoning the crops grown, polluting the underground water are few examples of how nuclear by-products impact our environment. Though these impacts does not surface immediately, they are sure to be felt in long term creating an unsafe environment for the future generation. Nuclear waste is only the tip of iceberg of the negative effects of nuclear power generation. If we consider the bigger picture, involving the process of gathering raw material for nuclear power generation, the logistics of material movement and other satellite system, then the impact is magnified manifold....   [tags: Nuclear power, Nuclear fission, Uranium, Coal]

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The Sacred Wood and Began the Waste Land by T.S. Eliot

- ... In 1927 – 31, he became a member of the Church of England and the British citizen. He made Ariel Poems during 1927 - 31. For Lancelot Andrews, 1928, Ash – Wednesday, 1930, Coriolan, 1931. Thoughts After Lambeth, 1931. Through the years 1923 and 1933, T. S. had his first visit to America since 1914. He delivered Charles Eliot Norton lectures at Harvard. They were published as the Use of Poetry and the use of criticism in 1933. He also delivered the Page Barbour lectures at the University of Virginia....   [tags: hard working writer, poem]

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T.S Eliot's The Waste Land: Fire-Igniting Water

- ... Perhaps the corpse in order to bloom will need water, for that water will extinguish the flames that keep the corpse dead and prevent it from sprouting. The symbol of water will often be mentioned and it will even simultaneously bring about a partial cause of suffering and a source of relief. Imagery of fire is revisited once again in the second section of the poem titled,“A Game of Chess,” in which Eliot remarks on the standing of what seems like an aristocratic woman. The flames are beginning to influence their surroundings....   [tags: modernist poems]

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Urban And Industrial Wastes During The Campania Region Of Italy

- ... While this solution was attempted in a mitigated form, there may be a greater chance for positive outcomes if all political affiliation were subtracted. Alternatively, international nongovernmental actors could assist local groups to remove the waste. Thus, provided funds and expert resources would promote long-term strategy; however, the question of consequences arises concerning possible long-term overreach by an international NGO, positioned in a more favorable economic situation, thus, enacting an informal eco-imperialism....   [tags: Waste, Waste management, Government]

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Management Of Solid Waste Has Become An Environmental Challenge

- ... • Management of solid waste has become an environmental challenge. In addition to above concerns, coastal cities are threatened by sea water intrusion in groundwater aquifers. In near future, the climate change and the rise of the sea level will make more complications for this problem. In other words, coastal cities are faced with resource depletion, increased energy consumption, water pollution, eutrophication and waste generation. The intention of this paper is to explore the interaction of environmental issues relating to drinking water supply in developing countries....   [tags: Water, Water resources, Water supply]

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What to Do about all the E-Waste

- A product made today will not last long deliberately. Most products are planned so that they die or fail after certain months, and most of them are unrepairable or almost the same price of the product to get it repaired. A new and better product will be out for us to buy. Due to these reasons we the consumers tend to buy more products. This is called as “Planned obsolescence”, what is planned obsolescence. Basically it is a business strategy in which a product is planned and manufactured in a way that it will create problems for the user....   [tags: environmental/sustainability issues]

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The Effects Of Recycling On The Environment And Natural Habitat

- ... What is the current situation and difficulty in the UK. Approximately 87% of the UK residents believe recycle is favorable for the environment. However, only 33.1% of people in the London actually work on it in 2015. London as an international city has many immigrants and tourists that could bring the difficulty to recycling policies. Lack of incentives or penalties, people who live here may not know how to recycle. Moreover, the authorities should work with retailers to help and educate consumers to implement recycling....   [tags: Recycling, Waste management, Waste]

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General Education Courses Are A Waste of Time and Money

- Students go to college in search of knowledge, a new lifestyle, and the hope of a job after graduation. For many young adults, college is a rite of passage into an independent, mature new lifestyle. Not only is higher education a rite of passage, for some, it is also an opportunity to have a better life. Overall, college is a wonderful part of many people’s lives, yet the way the college education system is conducted wastes students time and money. College is basically composed of two parts: general education classes and major specific classes....   [tags: Argumentative Essays]

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Food Stamps: Waste of Taxpayer’s Money

- Food Stamps: Waste of Taxpayer’s Money Food stamps, also known as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, (S.N.A.P) became a permanent federal assistance on January 31, 1964 under the presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson with the purpose of reducing hunger and malnutrition in the United States (“A Short History of SNAP”). Low-income families and individuals that qualify for this federal assistance can buy food every month in the form of an electronic benefit transfer (EBT). These EBT cards are similar to debit card; cardholder’s recipient can use their cash benefits or buy eligible food at most stores and retailers....   [tags: welfare, federal assistance]

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Endangered Species: Keystone Law or Waste of Money?

- When the congress passed the Endangered Species Act (ESA) in 1973, it recognized that ecological and scientific valued our nation and its people. It also expressed concern that many of our nation’s native plants and animals were in danger of becoming extinct. The purpose of ESA is to protect and recover species in their ecosystems, for which they have lived on. Under the ESA, species are specified into two categories; endangered or threatened. ‘Endangered’ means a species that is in danger of becoming extinct and has exceeded all of its range....   [tags: Endangered Species Act, effectiveness, extinct]

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Health Hazards, Pollution And Waste Management Issues

- There is an ever-changing process taking place, changing livability as we know it. Human migrations are taking place, where people switch from living in rural to urban communities in search of an improved quality of life. Sorensen and Okata (2011), find that 50% of the world’s population currently lives in an urban setting (p. 1). Large metropolitan areas are becoming densely compact creating mega cities, where populations exceed more than ten million people (p. 6). Problems with sustainable development are found in both developed and developing countries alike....   [tags: Sustainability, City, Urban planning]

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Shelby County, Alabam Local Government

- Shelby County, Alabama: Local Government Shelby County, Alabama was named after the former Kentucky Governor and Revolutionary War hero, Isaac Shelby, in 1820 (Seales, 2015). Shelby County is a quaint area that stretches over 808.8 square miles, with roughly 68% of the total area considered to be unincorporated (Dudchock, 2014). Shelby County has 17 municipalities that partner with the county to provide public services to county residents. The County 's annual budget is formulated and approved by the nine elected County Commissioners (Accounts, 2014)....   [tags: Waste management, Waste, Recycling]

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Project E-Waste

- Daily consumers are confronted with advertising campaigns trying to lure their slightly used electronic devices into retirement by being swayed into upgrading to the most recent model. A 2007 study conduct in the United States revealed “500 million used cell phones that are stockpiled in closets and drawers will eventually end up in landfills as electronic waste (E-Waste).” As E-Waste continues to spread across the globe it is growing faster than leaves can grow on trees and it is posing a threat to human health and the environment (E-Cycle).” Consumers recycling cell phones to reuse materials is environmentally and socially beneficial in reducing E-Waste....   [tags: Conservation]

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Canadian Waste in Michigan

- Canadian Waste in Michigan In 1986, a waste treaty between Canada and the U.S. was signed by American lawmakers concerning the Transboundary Movement of Hazardous Waste.  Under the terms of this treaty, the EPA is to receive notification of these shipments, and then would have 30 days to consent or object to the shipment. Since 1986 Canada has shipped its garbage to Michigan to be dumped into landfills and the provisions of this treaty have never been enforced.  But now is the time for them to be enforced and stop the importing of Canada's garbage....   [tags: Argumentative Environment Trash Essays Papers]

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Over-consumption = More Waste

- Over-consumption = More Waste The single most important environmental issue today is over-consumerism, which leads to excess waste. We buy too much. We think we always need new and better stuff. Will we ever be satisfied. There will always be something better or cooler on the market. Because we live in a capitalistic consumer culture, we have absorbed things like: “Get it while the getting’s good,” “Offer ends soon, buy while it lasts,” “For great deals, come on down…Sunday Sunday Sunday!” We, kids from 1 to 92, have become saturated with commercials like: Obey your thirst....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Should We Keep Recycling This?

- My research question is on, should we keep recycling this “mess”. This question is very thought provoking to me and hopefully for others. As we all know pollution in general is horrible and is rapidly building around the earth. Of course recycling as become modern and in some parts of America natural to do. But, is it really the key to stoping all of this pollution. The first source I looked into while researching is an article called “ Future of Recycling”, by Macia Clemmitt and Peter Katel. A little research on this corporation is, they are a division of SAGE Publications, they also publishes books, directories, periodicals, and electronic products on American government and politics....   [tags: Waste, Waste management, Recycling]

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Creating Biofuels from Waste

- Biofuels from Waste Purpose Biofuels mark a great step into today’s efforts to slow down global warming. However, when food sources, such as corn and soy are used as derivatives for ethanol, the impact is far worse than using fossil fuels. Biofuels require more energy to do artificial refinery, cultivating, and collecting; whereas, fossil fuels already meet all the prerequisites through millions of years in the earth, and thus use less energy. On the social justice stance, the poor suffer through the sky-rocketed food prices because farmers are using their food to supply the ethanol demand....   [tags: Energy Fuel Environment]

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Investigation of Waste Materials

- Investigation of Waste Materials Waste materials are generated by the metabolic activity of the cell. If allowed to accumulate they would reach toxic concentrations and so must be continually expelled. Excretion is the process of removing waste products and other toxins from the body. These wastes include O2, H2O and the nitrogenous wastes which result from the breakdown of amino acids in the liver. Structure of a kidney ===================== The excretory organs of mammals are kidneys....   [tags: Papers]

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The Importance of Recycling

- These days, our earth has been filled by a lot of waste. There is a lot of garbage, plastic waste, and electronic waste. We always produce it and dump it when we need the new one. Our waste are piling up and continuously accumulating. Plastic waste is one of the biggest problems for us now. And our solution in this problem is recycling. In my opinion, recycling is a way to manage used items into new products. We can reduce, reuse, and recycling (3R) waste management (Peter, 2013). We can reduce our waste clothes with reuse it....   [tags: waste, barbage, electronic waste]

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Is It Environmentally Sustainable?

- Executive Summary: The world around us is suffering from a shortage in food, this shortage might harm the world in the long term and we might not have enough resources for the world in 50 years from now. Every single person on Earth is responsible for this mess, either because some of us buy more than what we need and throw the waste away or because some of us do not have the enough education to know more about the food crisis. In order to help the resources of planet Earth and save them from vanishing, our group came up with an idea that can help the resources and environment around us....   [tags: Recycling, Waste management, Waste]

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Waste Management

- Municipal waste is disposed of in three different ways. As of 2004 it is estimated that 71 percent is land filled, 16 percent incinerated, and 13 percent recycled. Other wastes that have to be disposed of are nuclear and hazardous wastes. The environmental effects of different waste management solutions will be discussed as well as ideal ways, in my opinion, to dispose of different forms of solid wastes. Landfills are the most commonly used form of disposing wastes today. It is also a form of disposal that causes many environmental impacts that are in need of addressing....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Waste Management

- Waste Management No one enjoys throwing materials away. But with all of the aspects of construction that require management today, why do we need to add waste. Construction waste management can enhance a builder's operation, as well as the image of the entire building industry. Finding-1 Cost-Even though disposal cost represent only about 0.5% of the total construction cost, consider that waste management costs could represent as much as 5% of the profit. waste reduction can reduce your material purchases; recycling can reduce the cost of disposal....   [tags: Papers]

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Nuclear Waste

- Nuclear Waste Introduction The Earth's oceans cover approximately three-fourths of the world's surface. Less than one century ago, it would have been difficult to imagine that humans could significantly pollute these vast bodies of water. For as long as there have been human inhabitants along the coast, people have been utilizing the ocean as a dumping ground for garbage and other rubbish. Although several view the ocean as endless and thus, having plenty of room for the waste; this belief is not true....   [tags: Ocean Dumping Environmental Essays]

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Nuclear Waste

- Nuclear Waste Australia is a major player in the grand scheme of the world’s energy needs. Its large land mass and geologic history has provided it with an extensive list of mineral resources. Australia, therefore, since the initial gold rushes of the 1850’s, has come to depend heavily on the mining industry. In particular, the discovery in the 1950’s of uranium and new coal deposits created a wave of mining that to present has proven to be quite profitable for the country’s economy.[1] Australia is unique in that it is the world’s second largest producer and exporter of uranium,[2] and “the world’s largest coal exporter.”[3] It comes as no surprise, therefore, that current...   [tags: Environment Pollution Papers]

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Household Waste!

- Household Waste. One morning my mom said "Andy, get up and clean the bathroom!" It was always an essential and important labor to the family. I got up and gathered all the normal cleaning agents we used; Ajax, ammonia, and this liquid bleach that my mom said worked wonders. The toilet I cleaned using the Ajax the sink I cleaned using the Ajax there seemed to be no need for the other two. Then I saw it- the bath tub, AH. There was a ring around the bath tub that I knew would be difficult to clean off....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Unwanted Waste

- Unwanted Waste Down the green corridor the two men walked, the shiny surface echoing back the regular march beat of shoes. Everything around them was sterilised and of a discoloured lime green – the walls, floor even the odd table was green. Silence surrounded them apart from the rhythm of the shoes; it was eerie quiet, quieter than Yates had heard for a long time. Where Yates lived there was always some kind of noise whether it was shouting or screaming, crying or just taking however loneliness always managed to find and engulf Yates....   [tags: Papers]

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Nuclear Waste Disposal

- Nuclear Waste and the Effects on Human Life Statement of the issue: Nuclear waste is a growing concern in the Untied States and throughout the world today. Even right now as I type this paper Congress is debating as to allow nuclear waste to be stored in Yucca Mountain in Nevada. This debate in Congress will help decide the way that the Untied States deals with nuclear waste issues in the future. Nuclear waste is hazardous to human life. It contains many harmful chemicals that could hurt life....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Innovative Waste Disposal

- As humanity develops new technology, the magnitude and severity of waste increases. When computers were developed, it widely was believed that the need for paper would be eliminated. On the contrary this was widely proven false and we are now utilizing more paper than ever. Canada is not an exception as the typical Canadian generates an average of three pounds of solid waste each day1. This alone shows what a careless species we have become- using and disposing materials without even considering the damage we are causing....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Nuclear Power is a Dangerous Waste of Time

- Nuclear power has been around since the first atomic plant was made operational on December 2, 1942. These plants are an efficient way of producing electricity. They can power every electric item we use today, from TV’s to computers and every thing in between. As great as they may seem, how do we deal with the radioactive waste left over. The answer is, we don’t. Until we, as a civilization, find a better way of dealing with this waste, we should hold off on converting fossil fuel plants to nuclear....   [tags: Argumentative Essays, Persuasive Essays]

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Nuclear Waste Disposal

- Nuclear Waste Disposal As the millenium approaches, we are faced with the problems created by our technological advances. Everyday we are forced to see the results, from acid rain to polluted beaches. But there is one problem in particular that will probably out-live our generation and the generation which has created it. If properly contained and monitored, it has little affect on us and our environment. However, once it is free of it's containment, it is a destructive and deadly force. This problem is nuclear waste....   [tags: Radiation Pollution Papers]

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Fraud, Waste and Abuse Research Project

- Fraud, Waste and Abuse Research Project Combating fraud in the private sector is a difficult task. Trying to combat fraud in the public sector is daunting. In 1999 15.7% of the American workforce were employed by a government entity (federal, state, and local).[1] Mirroring society, government will have its share of perpetrators. The difference from the private sector is in the scope of the fraud committed, the loss of the public trust, the blaring headlines from news media, and difficulty in making necessary changes to combat the problems....   [tags: Government Business Argumentative Essays]

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Social Justice Issues with the 2014 EWB Challenge in Nepal

- ... Many NGOs have even helped to create a biogas plant among the squatter communities of Nepal (SWMRMC/UN-HABITAT 2008). A simple metal hook known as the “suiro” has been engineered and it is widely used in household of Bharatpur and Hetauda, this simple yet ingenious device is used to collect plastic waste materials over a period of about fifteen days and then it is sent to a recycling plant (WaterAid 2008). The invention of a new kind of waste collector created by the Hetauda municipality has been very effective in segregating and collecting medical wastes....   [tags: waste management]

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Comparing Waste Land with Other Myths

- The Waste Land: Parallels with Other Myths The Waste Land summarizes the Grail legend, not precisely in the usual order, but retaining the principal incidents and adapting them to a modern setting. Eliot's indebtedness both to Sir James Frazer and to Jessie L. Weston's From Ritual to Romance (in which book he failed to cut pages 138-39 and 142-43 of his copy) is acknowledged in his notes. Jessie L. Weston's thesis is that the Grail legend was the surviving record of an initiation ritual....   [tags: Comparison Compare Contrast Essays]

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Contrasting of Past with Present in Waste Land

- Contrast of Past with Present in The Waste Land      Eliot contrasts the past with the present in several ways throughout his poem, The Waste Land. The simplest of these is the simple juxtaposition of one or more descriptions of the present immediately before or after one or more descriptions of the past. The most obvious of these is section two, in which two descriptions of the present (lines 111-139 and 140-172) immediately follow a description of the past (lines 77-110). In this case, the juxtaposition is used to hold the modern attitude toward sex and love next to an attitude from the past....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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A Brief Note On Pollution And Its Effects On China

- ... It can contain harmful elements like lead, arsenic, or chloride. Once they 're dumped in landfills, they can pollute the earth, air and water resources for years” (“Crackdown on illegal”, 2013). China is in need of technology to filter out the dangerous waste products associated with recycling; and our company is passionate about providing it. Health Effects on China’s Population The harmful chemicals contained in the dumped waste of recycled materials is very detrimental to the health of the population of China....   [tags: Recycling, Pollution, Waste, Waste management]

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A Proposal For Green Bin Project At Asu

- ... Involving the student body in the process would save time, and money as far as University resources are concerned. Bins for food remains could be placed at plate collection places in every dining hall and every floor level in university housing. This way, food waste could be efficiently collected, and taken for processing. ASU has initiated a food waste collection and composting program - Green Bins project, but it is not well rounded. The program in place has not been well established on all campuses and only focuses on campus dinning places and caterers, while ignoring other sources of food waste on, as well as around ASU campuses....   [tags: Waste management, Waste, Compost, Composting]

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What Can You Do Not Go?

- Envision yourself coming inside to cool off after endlessly landscaping a nearby clinic’s property. You walk over to the glimmering sink, fill a cup up with crystal clear water, and park yourself on your favorite sofa in which you momentarily enter a heavy slumber. Hours later, you arouse from your sleep and an overwhelming nauseous sensation takes over your body. You attempt to focus your blurred eye sight but your sight appears to be skewed. Believing that you are obviously still hazy from your sleep, you plant your feet on the ground in efforts of stretching....   [tags: Waste, Waste management, Recycling, Pollution]

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Mineralization and Bio-remediation as a Recycling Process

- Recycling is an important part of maintaining life. Recycling effects every aspect of life, whether it is recycling plastic or recycling compounds. The basic concept of recycling is to convert waste into something useful or reusable. When we begin to look at recycling as a whole, or to determine what process is most important in our community, we must first look at the big picture. Recycling doesn't only effect our individual community, it effects the Earth as a whole. With this in mind, everyone would benefit from recycling....   [tags: Decomposers, Waste]

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Saving Our Environment One Person At A Time

- Saving Our Environment One Person at a Time We are all guilty of doing it, whether we realize it or not. We drink the liquid from that plastic bottle, or read your newspaper, or print enough copies for all of the people in Sumner County, all to be thrown in the trash bin. All of this trash causes a big waste problem and to get rid of the waste. For my research paper, I decided to write about recycling globally, including how other countries recycle, how countries feel about recycling and how recycling differs throughout the whole world, and how the world is “being green”....   [tags: Recycling, Waste management, Waste, Landfill]

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Is Plastic Is Virtually Everywhere?

- ... From boxes that are received from deliveries, school work, to the boxes that come with food and beverages all adds up to account for most of the weight of my trash. Our trash bins at home generally only have one bag worth of garbage a week. Most of the waste we produce as a family is usually recycled. My recycling bins at home typically are full by the time of the week that the garbage man comes. I would consider a large majority of the recycling bin to be filled with plastic bottles, containers, and plastic milk/orange juice containers....   [tags: Recycling, Waste management, Biodegradable waste]

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The 3 R 's That Can Benefit The Planet

- ... Imagine if all cities in the US offered a recycling kit, which would include a bin and bags with no cost. This would increase the percentage of people who commit to recycling and would also improve the earth’s health. Living in a city or general area can be quite expensive, so why not participate in a program that can save you money. A lot of cities or communities offer some project that accepts “recyclables.” The city of College Station, Texas is home to Texas A&M University and has a population slightly over 100,000 people....   [tags: Recycling, Waste management, Waste, Reuse]

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Plastic Beaches And Wounded Turtles : Why America Needs Recycling

- ... There is photo- and video graphic proof that documents animals becoming sick and dying because they are harmed by plastic waste. For example, a video of a turtle with a plastic straw stuck in its nostril recently surfaced and evoked an outcry from animal welfare groups. In the video, a marine biologist tries to remove the straw out of the turtles’ nostril, which takes about fifteen minutes. This obviously causes pain to the turtle because of the amount of force the biologist uses to remove the straw....   [tags: Recycling, Waste, Pollution, Waste management]

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