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The Battle of Fallujah

- On the month of April in 2004, in the city of Habbaniyah, Iraq, a brutal and terrible act took place which ignited one of the bloodiest battles in the history of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). Four Black Water security members were killed and publicly maimed. The resulting battle left a high casualty rate as well as hundreds of American service members being wounded. This is the story of the events that took place after the events in the city of Habbaniyah. On the 31st of March, 2004, a convoy was an attacked....   [tags: Iraq War, Victims, Combat Operation]

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The Failure Of Identity Politics

- Many of my friends on the Left have been at each others ' throats over the situation in Syria. Some of these folks won 't even talk to each other, let alone work together. All in all, the situation is bad. At the same time, many activists and good hearted citizens remain on the sidelines because they see a very toxic environment of dogmatic ideology, sectarianism and binary thinking. My hope is that we can get past these petty barriers and create an antiwar movement built on a shared set of values and principles....   [tags: Iraq, Iraq War, Bashar al-Assad, Golan Heights]

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The Military Draft: An Unwise Solution

- The Military Draft: An Unwise Solution      The United States of America's military is currently involved in two major wars with U.S. opposition in Afghanistan and Iraq. All though both of these efforts can be said to be in the clean-up stages, many more soldiers will be needed to stabilize the regions, to provide police work, and to fight the insurgencies that have risen in opposition to the invasion of U.S. troops into foreign lands. The current presidential administration states that to adequately deal with the problems of post-war Iraq and unstable Afghanistan the United States needs to increase the number of active-duty soldiers serving over-seas....   [tags: Bush Iraq War Afghanistan Essays]

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The Un Security Council Resolution 1566 ( 2004 )

- Throughout the 21st century, various politicians have attempted to define terrorism. Yet, terrorism is a broad topic and having searched for the true meaning of terrorism, the universal definition of terrorism does not exist. The UN Security Council Resolution 1566 (2004) gives a definition of terrorism as “criminal acts…against civilians, committed with the intent to cause death or serious bodily injury, or taking of hostages, with the purpose to provoke a state of terror in the general public or in a group of persons..” Also, the United States have defined terrorism under the Federal Criminal Code, Title 18....   [tags: Iraq War, Iraq, Barack Obama, George W. Bush]

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Ethics And Intervention : The Humanitarian Exception

- In “Ethics and Intervention: The ‘Humanitarian Exception’ and the Problem of Abuse in the Case of Iraq, Alex Bellamy argues that war is only justified in exceptional cases where “supreme humanitarian intervention” is genuinely required (Bellamy, p. 137). Bellamy discusses the ethics of intervention and the decision of the US to invade Iraq. He provides the argument that international law does not provide moral reasoning on the issues of war. However, he acknowledges that it does provide an important foundation on the issue of legitimacy of war....   [tags: Iraq War, United States, Just War, Human rights]

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The Cuban Missile Crisis

- Title: [2] Beyond a Unitary Rational Actor: The Bush Administration and the Decision to Invade Iraq. Summary: Graham Allison’s examination of the Cuban Missile Crisis is one of the most influential political science workings of the 20th century. It went vividly into at how actors make decisions under pressure and attempted to answer the question of how citizens should understand the actions of their government. Allison argued that up to this point most analysts predicted and explained the behavior of governments through only a Rational Actor Model....   [tags: 2003 invasion of Iraq, Iraq War, George W. Bush]

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A Nation 's Foreign Policy

- A nation’s foreign policy is the result of decades of work designed to answer the needs of a nation, both international and domestic, in the most optimal fashion possible. As a result, a nation’s foreign policy is rarely changed within a single day. September 11th, however, changed the direction and motivation of United States foreign policy in a matter of minutes. With the death of nearly 3,000 Americans, the collapse of the World Trade Center, and the nation’s air traffic control system completely shutdown, terrorism became the number one priority in U.S....   [tags: United States, Iraq War, World War II, Cold War]

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The Military Tide Of The West Valley Based Offensive Strike Force

- Defense may also become harder for the group as the ISF and Kurdish forces escalate their offensive operations. Drawing together the views of various experts, ISIL seems to have a Tigris valley-based offensive strike force plus ancillary strike forces in the western Euphrates valley bordering Syria and another around Jalula and adjacent parts of the Hamrin mountain range. Yet these mobile elements are probably small, numbering less than 3,000 fighters, while the majority of ISIL’s defensive manpower, tied to specific areas, is made up of new recruits and allied movements....   [tags: United States, Iraq War, Barack Obama, Diplomacy]

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The Engineer Battalion As A Member Of The National Army

- The 44th Engineer Battalion was originally constituted on August 15, 1917 as a member of the National Army. It was activated as the 47th Engineer Railway Maintenance-of-Way Battalion. The unit was organized March 31, 1918 at Camp Sheridan, Alabama. The organization was later redesignated as well as converted as the 47th Regiment as a member of the Transportation Corps. This event took place on September 7, 1918. Only two months later in November of 1918 the unit would face a complete reorganization and designation....   [tags: United States Army, Iraq War, Brigade, Regiment]

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Obama 's Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act

- America is not the country it use to be, no more are the days of simplicity. In recent years, Obama has changed a variety of aspects in this country. In fact, Obama has had an impact on health care, education, and war in both negative and positive ways. On March 23, 2010, Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, into law. This act led to changes within hospitals and workplaces across the nation. One change is the way hospitals are run. According to Roper, "That means hospitals are focusing on what happens after a patient is released-- are they getting follow-up care, seeing their primary physician, taking necessary medications....   [tags: United States, Iraq War, Barack Obama]

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Why We Lost By Daniel Bolger

- Although, their legacy will not be forgotten the impact they made will be forever overshadowed by the insurmountable challenges and problems they faced. It is to assert that General Petraeus and General McChrystal were too great Generals, but as their time of service went on we see that it came to a difficult, and in one’s case controversial ending. In the book “Why We Lost” by Daniel Bolger describes General Petraeus as an innovative and overly ambitious General that did not mind the spotlight of the press....   [tags: Iraq War, George W. Bush, David Petraeus]

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The United States Military Forces

- A negative turn of events over the past century involving foreign countries has brought to our attention a need for an increase and implementation of greater security within our nation. As we seek to protect the nation as a whole, we run into the same question being debated over and over again, whether or not the United States military forces should be deployed overseas to Iraq in order to help stabilize their country. With these events being a great issue and concern with our national security, it is our duty as a nation to improve our chances of not risking the lives of innocent citizens but see if it is possible is we can stabilize the country of Iraq....   [tags: United States, Sovereign state, Iraq War]

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The United States Should Keep Fighting The Militant Group

- In this paper I will be arguing why I believe the United States should keep fighting the militant group known as ISIS, but shouldn 't do more than air power. While troops are on the ground there is a greater chance that ISIS can get ahold of more U.S. troops and kill them. There have been over 10,000 ISIS fighters killed, but still that has barely made a dent in the amount of fighters they have. It is too much of a risk to send U.S. troops on the ground, so that should be left as a last resort....   [tags: Iraq War, United States, Barack Obama, Just War]

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The Army Force Generation Cycle

- In today’s age, businesses and organizations who have effectively and efficiently integrated multinational culture into a strategic vision are more often than not extremely successful. These multinational teams present organizations with the opportunity to expand on a global scale while meeting and exceeding the standards of new challenges (Lewis, 2012). The United States Army has operated on a global scale for over 200 years. However, as the battlefield has expanded and has become more complex, the need to develop cultural competency in Soldiers has grown exponentially....   [tags: United States Army, United States, Iraq War]

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Is Torture Justified? Or Not?

- Is Torture Justified. The issue of torture is nothing new. It was done in the past and it’s done now in the 21st century. Without saying one side is right and the other side is wrong, let us discuss the part that we agree on and find common ground. We as Americans want to protect Americans from harms. So how do we prevent that from happening without torturing. It is impossible to get answer without some sort of questioning and intimidation techniques, since we know captured prisoners during war are not easily going to give up information....   [tags: United States, Iraq War, Human rights]

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Fumes Over Balad

- Fumes Over Balad War produces debt, death, and destruction. George Walker Bush declared the War on Terrorism only nine years ago, which resulted in the deployment of U.S. Forces to the Middle East. This never-ending war points toward inevitable grimace with debt, death, and destruction statistical data doubling at an astounding rate. Unemployment and foreclosures continue to skyrocket on the domestic front; however, the U.S. Government forges ahead with taxpayer dollars to the War in Iraq. “About 900 billion of U.S....   [tags: War Iraq Politics]

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Tension Between Russia And Ukraine

- What is happening in the world today. Things are turning up since we have last been to war. Soldiers are returning home and everything is going good. Are things really turning around. If we look at the current situations there has been a lot of tension lately. Could this tension escalate and turn for the worst. Currently there has been a lot of tension between Russia and Ukraine. Also there has been tension between ISIS and Iraq. This tension could lead to major conflict and that conflict could lead to devastating result such as world war 3 or war just in general....   [tags: World War II, United States, Iraq War, Syria]

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What Makes Someone And American?

- In life there are characteristics that set people apart. One of the things that come in mind are how someone looks different or has a different personality, but that 's everyone. It could be what you do or what you are. A German person is unalike a Korean person. The biggest difference would be, their race obviously, but it can also be the way that they look; they obviously have different facial features, but what makes them German and Korean are two totally different things. In this essay I am going to be giving my opinion on what makes someone and American....   [tags: World War II, United States, Obesity, Iraq War]

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Analysis Of The Book ' The Ideas That Conquered The World '

- The post- American world coming in to view is not a Wilsonian world; a world where there is democracy, peace, and free market (Mandelbaum, 2002), but rather a Hobbesian world. A world based on anarchy, in which there is a struggle for big power; Thucydides wrote that “the strong do what they can and the weak put up with what they must (Seau, 2013).” What has unfolded in this post- American world is not a Wilsonian platform, with views of democracy and freedom, but rather what is presently unfolding is pure chaos and a power tug of war....   [tags: United States, Cold War, Iraq War]

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The Regime Of Truth By David Stuart Hall

- On September 11, 2001 two commercial airplanes crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City, and another plane crashed into the Pentagon. This day remains as one of the only times the United States was attacked on American soil. Along with the damage to the buildings and the city the aftermath of this attack has long surpassed the event. Families devastated because someone they loved and cared about were trapped in the rubble and never found or they got word that their loved one had been a victim of the attack....   [tags: Iraq War, United States, Al-Qaeda, George W. Bush]

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The Is An Extremely Dangerous Organization

- Introduction ISIL is an extremely dangerous organization. It has the elements of both a terrorist organization and an insurgent army. It kills innocent civilians, and has seized large amounts of territory in Iraq and Syria, which it can utilize for safe haven, training, command and control, and from which it can launch attacks. It engages in 30-40 attacks per month and has an estimated 15,000 fighters. It takes in as much as a million dollars a day from illicit oil sales, smuggling and ransom payments....   [tags: United States, Barack Obama, Iraq War]

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The Progression Of Terrorism And Terrorism

- The Progression of Terrorism Homeland Security is a moderately new agency that was created by the president, George W. Bush, because of the terrorist attacks on America. President Bush vowed to never let an attack happen to America again. Therefore he created the agency, of Homeland Security. This group watches Americans and the world tremendously close. The mission statement of this group is to prevent terrorist attacks within the United States, lessen America 's vulnerability to terrorism, reduce the damage and recover from attacks that do occur....   [tags: Iraq War, George W. Bush, Terrorism, United States]

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The Change And The Nature Of Change

- Where freedom has been put to test then speeches are twisted to fit the timing in preparation for war. However, time has brought change that has added further freedom and power to individuals. The consequence of this power change is the huge shift in the way leaders give speeches. Political leaders are no longer, held; with the same breath as educational scholars, thus much teaching is not, expected of them. However, accountability and clear reasoning is one of the many things expected by people....   [tags: World War II, United States, Iraq War, War]

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The United States Department Of Homeland Security

- IS, ISIS, and ISIL. These are all acronyms used to describe that organization with whom the modern reader should be well familiar with. Respectively, they refer to the Islamic State, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, and Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – a rogue state of radicals formed in the death-throes of Al-Qaeda and declared a separate entity of said terror-group in February of 2014 with a declaration of the caliphate following in late June of the same year. This faction of terrorists, at present, holds sway over the lives of between 2.8 and 8 million people, holding vast swathes of territory spanning eastern Syria and north-western Iraq....   [tags: Iraq, Gulf War, United States, Saddam Hussein]

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Modern Day Conflict And The Civil War And Coalition Fight Against The Islamic State Of Iraq

- As the nature of modern day conflict evolves, the news organization has also been forced to change their practices in order to adequately represent these conflicts to their audiences. “Networked journalism” has played a large role in covering modern day conflicts and its benefits have been instrumental for the work of journalists around the world. While networked journalism has permanently changed the way traditional media outlets operates, it has also created significant challenges for journalism pertaining to the verification of information, the capacity to build networks and adjusting older business models....   [tags: Mass media, Journalism, News media, Syria]

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The Closure Of Guantanamo Bay At The Initiation Of His Campaign

- President Barack Obama promised to close down the prison of Guantanamo Bay at the initiation of his campaign. By 2009, soon after his inauguration Obama issued an executive order commanding the shutdown of Guantanamo Bay within a year. Before the Obama administration and during the Bush administration the demand for the closure of Guantanamo Bay was enormous. Although, the Bush administration and other top officials irregularly gestured the desire to close the facility they continuously emphasized that they did not have the appropriate structure to do so....   [tags: George W. Bush, Iraq War, Barack Obama]

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The Effects Of Syrian Refugees On The United States

- Special Interest Essay The war in Syria has been ongoing for at least four years and many of Syria’s civilians are fleeing the country. Some of the refugees are fleeing to Europe and they are allowed inside to live in Europe and the United States is being pressured to allow more of those refugees to come to this country. Syrian refugees should not be admitted to the United States because the United States has many domestic problems of their own, there might be terrorists and extremists that pretend to be refugees that get into this country, and it will cost a lot to pay for those refugees that fled with nothing....   [tags: United States, Unemployment, Canada, Iraq War]

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Why Nato Was Won 't Help France Against Isis

- In consideration of the recent terror attacks in Paris and Beirut, it seemed nearly impossible to discuss global governance and global concerns without mentioning the war on ISIS that French President François Hollande declared. In the light of those terrible human tragedies, a news broadcast have come to stand out. This article is entitled Why NATO probably won’t help France against ISIS, written by Everett Rosenfeld from CNBC. It’s about the NATO’s fifth Article stating that if one of the member country is attacked, it “shall be considered an attack against them all” (Rosenfeld, 2015), and how France might use it to form a coalition against ISIS....   [tags: United States, Iraq War, Democratic Party]

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Refugees Should Be A Prosperous Democratic Country

- Refugees should be offered the opportunity to live in a prosperous democratic country where their voice could be heard and their liberties could be protected. With the elections right around the corner, we have listened to our candidates views on the refugees and their political position. Thousands of people come to America from all around the world looking for a better place, but lately, we have heard on the news about Syrian refugees trying to come in and live in the best known country in the world....   [tags: United States, U.S. state, Iraq War]

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The Conflict Of The Syrian Refugees

- Where is the humanity in today’s society. America’s status as a “nation of immigrants” is being put to the test. The conflict of immigration has been a fight for many years. But in recent times, it has come up as a big social issue in America. Many political figures have been debating over whether America should close its borders to the Syrian refugees or rather welcome the Syrian refugees who are in desperate need of asylum. Many believe it is better if the Syrian refugees were not allowed into the United States as they are considered to be a “potential threat” to the American society / people....   [tags: United States, World War II, Vietnam War, Iraq War]

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Analysis of Bruce Springsteen's Song Devils & Dust

- Analysis of Bruce Springsteen's Song "Devils & Dust" In times of war it is quite common for people to start questioning their values and their actions and be unsure of the path they are taking. This is common because to protect our values we often are told that we have to take actions that conflict with those values. One example would be how to protect our liberties we must sometimes restrain those liberties during treacherous times. However, the ultimate question is whether or not going against the very values we stand for is a hypocritical and wrongful action plan....   [tags: Song Music Iraq War Springsteen Devils Essays]

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Should The Quota System Be Implemented?

- Quotas reinforce many participants’ doubts about how democracy in Iraq is implemented. In most groups, ironically, participants are adamantly opposed to the quota system to appoint leadership positions in the government, but no one championed the other side of the argument: that this system might be needed to ensure that all groups have a seat at the table. A Sunni Baghdad woman says, “If there are no professional people to work, and as long as the militias and the sectarianism exist… then nothing will be solved.” This again goes to the paradox: Iraqis are highly critical of provisions that solidify ethnic divisions—such as sect-based autonomy and quotas—and support signs of unity, Iraqi nat...   [tags: Iraq, Iraq War, Nouri al-Maliki, Saddam Hussein]

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The Dispute Over Agricultural Trade Liberalization Between The United States And Brazil

- Unit 8- Short Answer 1. In Unit 7, you learned about a dispute over agricultural trade liberalization between the United States and Brazil. First, explain the dispute. Why did Brazil sue the United States in the World Trade Organization. Then, tell the outcome of the dispute. What was the response of the United States. Finally, give the pros and cons for subsidizing U.S. farmers. State whether you think the U.S. should continue to subsidize farmers, and your reasons. • The United States places high importance on subsidizing farmers....   [tags: United States, European Union, Iraq War]

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The United States Government : An Anti Federalist Dystopia

- Since its creation the United States government showned signs of possible disaster. When the founding fathers wrote the constitution they wrote it for the time they were in and the thing their people voiced was necessary for them. Like the Second Amendment that gave people the right to bear arms since that guns have gotten more lethal and people feel that they are still within their right to carry fully automatic assault rifles in the streets.The government is in danger because the government is more focused on the monetary benefits in its decision making and have lost sight of what is the essential which is making sure that the people are the primary object....   [tags: United States, Democracy, Middle East, Iraq War]

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Sophia Was A World Full Of Opportunity

- Sophia was just a sweet sixteen year old girl who lived with her mother in Germany. She enjoyed doing the typical things that teenage girls do at that age; talking on the phone, hanging out with friends, crushing on boys, etc. It was until one day she decided to go live with her father, that her life took an unexpected, yet beneficial turn. What laid ahead for her was a world full of opportunity. While Sophia and her mother stayed in Germany, her father resided in the United States. She decided to that she was going to come to the U.S....   [tags: United States, German language, Canada, Iraq War]

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The History of Iraq

- Iraq’s history is one of both prosperity and violence, and dates back to the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia. While dominated by a variety of civilizations, the region enjoyed a relatively stable society. Since the birth of Islam, the religion has been the dominant cultural belief of the region, and has made its way into the laws and ruling of the region. (InDepth Info, 2010) At the end of World War I, the British Empire took control of the land, and imposed a monarchy on the region. However, in 1932 the British mandate came to an end, and the Iraqi people came in control of their newly independent country....   [tags: America's War on Terror]

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Becoming an American Patriot

- Iraq invaded Kuwait on August 2nd 1990; seventy-five days shy of my sixth birthday. The invasion that took place in the Middle East that day not only sparked the beginning of the First Gulf War, it also set in motion a chain of events that determined the path my life would take. It happened sometime between August of 1990 and February of 1991. As I was sitting alone in the basement watching cartoons, news broke of the war. A news anchor talked briefly about the situation unfolding in Iraq, after which violent video clips began to play on a loop....   [tags: Personal Narrative, War, Soldier, Iraq]

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The Nature of Boston Peace Groups

- The Nature of Boston Peace Groups Like many other Brookline residents, Amy Hendrickson spends every Saturday at Coolidge Corner. But unlike most Coolidge Corner visitors, she’s not catching a movie at the historic Coolidge Corner Theatre or grabbing a latte at Starbucks. Every Saturday at noon for the past two years, Amy Hendrickson has held a peace vigil for soldiers who have died in Iraq. Hendrickson is the founder of Brookline Peaceworks, a community peace activist group and offshoot of United for Justice with Peace....   [tags: War Iraq Papers]

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The Arab Nations

- ISIS comes from Iraq a terrorist group, which is led by Abu Bakr AL Baghdad. The group ISIS has been around for about seventeen years, causing havoc on people. Over the past few years the U.S. and the allies have been trying to stop the group but its easier said then done because ISIS is everywhere not in just one place. How do we fight isis President Obama and other world leaders have been dicusing ways to defeat the group. The United State’s congress has put a few different Bills out such as the Kaine-Flake bill and the graham bill....   [tags: United States, Iraq War, Bill Clinton]

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United States Should Be Used For A Good Purpose For Harming Others

- Although being unified might sound like good thing, it is not always .There are people that use unity to harm others. Coming together, leaving our differences aside, and becoming one and being united should be used for a good purpose not for harming others. Unfortunately we see people, families and even countries that are not as united as they should be in order to help each other rather than to hurt each other. ISIS is one of the organization that are using their unification to harm others .On the other hand, some people do use their unification to help others; unfortunately there is not enough of these people....   [tags: United States, Iraq War, U.S. state, James Brown]

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The First Shots At Syria

- The first shots at Syria 's war are fired in March of 2011 by Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad against peaceful Arab spring demonstrators. In July, the protesters start shooting back, and some Syrian troops even defect from Assad 's army to join them. They call themselves the Free Syrian Army and the uprising becomes a civil war. Extremists from Syria and around the region start traveling to Syria to join the rebels. Assad actually encourages this by releasing jihadist prisoners to tinge the rebellion with extremism and make it harder for foreigners to back them....   [tags: Iraq, Syria, Gulf War, United Arab Emirates]

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Understanding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

- Introduction With both Iraqi and Afghanistan’s wars, the field of psychology, counseling, and nursing have made many progress understanding posttraumatic stress (PTSD) as it relates military combat. This study will examine PTSD in the perspective of quality of life (Schunurr, Lunney, Bovin, and Marx, 2009) and its impact on the families of combat veterans (Galovski and Lyons, 2004). In the past decades many literatures have been generated looking into this phenomenon of PTSD, and how it changes the family dynamic, and some of the consequences associated with it....   [tags: war in iraq and afghanistan, nursing]

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United States Intervention in Iraq

- ... 2009 March – United States President Barack Obama announces withdrawal of most United States troops by end of August 2010. Up to 50,000 of 142,000 troops now there will stay on into 2011 to advise Iraqi forces and protect United States interests, leaving by end of 2011. 6. United States pull out 2011 December – United States completes troop pull-out. Pattern: The 2003 campaign to remove Saddam Hussein began with a United States missile attack on Baghdad in the early hours of March 20. United States military forces invaded Iraq....   [tags: the war on terrorism]

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Following a Trail of Tears

- Following a Trail of Tears For yet another third period, I walked through the faded pink door into the fluorescent-lit room. I walked along the back wall, past the poster of the “Pledge of Allegiance” spelled out with license plates. I sat down in my seat. This would be my first of two periods in a row with Mrs. Sorenson, the quirky history/English teacher who would bring out her fiddle and sing songs based on the unit of U.S. history we were working on. This day, Mrs. Sorenson wasn’t singing any songs....   [tags: Government Iraq War Essays Papers]

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The Legality of the US Invasion of Iraq

- In early 2003, the threat of Saddam Hussein and the possibility of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq captured the attention and concern of the world. One nation decided to illegally act on these unsubstantiated claims, invading the country, violating the UN Charter and breaking several international laws in the process. The penalizations that were subject to the invading country, the United States, were never carried out. The United State’s role and influence over the UN and the Security Council, along with the nature of the unenforceable, politics and power-based international laws, allowed them to escape sanctions after their invasion of Iraq....   [tags: world politics, war, Hussein]

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The Psychological Aspect Of America 's Military Forces

- Ross and Devoe invite their readers into the psychological aspect of the several wars America’s military forces have endured recently, along with their families. Wars mentioned within the article include Operation: Enduring Freedom (OEF), Operation: New Dawn (OND), and Operation: Iraqi Freedom (OIF). The authors further explain the need for a program set in place to assist returning military personnel and the unification amongst their families. A percentage of the service members return home with the ability to meet the criteria to be evaluated with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression or anxiety....   [tags: 2003 invasion of Iraq, Gulf War, United States]

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A Brief History of Iraq

- Iraq The land of modern-day Iraq (Republic of Iraq), was once the land of Mesopotamia (located north of the tropics). This land gave birth to many early civilizations such as the Sumerians, Babylonians, and Assyrians. This land was controlled by Greece and Persia ever since the sixth century BC and prior to the seventh century AD. Afterward, the land (now named Baghdad) was controlled by the the Muslim Empire which eventually declined. Mongol invaders then conquered Baghdad in the mid thirteenth century....   [tags: gulf war, sumerians, babylonians and assyrians]

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The Outbreak of Iran-Iraq

- In the fall of 1980, one of the largest and most destructive conflicts to occur from the end of the second world war started between Iran and Iraq. Lasting eight years, the war left approximately 1.5 million dead and around a million casualties with thousands of refugees fleeing both nations. This conflict's roots can be traced backed to conflicts that raged between the powers which controlled the Persian Iran and Arab Iraq regions (Bahadori, 2005). For centuries, the Persians and Arabs have been at war under the banners of opposing empires.....   [tags: war,middle east, geopolitical]

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Fahrenheit 451 in Today’s World

- Fahrenheit 451 in Today’s World In the novel, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, the author creates a picture of a society that resembles our present-day society in a variety of ways. Although a society in which government has total control over its citizens seems to be a little extreme, there are definitely clues that can be seen today that suggest that we are headed in the same direction. Some of the resemblances between the society in Fahrenheit 451 and our society today are the governments’ hypocrisy, the gullibility of the citizens who fully support the government, and the fact that books are becoming rather extinct due to advances in modern technology....   [tags: Iraq war, Osama bin Laden, Bush, al qaeda]

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American Patriots: Soldiers, Citizens, And Voters

- The United States is presently at war in Iraq and Afghanistan where American troops are fighting and dying. At home, cars and homes display solid yellow or red, white, and blue ribbons that call for Americans to “Support Our Troops.” It is patriotic for Americans to support their daughters and sons fighting in a war, but this patriotism does not mean that Americans must blindly support the decision to go to war. Being patriotic means that Americans must do the opposite: they must question their government....   [tags: America Iraq Afghanistan War American Patriotism]

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The Invasion of Iraq was Illegal

- “If Hussein's brutal dictatorship warranted war, then we might also need to invade Zaire, Zimbabwe, Syria, Libya, China, and a host of other countries” (Babka) . This is a common argument that has been brought up by others who believe the invasion of Iraq was illegal. However, the failed diplomatic policies of the United States are what led to the failed invasion of Iraq. George W. Bush sent an invasion to Iraq with only Congress approving his “Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002”....   [tags: Iraq, Hussein]

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Buying the War and Bush's War

- ... In respond to this, the U.S. President, George W. Bush, decided to retaliate against terrorists and declared war on al-Qaeda. However, the issue became more complex when Vice President Cheney, and the Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, exerts their power to convince the country, the President, and also the United Nations about a possible link between Sudan Husain and al-Qaeda. In addition, Cheney and Rumsfeld, made more accusations about Sudan by saying that he has in his power weapons of mass destruction, therefore he was a threat for the United States....   [tags: cruel reality about Iraq, videos]

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The Invasion of Iraq was Illegal

- “If Hussein's brutal dictatorship warranted war, then we might also need to invade Zaire, Zimbabwe, Syria, Libya, China, and a host of other countries” (Babka) . This is a common argument that has been brought up by others who believe the invasion of Iraq was illegal. However, the failed diplomatic policies of the United States are what led to the failed invasion of Iraq. George W. Bush sent an invasion to Iraq with only Congress approving his “Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002”....   [tags: American Government, Iraq]

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Bush, Blair and Iraq

- On April 9, 2003 United States tanks stormed through Baghdad, Iraq. U.S. troops, then, toppled a giant statue of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in central Baghdad, which sent the Iraqi citizens into jubilee (Rampton 1). The Iraq War, or government's coined 'Operation Iraqi Freedom,' had finally arrived after declaring war on March 19, 2003. The U.S.-British coalition to invade Iraq and dethrone Hussein's dictatorship has been both a beneficial and detrimental political move. A war that originated because of Hussein's reluctance to weapons inspections now has become a messy situation where U.S.-British troops are dying more after major combat has ceased....   [tags: War on Terrorism ]

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Understanding French Opposition

- Understanding French Opposition This essay examines the nature of French opposition to the US-led war in Iraq. In recent months this opposition has reinforced many of the negative stereotypes Americans associate with Frenchmen, and boycotts of French wines and “French” fries are now commonplace in the United States. However, writing the French off as “cowards” or “appeasers” is not only misguided but also fails to consider the complex nature of French opposition. Although inextricably linked, the opposition put forth by the French people is not the same as the opposition directed by the French government....   [tags: Economics Diplomats War in Iraq France Essays]

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Time to Rebuild Iraq

- Time to Rebuild Iraq For nearly thirty years, the people of Iraq have been brutalized under the sadistic dictator style rule of Saddam Hussein. The land previously known as Mesopotamia is rich with a surplus of highly demanded oil. This, which should serve as a very beneficial asset to the country, has proven to serve as quite the opposite for the history of Iraq. In fact, recent history shows that the supply of resources has caused much self-inflicted turmoil for Saddam and his land. With regard to the current war against the U.S., the oil may serve as the greatest way for the rebuilding of Iraq as promised by President Bush....   [tags: Terror War Terrorism]

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Troops should NOT be Withdrawn from Iraq

- Iraq is not stable enough to risk the United States withdrawing their troops, security is too weak and it will show in the near future. It is evident that Iraq cannot hold a steady government that can support the people and maintain a state of armistice throughout these hard times that the country is going through. This statement is clear seeing that there have been about one hundred and sixty three insurgent attacks daily since May of 2007. The United States is currently controlling the country due to Iraq housing terrorist groups that withhold weapons of mass destruction....   [tags: War Military]

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Changes in War througout Time

- World War one lasted from 1914 to 1919 and the United States played a huge role in this war. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the nephew of the Austria-Hungry emperor was the start of this war. The assassin was from Serbia who allied with Russia while Austria-Hungry allied with Germany. During this war both sides had different plans of attack to help the troops and ultimately win the war. Both of these plans were meant to hold the other side back, but when both plans were in play at the same time, it stopped the forward movement that the plan was supposed to do....   [tags: iraq, tank, military]

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Saddam Hussein

-  Throughout the last thirty years, many of the people of Iraq have been tortured, forced to relocate their families numerous times, arrested and murdered. Those who stood against Saddam Hussein were punished, in most cases by death. All of this happened under the control of Suddam and we have neither found, nor has he offered a sound explanation for his actions. By the early 80’s, hundreds of thousands of citizens were deported to Iran. And even now people are still being repressed, persecuted and denied their human rights....   [tags: Iraq Rulers War Society Saddam Hussein Essays]

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Energy Alternatives: Oil

- Energy Alternatives: Oil Every day the world burns more that 80 million barrels of oil. By 2016, estimates believe that oil consumption will rise to around 100 millions barrels a day. (Oil Facts) The United States was responsible for 25% of the world oil consumption in 2002, and those numbers are rising. (Oil Demand) As demands increase and the supplies of oil continue a rapid depletion, large political powers in the US struggle to keep their heads afloat. Many conspiracy theories have dabbled in the pool of scandal within the Whitehouse’s knowledge of September 11 before it happened, and George W....   [tags: Iraq Oil War Energy Essays Papers]

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The Country of Iraq

- The Country of Iraq      The country of Iraq has weathered many hardships over the past few decades. An eight-year war over territory with Iran began in 1980. Soon after, in 1990, Iraq invaded the country of Kuwait, which led to the Gulf War. Then, after twelve years of not complying with the UN Security Council over weapons of mass destruction, Iraq was invaded by the United States in March of 2003.      A consequence of Iraq's rocky past is an unstable government. Several countries, including the U.S....   [tags: Research Iraq Essays Papers]

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Countries Come Together in the 100 Hour War

- ... Two days after the invasion, the Iraqi Republican Guard had already defeated the Kuwaiti army, but some soldiers had escaped to Saudi Arabia. Upon the invasion, Saddam Hussein claimed Kuwait as the 19th province of Iraq, controlling a very large portion of the world’s oil reserves. These and other horrible acts led the United Nations to pass resolutions opposing the invasion and demanding Iraq to withdraw. After several negotiations between Iraq and the United States, to include one of the last peace talks in Geneva, Switzerland between Secretary of State James Baker and Iraq Prime Minister Tariq Aziz, they were unable to come into a peace agreement....   [tags: kuwait, hussein, Iraq]

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America Should Not Use Military Force in Iraq

- Dear Americans: After the successful anti-terrorism war in Afghanistan, are we going to fight another war on Iraq. In almost every statement on foreign policy, Bush states his belief on his war against Iraq and depicts Saddam Hussein as “an evil.” A recent poll showed that “nearly seven in 10 supported military action to force Saddam Hussein from power" (Public Agenda). Before you make your decision, do you think a war after Iraq is justified by International law and US law. Do you know the current situation and the background of Iraq and the Middle East world....   [tags: Middle East Terrorism War]

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The Battle Continues When Soldiers Return from Iraq

- The Battle Continues When Soldiers Return from Iraq Even though Jimmy Massey, a former U.S. solider in Iraq, was pulled out of the war almost two years ago, it remains at the center of his life. On May 15, 2003 Massey was flown back stateside and though he lives a life without bullets and tanks, he now fights off terrible nightmares, constant anxiety, and bouts of depression. Massey, 34, was a marine for almost 12 years before he was deployed to Iraq during the initial U.S. invasion. There he witnessed the shooting of more than 30 innocent civilians and his thoughts of war transformed forever....   [tags: Mental Illnesses War Papers]

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September 11th Attacks Launched the United States' Global War on Terrorism

- ... One project which could have potentially provided crucial insight for how to transition power back to the Iraqis was shut down by Rumsfeld. Titled the Future of Iraq Project, Rumsfeld successfully pushed to shut it down because he had no control over it. When the program was transferred to the DOD, Rumsfeld went as far as excluding former team members from joining the new team because they were not “pentagon people.” Tensions both within and outside the DOD had already established a negative tone with respect to interagency cooperation....   [tags: interagency operations, military, Iraq]

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The Longest Conventional War That The Middle East

- The longest conventional war that the Middle East has witnessed in the 20th century was not a war between the East and the West, or Arab and Israeli nations as it may expected, but on the contrary between two anticolonial and nationalist Muslim nations, Iran and Iraq. The 1975 Algiers Accord which delineates the two states’ borders through the middle of the Shatt-al-Arab was always a dishonour to Saddam Hussein (Saddam). This political humiliation wafted him to see the Iranian Revolution as a new opportunity to prove his mettle by regaining what historically belongs to Iraq....   [tags: Iran, Iraq, Ruhollah Khomeini, Middle East]

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Sanctions Against Iraq: Is There an End?

- Sanctions Against Iraq: Is There an End. It started on August 2nd, 1990. Saddam Hussein, the president of Iraq, made the worst mistake against his country and his people. After some disagreements over oil contracts, he gave the order for his regime’s army to invade his little, tiny southern neighbor, Kuwait. The invasion didn’t take more than 24 hours, but it opened the gate for long lasting suffering for the innocent civilian Iraqi people. After the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait, the U.N. (United Nations) immediately demanded that Saddam Hussein give the order for his troops to retreat from Kuwait, and assigned economic sanctions against Iraq until the U.N....   [tags: Government Politics Iraq Essays]

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Iran Iraq Iran Relations During The Middle East

- Iran-Iraqi Relations Iran is a country that is in the most volatile region in the world, the Middle East. It is however considered one of the dominant nations in the region. With the emergence of a modern president, President Rouhani, the country has started rebuilding relationships with many countries in the western world including the United States. Their relationship with Iraq is one in the process of rebuilding, especially after the war between the two countries in between 1980 and 1988. One preference, the most important preference that that Iran has is to use diplomacy rather than get involved in conflicts....   [tags: Iran, Iraq, United States, Saddam Hussein]

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The End of Iraq by Peter Galbraith

- The End of Iraq by Peter Galbraith Peter Galbraith, the former first ambassador to Croatia book writes, The End of Iraq, a book about the United State’s invasion of Iraq and what to do about the situation now. Galbraith writes, “My purpose is to argue a course of action by which the United States can extricate itself from the mess in Iraq …this strategy should be based on U.S. interests and reflect the reality that Iraq has broken up in all but name.” Galbraith disagrees with American policies towards Iraq....   [tags: Book Review Iraq Peter Galbraith]

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The Conflict and Struggles in Iraq

- The Conflict and Struggles in Iraq Throughout history, the United States has attempted to overthrow corrupt government in other areas of the world and instating democracies such as ours. What the United States fails to realize is that reforms in a country’s political structure do not occur overnight, but rather to enforce these new changes, money and time is required. Sometimes the money and time seem to be more than we as a country bargain for, but I am a firm believer that you finish what you start....   [tags: Iraq Iraqi Politics Political Papers]

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The Iraqi War

- The Iraqi War In March of 2003 George W. Bush declared war on Iraq. The war against this country was expected to be a quick victory for the United States. Sure enough, in May of 2003 Bush declared an end to major operations in Iraq. The United States had taken the country from Saddam Hussein with little resistance. Americans were mixed in the approval of the use of force, and their doubts of Bush’s faults were boosted when no weapons of mass destruction were discovered. However, during the war, the United States suffered a very small number of human casualties....   [tags: Government Politics Iraq Essays]

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General H. Norman Schwarzkop's Involvement in the Conflict Between Iraq and Kuwait

- ... He later attended school in Geneva, Switzerland and then attended school at Valley Forge Military Academy. Schwarzkopf went to the same famed military academy as his father, West Point, where he excelled on several sports teams. He was also a member of the chapel choir. After graduating West Point in 1956 with a bachelor’s degree in engineering Schwarzkopf would later go on to earn a master’s degree in the same subject from the University of Southern California. Schwarzkopf was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S....   [tags: military, career, war]

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The Persian Gulf War

- The Persian Gulf War War was inevitable in the Gulf and it was a war in which Iraq was inevitability to lose. There were several reasons why this was and became a reality. How, when, where did this process of self destruction begin. It was quite evident that Saddam Hussein. the president of Iraq, was becoming a military giant in the Middle East and therefore a threat to the stability of the entire region. His war with Iran was proof of this. The U.S. and other industrialized Western nations could not risk the loss of oil from the area....   [tags: History Iraq Middle East Papers]

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Nuclear Tension Within North Korea and Iraq

- Nuclear Tension Within North Korea and Iraq Introduction: In recent years the issue of nuclear armament has become a growing concern in world politics. The United States has taken on the self appointed role of world bully on this issue. Believing it self the sole country with the ability to keep nuclear weapons, while belligerently are striking out against other countries that pursue nuclear weapons, or are believed to have them in their possession. Using the events of 9-11 as its cause, the United States has launched a “War on Terrorism” in which it has bombed Afghanistan in hopes of “destroying” and “finding” the terrorists that attacked the United States....   [tags: Korea Iraq Weapons Essays]

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- Terrorism Terrorism…This is a very common word in today’s society. What does it mean. Or more importantly how do “we” prevent it and if necessary combat it. The word most commonly used to explain this is counter terrorism, but is also known as anti-terrorism. The military is a great force in combating terrorism with specialist groups in nearly each branch of the armed forces. Prior to the September 11 attacks the United States Armed Forces worked hand in hand with NATO and the United Nations combating terror....   [tags: Terrorists War Iraq]

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Sewage Systems, Oil Spills, and Oil Fires in Iraq

- Baghdad, Iraq is located on the continent of Asia at a latitude of thirty-three degrees north and longitude of forty-four degrees east near the doldrums. The air in Iraq is typically warm and dry because it is located where air diverges between the Hadley and Ferrel cells. The climate in Iraq consists of hot and long summers that last from May to October. During the summer, temperatures regularly exceed one hundred and twenty degrees Fahrenheit. There is no rainfall and the humidity is low. The temperature begins to cool down in October....   [tags: Iraq Baghdad Climate Environment Essays Papers]

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War Rhetoric

- War Rhetoric Introduction Last year, discussing the new World War II Monument in Washington D.C., the Washington Post described World War II, “in the words of novelist John Updike – ‘when good and evil contended for the planet, a tale of Troy whose angles are infinite and whose central figures never fail to amaze us with their size, their theatricality, their sweep,’” (Atkinson). World War II is commonly perceived as a black and white cause: America’s freedom versus Germany’s fascism. This mythological characterization expresses the general sentiment most Americans have toward all that took place during World War II....   [tags: History Iraq WWII Essays Papers]

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Imagining the Future in Iraq

- Imagining the Future in Iraq The future of Iraq remains unclear. There are those who have tried to categorize the current conflict as the next Vietnam. Others have dubbed it the next Afghanistan, and others still see a future for Iraq unlike any seen in history. In the midst of all this speculation, one thing is certain: eventually, the US military must withdraw from occupied Iraq. As a matter of history, occupation does not last unless there is a concomitant colonization and/or a significant population influx....   [tags: Politics Political Iraq Essays]

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History of Iraq

- Mesopotamia, whose territory was roughly equivalent to that of modern Iraq, fell to the Ottoman Turks in the 16th century and remained part of the Ottoman Empire until a British invasion during World War One. As a method for ensuring the success of the uprising against the Ottoman Turks, the British supported the national independence movement within Iraq. However, in 1920 the Treaty of Sèvres established Iraq as a mandate of the League of Nations under British administration. The delay in attaining independence provoked a revolt in 1920, which was subsequently suppressed by the British....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Iraq Post-World War II Through the 1970s With the end of World War II, IPC and its affiliates undertook repair and development of facilities in Iraq as rapidly as financing and materials became available. Exploration and drilling were pressed, particularly in the Basra and the Mosul areas, to meet concession terms. Although considered a priority, the elimination of transport constraints was set back when a larger second, nearly completed pipeline to Haifa was abandoned in 1948 as a result of the first Arab-Israeli war....   [tags: Papers]

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