The War in Iraq

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The war in Iraq is over now. Looking back on a huge controversy makes one side seem clearly more “correct” than the other. Yet in the beginning there were two sides to the controversy about the war in Iraq. There was the terror brought upon by the 9/11 attacks, people that the government wished to punish or kill like Saddam Hussain and Osama Bin Laden, and a country which was in “need” of US help both politically and financially. At the time of the Terrorist attacks, people were afraid of what else the terrorists were planning or could do and so George Bush sent troops in to look for Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). In hindsight the war on Iraq was a bad idea. The situation was handled poorly, far too much money was spent, and there were far too many casualties to say that the war was a good idea to enter into. To continue war efforts and gain support, lies were spread about finding actual weapons. Later in the war it was revealed that there were never any WMDs. So beyond the decision that was seemingly wrong after a decade of fighting to enter a way with Iraq, the US government lied to prolong the war and continue to waste resources.
The reasons for going to war with Iraq were just and reasonable. Terrorists from Iraq attacked national monuments and important US buildings killing many innocent people. It turn, the bush administration put forth a statement to rid the middle east of their WMDs and to impose a “power house” of sorts to keep terrorism out of America. The goal was always to find WMDs in the possession of the Iraq Terrorists and to get out. Bush even said himself that we would be at war as long as it took and not a day longer. Yet one day it was announced that we had found these WMDs we were looking for...

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... all of these resources were wasted on a war that was based upon lies.

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