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Variables Of Interest As Dependent Variable

- This study considered two variables of interest as dependent variable: 1. APR_outcomes_sixpoint 2. APRoutcomes_binary. Variable 1 is the APR’s project outcome rating in a six-point scale (1-6), and Variable 2 is the APR’s project outcome rating in two-point scale (1-2). GDP per capita and the “WGI-Government Effectiveness” was merged with the APR 2015 dataset as external independent variables. Apart from GDP per capita and WGI, this study considered the following variables from the APR 2015 dataset as the independent variables: 1....   [tags: Statistics, Statistical significance]

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Elasticity Of The For Each Independent Variable

- In calculating the elasticities for each independent variable regarding price of our frozen microwavable food, price of our leading competitor’s product, per capita income of supermarket locations, monthly advertising expenditures, and how many microwaves are sold in the area we can determine if it would be best to increase, decrease, or even that a variable doesn’t have any effect on the quantity demanded. So, first we need to compute the elasticity of each independent variable. When we plug in the given data for the quantity demanded equation we get: QD=-5,200-42(500)+20(600)+5.2(5,500)+0.20(10,000)+0.25(5,000) QD=17,650 Now we can determine each independent variable....   [tags: Supply and demand, Price elasticity of demand]

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An Example Of An Independent Variable

- 1. Independent variable (pg. 39) – a type of variable that is controlled by the experimenter, and comes before the dependent variable. An example of an independent variable in a study would be the amount of time played by a college football player. 2. Dependent variable (pg. 39) – a type of variable that is influenced by the independent variable. An example of a dependent variable would be the amount of hits the football players takes compared to how much time they play. 3. Hypothesis (pg. 47) – a proposed statement of results made about a problem in a research study that is expected....   [tags: Sampling, Sample, Stratified sampling]

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Investigating The Ability Of A Controlled Variable

- I. Purpose of Study The purpose of this study was to investigate the ability of two, three, and four-year old’s to reply to sentence focused questions, argument focused questions, and predicate focused questions based on both transitive and intransitive events. The authors expected the children to respond with transitivity as well as consistency. II. Rationale for the Study The authors pursued this study to experiment with a controlled variable. The authors suggested that presently there were three main research studies conducted to test children 's ability to answer questions, but the experimental methods differed....   [tags: Question, Sentence, Subject, Grammar]

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Is Integrity Is Variable And Malleable

- Workshop Outline Integrity is Variable and Malleable. We began each session by challenging the conventional notion that they, the "good" people who are not capable of unethical and illegal behavior on the scale and magnitude that we perpetrated, aren 't like us, the "bad" criminals. A review of the research demonstrates a very different, if not disturbing, conclusion: normally ethical and intelligent people can be influenced by their environment and interpersonal relationships to a degree that they would actually inflict physical harm on another individual (Sekerka L....   [tags: Ethics, Sociology, Nick Leeson, Barings Bank]

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Fixed or Variable Cost

- Cost can be divided into fixed and variable and by considering into fact that fixed and variable cost can be unarguably split into two, even though they behave differently based on the level of sales of volumes. Since, cost is used in every field to determine the price of an item and the unit sold. Two of the main components of cost are fixed and variable cost and is used to differentiate between the costs that have no direct correlation to business and those that do. Definition:- Fixed cost is not affected by the changes in the sales, they have slight relationship to the business and they do not change considerably when the sale increase or decrease....   [tags: cost, business,]

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Variable Costing Method

- Introduction Variable Costing Method: Method of variable costing is a method where costing can be discovered including the variable manufacturing costs. Fixed factory visual projection is delighted as a period cost-it is abstracted along with the selling and administrative expenses in the period deserved. That is, Fixed factory visual projection is taking care as a period expense. Uses of Variable Costing Method: Variable costing method is used only for internal management....   [tags: Finance ]

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The Benefits of Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT)

- Introduction We are constantly searching for ways to perform the tasks essential to our lifestyle in ways that have a smaller impact on the environment. In the United States cars are exceedingly common, nearly twenty percent of American households own three or more vehicles (U.S. Department of Energy Web). These vehicles are also one of the largest contributors to our impact on the environment. The majority of cars use automatic transmissions, although not very efficient, they offer convenience of not shifting gears....   [tags: transportation, vehicles, ]

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The Normality Of The Recoded Variable, Match Length

- To test the normality of the recoded variable, match length, we used the skewness (.301, SE = .183) and kurtosis (-1.931, SE = .364) values reported as a basis. Since the values were within the ± 2 range we accepted the null that the variable was evenly distributed. Similarly, when testing for normality for treatment condition, we used the skewness (.704, SE= .183) and kurtosis (-1.522, SE= .364) values as a basis. The values fell within the range of ± 2; therefore, we accepted the null hypothesis....   [tags: Standard deviation, Variance, Mean]

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A Variable Interest Rate Home Loan

- What is a Variable Interest Rate Home Loan. A variable interest rate home loan (sometimes also referred to as a "floating" or "adjustable" rate home loan) is a very popular product in the lending market and a very competitive product offered by most of the lenders/credit providers. Who is Suited to a Variable Interest Rate Home Loan. This type of home loan is a perfect fit for: >> First-time home buyers who just want a home loan product that is simple and not confusing to manage >> People who just want to stay settled and are not willing to move whether in their work, home, personal life or they are not willing to move to another lender What Should I Consider When Choosing the Loan....   [tags: Interest, Mortgage loan, Loan, Debt]

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Democracy Is Best Understood As A Continuous Variable

- Democracy is one of the concept more utilize in Social Sciences, but at the same time is one of the hardest to define and measure because, it has multiple elements that we must to take account to do these actions. Why is the choice of measurement so important. It is important because it has a methodological approach of the data: validity, reliability and replicability, but also, because it has a theoretical relevance: the element of the concept of democracy are relevant to understand our position regarding the research in fields that are related to democracy....   [tags: Concept, Idea, Logic, Psychometrics]

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Correlation Between Dependent And Independent Variable

- There are various types of statistical validities that are applicable to research and experimentation. The three different validities in which I will be explaining about are, internal, external, and construct. Each of these validities is essential in order for the experiment to give accurate predictions and reach valid conclusions. I will also be explaining panel data, cross sectional data, experimental data, and survey experimental data. Lastly, I will explain how one of these data could be useful to me in resolving an issue that I may encounter in life....   [tags: Experiment, Causality, Experimental design]

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Correlation Between Independent Variable And Dependent

- Descriptive Statistics This study measured the results of 69 participants. Amongst the participants 40.6% were males and 59.4% were females. The study required students to identify their classifications 59.4% were freshman, 27.5% were sophomores, 20.3% juniors, and 5.8% identified as seniors. Amidst the participants 13% identified as working class, lower middle class was 13%, middle class 53.6%, upper middle class 17.4%, and upper class was 2.9% Participants were placed in conditions based on the vignettes (see Appendix A)....   [tags: Race, Black people, Statistics, Middle class]

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Variable Price Of Economy Seats On Airlines

- Variable Price of economy seats on airlines Airplanes are the most convenience and fastest transportation nowadays. Specially, when people travel or work abroad. However, the price of an airplane likes a stock market. The price of the same destination and seems to be changing all the time. For example, if I buy the fly tickets tonight, the price tomorrow maybe higher than yesterday. During learn the intermediate microeconomic in this semester, I found some law can explain why the price change so frequently....   [tags: Supply and demand, Elasticity, Airline]

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My Second Dependent Variable Is State Party Strength

- My third dependent variable is State party strength. This measure combines the vote for governor, and those for the state house and state senate, that are controlled by the two parties. This dependent variable, like the other two, comes from “A New Measure of Party Strength.” State party strength is available every two years (the election years) for each state using the current or most recent elections to make this measure. Unlike the previous two measures, state party strength does use the percentage of each state house instead of the voting percentage for those offices....   [tags: Voting, Election, Voter turnout, Elections]

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The Independent Variable Is Replacement Of Hand Sanitizing When Hand

- The independent variable is replacement of hand sanitizing when hand are not visibly soiled to hand washing. The dependent variable is the reduction of hospital acquired infection prevention. The extraneous variable is the patients’ ages, how long the study is conducted, and nurses’ willingness to use hand washing when hands are not visibly soiled instead of hand sanitizer. The patients’ ages is a extraneous variable because older patients are more at risk of contracting a hospital acquired infection because they are more fragile, according to Better Health Channel (2014)....   [tags: Hygiene, Hand washing, Medical hygiene]

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Race As An Independent And Dependent Variable Within The Social Sciences

- There is a push and pull relationship between race as an independent and dependent variable within the social sciences which creates a cyclical overarching sense of idealism. The social sciences study human society and the relationships which make that up. Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology combine within the social sciences, they work together on the broad topic of race to from both analytical perspectives and individual understandings of what constitutes race and how that changes the way society as a whole respond to it....   [tags: Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology]

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Foreign Investment in China: The Variable Interest Entity

- ... At the time of research the relevant parties are still operating upon a basis of speculation. However it has become clear that people are becoming progressively more apprehensive in regard to the underlying legal defects of this structure. This has brought many to the conclusion that this rising uncertainty needs to be dealt with before China potentially jeopardises the confidence of foreign investors in its economic markets and loses the key competitive status it requires in order to attract and retain foreign investors....   [tags: shanghai, foreign capital]

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Military Operational Variable : North And South Korea

- PMESII-PT Essay Military Operational Variable North Korea possesses one of the biggest and strongest military’s in the world. Since 1953 when North and South Korea were divided along the 38th parallel, North Korea began to build and increase the size of its military capacity. According to, North Koreas currently has the 5th biggest army in the world. However, in the current technological day and age where information travels at the speed of light military equipment must be continuously updated and upgraded....   [tags: North Korea, South Korea, Korean War]

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Interest Cost Is A Key And Driving Variable Of The Economy

- INTEREST COSTS Interest cost is a crucial and driving variable of the economy, let check some impact on this variable with the Brexit decision. a) Since the vote the Bank of England has found a way to help the UK economy. It has sliced loan fees from 0.5% to 0.25% - it 's the main diminishment in the expense of obtaining following 2009 and takes UK rates to a record low. b) The Bank has likewise declared extra measures to invigorate the UK economy: a gigantic expansion of its quantitative facilitating program that could pump an additional £170bn into the economy, and a £100bn plan to compel banks to go on the low financing cost to family units and organizations....   [tags: European Union, United Kingdom]

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Teaching Reflection on a Single Variable Equation Math Lesson

- I selected to do a small group math lesson. At this time of the year eighth graders are reviewing for Standardized Testing. One of the things they need practice on is their algebra skills, such as solving linear equations. The focus of this lesson was on solving linear equations with one variable. There are various standards that deal with solving equations, but for these students I narrowed it down to single-variable equations: Solve linear equations. The Alabama standard used from this lesson was 8....   [tags: property, terms, coefficients, equations]

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Independent Variable : Internal Hotel 's Relationships

- Research design 1. Introduction This research will undertake a qualitative approach, meaning that all gathered information will be used to assess the research question and the objectives mentioned above through a formal, objective, systematic process (Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill, 2003). Furthermore the variables considered for this study are the following: • Independent Variable: Internal hotel’s relationships • Dependent Variable: Customer satisfaction and retention Which are also relational and casual variables....   [tags: Qualitative research, Research]

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Production Feasibility, Fixed And Variable Costs, Inputs, Feed

- A. Production Feasibility, fixed and variable costs, inputs, feed The product feasibility will all depends on how long it takes for the parachute to come into play. The technology needs to be catered to be able to deploy with the airbag suit or at its own. That will take a few months even years to develop. Once that is taken care of the rest will be easy to complete. The cost will be variable at the beginning to make the product but selling the product is going to be a fixed costs to attract customers....   [tags: Sales, Retailing, Customer service, Customer]

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The Hypothesis, Facial Expression And Its Effect On The Dependent Variable

- Unlike the hypothesis, facial expression had no significant effect on the dependent variable. There was no clear difference between results of participants smiling, frowning, or having a neutral facial expression. It was hypothesized that participants would perform better when placing the pencil between their teeth to create a smiling expression. Although the literature suggests that having a positive facial expression, artificial or genuine, may impact mood as well ability to perform well at tasks (Strack et al, 1988), the present study did not come to the same conclusions....   [tags: Scientific method, Hypothesis, Smile, Perception]

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Effective Functional Relationship Between Dependent And The Independent Variable

- Quizzes were conducted at the end of each week throughout the study to establish functional relationship between the dependent and the independent variable. The results demonstrate a positive trend in student academic achievement during the intervention phase in comparison to the baseline phases. Figure 1 shows the class average of the test results during all phases of the data collection. The class average was 67.5% in week 1 dropped to 64% in week 2 during the HR1 phase. The results indicate a substantial improvement in the class average in weeks 3 & 4 with scores of 80.7% & 79 % respectively during the RC intervention phase....   [tags: Psychometrics, Likert scale, Scale]

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The Variable Rate Income Tax: Flat Tax

- Filing income taxes is something all working Americans do, rich or poor; however, the amount paid isn’t what most would expect. Besides the obvious ways of reducing taxable income, such as decreasing the amount of withholdings, reducing increasing deductions, and taking advantage of tax credits, those who are determined to save, generally the upper class, find other ways (Perez). These ways may include investing, putting money into savings, or switching account types. This is what allows the rich to keep getting richer and prevents the poor from getting significantly better....   [tags: taxes, taxable income, tax credits]

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Hipparcos Mira Variable Stars

- Hipparcos Mira Variable Stars ABSTRACT From the visual and infrared light curves we are trying to find the phase changes and correlate them to Infrared shift and magutdes to see what is happing to Mira type stars as they age. Most of the radiation in the star is in the Infrared. The method being used O-C and fitting mean light curves. All mira variables pulsate undergoing rapid mass loss. In the conclusion we show that the magnitude has a positive correlation with the phase shift. I.Introduction Studies of Mira variables are of considerable importance in stellar astrophysics because they are pulsating stars undergoing rapid mass loss....   [tags: Astronomy Stars Space Essays]

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Factors That Affect Dependent Variables Were Caused By The Independent Variable?

- #2. There are some confounds in this study that make it difficult to adjudge whether the changes in dependent variables were caused by the independent variable (Jackson, 2012; P.229). First, the study has no control group which is the most important elements of an experiment. Other confound that might have influenced the result include history effects due to the length of the study; Also, mortality or attrition rate may be a factor as we knew that 50 subjects were selected for the study but only 29 completed the study (42% attrition rate)....   [tags: Causality, Experiment, Hypothesis]

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Variable Analysis

- Variable Analysis Introduction The variance analysis for the Brightlite line of products will be used to promote management action at the earliest possible stages. This analysis will process the examining in detail each variance between actual and standard costs. The results will determine the reasons why budgeted results were not met. The types or variances computed depend on the responsibility centers and the level of management for which the review is performed. Since the objective is to determine the degree of corrective action needed, the variances computed must relate to key performance indicators considered critical to the success of the responsibility center....   [tags: Business Analysis]

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Absorption/Full Costing, Variable/Marginal Costing, and Activity Based Accounting

- Introduction The contained paper has been prepared with objectives of elaborating over the three different costing methods namely, Absorption/Full Costing, Variable/Marginal Costing, and Activity Based accounting. The first segment of the report seeks to define and illustrate the costing methods based on the personal understanding of the writer gained through the class room and the academic readings. Part two of the report takes a form of short essay, written critically to evaluate the application of standard costing and variance analysis to any size of business, and concludes with a verdict that whether or not standard costing and variance analysis is applicable to each business with consid...   [tags: Activity Based Accounting]

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The Role Of Physical And Biochemical Characteristic Of The Variable Domain Of A Heavy Chain Antibody

- This report characterized a novel kind of antibody called nanobodies (molecular weight of only 12–15 kDa) found in Camelids. Understanding the role the physical and biochemical characteristic of the Variable domain of the heavy chain antibody (VHH) of nanobodies (Nbs) plays in the clearance nanobodies from the kidney to the bladder will help advance the application of nanobodies in imaging. Nanobodies have similar properties to conversional antibodies but their bio-distribution and clearance via the kidney is different....   [tags: Immune system, Antibody, Protein, Antigen]

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Variable of Income Deficits After Having Children

- At times women in their marriage might have to take some time from their careers to have children, they obviously might have to accept some type of deficits in income relative to what they would have earned had they not had children early or late in their marriage. Throughout this portion of research I will give married couples some advantages and disavantages on whether the deficits in income vary by the age at which married couples have children. Taniguchi (1999) reported that early child bearers are likely to experience a higher wage penalty, possibly because their career interruptions occur during a critical period of career building....   [tags: employment, marriage, age]

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How A Flexible Budget Can Affect The Performance Outcome Of A Company

- This paper explores how a flexible budget can affect the performance outcome of a company. The performance outcome of a firm’s operations depends on various factors of events, which occurs throughout an accounting period. These factors that have an impact on a firm’s performance and profit levels, consists of internal and external variables. While some variations are important to a firm’s operations, others can cause major problems for the company. Therefore, in order to be prepared for unforeseen issues, managers can be proactive by establishing a flexible budget....   [tags: Budget, Costs, Variable cost, Variable]

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Why Aht Is Often Misdiagnosed Based On Variable Presentations And Non Reliable Clinical History

- The article was clearly written and understandable, the article was about children who were among the ages of 1-3 and suffered with AHT (abusive head trauma). The paper discusses the clinical outcome of the estimated 14-41 cases (of 100,000) that were survivors. It discusses why AHT is often misdiagnosed based on variable presentations and non-reliable clinical history. (ACTA Paediatrica, 2013) The article also discusses the risk factors for AHT, and how healthcare systems, and social interventions differ by country, currently no studies found were conducted in The Netherlands....   [tags: Child abuse, Neglect, Abuse, Physical abuse]

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Variable Responses to Tacrolimus

- Tacrolimus is a drug that given as an immunosuppressant for transplant patients to reduce the risk of transplant organ rejection. Therapeutic drug mentoring is done on patients receiving this drug, however, patients still demonstrate huge variability in terms of their response to the drug. This variability could be a result of interindividual differences in the pharmacokinetics, the pharmacodynamics, or both. Both of the current papers primarily aim to develop population pharmacokinetic models that allow us to better understand the pharmacokinetics of tacrolimus....   [tags: immonosuppressant for transplant patients]

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Research on Use of Online, Internet, and Email Service

- Overview of this Study In this study, I propose an exogenous causal model and the intervening concepts in the prediction of factors that influence utilization of internet. A majority of these intervening factors are drawn from available literature. Nonetheless, most of these intervening variables are rarely addressed together. Researchers consider a handful of these variables. This research considers the contribution of these variables to the utilization of Internet. Data for analysis in this research is drawn from Office for National Statistics (ONS) under the Opinions (Omnibus) Survey....   [tags: Social Trends, Independent Variable]

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Questions On Accounting For Perform / Control Coursework

- Coursework Header Sheet 221179-26 Course ACCO1142: Accounting for Perform/Control Coursework Report Tutor GN Owen Course School/Level Assessment Weight Submission Deadline B/PG 20.00% 04/12/2014 Coursework is receipted on the understanding that it is the student 's own work and that it has not, in whole or part, been presented elsewhere for assessment. Where material has been used from other sources it has been properly acknowledged in accordance with the University 's Regulations regarding Cheating and Plagiarism....   [tags: Costs, Variable cost, Cost]

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Validity: Critical Thinking About A Research Project

- Validity A research is valid to the world when a number of key concepts are used in the research design. The document must be organized and planned according to the criteria used in the field. Some important concepts to know include: validity, variable, operationalization, sample, measurement, measurement error, causation, plausible rival explanations, hypothesis, reliability, and unit of analysis. The researcher must learn how to apply each key concept in an effort to make the research study valuable....   [tags: validity, variable, operationalization]

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Spillover Effects Of Domestic Exporting And Foreign Owned Firms On The Time Local Firms

- This chapter analyzes spillover effects from domestic exporting and foreign-owned firms on the time local firms take to start exporting and how long they last exporting once started. To meet this objective, we estimate export entry and exit using discrete-time proportional hazards model. Entry is modeled by taking domestic non-exporting firms to examine the duration until they start exporting. Similarly, an export exit is modeled by taking currently exporting domestic firms to analyze the duration until exit from exporting....   [tags: Random variable, Probability theory]

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What is a Polynomial Regression?

- What Is Polynomial Regression A polynomial is a mathematical expression that is a sum of more than one monomial (Wikipedia). A monomial can be a constant, or a variable (also called indeterminate). In a monomial, the coefficients should be involved with only the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and non-negative integer exponents (Wikipedia). For example, X2+5X-7 is a polynomial, and it is a quadratic one. Polynomial regression is the regression technique that tries to figure out the polynomial that fits the relationship of one dependent variable (Y) and one or more independent variables (X1, X2…)....   [tags: mathematics, variable, equation]

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Bayesian analysis for a Class of Beta Mixed Models

- There has been an increased interest in the class of Generalized Linear Mixed Models (GLMM) in the last 10 years. One possible reason for such popularity is that GLMM combine Generalized Linear Models (GLM) \citep{Nelder1972} with Gaussian random effects, adding flexibility to the models and accommodating complex data structures such as hierarchical, repeated measures, longitudinal, among others which typically induce extra variability and/or dependence. GLMMs can also be viewed as a natural extension of Mixed Linear Models \citep{Pinheiro:2000}, allowing flexible distributions to response variables....   [tags: variable, statistics, parameters]

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United States Of The Field Of Statistics

- In regard to Kay Granger, “In responding to a terrorist attack, there are two choices – take the fight to the enemy or wait until they hit you again. In my estimation, America chose the first” (Brainy Quotes, 1). With special interest to 9-11, estimation was a major takeover that took millions of lifeless deaths and terror throughout the United States of America. The same thing can be said in the field of statistics. For examples, estimation is the choices and decisions that we took to prepare ourselves for further terrorist attacks after 9-11....   [tags: Random variable, Probability theory]

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Technical Directive For The Maintenance Department

- Nineteen personnel in the maintenance department are authorized to process the technical directive from the point of delivery, Naval Air Technical Data and Engineering Service Center (NATEC) to the final implementation on the aircraft. They are not included as variables because of duplication with other dependent variables in the model (see Appendix E and table 6 for details). The personnel in this area of technical directive processing typically impact the efficiency of the program due to poor communication and lack of resolve....   [tags: Regression analysis, Statistics, Variable]

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How Color Affects Mood

- Method Design The design for this study will be a simple between subject experiment consisting of one experimental group and one control group. The independent variable will be warm colors. The dependent variable will be mood. The main goal is to determine if the independent variable will influence or cause difference in the specified dependent variable. The experiment group will spend 60 minutes in a warm paint color room and their mood will be measured. The control group will spend 60 minutes in a neutral paint color room and their mood will be measured....   [tags: variable, mood, color, group]

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America Needs a Variable Minimum Wage

- Minimum wage is the least amount of money that an employer is legally required to pay an employee. It is something that all people in the American workforce know about. It was made to prevent the employer from taking advantage of employees. It is what creates the bare minimum standard of living for the 73.9 million hourly wage workers in the United States. However, there are many different jobs with varying amount of skills that are needed for those jobs. This is where the problem arises because a worker may still be under paid for the job that they do....   [tags: Minimum Wage Essays]

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Strategy for Detroit Plants

- ... Discontinuation of Group 3 pushes a greater percentage of the fixed costs to the other groups impacting their ability to be profitable. Additionally, WMC does not consider the degree to which production at the Detroit plant contributes to the operations and profitability of the other plants. Presently, each plant is accounted for individually. WMC should reevaluate and consider the degree to which Detroit contributes to the overall profitability of the company through its production of low volume specialty and replacement parts....   [tags: analysis, variable alternative]

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Evaluation Of A New Business At The International Market

- d. By observing the above operations process it is clear that the process is in control whereby the UCL, LCL and Sample range remain within a close proximity. This allows for the prediction of movement trends which helps improve future prediction and movement. 7. Using external Benchmarking to determine and improve product Quality To determine and measure product quality it’s important for businesses to use available bench marking process which would allow measuring their own performance and qualifying statistics....   [tags: Costs, Variable cost, Fast food]

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Dr. Molloy, Owner Of Medi Exam Health Services

- Dr. Molloy, owner of Medi-Exam Health Services (MEHS), has a seemingly “good problem” within his medical practice. Based on an income statement for the month of August, MEHS had profited $4,000 more than estimated by the profitgraph put together by his accountant. Although this may seem okay due the nature of estimation that comes with profitgraph analysis, Dr. Molloy needs to investigate and understand the root of the discrepancy between the outputs. In order to investigate this issue, Dr. Molloy must first identify some key financial components within his medical practice....   [tags: Variable cost, Costs, Management accounting]

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Reliability Of An Integrated System With Big Data And Reliability Analytics

- Reliability Analytics Reliability is defined as the probability that an item will perform a required function without failure under stated conditions for a specific period of time.(O’Connor) Failure or errors come in many different forms. Failure in parts or products can come in the form of fractures, fatigue, creep, corrosion, or dimensional inaccuracies. Failure can also come in the form of machine breakdowns or inefficient workers. Unreliable products will result in large amounts of materials and time being wasted....   [tags: Statistics, Sampling, Numerical control, Variable]

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Note On Marketing Arithmetic And Related Marketing Terms

- The financial analysis is a company’s financial statement that provides an assessment on the company’s profit and stability. The financial statement provides an accurate picture of the company finances, a detail income statement that shows how much a company earns. This is the report used by investors to determine the decrease and/or increase of a company prior to making an investment. This report will provide an analysis on the Harvard Case Study “Note on marketing Arithmetic and Related marketing Terms” by Star, Heskett, and Levitt (1974)....   [tags: Variable cost, Costs, Management accounting]

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Growth And Development Of The Economy

- Profit Maximization Production is very essential in the growth and development of the economy. For the economy to grow and have a wide development, the production sectors need to work with the aim of getting the maximum. The location and site at which the production is carried out determines much on whether the firm will earn more profits or not. However, for the case of China, some of her production industries had to shift to the United States of America due to conducive working and production environment....   [tags: Variable cost, Costs, Total cost]

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Analysis Of The New Zealand : Costs And Relationships With Staffing Practices And Patient Outcome

- A Review on Nurse turnover in New Zealand: costs and relationships with staffing practices and patient outcome. Introduction The article intends to present an analysis of the New Zealand turnover of nurses which was preceded by the existence of nursing need that has been going on for years following an increase of demand for nurses with limited supply. Two studies were done separately on 2001 and 2002 with regards to nursing turnover expenses and it was concluded that the actual cost is not often available....   [tags: Cost, Costs, Nursing, Variable cost]

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The Cost Of The Ink Bought

- The numbers from the above table correspond to the working notes below. Working notes: 1) As the production manager sees no alternative use for the paper, this means that it would not be replaced; as a result scraping the earnings made from stock - £5000. 2) The full cost of the ink bought must be charged to the cost of the leaflets, due to the surplus ink being inaccessible - in terms of not being able to be sold or used. 3) The staff (direct) are presently employed, which means the cost of their wages are reclaimed from the consumer....   [tags: Costs, Cost, Variable cost, Economics]

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Centre And Then Compare Their Efficiency

- centre and then compare their efficiency. Some transfer pricing criterias according to UOS notes (2008) are:  Market based transfer pricing – In this case Country A charges Country B according to the market price. Therefore, the manager’s performance is comparable as both have opportunity to make profit.  Negotiated Transfer Pricing – Here the prices are negotiated, keeping profit margin for each of them. In this case they are also comparable.  Full cost transfer pricing – In this case, the suppliers do not keep profit for their division, instead full cost is transferred to another department and the final profit is made by the last department....   [tags: Variable cost, Costs, Fixed cost]

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Differential Analysis Status Quo Vs. Cost

- Differential Analysis-status quo compared to the revenue and costs of other alternatives in decision making. Short term and long term Short term-capacity unchanged-one year or less. Effect on cash flow not important and ignored Differential costs-when a cost differs between alternatives. Removed or added when another alternative method is chosen. Sunk Costs-previous costs unchangeable by decisions made now or in the future Differential Costs vs. Total Costs Deciding between status quo or an alternative Status Quo Alternative Difference Sales revenue $750 $900 $150 Variable costs (250) (300) (50) Contribution margin 500 600 100 Fixed costs (350) (350) 0 Operating profit $150 $250...   [tags: Marketing, Variable cost, Costs, Economics]

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Relationship Between Proprietorship Structure And Firm Execution

- In this paper we research the relationship between proprietorship structure and firm execution in the American monetary industry. There has been a ton of examination done managing the issue of proprietorship and firm execution since Berle and Means (1932, with basic discourses on the most proficient method to adjust the chief 's advantages to that of the shareholders. Berle and Means (1932) theorized that organizations that are controlled by the administration ought to be less gainful than proprietor controlled firms....   [tags: Stock, Stock market, Variable, Capitalism]

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Benefits Of Using A Suitable External Source

- Opting for a suitable external source usually means a decrease of total costs to achieve lower prices to purchase domestic costs generated by doing the activity in the company. Sometimes the cost reduction is quantifiable and obvious, while in others, the verification is more complex because self hides many costs of monitoring and coordination in complicated structures of resources that lead to justify. Outsourcing transforms many fixed costs into variable. The development of activities in the company generates an amount of fixed costs....   [tags: Costs, Variable cost, Supply chain]

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Marketing Plan For A Company For Selling At Premium Prices

- Problem Statement In 1991, recessions marked the lowering of the market price near to or lower than product cost and it was increasingly difficult for Lehigh for selling at premium prices. Cost of production remaining the same with decline in the price and volume lead to lowering of profits. This meant that Lehigh was flush with inventories and cost. In an initial attempt to reduce the inventory cost the management decided to use the pull based marketing concept which proved to be a failure as it was difficult to eliminate the steps in production and changeover....   [tags: Cost accounting, Costs, Variable cost]

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Cost Control Is The Most Difficult And Important Task

- For a manager, especially the manager of the food and beverage apartment, cost control is the most difficult and important task. Concerning about the low sales during mid-week period, the manager of the a la carte Italian restaurant decides to open “all you can eat” buffet on Money, Tuesday and Wednesday evening. This stragegy of the “all you can eat” will have an certain affect on the “Food Average Spend” for the week and also on the restauramt 's food cost percentage. Futhermore, if this keeps on going for the next few weeks, lots of cost have to re-measure, which includes: the labour cost, the different of contribution margin between buffet and a la carte, food cost and profitability, fo...   [tags: Variable cost, Management accounting, Costs]

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An Online Human Service Provider

- Moving forward with the implementation requires a commitment of both time and resources form VLP, both of which come at a premium for a non-profit organization in a period of growth and change. UniteUs estimates that it would take approximately three months to build out VLP’s organizational specific database. The decision to utilize UniteUs represents a tremendous commitment to the database. Historically, there has been an organizational attitude to ignore sound data methodology. Faced with the fact that foundations no longer desire qualitative reports of outcomes as in the past, in the form of a consumer narrative; they are demanding quantitative data and social return on investment clearly...   [tags: Costs, Price, Economics, Variable cost]

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Accounting Concept Of Operating Leverage

- The 3 percent decline in sales causing a 21 percent decline in profits can be attributed to the identification of the accounting concept of operating leverage. Operating leverage is what business managers apply to boost small changes in revenue into sizable changes in profitability. Fixed cost is the force managers use to attain disproportionate changes between revenue and profitability. Therefore, when all costs are fixed every sales dollar contributes one dollar toward the potential profitability of a project....   [tags: Costs, Variable cost, Cost, Revenue]

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Selling Price And Sales Volumes

- Selling price and Sales volumes Our strategy is to drive sales through penetration marketing, using competitive pricing. Gourmet Selects will do this by utilizing Hellmann’s brand equity and offering an all natural product, in which we will command a higher price. Our competitors in the spreads category, with the same target demographic, average a selling price of $8 for a 4-6oz jar. They are smaller niche brands that do not have the brand recognition and supply chain as Hellmann’s. We feel that we have a competitive advantage and will be able to price our products at a lower price....   [tags: Price, Marketing, Variable cost, Cost]

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Selling Price And Sales Volumes

- Selling price and Sales volumes Our stategy is to drive sales through penetration marketing, using competitive pricing. Gourmet Selects will do this by utilizing Hellmann’s brand equity and offering an all natural product, in which we will command a higher price. Our competitors in the spreads category, with the same target demographic, average a selling price of $8 for a 4-6oz jar. They are smaller niche brands that do not have the brand recognition and supply chain as Hellmann’s. We feel that we have a competitive advantage and will be able to price our product at a lower price....   [tags: Price, Variable cost, Marketing, Cost]

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Marketing Variable Mix Of Prod

- INTRODUCTION The Japanese have again burst into the technology industry with the introduction of their newest product, Aibo, the robotic pet dog. Aibo is a Japanese word short for “companion”, and it also stands for Artificial Intelligence Robot. This creature is able to navigate its environment and respond to changes. This highly innovative idea began back in 1994 when Toshi T. Doi, Sony Corporations lead engineer, enlisted an artificial intelligence expert named Masarhiro Fujita to formulate a robot with sophisticated sensors....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Using The Capstone Courier Report Data For Years 2014- 2022 ( Simulation Rounds )

- Results As previously discussed, contribution margins identify how much is available from the sale of each unit that can be used to pay for variable cost and fixed costs and still provide a profit for the company (Merritt, 2014). While conducting research and completing the Capsim Management Simulation experiment, quantitative data has been assessed to aid in determining if a high contribution rate leads to profitability. Using the Capstone Courier Report data for years 2014- 2022 (simulation rounds 1-8); team Chester had the following contribution margins which are presented in the graph and table provided below....   [tags: Variable cost, Costs, Contribution margin, Cost]

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Managers Classify The Different Costs Associated With A Product

- Answer #1(a) Managers classify the different costs associated with a product in the following ways: 1. Preparing external financial statements: (Costs related to the day-to-day operations) To understand with an example, McDonalds would classify costs as: Product costs are the costs incurred in manufacturing a burger and remain attached with the burger throughout to point of sale. • Direct material: All the material costs that are an integral part of a burger or fries, and which can be directly included in calculating total cost of the item McDonalds, are the direct material....   [tags: Costs, Variable cost, Management accounting, Cost]

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Variance Analysis : Difference Between Actual And Planned Behavior

- Part B Variance analysis is the quantitative investigation of the difference between actual and planned behavior. (Drury, C.,2012 ) It is used to maintain business control. Firstly, this essay will make an analysis that the reason of variance of sales, materials, labor and overhead separately, and the second part is the interrelationship between these variances. 1.Sales Variance Sales volume variance is the difference between the budgeted and standard quantity multiplied by standard margin. ( Collier, P.M, 2006) The variance is unfavourable because there are 200 units budgeted have not been sold out....   [tags: Cost, Costs, Management accounting, Variable cost]

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Analysis Of Richmont Terrace 's Memory Care Community

- Break-Even Analysis BHMC 413 Fiscal Management Riley Putnam Professor Anthony Geron Abstract The purpose of this paper is to show how to calculate the break-even point for an organization. Richmont Terrace’s memory care community will be used as the sample organization to help explain how to find the break-even point in Richmont Terrace’s memory care community. This paper will also discuss how the break-even analysis information can be useful for the organization when the managers look at planning and budgeting....   [tags: Variable cost, Costs, Contribution margin, Cost]

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Difference Between Actual And Planned Behavior

- Part B Variance analysis is the quantitative investigation of the difference between actual and planned behavior. (Drury, C., 2012) It is used to maintain business control. Firstly, this essay will make an analysis that the reason of variance of sales, materials, labor and overhead separately, and the second part is the interrelationship between these variances. 1. Sales Variance Sales volume variance is the difference between the budgeted and standard quantity multiplied by standard margin. (Collier, P.M, 2006) The variance is unfavourable because there are 200 units budgeted have not been sold out....   [tags: Cost, Costs, Management accounting, Variable cost]

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A Analysis On The Profit Model

- The profit model is the linear, deterministic algebraic model used implicitly by most cost accountants. Starting with profit profit equals sales minus costs (P = Sales - Costs), it provides a structure for modeling cost elements such as materials, losses, multi-products, learning, depreciation etc. It provides a mutable conceptual base for spreadsheet modelers. This enables cost accountants to run deterministic simulations or “what if” modelling to see the impact of price, cost or quantity changes on profitability....   [tags: Cost, Variable cost, Costs, Fixed cost]

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Time Warp Analysis : The Total Cost Income Breakdown For The Corporation

- Time Warp Analysis The Data that is given from the analysis is extended by the total cost income breakdown for the corporation. The total incomes of the business are equivalent to the total costs of the business. The conduct will be observed in the company all through the Cost Volume breakdown in the prices distributions. The hypotheses that is put on the business analysis are founded on the morality that will be practiced in the business activities which are just factors which will have an effect on the costs of the business....   [tags: Variable cost, Costs, Total cost, Fixed cost]

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Advising The Executive Of Sonbean Pty Ltd

- Write an essay advising the CEO of Sonbean Pty Ltd whether to accept or reject the proposal. Discuss the following issues that Sonbean Pty Ltd will have to consider in making the decision: Relevant costs Relevant costs are all costs and revenues that vary according to management’s decision alternatives. They represent all those costs that should be considered during decision-making. A cost is relevant when it occurs in future and differs among the alternative courses of action. Firstly, decision-making involves selecting alternative courses of actions based on future expectations and therefore relevant costs should have expectation of occurring in future....   [tags: Variable cost, Revenue, Decision making, Costs]

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Difference Between Indirect And Indirect Cost

- When discussing the essential difference between direct and indirect cost the main difference is that only direct cost can be easily traced to specific cost objects. Furthermore, direct cost are cost that can be easily traced to a cost object in a cost effective manner and with little effort. However, indirect cost cannot be easily traced to a cost object in a cost effective manner (Edmonds, Tsay, & Olds, 2011). Therefore, a cost object is something for which a cost is made up of such as a product or service....   [tags: Costs, Variable cost, Cost, Fixed cost]

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Why The Newspaper Companies Are Suffering From Decline?

- Q1: 1 ) Most newspaper companies are suffering from noticeable decline in subscriptions. This affects their total revenue and could lead to enormous profit loss. We live in the day and age of technology where it is more convenient to access the news online then having a hard copy newspaper delivered to your door. When their revenue drops they would have to reconsider printing and using less ink, and also having less workers because of less manufacturing of hard copy newspapers. Another reason why newspaper companies are suffering from decline in subscription is that the news is available over the internet for free....   [tags: Costs, Marginal cost, Variable cost, Economics]

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The Financial Aspect Of The Marketing Plan

- This section is created to see the financial aspect of the marketing plan. We will consider break-even analysis, sales forecasts, expense forecast in order to meet the marketing strategy. Break-even analysis determines the point at which revenue received equals the costs associated with receiving the revenue. Break-even analysis calculates what is known as a margin of safety, the amount that revenues exceed the break-even point. This is the amount that revenues can fall while still staying above the break-even point....   [tags: Variable cost, Marketing, Fixed cost, Total cost]

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Should The Global Product Philosophy Be Changed?

- Should the global product philosophy be changed or altered to suit the China market: GEMS was facing numerous challenges and reached its turning point due to technological innovations and advances in genomics. The healthcare information technology was becoming personalized medicine and diagnostics. This potentially could cause GEMS to move its focus from engineering to one predominantly aimed at biochemistry in order to remain competitive in the market. In addition, changes in demographic and morbidity trends had been pressuring the health care system....   [tags: Variable cost, Cost, Costs, Fixed cost]

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The Cost Of Purchasing 5000 Devices

- Part A: 1) The cost of purchasing 5000 devices (DD11) per year = $14 × 5000 = $70,000 After discontinuing the manufacture of devices: The direct materials = 0 The direct labor = 0 The variable factory overhead costs = 20% × $30,000 = $6,000 The fixed factory overhead costs = $55,000 - $2,000 = $53,000 Manufacturing the devices ( DD11 ) Purchasing the devices ( DD11 ) from an outside supplier The incremental cost or benefit Total manufacturing costs ( $190,000 ) 0 $190,000 Costs of purchasing the devices 0 ($70,000) ( $70,000 ) Fixed factory overhead costs ($6,000)...   [tags: Costs, Cost, Variable cost, Cost-benefit analysis]

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Cost Costs For A Business

- In the breakeven process, there are to costs involved; • Variable • Fixed Variable costs, are costs that can be reduced for example, electrical and gas costs are variable cost because the price is fluctuating all the time, it is not set to the same amount because it changes due to energy consumption made by the business. Fixed costs on the other hand, are costs that cannot be changed within a business, they tend to stay same and are always present. These include rent/mortgage of the premises the business is based at, wages that are paid to employees who work for the business etc....   [tags: Costs, Variable cost, Cost, Fixed cost]

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Cost Classification For An Improvement Of Mal Ltd. 's Decision Making System

- Question1. Cost classification is useful and important because it classify a large number of costs into different cost pools. With similar costs in a single cost pool, it becomes much easier for managers to use that information to make appropriate decisions for different purpose and enhance the accuracy of decision-making (Mastilak, 2011). As for Mr. and Mrs. Long, there are several different method of cost classification to help them make an improvement of Mal Ltd.’s decision-making system. Firstly, it is very common to classify costs according to behavior....   [tags: Costs, Variable cost, Cost, Fixed cost]

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A Report On The Cash Flow Budget

- Capital In the operating budget, the organization prepares to include the costs of acquisition of items to assist in providing goods and services in more than one fiscal year. In the case of Denison, the organization considers a capital purchase of $500,000 in oncology equipment to better serve their patients. The purchase of the new equipment will be paid immediately, however, the equipment maintains a five-year life span and expected to be used evenly over that life time (Finkler et al., 2013)....   [tags: Costs, Cost, Variable cost, Total cost]

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