Nonexperimental Research Essay

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Vocabulary Assignment #1 Nonexperimental Research (McMillan, 2012, p.13): Nonexperimental research is a quantitative research design in which the researcher has no control over any of the variables or factors within a study, and thus cannot influence the behavior of the subjects of the study. This phrase relates to a study that I may conduct because I would like to investigate how student-athletes’ academic achievement compares to that of non-student-athletes. In such an investigation, I would have no over influence over whether or a not a student participated in athletics nor their academic achievement. I would only be able to analyze data and determine if there were a relationship between the variables. Experimental Research (McMillan,…show more content…
48): A research hypothesis is a researcher’s prediction of the expected results of a study. Research hypotheses can be directional, in which the researcher states the exact “nature of the expected difference or relationship” between factors, or nondirectional, in which the researcher states that there will be some type of relationship between factors, but is not yet sure what that relationship will be. (McMillan, 2012, p. 48) The Lumpkin and Favor study used a directional research hypothesis, as the investigators stated that they believed their research would prove that high school athletes had higher academic achievement than non-athletes. Primary Source (McMillan, 2012, p. 68): A primary source is an original report in which the investigator(s) presents the methods and findings of his or her own study that he or she conducted. This term relates to the Lumpkin and Favor study because that study is a primary source; it presents the methods and results of a study that the two women actually conducted themselves. Secondary Source (McMillan, 2012, p. 70): A secondary source is document that does not present information that the author has gathered, but rather explains and summarizes a study that has been previously conducted by someone
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