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The Necessity Of Police Paramilitary Units

- The Necessity of Police Paramilitary Units in America Richard Cunningham University of South Carolina America is a nation that prides itself on being the vanguard of democracy, in fact, most citizens revel in the opportunity to exclaim their personal liberties to anyone who will listen. Are these liberties as bountiful as one might assume. Or, is it possible that most of our population has just become ignorant to the losses; of such; that have arisen from our desire for safety. The existence of, and increase in, police paramilitary units (PPUs) in the United States may provide an answer....   [tags: Police, Constable, Law enforcement]

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Women in Ground-Combat Units

- ... Another fear some have is a man’s instinct to protect women stopping a unit from completing their mission. A mission can be jeopardized if too many soldiers get injured or killed in action while trying to protect or save a woman in distress. Sexual assault and harassment are major issues being addressed in the debate due to the increase in sexual assault and harassment cases involving enlisted men and women. Some are speculating that by allowing more women in more combat units, sexual assault and harassment cases will increase....   [tags: females in the military]

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Components of System Units

- System Units A computer could not run without the system unit. It holds all the memory, transfers all the data, and makes using a computer possible. Not all computers have a system unit that is detached from the computer monitor. Desk top computers have the system unit separate and laptops have a small one built in. The main part of a computer is the system unit; computers could not run without this. There are five main pieces of the system unit: chassis, microprocessor, main memory, bus, and ports....   [tags: computer, microprocessor, memory]

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Scalar Oriented Storage Units

- Almost all published techniques for dealing with allocation of storage units are scalar-oriented and employ a scheduling-directed view where the control steps of production/ consumption for each individual signal are determined beforehand. This applies also for memory/ register estimation techniques. This strategy is mainly due to the fact that applications targeted in conventional high-level synthesis contain a relatively small number of signals (at most of the order of magnitude 103. The control dataflow graphs addressed are mainly composed of potentially conditional updates of scalar signals....   [tags: Allocation, Applications]

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Solitary Confinement Units

- The Pennsylvania system constructed in the early 1800s inspired solitary confinement by using extreme isolation to deter future crime. In the twentieth century, inmates in solitary confinement would stay for short periods. According to Craig, people would stay in secure housing units for a couple of days or weeks (Weir, 54). Nowadays solitary confinement has become very popular. Inmates are being sent to solitary confinement for indefinite periods of time ranging from weeks to years. An Urban Institute survey of self-identified supermax wardens reported 44 states with at least one facility relatively housing 25,000 prisoners (Arrigo and Bullock, 2008)....   [tags: severe prisoner conditions]

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Aggression and Violence in a Mental Health Units

- Assaults in the healthcare setting are recognized as a growing problem. In considering the violence and aggression in mental health units, the larger issue of violence and aggression in mainstream culture must not be ignored. It has been observed that physical attack in a mental health unit setting appear to be happening more frequently while the attacks include patient-to patient and patient-to-staff aggressive behavior. Most commonly, reporting of aggressive behavior toward healthcare staff is noted; however, it cannot be completely explained by patient characteristics or staff member behaviors (Foster, Bowers, & Nijman, 2006)....   [tags: Nursing Research Project]

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The Incidence Of Falls On The Medical / Surgical Units

- The incidence of falls on the medical/Surgical unit remains consistently higher than the other Advocate hospitals on the Medical/Surgical units during the past year. This issue can effect patients and families as well staff and students as well. Patient satisfaction can decrease as well as patient out comes. It might be impossible to say that Advocates Medical/Surgical floor can make their floor 100% fall free but if staff and research can identify the cause, patients falls can decrease significantly....   [tags: Patient, Hospital, Physician]

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Essential Physical And Crucial Units Of Heredity

- Qualities are the essential physical and crucial units of heredity, which are conveyed in chromosomes. Qualities are particular successions and course of action of DNA that encode data on the most proficient method to fabricate proteins. Without qualities, the protein can 't be created by the body. Despite the fact that qualities appear to be the principle point in making the substances, the proteins perform fundamentally life works and even develop the most parts of cell structures. In treating the ailment, qualities are changed in quality treatment so that the encoded proteins can complete their customary capacities and in the long run dispose of the ailment....   [tags: Protein, DNA, Gene, Genetics]

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Current Housing Units For Homeless People

- The bill seeks to increase the that payment for veterans that are living in transitional housing that will become permanent to maximum of 150% of the rate of care at the domiciliary. For the VA to establish partnerships with public and private organizations to provide legal care. The bill also includes dental care, referrals and counseling provisions for specific veterans. “The bill also extends supportive assistance for veterans with very low-income (, 2015).” The purpose of the bill is to offer more options for veterans that are experiencing homelessness outside of the Federal VA, by increasing the per diem payments....   [tags: Homelessness, Poverty]

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Case Study : Marina Police Units

- Marina Police units were dispatched to 304 Carmel Ave #3 on a report of a male breaking into a house and fighting with family members. The suspect, Oscar Ledesma was taken into custody and transported to county jail. This report shall document my involvement in this case. On 8/29/2016 at about, 0104 hours, Marina units were dispatched to 304 Carmel Avenue #3 on a report of a male subject (Oscar Ledezma-Juarez) breaking into a house with hammer and fighting with family members. I responded Code 3 from MBEST and Reservation Road and arrived on scene....   [tags: Police, Family, Foot, English-language films]

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Medical Room And Inpatient Psychiatric Units

- In the nursing profession unfortunately, there are multiple phenomena of concern for the nurses. One of the major phenomena of concern for a nurse that works in the hospital setting is the readmission of elderly patients. Another one of these phenomena of concern that is specific to the emergency room and inpatient psychiatric units is psychiatric patients that are boarding in the emergency room waiting for a psychiatric bed to become available and the patient not having a therapeutic environment....   [tags: Hospital, Patient, Illness, Nursing]

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Biomes as Units of the Biosphere

- Merriam-Webster dictionary defines biosphere as “the part of the world in which life can exist.” There are 2.1 million catalogued species known to exist and some scientist estimate as much as 100 million might exist. Each of these species has adapted to life in a particular part of the biosphere. These particular parts are called ecosystems. Since there is a large jump between the biosphere and ecosystems scientists have divided the biosphere into biomes. In doing research about biomes, it seems that different scientists have different ideas about biomes....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Pentagon Lifted The Ban On Women Joining Combat Units

- The Pentagon lifted the ban on women enlisting in combat roles in the United States military. Despite this, a debate persists on how women will be integrated into existing combat units and whether standards of existing units will be lowered; perhaps compromising the effectiveness of the unit. Recently, the female fighters of Kurdistan, commonly known as the Peshmerga, have been considered to be effective in fighting ISIS militants in conflict areas such as Syria and Iraq where the radical Islamic movement has spread....   [tags: United States Marine Corps, United States]

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Haemodialysis and the Dental Units of Acanthamoeba species in Alexandria, Egypt

- Acanthamoeba belongs to a group of free-living, opportunistic amoebae that can be isolated from different environmental sources including water, air and soil. They can be pathogenic or serve as carriers of other pathogenic organisms. The aim of the present study is to evaluate haemodialysis and dental units in Alexandria for the possible contamination of their hydraulic systems with Acanthamoeba species. The lack of previous studies in this respect derived us to conduct this preliminary study. Seventy samples were collected aseptically and then cultivated on non-nutrient agars at room temperature followed by morphological confirmation of Acanthamoeba on trichrome-stained smears....   [tags: Preliminary Appraisal, Hydraulic System]

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How Leaders Become Toxic After The Infantry Units

- The purpose of this essay is to address how leaders become toxic after their arrival to SF units and how unit cultures or individuals either correct or contribute to that development. Toxic leaders exist in all organizations and Special Forces units are no exception. Some arrive as toxic leaders and some develop toxic leadership characteristics after joining the Regiment. The Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC) does a good job of properly evaluating those leaders who exhibit toxic qualities and either correcting those characteristics or purging those individuals from the course....   [tags: Leadership, Sociology, Toxic leader]

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Relief Units for our Troops

- Relief Units for our Troops War Wounds and Influenza the Least of Our Worries While many soldiers have come back from the front with physical wounds and trauma, doctors and nurses at home are ready for any calamity that might arise. In New York City, and indeed, in many cities around the country, physicians are forming emergency relief units "for service during any calamity in any part of the USA." These doctors are meeting weekly with the police and hospitals, and are keeping informed of the situation in order to protect our citizens....   [tags: Military Influenza Health Essays]

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More Talk in Mathematics Service Units by Students

- One of the eternal quandaries in education is how to assess the amount of knowledge transferred during the teaching process. It is more common today for a timed written test to be a large component of assessment but perhaps the oldest form is the oral examination (or viva voce) (Huxham, Campbell, & Westward, 2012). Oral examinations still occur for the doctoral thesis, the legal moot court and many postgraduate medical programmes (Joughin 2007). In mathematics service units at tertiary level, students anticipate that the assessment may consist of written tests and/or assignments, online quizzes, and a final examination....   [tags: Education ]

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Experiences and Characteristics of Absconding Patients from Psychiatric Units

- Examined in this essay will be two articles that investigate the experiences and characteristics of absconding patients from psychiatric units. The first, by Intansari Nurjannah, Mary FitzGerald & Kim Foster, was a yearlong case study that looked into the experiences of patients who had absconded from psychiatric facilities in Indonesia. The experiences were documented through 16 semi-structured interviews, focusing on qualitative information. The second journal article, written by Eimear Muir-Cochrane, Krista Mosel, Adam Gerace, Adrian Esterman & Len Bowers, was a study of the characteristics of absconding patients from a psychiatric ward in Australia through the analysis of statistical dat...   [tags: psychiatric facilities, absconding patients]

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Lack Of Patient Engagement On Inpatient Psychiatric Units

- Problem Statement Lack of patient engagement on inpatient psychiatric units leads to increased patient outburst, increased administration of involuntary medications, increased Pyxis medication override, and increased patient violence. Studies indicate that 84% of patients on mental health units spend significant amount of time disengaged from staff (Radcliffe & Smith, 2007). Purpose Statement The mission of the Robert Young Center is an extension of the overall mission of UnityPoint Health System, which is to “Improve the health of the people and communities we serve,” while also incorporating Trauma Informed Care into our daily activities (UnityPoint, 2015)....   [tags: Patient, Medicine, Health care provider, Illness]

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A Brief Note On Neonatal Intensive Care Units

- “NICUs, Neonatal Intensive Care Units, were created around the 1960s and within approximately 55 years today we can say technology has greatly improved.” Many babies are living perfectly happy today because of the invention of neonatology, which is the study of premature babies. A NICU is where premature babies or babies with complications stay normally during the beginning of their lives while they heal from their complications and grow stronger. NICU’s are often divided by walls or partitions into several distinct regions: a true “intensive care” area, a “intermediate care” area, and a “quiet” area for the growers....   [tags: Infant, Pediatrics, Childbirth]

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turbo units

- How The Turbo Unit Works The Compressor Side To keep it brief and simple, a turbo unit compresses the intake of the engine by means of a fan. Essentially, the fan pulls in air on one side and then it pushes it out the other (see diagram A, here it's referred to as the compressor wheel). A fan performs the function of moving air; however we are still left with the task of compressing the air. In order to compress the air; we must then contain it within an enclosed space (this is the compressor housing)....   [tags: essays research papers]

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K9 units - Dogs as Police Officers

- Almost every state and there cities have a K-9 unit. But if you're like me, your not to sure what they exactly are and how they work. Well there are many different kinds of K9 units, like patrol dogs, narcotic dogs, arson detection dogs, and explosive detection dogs. Plus K-9 units have two helpful new technology pieces to help then protect there canine partners. Patrol dogs are trained to protect its partner. The dog is trained to bite under two circumstances. The first is when the officer commands the dog to attack....   [tags: Law]

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Legal Provisions Concerned with Business Units

- Legal Provisions Concerned with Business Units Our client is in the process of forming a company. She wishes to avoid personal liability upon any contracts she may enter into on behalf of the proposed company. Our job is to design a report to explain the legal provisions concerned with the formation, management and dissolution of business units. The report will identify the relevant legal principles, which can influence the choice of business unit. Explain the differences in the regulatory approach adopted for partnerships and registered companies and describe the procedures for the dissolution of business units....   [tags: Business Management Companies Essays]

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The Heritage Of Modern Army Helicopter Medical Evacuation Units ( Medevac )

- The heritage of modern Army helicopter medical evacuation units (MEDEVAC) can attribute the coined phrase “Dustoff” to their early beginnings in the Vietnam War, however aerial MEDEVAC dates back much earlier. Some of the first medical evacuation flights took place during World War II as a means to quickly move stabilized patients to hospitals with greater surgical and treatment capabilities. Nearing the end of WWII rotary wing aircraft made their first appearance on the battle field little was known at that time regarding the major role they would play in future battles and wars....   [tags: World War II, Korean War, Helicopter]

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The Is The Smallest Sound Units That Have A Distinct Sounds Within Different Languages

- Phonemes are the smallest sound units that have a distinct sounds within different languages. It is the basic foundation of the English writing system because of segmenting. Segmenting refer to breaking down words into sound groups, which allows us to hear each phonemes. Take the word “pat” for example, segmenting the word pat would result to /p/ /a/ /t/. The combining of sound to create a small units of word that carry meaning is refer to morpheme. Phonetic segmenting allows people of all ages to better communicate, to learn new words, to write and to spell efficiently....   [tags: Linguistics, Semantics, Phonology, Phrase]

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Preventing Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infections in Intensive Care Units

- Central venous catheters, usually called CVCs, are extremely important for patients in any type of intensive care unit. It is because of their crucial role in the care of these patients that their troublesome risk of catheter-related bloodstream infections, sometimes referred to as CR-BSIs, has developed into such a problem. There are approximately 80,000 CR-BSIs diagnosed each year in the United States alone. These infections lead to nearly 28,000 patient deaths in intensive care units. Not only is this a dreadful loss of life; it is also incredibly expensive....   [tags: Medical Research]

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The Significance of Technical Escort Units in a Post 9-11 WMD Domain

- In a Post 9-11 WMD Environment The world is changing, becoming smaller and more dangerous it seems, and the events of September 11th, 2001, brought a distinct reality crashing down around us. The reality was that we could be hit on the home front, after all. The enemy determined to do so harbors zero concern for the “rules of war” and will stop at nothing to inflict the greatest amount of carnage and casualties possible. As the government and Department of Defense has worked to adapt and respond, there is one Army occupational specialty that has become increasingly relevant....   [tags: environment, safety, danger, attacks]

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Collaborative Cooperative Learning Activities Within Lessons And Units Of Study

- 6. How can teachers incorporate collaborative/cooperative learning activities within lessons and units of study. Zarei and Keshavarz (2011) discussed that many educators think that just because their students are working in small group that they are participating in cooperative learning grouping; nonetheless, this is not the case (p.40). Cooperative learning is the techniques that students use while in groups. However, there are several ways for teachers to include collaborative/ cooperative learning activities within lessons, such as Jigsaw groups, Student Team Achievement Divisions, and Learning circles....   [tags: Education, Educational psychology, Debate]

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Remote Oil Well Monitoring: Oil Pumping Units Analysis

- Owing to the special nature of oil well exploration and oil drilling, the larger part of the oil pumping units (OPU’s) is spread over barren hills, mountains, deserts, and therefore; the existing oil pumping system still adopt manual control. It has evident drawbacks of frequent manual administration within the harsh oilfield environment to examine the OPU status and collect health analysis .It leads to drop in oil production due to the difficulties in locating and repairing in reasonable time resulting in oil production drop....   [tags: oil production, oil drilling, can module]

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Understanding Linear Measure It Discusses Both Tiling And Unit Iteration, And The Difference Between Them

- In the article Understand Linear Measure it discusses both tiling and unit iteration, and the difference between them. Unit iteration is when you use a set unit such as a centimeter or inch and using that to measure along the length of an object without any gaps or overlap and then you find how many units the length required. However tiling is covered a whole surface using multiple of the the same sized unit. The difference is the amount and the area that is being covered. In unit iteration you could only use one unit and mark each place as you go along, however you can also use multiple of the same unit to and then counting up the required units needed to cover the length....   [tags: Units of measurement, Measurement, Quantity]

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Taking a Look at Kidneys

- The kidneys are an extremely important organ in the excretory system particularly because they are concerned with the removal of soluble wastes from the body. The human body consists of two kidneys which are located on either side towards the back of the abdominal cavity just above the waist. Generally it’s said that if one places their hands on their hips with the thumbs facing the back, the thumbs will point out the exact location of the kidneys. Each kidney has a good supply of blood which is constantly going through the kidneys and consequently its structure stays extraordinarily constant....   [tags: microscopic units called nephrons]

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Placement of Patients with Alzheimer's

- Alzheimer’s Placement Imagine waking up and you can’t remember where you are or who your own husband is. That’s Alzheimer’s disease, so what exactly is it. Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia that attacks the brain causing normal functions and everyday living so unfamiliar. “Without memory there is no knowledge to recreate or reproduce past perceptions, emotions, thoughts, and actions that are so vital to live a full and functioning life. Memory is the key that unlocks doors that keep us functioning, not only mentally but physically (Corrick 32).” As the brain is being attacked and starts to shut down it is no longer safe to be living at home without direct supervision....   [tags: special care units ]

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Death in UK ICU's

- Aims of the research. Negotiating natural death in intensive care The aim of this study sought to determine how death and dying were understood and managed in two intensive care units in the UK. This was easily located for the reader as was stated in both the abstract and introduction. However, the reader only found out the narrower aim - concerning the resolutions that occurred following the problematic definitions between euthanasia, treatment withdrawal, and natural death – played a more integrated part of the study at the end of the introduction....   [tags: Analysis, Intensive Care Units]

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Sample And Setting Of The Maternity Units Of South West England And Scotland Were Used For The Study

- Sample/ Setting Four maternity units in south west England and Scotland were used for the study. Three of which were in south west England and one located in Scotland. These facilities recruited women for the study from May 2004 to January 2006 (Montgomery, et al. 2007). Recruiting occurred during the initial visit at the antenatal clinic, generally between ten and twenty weeks gestation. The women received an informative sheet, a consent form, and a baseline questionnaire. These maternity units had a caesarean section rate between twenty-two and twenty-five percent initially....   [tags: Childbirth, Obstetrics, Caesarean section]

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Case Study : An Owner Of An Investment Property And A Property Manager Who Rents Out Two Apartment Units

- s an owner of an investment property and a property manager who rents out two apartment units, experience has dictated that there are a lot of things that an owner needs to be mindful of when operating a business. It is very important the owners are knowledgeable of the laws that apply to their organization in order to be prepared and prevent possible lawsuits from the city and citizens. The illegal incident that took place at Springfield Arms Apartments, an apartment renting business used primarily for students, is a classic breaking and entering case which questions who should be legally responsible for the damages that occurred....   [tags: Tort, Tort law, Negligence, Common law]

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Evaluation And Evaluation Of The Tactical Units Of A Criminal Network And Provided Policy Recommendations For Various Stakeholders

- Question: Tell us about your most relevant experience for this role. My most relevant experience would be the skills, techniques and knowledge I gained in the pursuit of my Masters of Counter-Terrorism at Monash University. This course focused heavily on terrorism, radicalisation, as well as policing and security practices. In this environment, I exercised my analytic skills around complex issues and provided policy evaluation and recommendations for various stakeholders. In my thesis, I established criteria for and evaluated the effectiveness of Australian tactical units in hostage scenarios....   [tags: Project management, Team, Stakeholder, Leadership]

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Phenomenological Study of ICU Nurses’ Experiences Caring for Dying Patients

- Phenomenological Study of ICU Nurses’ Experiences Caring for Dying Patients The question of existence of the human being is a complicated question, which requires a long discussion. The question of death is sometimes even more complicated. Working as a nurse requires full dedication and a lot of patience. One of the most hard and responsible part of nurse’s work is taking care of the dying patients. This work contains review of the article Phenomenological Study of ICU Nurses’ Experiences Caring for Dying Patients by Phyllis Ann King and Sandra P....   [tags: research, critical care units, phenomenologist ]

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Grade Students On Measuring With Inches

- The lesson I choose to review is a beginning lesson for 4th grade students on Measuring with Inches. There are two objectives the students need to have mastered by the end and they are: “to measure length to the nearest inch, half inch, and quarter inch, and to estimate length to the nearest inch” (LeTourneau, Posamentier, & Ford, 2012, p. 206). The duration of this lesson was over 2 days a 45-minute class period each day. To start the lesson, the students were introduced to the vocabulary which is: nearest inch, nearest half inch, nearest quarter inch, and length” (2012, p....   [tags: Units of measurement, Measurement, Length, Inch]

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The Structural Funtionalism Theory

- The theory I chose to focus on is structural functionalism theory. The structural functionalism theory “explains the expectations of a society and the inability of the members of that society to stray away from those expectations. It focuses on the organization of a society and the relationship between the social units that make up that society. The theory provides general law and guidelines by which individuals are governed.” (, 2014) In Applerouth and Edles Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theory 2nd edition textbook, there are two theorists that focus on structural functionalism....   [tags: sociology, relationship between social units]

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Analytical Units

- The mission, goals and objectives are to obtain, collect and analyze as much information as possible to be able to disseminate the information to all the Unit Leads in their station. It is a necessity to communicate the information with all the Leads to be able to aid them in their investigations in order to increase the apprehension of the offenders. This information will also be used to identify patterns and trends to be able to implement deterring measures. The analytical unit will be involved in the improvement of short and long-term decision making processes....   [tags: Research]

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Process Costing System

- Process costing System is an accounting expression which describes one method to determine the manufacturing costs to the units manufactured . Processing is typically used when similar units are mass produced. Also process costing system is a type of accounting process costing which is used to determine the cost of a produced inventory. Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) defines process costing as " The costing method applicable where goods or services result from a sequence of continuous or repetitive operations or processes....   [tags: manufacturing cost, units, accounting expression]

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Product Features And Specifications Of The Mattress

- You will spend roughly a third of your entire life sleeping on your mattress. So obviously, you do not want it spewing out harmful chemicals in the middle of the night. Ideally, your mattress should be both comfortable and firm. Luckily, the Serta 12 Inch Gel-Memory Foam Mattress provides you with just that. A luxury memory foam and gel mattress that does away with potentially harmful chemicals and allergens. The specialized design conforms to the shape of your body, providing excellent comfort and pain relief....   [tags: United States customary units, Imperial units]

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Changing Families and the Impact on Surrounding Systems

- The changing composition of the family unit in the United States has been attributed to several factors including historical events, changing cultural values, economic trends, and government policies. There is a reciprocal impact between the changes that have occurred in each of these major systems. Several theories have been presented in an attempt to explain events that occur in both micro and macro social systems. With regard to the family unit, many theories could be applied to explain changes that have transpired....   [tags: Family Units, Economy, Policies]

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The Rampart Scadal and CRASH

- In the late 1990s a new corruption started in the Community Resources against Street Hoodlums or also known as CRASH anti-gang unit within the Rampart Division of the Los Angeles police department. Many officers were proven and convicted of committing unlawful beatings and shootings against gangs. Officers were also convicted for offenses such as, implanting false evidence, theft, bank robbery, distributing illegal drugs, and perjury. The Rampart scandal caused the public to be very concern towards corruption involved in law enforcement since many cases were never tried as of 2008; this demonstrated a high degree of corruption issues....   [tags: anti-gang units in the LAPD]

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Softball And Baseball Are More Dangerous And Fast Paced Than Baseball

- “Batter up!” the umpire yelled from behind home plate on the diamond-shaped field for the inning to begin. Adrenaline rushed through the players’ veins as the crowd cheering echoed from the bleachers to the outfield. Softball and baseball are team sports which both require an umpire and a diamond shaped field. All players are important. Most aspects of the games are the same. Each team has only nine players on the field at nine different positions. Each inning ends when there are three outs. Baseball generally consists of nine innings, whereas softball usually is played in seven innings....   [tags: Baseball, Softball, Pitcher, Imperial units]

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160th SOAR: The Only Special Operations Regiment in the World

- The 160th SOAR (A) is the only Special Operations Aviation Regiment in the world. Things to be discussed will be the unit’s operational history that the soldiers have done. These soldiers are known as the Night Stalkers due to their proficiency in night time operations. They go through special training and use special helicopters and other special equipment to accomplish their mission during all weather operations during day or night. The Night Stalkers start their history with Operation Eagle Claw....   [tags: Night Stalkers, military special units]

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A Brief History of Brickwork

- Introduction & Brief History of Brickwork. A brick is essentially a modular unit of fired or dried clay which has evolved as a building material throughout the centuries. The earliest bricks were simply cut from a thin slab of clay with straw reinforcement and then sun-dried. Subsequently, the Romans used wooden frames as moulds to make their bricks and fired them afterwards. Later again, circa the 1100’s bricks were produced using ‘pallet moulding’ and ‘slop moulding methods’. This was a method whereby timber moulds held the clay and any surplus clay was cut off....   [tags: building elements, modular units of clay]

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A Leader That I Admire

- One leader that I admire is my mother. She has taught me to do everything to the best of my ability, work hard, and be resilient. When my parents were in the process of getting a divorce, my mom went through many difficult times. Nevertheless, she always stayed strong and did a terrific job of taking care of my little brother and I. When I was eleven years old, my mom introduced me to cycling. Since then she has completed three century rides which are one-hundred mile bike rides. After she finished her first century ride, I was amazed at the amount of adversity she went through....   [tags: Pharmacist, Pharmacy, Mile, Imperial units]

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Pentium 4

- Recently Intel introduced their newest line of the Pentium 4 processors with the new Prescott core. In this paper I will discuss how the Pentium 4 processor works and the changes that have been made since its release, but mainly on the modifications in the newest Pentium 4's with the Prescott core. I will also briefly compare the performance levels of some of the different types of Pentium 4's. The Pentium 4 line of processors encompasses a large range of clock speeds, from 1.7GHz up to 3.6GHz in the Prescott chip....   [tags: Intel CPU Central Processing Units]

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The Financial System Of A Modern Market Economy

- A significant constituent of the organization of the financial system is an array of financial intermediaries which collect savings from others and issue in return claims against themselves and use the funds thus raised to purchase ownership or debt claims. Financial intermediaries, in the saving- investment process, come in between the ultimate borrowers and ultimate lenders. Goldsmith has aptly remarked, “Financial intermediaries transform funds in such a way as to make them more attractive.” In a modern market economy, the financial units are not necessarily balanced budget units in the sense that their savings out of current income is equal to their planned investment....   [tags: Investment, Economics, Debt, Bond]

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Designing A Product Or Provide A Service

- Companies that either produce a product or provide a service must have effective costing systems in order to manage their costs with the objective of making more profit. Among several costing systems out there today, we find Process Costing. Process Costing is a system for organizations to keep track of goods produced and the costs needed to produce them. Generally, the Process Costing system is used when the products manufactured and/or produced are identical or very similar, such as bottles of bleach, tooth paste, hardware tools....   [tags: Manufacturing, Industry, Assembly line]

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The Support of Air Defense in Desert Shield and Desert Storm

- In Desert Shield and Desert Storm, Iraqi forces fired 93 Scud missiles at coalition forces in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. (Rostker) Air Defense Artillery (ADA) played an immensely significant role in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm with units from 11th Brigade Air Defense Artillery and the 32d Air Defense Command rapidly deploying into theater. The effectiveness of the units and their roles in fighting this war proved that Air Defense Artillery was critical to the success of the campaign....   [tags: Military History]

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A Case for the National Adoption of the Metric System

- America is on the cutting edge of almost everything, except for basic units of measurement. Every nation on earth has adopted the International System of Units, or metric system, as their official system of weights and measures, with the exception of Myanmar, Liberia, and the United States of America (“CIA World Fact Book,” n.d.). Throughout history, the metric system has proven itself as a reliable, and simple to use, decimal based system of measurement. In comparison, the United States customary system is overly complicated and requires extensive conversions to apply....   [tags: Argumentative Essay]

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My Current Employer Xyz Communications For Big Rig Trucks

- Postmortem Document Louie Virtusio BUS-FP4092_Assessment 4 For this assessment I will be renaming the name of the company and names of the parties involved. For the purpose of this assessment I will be discussing my current employer XYZ communications for a project called Spireon Solutions. The Spireon solutions is a product that offers GPS tracking for big-rig trucks. The Spireon solution was sold and will be deployed for an installation for trucking company called A&M Trucking....   [tags: Project management, Project manager, Management]

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Security Cooperation Brigades

- Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. in the “The Military’s New Hybrid Warriors” suggests that splitting the U.S. Army into two separate distinct types of units, one for conventional warfare and one for stabilization operations, would better prepare our unit for future conflicts. The creation of dedicated “Security Cooperation Brigades” are unnecessary and will degrade the U.S. Army’s ability to wage full spectrum operations and defeat future threats. The splitting of the Army is not necessary because of the idea of “Full Spectrum Operations” allowing our unit to train and prepare themselves to work in numerous types of environments....   [tags: Security ]

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Process Costing

- What are the five steps in a process costing system to assign costs to units completed and to units in ending work in process. Process costing is a management accounting function. Business owners use this function to accurately calculate as well as to apply the business costs for producing specific types of goods. Process costing provides costing system for homogenous goods , which usually have little differentiation from one item to the next item. Paper, petroleum, chemical, textile and food processing industries generally use process costing....   [tags: Process Accounting]

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Cost Classification For An Improvement Of Mal Ltd. 's Decision Making System

- Question1. Cost classification is useful and important because it classify a large number of costs into different cost pools. With similar costs in a single cost pool, it becomes much easier for managers to use that information to make appropriate decisions for different purpose and enhance the accuracy of decision-making (Mastilak, 2011). As for Mr. and Mrs. Long, there are several different method of cost classification to help them make an improvement of Mal Ltd.’s decision-making system. Firstly, it is very common to classify costs according to behavior....   [tags: Costs, Variable cost, Cost, Fixed cost]

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Women Should Be Allowed During Combat

- Women in Combat Whether or not women should be allowed in combat has been a popular debate within the department of defense for several years. In December of 2015 the Department of Defense lifted all gender based restrictions in the military allowing women to serve in all combative units. Those in favor of this transformation in our countries military say women should be able to serve equally to their male counter parts and that our military needs to pull from the largest pool of talent. Those against argue women are medically not built strong enough to withstand the physical aspects of combat and drastically lessen our militaries effectiveness....   [tags: Military, Army, Gender, Armed forces]

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Aqualisa Quartz: Simply A Better Shower

- Customers Shower buyers fall in three pricing segments: premium, standard and value. First, premium segment is conducted of people who mainly shop in showrooms. Their focus is on great service and high performance. Second segment is called standard. Customers in this segment rely on plumber recommendation and emphasize performance and service. Value segment conducts mainly customers who are primarily concerned with convenience and price. Thus, they like to avoid excavation and also tend to rely on independent plumber in selecting a product....   [tags: Market Analysis, Case Study, solution]

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Psychiatric Patients Look For Emergency Mental Health Assessment And Evaluation

- Psychiatric patients look for emergency mental health assessment and evaluation. This group of patients is amongst those who face numerous complex processes that at times prove to be convoluted. These methods involve the treatment and the management of the particular health condition (Fenton et al., 2001). Apart from the complexities and incomprehensive matters associated with the patients’ mental conditions, other issues include insurance and the hospital regulations. These pose disadvantages to patients as they are left with a system that is continuously shrinking and hence cannot mitigate the psychiatric and mental problems....   [tags: Mental disorder, Psychiatry]

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Cost Accounting Systems, Job Costing And Process Costing

- Process Costing: A How-To Guide There are two main types of cost accounting systems, job costing and process costing. In job costing, each job is tracked separately. For example, a company that install roofs can keep track of each cost separately. They can easily track labor by tracking the total amount of human hours spent of the job and what each person was paid. Materials can easily be tracked by tracking the total costs of supplies needed to complete the job. For job costing the total costs of each job can be easily tracked....   [tags: Costs, Cost accounting, Management accounting]

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Air Defense Artillery in Middle East Operations

- Our nation has been in conflict with the Middle East for over two and a half decades. Air Defense Artillery has made a huge impact in Middle East conflicts. The threats that make Air Defense Artillery a necessity for these conflicts include a number of aircraft, such as planes, jets and helicopters as well as launched munitions like scud missiles and mortars. Air Defense Artillery is an ever evolving force and has been there for protection of American forces against these threats. Air Defense Artillery is a group of weapons that divide the airspace into two different sectors....   [tags: Military Technology ]

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Global Impact of U.S. Defense Budget Cuts

- The Unites States economy has been a subject of debate for as long as American politics have existed, however it has never been as closely scrutinized as it is in these times. As the global economy becomes more boundless, actions taken to adjust our economy are felt as ripple effects world-wide, or even as a tidal wave. With a current and future prediction of austere budget environments in the U.S. for the foreseeable future, we must examine the global impact of our internal budget decisions. Undeniably, even with the most careful considerations given, there will be unintended consequences that were not thoughtfully considered....   [tags: U.S. Military]

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The Financial Aspect Of The Marketing Plan

- This section is created to see the financial aspect of the marketing plan. We will consider break-even analysis, sales forecasts, expense forecast in order to meet the marketing strategy. Break-even analysis determines the point at which revenue received equals the costs associated with receiving the revenue. Break-even analysis calculates what is known as a margin of safety, the amount that revenues exceed the break-even point. This is the amount that revenues can fall while still staying above the break-even point....   [tags: Variable cost, Marketing, Fixed cost, Total cost]

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The Metric System

- The Metric System Unlike Present Day, where most scientific groups and people use the standard unit of measurement; the metric system, there used to be a time when a variety of units of measurement were frequently used throughout the world, some units were also measured using the human body. For example length could be measured in numerous ways such as feet, hands, cubits, palms, rods, furlongs and many more. This creation of multiple varying units created an absence in common measurement standards, leading to a lot of misunderstanding and a significant drop of efficiency in the trade between countries....   [tags: History, Trading, Understanding]

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Economy Word and Math Exercises

- 6.6 A) If a consumer has a certain income and at this level of income the consumer prefers to purchase 50 units of y and 0 units of X, if the price of good Y is $10, then the consumers income is $10*units of Y. Disposable income= $10*y =$10*50 =$500. B) If the same consumer wished to purchase 40 units of X and 0 units of Y, the price of good X would be disposable income divided by the number of units to be purchased. Cost of good X= disposable income/units of X =$500/40 =$12.5 C) The equation for the budget line is calculated using the prices for each good and the disposable income....   [tags: essays research papers]

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An Inside Look at Federalism

- Taken at face value, federalism seems to be innately detrimental to the legislative powers of the central government. Sacrificing a degree of authority to a subnational unit can (but not always) lead to a central government that, in simplest terms, doesn’t always get what it wants. This revelation then begs the question, why would constitutional designers even bother with federalism. Especially since oftentimes the shapers will be or are part of the government as well. The answer isn’t always straightforward, but the short version is that federalism is crucial to democracy....   [tags: government styles]

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Cosmology and Moral Philosophy

- Cosmology and Moral Philosophy ABSTRACT: The universe as a whole can be shown to consist of two worlds: the real world and the transcendental world. The real world is a multitude of passing things in a gravitational field: it is the world of nature, every unit of which is born (from the transcendental world), develops, degrades and dies (that is, it returns to the transcendental world). The transcendental world is the world of the integrated, nonpassing, unborn and undying, internally functioning Unity, which is the other side of the real world (so to speak) as roots to a tree and its branches in relation to the surface of the Earth....   [tags: Worls Philosophical Essays]

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The Case Of The Gee Whiz Mark 2

- Ethical dilemmas have long been issues that have plagued all of mankind for generations. Since the beginning, the majority of humanity has struggled to do what is right when the answer wasn’t clear. Sometimes, however, the answer is not as difficult to realize, but is much more difficult to accept. In the case of the Gee-Whiz Mark 2 (GWM2), the dilemma that faces its respective company is whether or not the units that are defective should be exported to countries that have no enforceable rules to punish the marketing of said defective units....   [tags: Ethics, Term, Public, Economics]

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Women in Combat: The World War II Experience in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, and the Soviet Union

- Thousands of men enlisted and were sent to fight during World War II. However, many people are unaware of the role that women played in the war, not only in taking over the jobs that would have previously belonged to men at home, but also in combat. D’Ann Campbell’s article “Women in Combat: The World War II Experience in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, and the Soviet Union” explores this topic. Campbell argues that the role of women in combat has been overlooked in the study of the Second World War....   [tags: world war, gender roles, women soldiers]

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Costing Models: Advantages of Using Time-driven ABC Method over The Traditional ABC Method

- Time-Driven Activity Based Costing Activity-based costing (ABC) is a costing method that is usually used as a supplement to a company’s usual costing system, and is therefore used for internal decision-making. It is designed to inform managers of costing information for decisions (strategic and others) that potentially affect capacity and consequently “fixed” as well as variable costs. In addition, ABC can also be used to pinpoint activities that would benefit from process improvements. Traditional ABC problems The traditional Activity-Based Costing is implemented using the following steps [1]: Define activities, activity cost pools, and activity measures....   [tags: managers, decision making, cost allocation]

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The War that Change the World of Warfare

- The onslaught of World War Two would change the world of warfare as we know it in. War has already gone from large units marching to one another and repeatedly opening fire to trench warfare. Where people would dig in and fight in open fields full of land mines, traps, barb wire, and the dead, as bullets whizzed by and tanks roll passed to a new war one fought in city’s house to house, in open fields, and on beach heads. The next evolution into this modern war was the advent of Naval Special warfare units....   [tags: WWII, navy, sailor, NCSU]

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Curriculum Development for Inclusive Practice (IC)

- Curriculum offer 1: Curriculum offer 2: Context The Edexcel Level 1 BTEC Award in Sports and Active Leisure qualification are available to learners aged 14+ who would like to further develop their learning and progress onto GCSEs, A Levels, Diplomas and Apprenticeships as well as, those who would like to use their qualification to support their employment and independent living. The course is a vocational qualification and can be work-based, classroom or distance learning and is designed for a specific career....   [tags: learners, education, qualification]

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Bus 206 : Milestone Two Paper

- Bus-206 – Milestone Two Paper The four elements of a contract are the agreement, the consideration, contractual capacity, and a legal object. The oral agreement between Sam and the chain store satisfies the agreement element of a contract definition because when the chain store offered to sell Sam 's invention at their stores, Sam accepted by agreeing to ship 1000 units in exchange. The second element of a contract, the “consideration of each party,” is satisfied because Sam and the chain store have something to give the other (1000 units of the invention in exchange for the exclusive sales of the product at their stores)....   [tags: Contract, Contract law, Leasehold estate]

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Bus 206 : Milestone Two

- Bus-206 – Milestone Two Paper The four elements to a contract are the agreement, the consideration, contractual capacity, and a legal object. The oral agreement between Sam and the chain store satisfies the agreement element of a contract definition because when the chain store offered to sell Sam 's invention at their stores, Sam accepted by agreeing to ship 1000 units in exchange. The second element of a contract, the consideration of each party, is satisfied because Sam and the chain store have something to give the other (1000 units of the invention in exchange for the exclusive sales of the product at their stores)....   [tags: Contract, Contract law, Law, Leasehold estate]

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Strategic Realignment Of The BMW Group

- Strategic realignment of the BMW Group announced At the end of September 2007, the BMW Group took on a new strategic direction. Up to the year 2020, the BMW Group intends to strengthen its position within the global premium automobile market by increasing volume of sales to more than two million units per annum. The mission statement is clearly defined: the BMW Group is the world’s leading provider of premium products and premium services for individual mobility. This means that in addition to striving for organic growth in the core line of business, the BMW Group will also engage in new and profitable areas of activity throughout the automotive life-cycle and all the way along the valueadde...   [tags: Strategic Management]

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Nissan VSS-From-Instrument Cluster Investigation

- ROSTRA PRECISION CONTROLS Nissan VSS-from-instrument cluster investigation Executive Summary: On the Nissan Frontier/Titan applications, VSS is obtainable from a single wire in the instrument cluster and the Controller Area Network (CAN). The instrument cluster VSS wire is not always pre-installed because, in this case, it is not part of a safety critical system; it only used for accessories. Inside the instrument cluster, the VSS generating circuit is configured to be a “open collector/drain”....   [tags: Automobile Investigation]

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Steve Jobs: Apple Inc

- There has been a lack of product innovation since the death of Steve Jobs. This needs to be resolved immediately before Apple suffers from a decrease in market share, revenues, and brand reputation. To achieve this Apple has three alternatives. First, they could broaden their diversification base, and acquire business that will help to strengthen their market position for their current industries (Thompson et al., 2014). Second, they could divest units which lack strategic fit, are in unattractive markets, or are in a competitively weak position (Thompson et al., 2014)....   [tags: innovation, brand reputation, market]

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Reducing Hospital Acqured Infections

- Solution implementation plan Reducing hospital-acquired infection (HAI) and helping hospitals become a safer place for patients is the responsibility of every employee. The first step in implementing the proposed innovation involves forming a committee comprising the nurse educators from both the ICU units, medical- surgical units, and the infection control department to help manage and become familiar with the project description and solution. Once they approve the project, the implementation of this evidenced-based practice (EBP) innovation can begin....   [tags: solution implementation plan]

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Traditional Costs Allocation Is Calculated By Assigning Average Overhead

- A) ABC DATA GS-157 (19.30-12.50) * 120,000+ 816,000 HS-241 (17.50-11.67) * 90,000= 524,700 OS-367 (15.10-13.75) * 40,000= 54000 B) TRADITIONAL DATA GS-157 (19.30-13.33) * 120,000 = 716,400 HS-241 (17.50-12.22) * 90, 000 = 475,200 OS-367 (15.10-10.00) * 40,000 = 204,000 C) Traditional costs allocation is calculated by assigning average overhead rates among the business. It does not identify detailed overhead charges or resources used to produce a particular product. However, Activity-based costs allocation identifies costs and creates cost centers to charge other costs for the company other than costs that are directly related with production....   [tags: Costs, Cost accounting, Cost]

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