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Guglielmo Embriaco And The Siege Of Jerusalem

- Guglielmo Embriaco and the Siege of Jerusalem This narratives follows the life of Guglielmo Embriaco, the patriarch of a well-respected Genoese family, and his journey to the Holy Land during the First Crusade—where he emerges not only as a fearless leader but also as an innovative engineer, instrumental in the successful but challenging siege of Jerusalem and also the siege of Antioch (Bent, 1881). The story begins with Guglielmo or the “Hammerhead”, a nickname bestowed to him affectionately by his troops (Bent, 1881)—he sits in his workshop, tinkering with a piece of olivewood, a soft malleable substrate allowing for Guglielmo to make several intricate cuts....   [tags: Crusades, First Crusade, Siege of Jerusalem]

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War Poems: Totoy’s War, State of Siege, and War is Kind

- “Totoy’s War” by Luz Maranan, “State of Siege” by Eric Gumalinda, and “War is Kind” by Stephen Crane Throughout our history, both recorded and unrecorded, there have been countless violent battles fought. From small skirmishes to full on declarations of war, humans have been involved with battling on another for all the reasons that they have. The only thing alarming is that, as time and technology progresses, the number of casualties and collateral damage have been increasing as well. In addition, the implications to the human mind, brought upon by the excessive violence, can be equally damaging....   [tags: Totoy’s War, State of Siege, War is Kind]

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The Siege of Syracuse

- The Siege of Syracuse Introduction The Siege of Syracuse was fought in 415 B.C., in Syracuse, Sicily. Although the Athenians finally lost to the Syracusans this changed Greece forever. There were three main points of the battle the war and warfare, the days of the retreat, and also the important people. The groups who fought this war were the Syracusans, the Athenians, and also the Spartans. This battle also had an ending that was unexpected by the Athenians and all the city- states in Greece. War and Warfare The battle plans of the war were brilliantly executed by building walls to cut off supplies....   [tags: sicily, nicias, greece]

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Joan of Arc and the Siege of Orleans

- ... The next major battle, the Battle of La Rochelle, occurs 16 years later, and France regains control of the English Channel in a fierce naval battle. After that victory, France gave Scotland arms to attack England, but Scotland signs a truce with England to prevent further French agitation in the North. A few years later, Henry V landed in France with ten thousand men and besieged Harfleur, a port town along the French coast. The siege lasted for a month, and Henry marched into the town, victorious, with very few men, because most of them died from disease....   [tags: france and england war, battle]

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Analysis Of The Battle And Siege Of Vicksburg

- Under Siege The town of Vicksburg, Mississippi was a strategic and vital location, militarily, for both the North and the South. Many, including President Abraham Lincoln, called Vicksburg the key to the Confederacy. Vicksburg was so important that the Union besieged it for forty-seven days, and when given the chance, the women and children within Vicksburg refused to leave. Under Siege tells the storyg of the Battle and Siege of Vicksburg through the eyes of two Confederate children and the son of Union general, Ulysses S....   [tags: Ulysses S. Grant, Confederate States of America]

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American Revolution: The Siege of Charleston

- The American Revolution: the war for our independence. This revolution opened the door to our liberty, freedom, and basically what America is now. Most Americans have heard the stories of famous battles, important people (George Washington for instance), and everything in between. However, this was only for our side of the American Revolution and a small fraction of people have been told of Britain’s campaign of the revolution. The only thing people have been told was the Britain lost the war. What of Britain’s triumphs, strategies, and everything that happened in the span of a few years....   [tags: Independence, American History, Liberty]

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Siege of Jerusalem: Herod The Great

- In 40 B.C., the Roman Senate assigned Herod to be the ruler of Judea. Herod, or Herod the Great, ruled over Judea for the next 36 years. During his reign, he began various building projects including a temple in Jerusalem that would be used to worship God. The building took decades to complete, and required an enormous amount of money as well as labor. Once completed, the temple was a marvelous structure of astounding proportions. However, while Jesus was roaming the Earth, many of the Jews began to worship the Temple complex rather than worship God, and Jesus was not pleased....   [tags: judea, roman empire, zealots]

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Yaroslav Trofimov's The Siege of Mecca

- Yaroslav Trofimov, The siege of mecca: The 1979 Uprising at Islams Holiest Shrine (New York, Anchor Books, 2008), pp. 301. The Siege of Mecca, a book written by the author Yaroslav Trofinmov, who was a foreign correspondent for the Wall Street Journal is a thrilling historical retelling of the events that took place in the holy city of Mecca, which resulted in the capture of the Grand Mosque in Mecca. He interviewed many Saudi locals who preferred to be anonymous, he encouraged French adventurers to talk and used the freedom of information act to pry loose US documents, including the diary of a Saudi Ambassador, John C....   [tags: book and context analysis]

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English Language on Siege

- ... A close analysis of Humphrys work reveals that his audience is wide. Actually his article is creating awareness of the risk texting is imposing on written English. Anybody who speaks and writes English automatically qualifies to be an audience for this article. Though the target audience is to everybody who uses English as a language of communication, Humphrys seems to be addressing those who have not yet been nested in this habit of texting. He is also addressing the policy makers. This is clearly from the way he uses first person in plural form and stresses that texters must be stopped....   [tags: text messaging, ambiguos language]

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The Siege Of Derry

- The Siege Of Derry There where many reasons why the siege begun but it all begun back in 1685 when Charles II died and he had no children so his successor was his brother James, but James was a catholic but the country he was to rule over was protestant. The protestants prepared to accept him as king if he promised to govern according to the laws of England and to accept the advise of the parliament. They were also reassured by the fact that James' heir was his daughter from his first marriage, Mary, who was a protestant and was married to Prince William of Orange....   [tags: Papers]

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