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The Value of the Tax Shield of Debt

- Introduction Motivation and background Decisions about optimizing the capital structure of the firm, no matter if it is a small business or a global corporation, has always been an important issue for the management. Various authors, (e.g. Booth (2002), Cooper and Nyborg (2006), Farber, Gillet and Szafarz (2006)) state that debt policy may only be viewed in terms of maintaining a fixed market value debt ratio (Miles-Ezzell assumption) or a fixed dollar amount of debt (Modigliani-Miller assumption)....   [tags: Tax Shield of Debt]

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The Canadian Shield

- In the period between 1760 and confederation, settlement in Lower and Upper Canada pushed into the Canadian Shield. In Lower Canada, settlement in the Shield was mostly by the Saguenay River, St. Maurice Valley and the area north of Montreal. In Upper Canada, settlement was attempted in the Ottawa-Huron Tract which was eastward from Lake Huron into the Ottawa Valley. Canadian colonial settlement shared a fluctuating relationship with the Canadian Shield. The Shield was a barrier to settlement until population increases pushed the boundaries....   [tags: Canadian History ]

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Clothing Is Not Just Protection Shield

- From more than two thousand years ago, people put some fabric on their body to protection. It does not take so much time to come with message. People want be “different” or “standing out” from other and fashion is an easiest and most popular way to show your uniqueness. Children don 't get to express their own style. The clothes they wear, or the way they wear, but with dress codes that privilege is taken away. Also, without dress codes, you can keep up with the latest fashions or styles. People are often judged by appearance....   [tags: High school, Dress code, Gender, Trousers]

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China's Golden Shield Project

- The Golden Shield Project, colloquially known as the “Great Firewall of China”, is the Chinese government’s Internet surveillance and censorship campaign. OpenNet Initiative, a professional collaboration between the Cambridge Security Program, University of Toronto Citizen Lab, and Harvard Law School, declared the Firewall to be the most sophisticated content-filtering intranet regime in the world (Punyakumpol). The Ministry of Public Security, China’s principle security authority, initiated, developed, and operates the intranet project, policing both online and by human force....   [tags: Internet Censorship, Access to Information]

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The Shield Of Achilles : The Story And It 's Meaning

- The Shield of Achilles: The story and it’s meaning in The ‘Iliad’ The Shield of Achilles shows life in two different perspectives; it shows normal life in peace, as it symbolizes everything past the battleground; as well as it implies that war creates only one unique aspect of life. This shield has a very low impact on the story as a whole, but it also provides a viewpoint on the entire Trojan War. This protective piece of armor reminds us that humans may serve not only as fighters, but also as regular living beings that have to survive....   [tags: Trojan War, Achilles, Iliad, Greek mythology]

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Ekphrasis in Aeneas' Shield in Vergil's The Aeneid

- The opening of Vergil’s The Aeneid begin with the words “I sing of warfare and a man at war” (Vergil 1.1) which signal two important themes of the epic: warfare and the struggles of one man (Boyle). The epic revolves around a Trojan named Aeneas, who follows his destiny to found the city of Lavinium, a precedent to Rome, where his descendants continued to rule until the birth of Romulus. Vergil adapts the Homeric epic and structure to make social commentary on Roman life under Augustus. Like Homer, Vergil uses a shield as an ekphrasis to show a shift in primal to civilized state and the future history of Rome (Boyle)....   [tags: warfare, peace, cyclical]

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The Success of Operation Desert Storm and Shield

- ... With the initial movement of the maritime prepositioned ships, the American maritime fleet had undertaken a challenge that it had been designed, moving war goods to the battle front. At the helm of the American merchant mariners role during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm was the Military Sealift Command. In charge of 230 government-owned and chartered ships, MSC was the largest war supplies shipper of any nation involved. Taking 12 million tons of cargo at an average rate of 43,000 tons per day, the United States had showcased its maritime dominance moving across the world’s oceans without hindrance (Military)....   [tags: military, iraq, saudi arabia]

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The Sword And Shield Metaphor And Other Perspectives

- Richard Pryor once said, “There’s a thin line between to laugh with and to laugh at” (A-Z Quotes). Leon Rappoport, a professor at Kansas State University, believed in the same thin line as Pryor. Rappoport received his BA and MS at New York University, and completed his PhD in 1963 at the University of Colorado (Kansas State University). He studied psychological sciences, and concentrated his studies in decision making and human judgment, even writing a book called Punchlines: The Case for Racial, Ethnic, and Gender Humor (Kansas State University)....   [tags: Comedy, Humor, Laughter, Humour]

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A Look At Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

- Scientific television shows are very popular now. The most popular of these shows is “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” This article will introduce you to the show and some of its main characters. This TV show continues some of the most popular movies in theatres such as those about “Thor”, “Captain America”, “The Incredible Hulk”, and “Iron Man” . These movies are about superheroes. Everyone knows and likes these movies. The first character is Agent Phil Coulson. He is the leader of this team and played by Clark Gregg....   [tags: super hero comics hit the screen]

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An Invisible Shield

- Every community has their own standards for the men, women and children. If a child were to grow up in a white dominant, high-class town like Poway, CA, they would be expected to complete high school, go to college, get a well-paid job and then marry in their mid-twenties. In The House on Mango Street, a Hispanic, second-class community expects their women to grow up, drop out of school, marry early to escape their family and depend on their husband. For a girl who grows up in that kind of society, it will most likely become her fate....   [tags: American Literature]

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The Shield of Achilles in Homer's Iliad

- Throughout the Iliad the warriors' dream of peace is projected over and over again in elaborate similes developed against a background of violence and death. Homer is able to balance the celebration of war's tragic, heroic values with scenes of battle and those creative values of civilized life that war destroys. The shield of Achilles symbolically represents the two poles of human condition, war and peace, with their corresponding aspects of human nature, the destructive and creative, which are implicit in every situation and statement of the poem and are put before us in something approaching abstract form; its emblem is an image of human life as a whole....   [tags: Iliad Essays]

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Achiles’ Shield in the Iliad

- Achiles’ Shield as an Element of Contradistinction in the Iliad The Iliad is an epic of death. It is a tale of conflict, battle, agony, and horrific mutilation. Honor and glory are attained through warfare. The great shield of Achiles stands out in this context because it depicts the glories of an orderly, functioning, productive civilization. This depiction of life stands in stark contrast to the scenes of death that constitute a large portion of the narrative. An examination of the shield of Achiles in Homer’s Iliad reveals many ideas in conflict: love and honor, the pleasures of life versus a heroic death, free will and destiny....   [tags: Literature Art War Papers]

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Sir Gawain's Shield and the Green Night: A Semiotic Analysis

- In the poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Sir Gawain must go on a quest to find the Green Knight from whom he accepted a challenge a year earlier. Because Gawain lives the chivalric code, he must keep his promise to the Green Knight and let him get one swing of the axe one year and a day after he swung the axe on him. Before leaving for this quest, Gawain was given amazing armor and a descriptive shield. This shield was more than just a shield; it had a much greater meaning like many other items and actions throughout the poem....   [tags: literature, symbolism]

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Pretty-shield: Medicine Woman of the Crows by Fran Lindeman

- ... Her intelligence, her sharp memory, and her determination did not come from a formal education, but from life experiences and her attribute of perseverance. Although many others in her tribe had forgotten or failed to show interest in the old tribal traditions, to Pretty-shield, these traditions were sacred and permanently stamped in her heart and mind. Prior to her marriage, at sixteen-year-old, Pretty Shield adopted a baby girl whose parents had been killed. Pretty-shield raised her own children and after loosing both of her daughters to disease, she raised their children....   [tags: Red Mother, Native American authors]

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Tariff the Shield and FTA the Spear

- Tariff the Shield and FTA the Spear There was time when countries fought one another to take other’s territory because land meant power and royalty at that period. All of the great conquerors dreamed of ruling whole world under their feet. As time passed the meaning of land became just a boundary that identify each country. Then what takes the position of land. What means power and royalty in modern world. With globalization countries fight one another again with their economic power to have more money....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The Support of Air Defense in Desert Shield and Desert Storm

- In Desert Shield and Desert Storm, Iraqi forces fired 93 Scud missiles at coalition forces in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. (Rostker) Air Defense Artillery (ADA) played an immensely significant role in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm with units from 11th Brigade Air Defense Artillery and the 32d Air Defense Command rapidly deploying into theater. The effectiveness of the units and their roles in fighting this war proved that Air Defense Artillery was critical to the success of the campaign....   [tags: Military History]

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The United States 's Operation Desert Shield

- The United States launched an operation known as Operation Desert Shield, also known as the Persian Gulf War, in August of 1990 in response to Saddam Hussein’s order to the Iraqi forces to take over Kuwait. President George Herbert Walker Bush made the decision to send American troops to Saudi Arabia to form an international coalition that would eventually turn into an operation known as Operation Desert Storm. The United States Army had not witnessed an event of such international and Homefront importation since the Cold War....   [tags: Iraq, Gulf War, Iraq War, 2003 invasion of Iraq]

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Analysis Of ' Beowulf ' The Narrator Starts Off With Shield Sheafson

- In the book “Beowulf” the narrator starts off with Shield Sheafson. He was a great king of the ancient Danes and founder of their royal line. His life ended as how it began. He was greatly respected by his people. Once he died, people put him on a boat and was pushed away to the sea. Shield 's boat was covered with treasures and armor. After his death, his son Beow took over. Once Beow died his son, Halfdane took over. After him, Hrothgar ruled… Hrothgar was pleased with his people. He and his men would gather in the hall of Heorot and drink mead....   [tags: Beowulf, Heorot, Hroðgar, Beowulf]

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Why Earth 's Magnetic Shield Matters

- Why Earth 's Magnetic Shield Matters Prompt #1: Did it surprise you to know how much our magnetic field protects us?  Yes, it surprises me, I did not expect that the magnetic field was an essential key for organic life. I think this is an essential aspect to find a new ex-planet that can hold the future of humanity. How do you think life on Earth would be affected if magnetic field weakened significantly?  I think, if the magnetic field weakened significantly, the life would evolve considerably adapting to the new earth conditions....   [tags: Earth, Solar System, Earth's magnetic field, Sun]

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blue cross blue shield

- Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida (BCBSFL) Operating Services is Florida’s largest insurer, serving more than 6 million residents in total. Three trends that redefine how Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida brings value to its members are through consumer empowerment, E-business, and financial services modernization. BCBSFL holds approximately 30% of the HMO market share in Florida, which is twice the share of its nearest competitor. BCBSFL offers a BlueComplements program filled with discounts and services that allow members to stay healthy....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Iliad, by Homer

- The Iliad written by Homer in the days of Ancient Greece has become one of the most epic poems of all time. It is a poem that has been debated for centuries. Within the tale of Achilles and the wrath of war lies a magnificent object that is shortly mentioned in Book 18. The brief section in Book XVIII, lines 505-660, described the shield that Achilles would carry into battle. However, it also tells us something about the nature of Achilles and his heroic image full of rage and anger. In order to understand the significance of the Shield of Achilles, one must closely look within the different layers of the shield itself....   [tags: Shield of Achilles]

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Achilles' Shield

- As long as there is thought there will always be debate as to the relevance and applications of any figure that has potential symbolism deeper than its appearance. We see it with the Bible, with its accompanying fundamentalism, literalism, interpretationalism, and its downright detractors. Attention given to an object for such a prolonged time is bound to foster battleground for linguists, philosophers, and literary scholars. Additionally, we see it with the Shield of Achilles in Homer's The Iliad....   [tags: The Iliad Essays]

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Achilles Shield

- Achilles’ shield, made by Hephaestus, the god of fire, plays a part in the Iliad. It tells the story of the war between the Greeks and the Trojans. Hephaestus depicts the two cities and the activities going on in them, and Agamemnon’s, the Greek’s king, estate. Homer thought that seeing what it is on the shield could help the reader understand the importance of Achilles' shield and the Iliad. Hephaestus used fine metals and put lots of scenes of things going on not only in that time period but also in respect to the Iliad’s plot....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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Homer’s Iliad - The Shield of Achilles

- Homer’s Iliad - The Shield of Achilles Homer devotes the final passages of Book 18 of The Iliad to the description of the shield of Achilles. Only a quarter of the description concerns warfare, the essential grist of the epic. Instead, the bulk of the description presents a peaceful society and rural idylls, a curious choice for the most ferocious warrior of the Greeks, and an odd thing for both armies to fear. A narrative emerges from the scenes of the shield, and it is this that fits Achilles and repulses everyone else....   [tags: Iliad essays]

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Rape Shield Laws

- Rape Shield Laws Facing with much criticism from women’s group with the legal definitions of rape and how rape cases are being processed in the legal system, the government is forced to pass a Rape Law reform in the 1970s. Rape law reform urging courts to treat rape case the same as other crimes, rape law reforms modified traditional rape laws and ratified evidentiary reforms in every state in the United States. The most common and widespread changes occurred in three areas....   [tags: Papers]

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Sir Gawain's Shield and the Quest for Perfection

- Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a religious allegory full of Christian symbolism with the central message of sin, forgiveness, and redemption. The poem is a great story of virtues, trust and honor. It's an Arthurian romance in which Sir Gawain carries a shield on his chest in his quest for Green Knight. Gawain's shield has two images, a picture of Virgin Mary on the inside and "Painted upon his shield is a five-pointed star (pentangle). He is a perfect knight who realizes that it is important to be a good Christian The image of Mary inside this shield conveys that Gawain never loses heart and the detailed description of the pentangle is a key for proper understanding of the poem's m...   [tags: European Literature]

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Our Living Shield: The First Amendment

- Our Living Shield: The First Amendment The authors of the Constitution of the United States created a magnificent list of liberties which were, at the time ascribed, to most people belonging to the United States. The main author, James Madison, transported the previous ideas of f undamental liberties from the great libertarians around the world, such as John Lilburne, John Locke, William Walwyn and John Milton. Madison and other previous libertarians of his time were transposed into seventeen different rights which were to be secured to all those in the United States....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Norse Clothing for Battle or Hunting

- The Shield There is Skaldic poetry that is specifically dedicated to shields. They are known as the "shield poems." The shield was as much a part of Norse culture as was the ax. The Viking shield was very different from that of the shields used around the World. They were made from wood with a metal center and painted. Upon first glance, there doesn't seem to anything special about these shields but you would be very wrong to think so. The Viking shield was a superior and well thought out concept....   [tags: shield, culture, vikings]

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My Experience At The Shield Institute For Twenty Four Years As A Special Education Teacher

- For the veteran teacher interview, I interviewed my mother, Christine. She has worked at the Shield Institute for twenty-four years as a Special Education Teacher. As both a mother and a teacher, she has always been a source of inspiration in my life. Her dedication, love for children, and extensive knowledge have persevered throughout her career and served as her strength. This interview was much more informal and comfortable than the first, given the fact that I have a personal relationship with the interviewee....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Student]

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Types of Norse Weaponry

- How did the Norse arm themselves. What we know of Norse weaponry and armor is from what we have found predominately in grave sites from the early periods. Additionally, from depictions that were carved on stones, tales in the Sagas, and from legal texts written in the later periods which give us a general idea and paint clues for us to piece together about how Norsemen armed for combat during the Viking Age. During the time the laws in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden required that every able-bodied man should own weapons according to his status....   [tags: shield, bow, spear]

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War Days : War Time

- War time. War time. That is all I have seemed to hear the last few days. Everybody seems to be ready for war except for me, Eadwulf. This is kind of ironic considering I am the reason we are going to war in the first place. A few weeks ago I met the love of my life, Kyba. She has dirty blonde hair, ocean blue eyes, soft sweet lips, and pearly white teeth. She is definitely everything a man could ever ask for. The only problem is… She is the daughter of the king of the Morgs. The Morgs have always been enemies of my tribe, the Kirks....   [tags: Family, Marriage, Blond, The Shield]

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The Norse Battle Formations

- One of the battle formations that Norse warriors formed was called the “svinfylking” (boar formation). The svinfylking was a battle formation where a group of heavily armed warriors (usually 20 to 30) would interlock their shields to form a wedge that had the center pointing towards the enemy's formation. The triangular wedge tapered back on each side from the center point to make a tight spearhead. The Viking warriors would get in a “boar formation” wedge and then charge forward in this tight interlocked formation, spearheading into the enemy's line and breaking through by sheer force alone....   [tags: wedge, warriors, shield ]

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Agents of SHIELD

- “How am I supposed to portray something that is the complete opposite of me?” My voice had risen to the volume associated with anger, but I was more frustrated than angry. I squinted into the bright lights, set just below the stage. I could just make out my theater Director sitting in a chair with his arms crossed over his scrawny chest. “You are a talented actress Rachelle, figure it out. I will see you in two weeks. You have that long to memorize you entire script and get into character.” With that, Director Nicholas stood and left me to stare into the burning lights....   [tags: theatre, production, mythology, Loki, Fury]

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The Discovery Of Planet Earth Major Events

- Throughout the history of planet Earth major events have taken places to shape the world we live on today. Natural phenomenon like hurricanes and tornadoes have cause mass disruption to human life but neither weather event has had the potential to create mass destruction like an active volcano. Hawaii is home to a chain of volcanoes. Although majority of Hawaii’s volcanoes are inactive, there’s a monster living the belly of Hawaii’s “Big Island” waiting to unleash any moment. Hawaii is home to Mauna Loa, Earth’s largest active volcano....   [tags: Volcano, Lava, Magma, Shield volcano]

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Education And An Affluent Life Style Will Become A Shield Of Protection For African American People For Years Back

- Coates Essay One would assume education and an affluent life style will become a shield of protection. Social status has been the safety net or “go to” protection for African American people for years back, but at some point, your safety net ends where your skin begins. No matter how rich or established a person is the fact will remain that they are black. Ta- Neihsi Coates describes his growing up the ghettos of Baltimore. One of the things he emphasizes is his highest priority as a child was the protection of his body....   [tags: Black people, White people, African American]

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To what extent do you regard The Shield Of Achilles as characteristic

- To what extent do you regard The Shield Of Achilles as characteristic of Auden’s work as whole. At first glance Auden’s poem the ‘Shield of Achilles’ appears to be focused on the classical world. The poem’s classical nature is first indicated by the title- Achilles was of course a famous Greek hero, and throughout the poem there are further classical references, many of which Auden has taken from Book XVIII of Homer’s Iliad- ‘Marble well-governed cities’ (l.3), ‘…athletes at their games’ (l.46), ‘Hephaestos, hobbled away’ (l.61)....   [tags: English Literature]

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Analysis of The Tax Treatment of Investors

- Each of the three approaches discussed so far assumes that the present value of a dollar of tax saved by the company is fully reflected in shareholder value. But, in addition to arguments about the validity of each of these methods, there is also some disagreement as to whether the tax rate that should be used in calculating the value of the debt tax shield should be lower than the corporate tax rate because of taxes incurred by investors. The standard way to deal with this issue has been to define a net tax saving variable, T*, that reflects the tax treatment of the investors who hold the company’s debt and equity as follows: (1-T*) = (1-TC)[(1-TPE)/(1-TPD)], (4) where TPE is the marginal t...   [tags: wacc, apv approach, tax shield, equity]

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Why Volcanoes Are Most Dangerous

- Imagine yourself feeling hopeless; you can smell the sulfur in the air, tickling the back of your throat. The ground rumbles and sways as if the Gods themselves are furious and want to unleash on this small city. Panic all around in the streets, women screaming, children running scared in the streets, men hopelessly trying to save their families from certain doom. This is what it would feel like if one lived in the Italian city of Pompeii in 79 A.D when Mt. Vesuvius had, perhaps the largest volcanic eruption for those times....   [tags: Volcano, Lava, Mount Vesuvius, Shield volcano]

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Organizational Description Of Rocket Home Loans

- Organizational Description Rocket Home Loans (RHL) was founded in 1990 as a private lending institution. We specialize and focus only on retail mortgage products providing financing for the American dream of home ownership. The company is located in Dover, Delaware and employs 165 people. Our goal is to make the home buying and refinancing process easy. Our mission is to “Keep It Simple”. The process doesn’t have to be difficult and time consuming. Less is more. It’s all about clear products, plain language, fair prices and simple processes....   [tags: Employment, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association]

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The Rape Shield Law

- Karen Horney was born September 16, 1885, to Clotilde and Berndt Wackels Danielson. Her father was a ship's captain, a religious man, and an authoritarian. Her mother, who was known as Sonni, was a very different person -- Berndt's second wife, 19 years his junior, and considerably more urbane. Horney's childhood was one of some distress. She felt like her father loved and respected her brother much more than he did of her. Yet he would take her on sea trips with him, and would buy gifts for her....   [tags: Biography]

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Idealism in Auden’s O who can ever gaze his fill, Out on the lawn I lie in bed (A Summer Night 193

- Idealism in Auden’s O who can ever gaze his fill, Out on the lawn I lie in bed (A Summer Night 1933), and The Shield of Achilles W.H. Auden’s poems are celebrated for their intelligence, detachedness, and musicality. Often, idealism is associated with romanticism and the excessively personal, because it is an attempt at envisioning the world as it ought to be and not as it is. However, Auden successfully blends idealism into his objective poems, and this idealism manifests itself in his “O who can ever gaze his fill,” “Out on the lawn I lie in bed” (“A Summer Night 1933”), and “The Shield of Achilles.” In “O who can ever gaze his fill,” mortals from various walks...   [tags: Shield Achilles Gaze Fill Lawn Bed]

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Central Europe-Based U.S. Anti-missile Shields

- In his years of presidency, George W. Bush proposed adding a defensive missile shield in “Russia’s Backyard” to prevent attack from Iran. These shields would consist of a radar station situated in the Czech Republic and multiple U.S interceptor missile sites housed in Poland which would protect the United States from potential Iranian nuclear harassment. This past summer, many threats were received from Moscow about these plans, claiming it to be a defence against Russian arms. Although both Mr....   [tags: Military Defense]

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Epic of Beowulf Essay - Shields in the Epic Poem, Beowulf

- Shields in the poem Beowulf       Shields, a defensive weapon mentioned in the poem Beowulf, include a variety of compositions from wood to iron; and this is wholly in accord with archaeological finds. There are a considerable number of references to shields in the poem, making this topic a very relevant one to consider.   “Weapons could be heirlooms, and royal treasuries and armories still preserve arms and weapons from earlier days, so imagination in this area need not be confined to contemporary artifacts (304),” says Catherine M....   [tags: Epic Beowulf essays]

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`` Reality Hunger `` By David Shields

- Little kids are the only ones who like fiction books and situations. That statement is mostly true for David Shields, the author of the book, “Reality Hunger." Shields wrote a book that has passages, also called provocations of different quotes and subjects that other writers have said, he includes some passages that he has written too, but he is stating what he thinks about the other authors statements and words and giving responses to them. He connects the state of literature at the moment, the plagiarism in books and stories, the increase of unnatural and fictional memoirs, and the overall weakness of the novel....   [tags: Fiction, Short story, Literature, Novel]

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The Ozone Layer Shields Us and Saves Our Lives

- ... Solar energy is inexhaustible and cheaper than ever, now powering everything from portable radios to homes, stores and neighborhoods. Geothermal energy on a smaller scale is through a geothermal heat pump, which exploits the temperature difference between the earth's surface and the air. The state of Maine gets 22 percent of its electricity from hydro-power. These are proven techniques geared toward the conservation of energy, promoting a healthier earth in our near future. Unlike many renewable sources of energy, fossil fuels are relatively less expensive to produce....   [tags: radiation, energy, atmosphere]

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Alexander the Great

- The year is 329 B.C. Alexander the Great is leading his army on a quest to conquer the known world. As he is preparing his army to cross the Indus River to attack the Indian Army, Alexander and all his troops watch in awe as two “great shining silvery shields spitting fire around the rims” seem to emerge from the heavens. These two “shields” dive repeatedly at his army until the war elephants, horses, and men all panicked and refused to cross the river where the horrendous incident occurred. The two “flying shields” disappeared into the sky as quickly as they had appeared....   [tags: History, Flying Shields, UFO]

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Comparing The Iliad And The Aeneid

- In ancient times, shields spoke yields of their owner and their beliefs. Sometimes, they even showed their owner’s eminent fate. In the Iliad and the Aeneid, the shields of heroes—Achilles and Aeneas—are described both similarly and differently. There are many similarities in their shields: both having received the shields from their goddess mothers. Both shields were made by Hephaestus/Vulcan. The shields were also described in depth, making the shields seem comparable. However, they differed in the images on the shields....   [tags: Achilles, Iliad, Trojan War, Troy]

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Conflict Between The Trojans And The Greeks

- Achilles’ shield isn’t just a shield made of bronze, it’s more than that. This shield is made up of many aspects of Homer’s Iliad such as the growing conflict between the Trojans and the Greeks, the values of the fictional homeric society and the actual archaic society, and the sacrifice that Achilles has to make. The scenes represented on Achilles’ shield reflect back on the central plot of The Iliad because the relationship between the images allow for both replication and opposition of Archaic and Homeric society....   [tags: Iliad, Achilles, Homer, Trojan War]

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Mystery of Isodore: A Fictonal Narrative

- I pushed past the curtain to Shield. "Hero!" Shield smiled at me. "Hi," I offered a small smile. Shield paused and stared at me, tilting her head. "What's wrong?" "Nothing that I haven't discussed before. But Shield, what am I supposed to do if I come back with no one?" I rubbed my hands together. Shield let out a laugh and grabbed me by my hands. "Hero, you'll find him. I doubted that I would find my husband and yet, look at me now," She smiled. I couldn't help but smile with her. "How did you two meet?" Shield's smile grew....   [tags: man, village, smile, charge]

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The Code for Sending a Text Message

- GSM Shield library GSM coding is significantly facilitated by using the GSM library. The library consists of a few header files and examples. The header files encompass AT commands to start up SIM900 and test the serial communications between Arduino and GSM. Moreover, several functions are integrated in the library to facilitate sending text messages, making phone calls and data transfer. It is worthwhile to note that two GSM libraries can be found on the internet, including GSM_Shield library and GSM-GPRS-GPS-Shield library....   [tags: programming, GSM coding]

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Health Care Providers

- Determine the key characteristics of the users of the products and/or services of the health care provider you selected. Some of the main characteristics of Blue Cross and Blue Shield are long-term, short-term commitment; providing support, learning and development in health care organization. The key services that the majority of Blue Cross and Blue Shield customers use are the following: prescription assistance, hospital admission, emergency medical evacuation, medical repatriation, and medical monitoring....   [tags: health insurance, insurance company]

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The Tale of Kalimdor

- The Tale of Kalimdor Many years ago, during the time of gods and goddesses. There was a normal soldier of the gods who through hard work and determination became a god, and a powerful one at that. This is his story, the story of Kalimdor. There was once a blacksmith named Daneth Trolbane. But there was something special about this blacksmith, not only was he the best blacksmith but he was a blacksmith for the mighty gods of Mount Olympus. One warm day in June Daneth had a son, who was named Kalimdor Trolbane....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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Analysis Of King Harold 's ' The Norwegians At Stamford Bridge '

- William and his men arrived at the shore of Pevensey on September 28, 1066; just a few days after King Harold defeated the Norwegians at Stamford Bridge. William moved his ships and men to Hastings where he began to build a castle and attack the neighboring towns to force King Harold in moving south and defending his people. The harbor at Hastings would allow for William and his forces to retreat quickly on their ships if needed (Ibeji 2011). After defeating the Norwegians, King Harold travelled almost 190 miles in four days to London to recruit as many men as possible....   [tags: Battle of Hastings, Harold Godwinson, Normans]

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The Portrayal Of Yahweh And The Hebrew Bible

- 1: The portrayal of Yahweh or Jehovah in the Hebrew Bible differs from the portrayal of other gods in the ancient world primarily in the character 's essential mysteriousness. Outline some examples of that mystery and how it affects the human beings who revere God. Just as God creates a companion for Adam because “it is not good for the human to be alone”, the reader can assume that such a need for company applies to God as well (Genesis 160). God “created the human in his image”, perhaps to serve as sort of companion to God himself (Genesis 159)....   [tags: Iliad, Greek mythology, Jacob, Trojan War]

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The Mighty City Of Sparta

- The Mighty city of Sparta was founded in in the year 900 BCE. With it came one of the mightiest armies known today. They were known as one of the greatest military force to ever live. The Spartan army was one of the best around during its time. The training that they went through was some of the hardest ever known. They weapons that they used were made specifically for certain circumstances. The Armor that they wore was very well made and the best that could be made. Sparta had a culture that was one of a kind....   [tags: Sparta, Battle of Thermopylae, Spartan Army, Army]

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Varying Cultural Structures in Homer's The Illiad and The Odyssey

- ... Furthermore, the notion of “The two men rushed before these [The Elders], and took turns speaking their cases” (Iliad 18.508) supports the presence of a judicial system based on laws. While in the Odyssey, Odysseus starts by accusing the Cyclops of being “Lawless outrageous” (Odyssey 9.105) this account foreshadows one of the aspects of the Cyclops culture, which is the lack of laws. Therefore, this lack of laws indicates the absence of an ordered structure of the culture, unlike the city displayed on Hephaestus’ shield....   [tags: judicial, agriculture, economics]

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The Princess Is In The Dungeon

- Strolling down through everyday buildings with shadows that creep at every corner terrors, not knowing for a split second a dilemma could appear. Whether this dilemma can be a test against the skeletons of a dragon, or confronting the ogre who holds a book. Continuing through various ways and expecting one thing out of the ordinary, till that one day. The day where the call for help appears. The feeling that wells up in one's heart, almost feeling as though it could explode at any second. The unexplainable feeling that appears in the direction of one's line of sight....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Similaries Between Aeneid and Iliad

- Virgil’s Aeneid, tells the story of the founding of Rome. It follows the last of the Trojan’s who escaped the fate of Troy. Troy eventually falls following Homer’s The Iliad, and Virgil continues the story of their people. The Trojans are not, however, the only similarity between the two books. Virgil employs many of the same image patterns that Homer uses in The Iliad. The symbolism of fire, shields, and gates are used in both epic poems. Fire is used frequently in The Iliad, but Virgil utilizes this image in his poem as well....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Analysis Of Homer 's The Iliad

- In Homer’s The Iliad, there are various scenes where war is depicted through similes that relate it back to nature. Through the use of this literary device Homer shows how cruel the war is in contrast to how peaceful nature is. Many people are slaughtered in this story; this overwhelming amount of death is portrayed alongside the vivid descriptions of the beauty of nature. The culture that this poem was written in was very familiar with aesthetically pleasing scenes in nature, as the Greeks often admired it....   [tags: Iliad, Homer, Achilles, Trojan War]

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Homer's Iliad

- Homer's Iliad The Iliad is an epic of death. It is a tale of conflict, batle, agony, and horific mutilation. Honor and glory are atained through warfare. The great shield of Achiles stands out in this context because it depicts the glories of an orderly, functioning, productive civilization. This depiction of life stands in stark contrast to the scenes of death that constitute a large portion of the narative. An examination of the shield of Achiles in Homer’s Iliad reveals many ideas in conflict: love and honor, the pleasures of life versus a heroic death, free wil and destiny....   [tags: Art Tool of Warfare Papers]

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Sea Critter Observation

- At eight in the morning, my classmates and I boarded the bus which would take us to Homer and to an exciting adventure down by the beach, Bishop’s Beach to be exact. An adventure to the beach was a wonderful idea , we were all excited about it. After an hour drive from Nikolaevsk School we , the students along with Mr. Klaich, Mrs. Pancratz and Mr. Sellers were greeted by two scientists. Once we were in our gear, (boots, hats, and warm coats) the scientists began their explanation on beach etiquette and the rules....   [tags: Science Lab]

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“The Allegory of Peace and War”

- Next, we should look at the brilliantly and elaborately detailed armor of Ares. The shield’s handle, the rivets along its edge and the circular decoration around the inside of the shield are meticulously done. Additionally, the shadow created with the change in hue, saturation, and value on the inside of the shield help create the depth and curvature of the shield. The body armor also implements a well-crafted mixture of shadows and smooth curved lines as well as color change to create depth. Had this not been so craftily accomplished, the shield would have taken on a flat and dull appearance....   [tags: famous paintings, Batoni]

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Symbols and Composition of the Statue Saint George by Donatello

- Saint George is a statue that was sculpted by Donatello in the prime of his career. From top to bottom, this realistic statue displays a sort of defiance towards his enemies and a sense of pride in his country. This begins with his expression of pride and inner turmoil on his face and ends with the wide stance of his feet, a mighty shield in-between. Even the platform he is standing on and the composition of his body help contribute to the strength of this realistic soldier of a man. Everything from his mighty arms to the cloak he wears on his back act as a shield to the enemies of whomever building or town this sits by....   [tags: hope, marble, soldier]

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First Amendment Right - Freedom Of The Press

- Part B: Essays 1. First Amendment Right – Freedom of the Press. According to the U.S. constitution and thereunder the first amendment, the press is said to be free, and the government cannot legally prohibit this freedom. Overall, the press holds an enormous responsibility. It is the watchdog of the community, the guarder of the government and the public. They provide an unofficial form of checks and balances on the government by informing the public on what the government is doing. Through this, they can persuade the public to view things in from one perspective or another....   [tags: United States Constitution]

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History and Mechanics of Viking Warfare

- Vikings Reign In the earliest years of the Vikings, there was little history recorded due to the polytheistic views that they followed. After the Vikings converted to Christianity, there were eventually written documents created pertaining to their existence. In Viking Warfare, I.P. Stephenson states that the Vikings “first described attack took place in AD 789”(11). The Vikings were also known as Norsemen. They were great storytellers, and that is perhaps how society knows so much about them today....   [tags: World History, Christianity]

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Source Disclosure and Journalist's Ethics

- Reporter’s Privilege Journalism has grown and developed over the years along with journalistic ethics. Journalists have a code of ethics or a moral compass. Every story that a reporter produces has either a named or unnamed source. Several states have protective laws designed for reporters who have stories with anonymous sources, but Mississippi is one of the only states in America that does not have a shield law in place. Mississippi should enact a shield law giving reporters the privilege not to disclose anonymous sources....   [tags: freedom of speech, national security ]

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Funerals of Kings

- Beowulf starts with the death of Shield a great king in the eyes of the Geats, it also ends with the death of Beowulf. These funerals are similar in many ways. These funerals can be a reflection of the lives these kings lived because each king had his own way he wanted to be remembered. These funerals both involve huge amounts of treasures being loaded on to ships or back in to the ground and how the Geat people mourned for the loss of the kings.
 Treasures were used to gain loyalty from other men in Geat “steadfast companions will stand by him” (Beowulf 23)....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Beowulf]

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The Life of Leonardo Da Vinci

- Leonardo Da Vinci The life of Leonardo Da Vinci was a magical one. The legend of King Arthur often speaks of Merlin, an old wizard that appears out of nowhere to aid, advise, and inspire the King and his court. The wizard goes on and mystifies the people through beautiful sorcery. He then vanishes after he has changed the world around him profoundly. I liken Leonardo Da Vinci to this mythical wizard. Leonardo was a handsome man with a charismatic charm and a keen ability to manifest his ideas. Leonardo was a jack of all trades and a master of nearly all of them....   [tags: the quintissential renaissance man]

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The Iliad by Homer

- Many years ago in ancient Greece, Plato initiated a debate about the usefulness of literature by declaring that poetry had no place in the ideal society, mainly because it was full of lies and because it evoked undesirable emotions. His pupil Aristotle, however, took the opposing side of this dispute and argued that literature was, in fact, useful. Aristotle agreed with Plato that literature induces undesirable emotions, but he stated that it only does so in an attempt to purge us of these harmful sentiments, a process which he termed “catharsis”....   [tags: greece, plato, aristotle, achilleus]

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

- Sir Gawain and the Green Knight In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight the poet depicts an entertaining story of adventure and intrigue. However, the poem is more than a grand adventure. It is an attempt to explore the moral ideals of Sir Gawain. Gawain's standards are represented by the pentangle on his shield. The depiction of the pentangle occurs when Sir Gawain is preparing to gear up for his quest for the Green Chapel. Gawain's outfit is described in great detail, including its color, makings, and apparel....   [tags: Papers]

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The Essential Nature of Each Story in Beowulf by Gummere

- ... She punished the innocent because of her hubris and beauty (1932-1939). A bad queen, in the expectations of the Anglo-Saxons and narrator’s perspective, had causes for their actions, dismissed moral obligations, and did not care about their citizens’ futures or lives. Modthryth ignored these morals and therefore presented herself with the reputation of a bad queen in Hygelac's kingdom. Yet, “[she was] less cruel minded after she married the brave Offa… In days to come she would grace the throne and grow famous for… [her] high devotion to the hero king” (1947-1954)....   [tags: ruler, relationships, enemy]

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Government Sustained Insurance Company Is The Type Of Health Insurance

- Government sustained insurance company is the type of health insurance company, which is Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s Federal Employee Program. This is applied by the government’s initiative to provide an accessible and affordable health care to its employees according to Blue Cross Blue Shield (2015). This is to ensure that as an employee, there are numerous health care benefits that can be acquired through this service that will help to promote health. As a health care insurance, this is considered as a mandatory service because employees needs to have health care insurance so that they can be protected from any risks and threats affecting their health....   [tags: Health insurance, Health economics]

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The Tragic Hero Of William Shakespeare 's ' Beowulf '

- How are people’s legacies remembered in history. From the beginning of recorded history, there have been heroic and villainous figures in literature. Back in the days when Old English was spoken, a hero could be found in the form of the figure, Beowulf, from the epic poem of the same name. A villain could be found in literature in Shakespearean England in the form of the immoral king, Macbeth, from the tragedy of the same name. While heroes and villains appear as literary figures throughout history, they also appear as real life historical figures....   [tags: Beowulf, Epic poetry, Duncan I of Scotland]

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King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

- Gawain and Capital Violence In almost every example of romantic epics, and definitely every story concerning King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, the characters carefully adhere to a strict code known as the chivalric code.. The five main tenets of chivalric code or in other words the knightly code are: showing courage and bravery, being honest, having honor and being respected among peers, being kind to others, and being courteous and well-mannered especially toward females. Gawain is the very embodiment of these chivalric values but through his encounter with the Green knight and the lady he fails to uphold the code because of its rigidness and strictness.....   [tags: capital violence, romantic epics, characters]

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The Effects Of Volcanic Activity On Volcanoes

- Understanding Volcanoes The Earth has a long history of volcanic activity. Currently, there are approximately 1,500 active volcanoes worldwide (USGS, 2014). Whether erupting on the Earth’s surface or deep in the ocean, volcanic activity can result in devastating natural disasters. A thorough background regarding volcanoes and their formation mechanisms, historical data, and damaging impact from previous eruptions is needed in order to understand the complicated science behind volcanoes. Background Formation Volcanoes vary in shape, size, and type....   [tags: Volcano, Mount Vesuvius, Plate tectonics, Lava]

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The Quest of the Holy Grail

- Galahad was a Knight of the Round Table of Arthurian legend. He is almost always portrayed as the pure knight, and for this he is rewarded with the Holy Grail. He is mentioned in many writings in history including 12th century Cistercian monk writing The Quest of the Holy Grail, Sir Thomas Malory’s Selected Tales of King Arthur and his Knights, and Alfred Lord Tennyson’s Sir Galahad. After reading the next several pages, one should begin to understand the similarities and differences portrayed in these writings, along with some others....   [tags: Analysis, Galahad]

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Athenas: Greek Gods and Religious Practices

- Athena When people hear the words “Greek gods” they immediately think of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. While those three play a big role in Greek mythology, there are many other gods and goddesses who are also very important and highly worshipped (C. Hemingway, S. Hemingway). Another highly worshipped goddess is the goddess of wisdom, Athena. Born from the head of Zeus, Athena is his favorite daughter and is highly respected by the other gods. She is one of three virgin goddesses and has many temples dedicated to her worship (“The Goddess Athena”)....   [tags: greek gods, mythology, religion]

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Taking a Closer Look at Québec

- ... The Appalachians are a continuation of the Appalachian Mountains in the United States. Lakes cover about 1/8 of the land in Quebec. Most of the lakes in the province of Quebec come from glaciers. Quebec has long and cold winters and warm and short summers. Quebec was discovered in 1534 by a man named Jacques Cartier who took possession of the land in the name of the King of France. He put up a cross in Gaspé which can still be seen today. Cartier is also the first known explorer to travel along the St....   [tags: Canadian provinces]

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Literary Figures Of The Middle Ages

- Roman ideology has consisted of dominance and pride blended with diligence and assiduousness. Literary figures of the middle ages suggest that Rome is the strongest empire that has ever existed, as the Roman attitude toward law and empire comprises of sheer reverence and precision. The Roman Empire models a Neo-Platonic society, where the law embedded incorporate nature, reason, and religion. The texts, Virgil’s Aeneid, Cicero’s The Laws, and Polybius’ The Rise of the Roman Empire substantiate the mindset of the Romans during the middle ages....   [tags: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Carthage, Augustus]

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Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

- Sir Gawain’s inner ideals and character are adequately tested and thoroughly defined throughout the poem of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. During the course of his journey, Gawain was not only expected to maintain his honor to King Author, Lord Bertilak, Lady Bertilak, and the Green Knight, but was expected to maintain it while still loyally adhering to his chivalric and religious obligations. As a knight, it is important that he is loyal first and foremost to his God and religion just as importantly to his king....   [tags: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight]

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