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Why The Ruler Should Be An Effective Ruler?

- Throughout the years there have been several different dynasties. These dynasties had their differences and their similarities. Each dynasty had good or bad rulers, however, the longest lasting dynasties had good effective rulers. These effective rulers helped to promote the growth of the government, which lead to increasing the length of their reign. In order to be an effective ruler, one must choose to exemplify these characteristics, being a role model, being active in the government and creating solutions to the issues facing his subjects, and also protecting them....   [tags: Government, Virtue, Good and evil, Ruler]

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Representation of a Great Ruler

- Representation of a Great Ruler In such a tumultuous time of England’s history, a ruler that could protect his people and also give them intellectual stimulation was no easy task. However, this is what the people expected from their ruler. This emblem is a basic representation of what the English people valued from the people that ruled them. The title says it all. “A Princes most ennobling Parts,/ Are Skill in Armes and Love to Arts.” If someone took this emblem and changed all the words from “he” to “she,” and then replaced the words “prince” to “queen,” we would have a perfect description of Queen Elizabeth I and what made her so great....   [tags: Queen Elizabeth Ruler Essays]

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The Proper Role of a Ruler and the Government

- Over the centuries, many political philosophers, historians, and thinkers have ventured to identify the ideal form of government: a theory which truly takes into account human nature as a whole and applies it accordingly. Human nature, when looked at holistically, is essentially good - men will not annihilate each other if left without a ruler, but motivation, protection, and some degree of rights must be accommodated in order to allow a state to thrive to its greatest capacity. Thus a ruler should be judged by his ability to protect the people and secure their rights, and he should come to power by the collective consent of the people....   [tags: John Locke]

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The Assassination of a Ruler Striving for Peace

- Few people would have expected young Sadat to grow up to be anything other than the small-town boy he was raised as, but while Sadat was still a child his grandmother entranced him with stories about the brave men who fought to free Egypt from the European tyrants controlling their lives (el-Sadat). Little did Sadat’s grandmother know that these stories, along with the pressure she placed on Sadat to gain an education, would one day influence Sadat to raise above his humble childhood, become the ruler of his county, and initiate a lasting peace with Israel....   [tags: Egypt, history, Sadat]

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The Power Is A Ruler Of Absolute Power

- In the early modern period, the political system put in Europe was “absolute power” (Lecturer Morris). According to the OED, “absolute power is a monarch invested in absolute”. In this period, it was believed that it was necessary that only one person designated by God could hold absolute power. Usually this prophecy would be passed down in the royal family, from father to son (Carrol 246). Occasionally, if viewed as worthy of the opportunity, a person, usually a warrior who has served well in war, could rise to the occasion, and can be named king (Lecturer Morris)....   [tags: Macbeth, William Shakespeare, First Folio]

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The Best Ruler is Genghis Kahn

- There have been many great leaders in the past. Alexander the Great, Cleopatra and even Caesar met with struggle on their rise to the top. Genghis Khan could possibly have been the most interesting and prominent of all. To prove that Khan was the best ruler, we must go back to the start of his life. We must view such problems as; his struggle for power and how his childhood would affect his ruling later on, his military and personal achievements and lastly, his final conquests. Genghis was initially born as Temujin in the late 1600’s....   [tags: military, achievements, conquests]

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The Natural Authority Of The Ruler

- Aquinas is also said to believe that only particular individuals will possess the requisite wisdom and virtue necessary to perform this governing function, and thus the proper order of society is one in which the ruled defer to the natural authority of the ruler (Aroney 165). Naturally, there are inferior people, they are either born this way economically, socially, and physically. These people do not necessarily have the adequate resources to rule because they are too busy tending to meet their needs for survival....   [tags: Political philosophy, Government]

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Elizabeth Portrayed A Ruler For England

- Elizabeth portrayed a marvelous ruler for England in times of need. She controlled religious chaos, kept England in an internal and external state of peace for a long time and served a symbol of national unity (Levin 8). Her sex had a great influence on the portrayal of her image of courage, religion, sexuality (Levin 66) and the limitations imposed by her female status continued to be present throughout her reign (Levin 145). Since her birth, her gender provoked disappointments (Levin 5) once many believed only a boy would secure the succession and avoid civil war (Levin 5)....   [tags: Elizabeth I of England, Mary I of England]

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Genghis Kh The Greatest Ruler

- Biography of Genghis Khan The old world had many great leaders. Alexander the Great, Hannibal and even Julius Caesar met with struggle on their rise to power. Perhaps Genghis Khan was the most significant of all these rulers. To prove that Genghis Khan was the greatest ruler, we must go back to the very beginning of his existence. We must examine such issues as; Genghis¹s struggle for power/how his life as a child would affect his rule, his personal and military achievements and his conquests....   [tags: Mongolia, Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan]

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The Greatest Ruler Of Rome

- Julius Caesar: Dictator Misunderstood “I love the name of honor more than I fear death” (“Gaius”, Illustrated). I said this because I believe that it is important to do something honorable even if you have to die. It is considered honorable to die bravely in war instead of running away like a coward. This related to my purpose because it shows how courageous I was and how I was willing to die for my republic in war, making me a honorable leader in Rome’s history. I believe I was the greatest ruler of Rome in history because I ran my government to succeed....   [tags: Roman Republic, Augustus, Roman Empire]

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Creon, The Ruler Of Thebes

- Throughout Antigone by Sophocles, Creon, the ruler of Thebes, has show how he abuses his power and how he seems to think he is always right no matter what argument against his word that is in the right is brought up to him. Near the end of Antigone he finally sees the error in his ways and tries to change it but it was too late. Although Creon is somewhat likeable and worthy of respect as a character (that is, although we somewhat feel sympathy for him), Creon is largely an unsympathetic and unlikeable person....   [tags: Oedipus, Sophocles, Creon, Oedipus at Colonus]

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Napoleon As An Enlightened Ruler

- During his time as a leader of France, Napoleon appeared in some respects to be an enlightened ruler, but many of actions contradicted that appearance. His goal was to make the the citizens of France believe he was doing everything in his power to help them, and he was successful. That allowed him to increase his popularity throughout France. The people believed he was doing everything he could to improve their living conditions. His motto was “order, security, and efficiency,” and that motto determined the way he managed warfare, politics, and economic problems....   [tags: Age of Enlightenment, Voltaire]

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Machiavelli 's The Prince, An Ideal Ruler

- Although, Machiavelli argues that an ideal ruler must be cruel, feared and unjust in order to maintain power in his paper, "The Prince", this is not necessary true. An ideal ruler must be assertive, just and filled with integrity to maintain power, prestige, and the loyalty of those he governs. An ideal leader must be assertive in the sense that he is able to stand up for himself without undue anxiety, express his beliefs and honest feelings comfortably in direct and honest ways without denying the rights of others....   [tags: Leadership, Political philosophy]

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Julius Caesar : A Successful Ruler Of Rome

- After taking down Julius Caesar’s murderers, the alliance of Octavian (Caesar’s heir), Lepidus and Mark Antony (both were Caesar’s followers) fell apart. Forced Lepidus out of office and Mark Antony to commit suicide, Octavian took the throne, became the first Emperor of Rome under the name of Augustus—meaning “one that is blessed by the gods in rulership over Rome” (Cohen) and evolved Rome from a Republic into an Empire. While ruling Rome, Augustus had achieved a tremendous amount of accomplishments which kept Rome prosperity and peacefulness over 40 years....   [tags: Augustus, Roman Empire, Julius Caesar]

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Aeneas : The Beautiful And Wondrous Ruler Of Carthage

- The gorgeous and delightful ruler of Carthage, Dido, has been through individual enduring which parallels that of Aeneas. Virgil depicts her as Aeneas ' equivalent and female partner. She has needed to escape her home in Tyre on account of conditions outside her ability to control, and leads her kin out of Tyre and establishes Carthage. Her husband has been misleadingly killed by her sibling, however she has, like Aeneas, accumulated a gathering of her kindred comrades and touches base in Africa....   [tags: Dido, Aeneid, Carthage, Aeneas]

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Henry V, An Ideal Machiavellian Ruler

- For hundreds of years, those who have read Henry V, or have seen the play performed, have admired Henry V's skills and decisions as a leader. Some assert that Henry V should be glorified and seen as an "ideal Christian king". Rejecting that idea completely, I would like to argue that Henry V should not be seen as the "ideal Christian king", but rather as a classic example of a Machiavellian ruler. If looking at the play superficially, Henry V may seem to be a religious, moral, and merciful ruler; however it was Niccolo Machiavelli himself that stated in his book, The Prince, that a ruler must "appear all mercy, all faith, all honesty, all humanity, [and] all religion" in order to keep contr...   [tags: cruelty, mercy, religious]

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The Supreme Good : Ruler Over Morals

- Supreme Good: Ruler over Morals Melville an American writer, is best known for his most popular novel Moby Dick, though in this novel, it does not broach the important topics which some of his novellas do. For example, Billy Budd, Sailor, a classic novella has become world renowned for its amazing portrayal of innocence and good against evil. In Melville’s novella, a young innocent sailor named Billy Budd aboard a British naval warship named the H.M.S. Bellipotent. Billy shorty after boarding H.M.S....   [tags: Good and evil, Evil, Billy Budd, Value theory]

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Genghis Khan, A Mongol Ruler And Warlord

- Raised from humble beginnings, Temujin, later known as Genghis Khan, was a Mongol ruler and warlord. He ruled over the largest empire that has ever existed, and all of which he had conquered himself. He came to power by uniting many of the nomadic tribes of Northeast Asia. After founding the Mongol Empire and being proclaimed "Genghis Khan", he started the Mongol invasions that resulted in the conquest of most of Eurasia. These included raids or invasions of the other dynasties. These campaigns were often accompanied by complete annihilations of the civilian populations....   [tags: Genghis Khan, Mongol Empire, Mongolia]

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A Feared Ruler?

- Machiavelli was a man who was not worried about what was morally correct, but rather, what was politically deserved. He was in fact an honest and religious man, but he has become known for trickery and double-dealing. He thought that princes would have to start tricking his enemies, or even his people for the good of his state. In my opinion, his theory, “It is better to be feared than loved” is saying that when the people fear their ruler, the ruler will most likely get what he wants. When a ruler has control and intimidation over his people, they will most likely do what he says and follow his rules, out of fear....   [tags: essays research papers]

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A Sucessful Ruler in Machiavelli's Eyes

- Many factors went into determining whether or not a prince or king was successful or not. Some of these factors were simple things such as the king's personality or the method by which he comes to power. Niccolo Machiavelli wrote this book as a guide for Lorenzo Medici to become a good ruler. He describes these factors, but attributes most leaders' achievements to their taking advantage of local circumstances. Machiavelli attributes military victory to having a strong army composed of native soldiers and strongly discourages using a mercenary army....   [tags: European History]

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The Real Ruler of England

- The Real Ruler of England Few people in history have been met with such controversy and confusion as Cardinal Thomas Wolsey. His position within 16th century British hierarchy has been described by historians as everything from the "alter rex" (alternative King) to little more than a "hard-working servant"[1]. From his humble beginnings as the son of an Ipswich butcher, to his unrivalled position in the English church and almost omnipotence within England, Wolsey undoubtedly demonstrated extreme diplomacy, skill and charm....   [tags: Papers]

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Niccolo Machiavelli's The Prince: A Guide to Being an Effective Ruler

- “The Prince”, by Niccolo Machiavelli, is a series of letters written to the current ruler of Italy, Lorenzo de’ Medici. These letters are a “how-to” guide on what to do and what not to do. He uses examples to further express his views on the subject. The main purpose was to inform the reader how to effectively rule and be an acceptable Prince. Any ruler who wishes to keep absolute control of his principality must use not only wisdom and skill, but cunning and cruelness through fear rather than love....   [tags: power, principality, republic]

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Three Features of an Ideal Ruler Contrasted in The Aenied and Antigone

- An ideal ruler possesses 3 distinct features: courage, honor, and virtue. Courage is often shown when facing difficult leadership decisions. Honor is gained as one honor’s the gods or serves one’s own state. And virtue is gained as one looks out for the best interest of one’s own state. The importance of such virtues is contrasted in Antigone and The Aenied. In Antigone, Creon shows the 3 components of a good leader when he takes rule and objectively enforces the laws to maintain order. But as Antigone progresses and Creon’s hubris becomes more prominent, he loses sight of the three qualities that make a good leader....   [tags: Aenied, Antigone]

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The Code Of The Civilization Unified Under The Ruler 's Power

- As civilizations grew, their people realized the need for laws to keep the civilization unified under the ruler 's power. Mesopotamia, India, and China, being three of the biggest civilizations of the ancient world, have exceedingly different and extremely similar laws of societal conduct. At the time of King Hammurabi 's rule, there was constant warring between neighboring states. He wrote the Code of Hammurabi, consisting of 282 laws to reinstate his order and unify Mesopotamia under one law code....   [tags: Code of Hammurabi, Law, Mesopotamia, Social class]

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Queen Nzinga: African Ruler and Slave Trader

- Hailing from the African state of Ndongo and born in 1581 during the start of Luandan disagreement with Portuguese settlers (Toler 265), Queen Nzinga of the African Mbundu tribe stood up for her country and reestablished power over her people. Nzinga came in a time period that needed her. She got her country of Matamba (present day Angola) equal, both economically and socially, to the Portuguese. In order to do this, Nzinga took measures to place herself in the right position to eventually seize rule and steer her country in the right direction, even though it prompted a steady flow of opposition from her enemies....   [tags: ndongo, africa, portuguese settlers]

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The Campbell Family And Mugabe The Authoritarian Ruler Of Zimbabwe

- The focus on the film was the Campbell family and Mugabe the authoritarian ruler of Zimbabwe. The role of the Campbell family was one of a victim being wronged by the Zimbabwean government because of Mugabe’s Land distribution policy. The role of Mugabe was the party wronging not only the Campbell family but other white Africans in Zimbabwe. The Campbell family’s relationship with the state is that of farmers and Mugabe is the authoritarian leader in charge of the country. The political context of this film is when Mugabe is implementing his Land distribution policy....   [tags: Africa, South Africa, Ethnic groups in Africa]

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Claudius Was A Significant Ruler Of The Early Roman Imperial Era

- Claudius was a significant ruler of the early Roman imperial era. He reigned from AD 41-54. He was easily influenced by those with questionable agendas, such as his last two wives and his freedmen, yet his principate was deemed successful. His expansion of the empire, his new reforms and his control over the senate were all beneficial to the state and and his rule was one which paved the way for those who ruled after him. Claudius was a member of the equestrian class and became a consul in AD 37 (Emperor Claudius Timeline, N Gill)....   [tags: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Nero, Claudius]

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Augustus Caesar: The Greatest Ruler in the Ancient World

- ... [11] In summary, even though Augustus’ predecessors, specifically his own adoptive father Julius Caesar, are often considered better conquerors, Augustus used his military genius to introduce reforms in order to encourage enrollment, create a standing army and the Praetorian Guard to maintain the borders of Rome and expand the Empire. Therefore, it is without doubt that Augustus was one of the greatest man to come to power in ancient history. Politically, Augustus’ long lasting reign as Emperor of Rome was possible due to his defeat of Mark Antony, and more importantly, his ability to manipulate the public’s political perception of him as a leader....   [tags: notorious Roman emperors]

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Akhenaten, The Mysterious Ruler

- Akhenaten, The Mysterious Ruler Akhenaten is considered by many historians to be one of the most fascinating and individuals of the ancient world. It is been said that he created the first monotheistic religion. Did he do so. We will explore this question, along with other factions of his life and reign. In order to see how Akhenaten is considered a revolutionary and how his reign is different from those before his a look at the role of earlier “traditional” kings is needed. Then we will examine the royal house in Egyptian society during Amenhoten III's reign....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Perfect Ruler in the Epic Poem, Beowulf

-        The classic poem Beowulf presents the concept of the perfect king/leader/ruler. This is presented in two modes: the ideal Germanic king and the ideal Christian king. Literary scholar Levin L. Schucking in “Ideal of Kingship” states: “I have already tried to prove that the author of Beowulf designed it as a kind of Furstenspiegel (“mirror of a prince”) – perhaps for the young son of a prince, a thought with which Heusler later agreed” (36). So the author of Beowulf had in mind a human ideal of the perfect leader/ruler which he was trying to convey to the young man who was in search of the proper way, the ideal way that a ruler, a king, should govern his kingdom....   [tags: Epic of Beowulf Essay]

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Prospero as an Ideal Ruler in in Shakespeare's The Tempest

- Prospero as an Ideal Ruler in The Tempest       Prospero's magical powers allow him to single-handedly take control of a situation of slowly developing chaos, caused by his eviction from Milan, and turn the plot of The Tempest. Prospero has powers over his surroundings, far greater than those of an ordinary mortal, and he uses them for good in the course of the play. This essay will discuss whether Prospero combines his magic with power over the self, and whether Shakespeare actually presents him as an ideal ruler....   [tags: Tempest essays]

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Prospero as a Magnanimous Ruler or an Oppressive Coloniser

- Prospero as a Magnanimous Ruler or an Oppressive Coloniser At first glance Prospero seems like a well intentioned magician, a serene old man who only wanted to restore harmony and achieve reconciliation. But when you look closer into his character you see something else there, a character who is harsh and impatient, demanding and ambiguous, power hungry and deeply troubled. However, there is also a noble, kind and divine side to him. Ariel knows Prospero well and is one of the main characters and so has an advantage over the other characters about what he knows....   [tags: Papers]

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The Samurai: Warrior and Ruler of Ancient Japan

- The Samurai: Warrior and Ruler of Ancient Japan Few countries have a warrior tradition as long and exciting as Japan. It is a tradition found in the Samurai, the loyal and self-sacrificing knight of ancient Japan. The Samurai is a valiant warrior who can both appreciate the beauty of nature in that of a rose blossom but will also kill or die for his master in an instant. This well-rounded warrior was the ruling class of Japan for almost seven hundred years. He fought for control of his country and to keep Japan free from outside influences....   [tags: essays research papers]

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King Louis XIV: A Disastrous Ruler

- King Louis XIV: A Disastrous Ruler It is often debated whether or not the reign of King Louis XIV had a positive or negative effect on France. Although there were improvements during his reign in transportation, culture, and national defense, there were far more negative aspects. He depleted the national treasury with his liberal spending on personal luxuries and massive monuments. His extreme fear of the loss of power led to poor decision making, which caused the court to be of lower quality....   [tags: European History Essays]

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Ivan the Terrible, the First Tzar of Russia

- Ivan the Terrible was the fist tsar of Russia whoes reign, one of the longest of the Russian tzars, transformed the medivial nation state into a Russian Empire .In order to understand what made Ivan the Terrible ruthless and feared, it is important to know his background. Ivan IV Vasilyevich was born on August 25, 1530 in Kolomenskoye, Moscow, Russia. His father died at age 3 from a blood infection, but on his death bead requested that Ivan become the ruler of Russia when he turned 15. After his father died, the boyars took over and paid no attention to Ivan, denying is right to the thrown....   [tags: Ruler, Empire]

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Hammurabi's Law: First Code of Written Laws

- “ I Hammurabi am the king who is preeminent among kings; my words are choice; my ability has no equal. By the order of Shamash, the great judge of heaven and earth, may my justice prevail in the land;...” (Hammurabi)(Haberman, A., & Hundey, I. (Eds.). (1994). 16. In Civilizations: A cultural atlas. Agincourt, Ont.: Gage Educational Pub.) Hammurabi, the Babylonian king 3700 years ago, set down the very first code of written laws; Hammurabi’s code of law was one of very first set of written laws that he wanted everyone to follow....   [tags: Mesopotamia, Ruler]

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Death as an Indisputable Ruler in The City in the Sea by Edgar Allan Poe

- Edgar Allan Poe is best known for his short stories in a genre of Gothic fiction or Gothic horror. Poe is considered to be an interpreter of the genre as he managed to change and to renovate it by focusing on the psychology of his characters rather than on the traditional Gothic fiction elements. The theme of death is cross-cutting throughout the works of Edgar Allan Poe. His poem The City in the Sea is no exception to that rule. A well known critic T. Frederick Keefer claimed: “Edgar Allan Poe's The City in the Sea is one of the most effective products of his poetic genius and craftsmanship, but it is also the least understood of his major works.” (3, p....   [tags: Poetry Analysis ]

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No Ruler Had A Greater Or More Disastrous Impact On The Twentieth Century

- No ruler had a greater or more disastrous impact on the twentieth century the Adolf Hitler whose name has become a byword for the evils of dictatorship. Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) was born in the upper Austrian border town of Braunau which is located approx. 65 miles east of Munnich and nearly 30 miles north of Salzburg. On Easter Sunday however Hitler did not represent the ideas Easter stands for. The date was April 20, 1889 and he arrived at 6:30 pm (Your Dictionary, What is known about Adolf Hitler’s childhood)....   [tags: Adolf Hitler, World War II, Nazism]

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Free Macbeth Essays: Duncan - The Ideal Ruler?

- Duncan - The Ideal ruler in Macbeth. Establishing whether Duncan was or was not an ideal ruler is crucial when examining Macbeth. Not only would a definite negative answer help in our understanding of the background of the play but it would also, in a way, justify Macbeth s decision of killing Duncan. When the play opens Duncan receives a report from the battlefield. The audience finds out that the threat which Scotland faces is of a double nature. A Norwegian invasion is being assisted by two rebellious thanes - Macdonwald and Cawdor....   [tags: GCSE Coursework Macbeth Essays]

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Prince Escalus from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet: The Ideal Monarch

- ... Shakespeare starts showing the ideal ruler, the one with the people in mind. Later in Romeo and Juliet, there is a fight between Mercutio and Tybalt and then Tybalt and Romeo. Prince Escalus arrives to break up the fight. In Romeus and Juliet, Mercutio is not in the scene, but Tybalt and Romeo still fight. Afterwards, both sides go to the Prince and ask for judgement. In both writings, the Prince shows mercy and only banishes Romeo. Shakespeare takes this to a different extent with Prince Escalus breaking up the fight, hearing from both sides, and making a reasonable judgement....   [tags: ruler, just, peace]

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Kingship in King Lear and King Henry IV, Part I

- Though the concept of kingship is rather unfamiliar and even alien to the contemporary democratic society, it was and still is a topic of great importance to English society. And during the Elizabethan era, no collection of renowned works helped to emphasize this notion more than Shakespeare’s plays – plays such as Macbeth, Hamlet, the Tudor history plays, and even King Lear. There are some who have argued that Shakespeare orchestrated these plays as a means of teaching his audience about political power; the responsibilities of a just ruler; the duties of the subject; and the qualities of a true king....   [tags: power, ruler, William Shakespeare]

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Pascal and Hobbes'Theories on Behavior and Motivation

- ... According to Hobbes, “…every man, ought to endeavor peace, as far as he has hope of obtaining it; and when he cannot obtain it, that he may seek, and use, all helps, and advantages of war” (87). In other words, he believes war acceptable if one is fighting for peace. Fighting has such a negative connotation as it is, so for Hobbes to suggest that it is okay to start war for peace just causes more fighting and negativity. Hobbes also believes that fearing people is a good way to deal with situations....   [tags: religion, peace, ruler]

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Analysis of Nigel Cawthrone´s Daughter of Heaven: The True Story of the Only Woman to Become Emperor of China

- Daughter of Heaven: The True Story of the Only Woman to Become Emperor of China written by Nigel Cawthorne is the true story of the first and only woman ruler of China and her path to the throne. Early in her life it was predicted that she would rule the Empire one day. Wu Chao was born into a successful family, and as a young teenager in the Tang Dynasty she became a concubine in the court of Emperor T’ai-tsung. Traditionally, the Emperor’s concubines were banished to a Buddhist convent after his death, but at a young age Wu Chao was clever and was not about to lose her place in court....   [tags: ruler, throne, concubine, court]

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The Assassination of Juilius Caesar . In William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

- Human nature causes people to behave in unusual ways, such as the envy of another’s power may result in bloodshed. The ancient Romans had three men, called a triumvirate, to rule the people. In William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar the triumvirate during the time period consisted of Julius Caesar, Pompey, and Marcus Crassus; however, after the deaths of Pompey and Crassus, Julius Caesar became the sole ruler of Rome. Caesar represented the Populists Party and ruled for the common people....   [tags: ruler, ambitious, enemies]

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Ivan the Tarrible: The First Tsar of all Russia

-  Ivan IV Vasilyevich, commonly known as Ivan the Terrible, was the Grand Prince of Moscow from 1533 to 1547 and Tsar of All the Russias from 1547 until his death. His long reign saw the conquest of the Khanates of Kazan, Astrakhan, and Siberia, transforming Russia into a multiethnic and multiconfessional state spanning almost one billion acres, approximately . Ivan managed countless changes in the progression from a medieval state to an empire and emerging regional power, and became the first ruler to be crowned as Tsar of All the Russias....   [tags: Authoritative, Mental Illness, Ruler]

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Roman Art: Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius

- Roman Art: Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius The “Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius” was created as propaganda statue for the ruler Marcus Aurelius. Marcus Aurelius was a powerful leader and was best known for military conquests and his intellectual knowledge (Stokstad 200). Marcus Aurelius ruled in Rome from 161 to 180 CE. He was appointed as the ruler by the previous administration though he was not part of the royal family. The “Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius” was one of the lucky bronze pieces from Ancient Rome....   [tags: bronze, ruler, horse]

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Catherine the Great (Catherine II of Russia)

- After Peter the Great’s death, Russia faced a long time period full of weak rulers who didn’t have any significant contributions to Russia (Farah). However, after 37 long years, a woman called Sophie Friederike Auguste, Catherine II or Catherine the Great, who had married the czar of Russia 17 years earlier, became the next great ruler of Russia. Catherine, a very intellectual woman, was interested in music and literature, knew German, French, and managed to learn Russian in a short period of time....   [tags: Intelligent, Monarch, Ruler]

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The Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt: Hatshepsut

- “The pharaoh of ancient Egypt is normally described as the typical example of a divine ruler” (J. Ray, Hatshepsut, Vol 44, Issue 5, 1994) The ancient Egyptian world has seen hundreds of pharaohs; some excelled and some didn’t. Many of the pharaohs were men, only few females succeeded in gaining such great power, yet some did... specifically Hatshepsut. Few pharaohs of the 18Th Dynasty have aroused as much controversy as Hatshepsut. Hatshepsut was the sixth pharaoh of the New Kingdom and set up co-regency with her nephew and stepson, Thutmose III....   [tags: dynasty, divine ruler]

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Brief History of Charlemagne or Charles the Great

- Born into royalty, Charlemagne always knew what it was like to live the luxurious life. His parents who were devoted to God and religion immediately introduced him to Christianity. His father being King of the Franks granted him the title as soon as he came of age. Once Carloman, Charlemagne’s brother, died and failed to fulfill his duties as king, Charlemagne took over his place. This decision making him not only leader of one kingdom, but two. Throughout his lifetime he inspired others, and had converted many citizens to become Christians....   [tags: King, Ruler, Christian]

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Long Live the Great Queen Elizabeth II

- Last year, the United Kingdom’s eighty seven year old ruler, celebrated her Diamond Jubilee, which marks the 60th anniversary of her coronation. Throughout her reign, she has tried to make the British monarchy more modern and sensitive to the public. Along from helping the British monarchy she has impacted the world. Her majesty is Queen Elizabeth II, one of the United Kingdom’s most dutiful monarch in a thousand years and is still continuing. The Queen was born Elizabeth Alexandra Mary on April 21, 1926 in London, to Prince Albert (now King George VI) and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon....   [tags: ruler, charity, support]

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The Life of Alexander the Great

- Alexander the Great There in the city of Pella Macedonia lays a young captor named Alexander the Great. He was a great horror to the Persians as he destroyed them for revenge of the destruction of Athens. In his life time he destroyed, conquered, and gained power of the nations around him. As it started getting better, things took a turn for the worse. As he crumpled up, his kingdom did as well. Alexander the Great was a ruler, fighter, and a conqueror from Pella, Macedonia from 356-324 B.C. Alexander the Great was born July 20, 356 B.C., in Pella, Macedonia....   [tags: ruler, war, empire]

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The Life of Queen Elizabeth I

- When Elizabeth was born she never knew how difficult her life would be. Her gender and the time period when she was born was opened to challenges of illegitimacy during her lifetime and beyond. For her to be known so well is astonishing. Throughout her life she did many remarkable things, especially as queen. Although she overcame many obstacles in life Elizabeth became a incredible queen. In 1533 on September 7, Elizabeth Tutor was born in the Palace of Placentia, in Greenwich, United Kingdom....   [tags: ruler, gender, marriage]

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Parliament and Its ilimited Legal Power

- Parliament has unlimited legal power to enact any law whatsoever and of course denying the fact that there are many political and practical reasons why a specific parliament might be restricted there are three possible contenders in the sovereignty which are parliament ,courts and crown there is no logical reason why should we have just a one supremacy having unlimited powers[‎ ]. According to Dicey 1915 under the English Constitution a parliament has power to make or unmake any law further no individual or body has any right to amend or adjust the legislation of parliament this has three aspects 1) unlimited lawmaking power 2) validity of la...   [tags: parliamentary sovereignty, absolut ruler]

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Tsar Nicholas II in Russia

- ... The people of Russia were simply disillusioned from all the casualties and injuries. This event marked Bloody Sunday, the day the Tsar and his people became even more distant. Workers set up work councils that were mostly influenced by revolutionary ideas. When Germany declared war on Russia it only made conditions worse for the people. Industries that supplied the war thrived and those that didn’t failed, people wanted the war to end. There was a national sentiment that the Tsar was unfit to rule Russia....   [tags: ruler, regime, revolution]

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Machiavelli: The Realistic Philosopher

- Niccolo Machiavelli was an Italian diplomat in the early 16th century. While in exile, Machiavelli spent most of his time educating himself in Roman history and writing political treatise. In this time, he wrote a letter to Lorenzo de Medici in hopes of perishing his exile and gaining approval from the Medici family. This message was interpreted as a guide to becoming a successful ruler. Machiavelli’s The Prince discusses the way of life a prince should live in order to maintain power. He believed that giving the Medici family an idea of how to gain and keep complete authority would be very useful in affecting the politics in Italy of the age....   [tags: italian diplomat, strong ruler]

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The Power of Cleopatra

- Around 69 B.C, one of the most famous female rulers ever known was born, she was Cleopatra. She was the descendent of the Egyptian ruler, Ptolemy XII, and she would eventually became the queen of ancient Egypt herself. She was known for being extremely intelligent and very charming, and because of this many romans feared her and viewed her as a threat. When her father died the throne of Egypt was left to her and her brother, Ptolemy XIII, and rivalry formed between the two, making her even more determined to become the sole ruler of Egypt....   [tags: Most Famous Woman Ruler]

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The Code of Hammurabi

- The code of Hammurabi was presented in an eight-foot-tall stele made of gleaming black basalt. On the upper part of it shows Hammurabi the Babylonian king standing in the left next to the God of justice , Shamash. The laws were written in a phallic form , Hence made it obvious that it is a symbol of Hammurabi’s authority. Everyone at the time of Hammurabi could recognize the symbol of Hammurabi’s authority . Even those who could not read what was inscribed in the stele. Hammurabi ruled Babylon , which is a city in the center of Mesopotamia ....   [tags: Babylonia, ruler, laws]

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The Prince by Machiavelli

- Possibly the most controversial book ever written, The Prince by Machiavelli, focuses on how a Prince or leader should rule. Many of the techniques that are stated in the text have caused many debates ever since it’s publication. When Machiavelli composed the Prince, his contemporaries were shocked at the ideas and themes presented. The Prince introduced a whole new way of thinking that was almost completely contrary to present beliefs. For that reason, in 1559 the Pope banned the printing of the Prince and the rest of Machiavelli’s writings....   [tags: Controversy, Banned, Ruler]

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Alexander The Great

- There are many leaders in the world, but a great ruler is passionate, honorable and one who can inspire even in the most hopeless circumstances. Alexander the Great was a great ruler. Alexander the Great was a ruler that was not only inspiring, but he was fearless, smart, bold and courageous. Alexander the Great inspired his soldiers to crave more. He has inspired people since the day he started ruling. What is inspirational about Alexander the Great is that he inspired his troops to the point that they did not question him when they were outnumbered three to one in a battle, they trusted him with their lives and were willing to die for him (Alexander the Great: man behind the legend)....   [tags: leaders, legend, ruler]

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The Powerful Cleopatra

- The Powerful Cleopatra Cleopatra is one of the most recognizable names of all time, but not many people know why she is so famous in our history today. Cleopatra Philopator was born 69 BCE and ruled with her father, Ptolemy XII Auletes. Cleopatra’s father passed away when she was eighteen years old, which left her to rule; however, at that point in time, if a woman ruled she needed a male by her side. Cleopatra ended up marrying her brother, Ptolemy XIII. Later on Cleopatra dropped her brother’s name from all official documents and ruled alone by herself....   [tags: Egypt, Ruler, Suicide]

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Plato 's Ideal City And Modern Day Society

- First Paper Assignment Plato believed that his “ideal city” would be successful. With different tears of quality of life, and the ways of classifying people, he believed it would work out. However, if you really look at the structure of his ideal city, and of our modern day society, it simply would not work. Though you can also find many similarities between his ideal city and our modern world today, which in some ways his ideal city could possibly work. The foundation of Plato’s ideal city was to have different classes of people....   [tags: Sociology, Social class, Philosophy, Ruler]

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The World Is A Pure And Righteous Place

- According to Socrates, Guardians are to be the leaders, lawmakers and the rulers. They are to be the courageous, temperate, holy and free individuals who rule over the producers and auxiliaries. However, Socrates’ proposes that they are sheltered from the injustice, unpleasant or just deemed “bad” actions of the world. He feels that the youth who will grow up to be guardians are overly impressible and censorship will help them only absorb the good and righteous stories. However, censorship of actions from our leaders doesn’t make them good leaders at all....   [tags: Good and evil, Evil, Ruler, Platonism]

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Thomas Hobbes State of Nature

- ... Basing his argument on a Deist perspective, Locke believed that the state of nature is a more peaceful community, where people were governed by a Natural Law set forth by a Creator. One such natural law is the ability to reason, but a much more different view of it than Hobbes’. Locke believed that reason is what tells those in the natural state not to murder or offend anyone’s right to life, liberty and property. John Locke stated that this Natural right is inalienable, meaning that it becomes a great injustice to violate it....   [tags: social, contract, war, ruler, rights]

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Poseidon: God of Sea

- Poseidon:God of the Sea. Poseidon, the great Greek ruler of the sea , horses and the earthquakes. His ancestry comes from the family of the Olympians that roamed the world in 2200 B.C . With the father of Cronus and mother of Rhea and having the famous brother of Zeus. Who fortunately saved him from being ate by his notable father ,Cronus. He was saved when Rhea,” the mother of all gods”, had deceived Cronus into eating a rock instead of eating another one of his offspring (“Rhea”) .Similar to what Cronus he did to Hestia , Pluto , Hera and Demeter....   [tags: Greek Ruler, Sea, Horses, Earthquakes]

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Brutus for Ruler in Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar"

- In the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare there are several people who would be good rulers of Rome. Out of them all Brutus would have been the best choice to lead Rome. Brutus would be the best chosen leader for Rome for several reasons. Brutus was a very smart man and smartness is a very good quality for a leader. Another feature Brutus had, was he had very little or maybe even no emotions, and if he did he did a very good job of hiding them. A further aspect of Brutus is that he was very well respected by everyone....   [tags: Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, ]

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Asoka and the Buddhist Faith

- Asoka was the third ruler of the Mauryan Empire and is considered the greatest ruler of ancient India. Asoka not only unified India under one government, he also introduced the concept of conquest by moral force over violence. Furthermore, he is arguably one of the most important figures in the early development of Buddhism. It is because of Asoka’s royal patronage that Buddhism spread beyond India and became the world religion that it is today. Buddhism is one of the oldest religions in the world, which began in India....   [tags: third ruler of the Mauryan Empire, ancient India]

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Namely Mirambo the African Ruler

- Namely Mirambo, was born in Uyowa in East and Central Africa in between 1870 and 1880, the son of the Mtemi clan an ordinary person but later his name was spread over shore of Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika. His father was Kasanda, son of Mtula and Mtula was son of Mgandu and Mgandu was son of Mlolwa. Mirambo was determined to build a large army to capture more countries and spread his authority wider, his name called Mbula. The name Mirambo had not yet been given to him. Mirambo was very tall, he was brown and stooped slightly, he is one of the most handsome Africans....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Queen Elizabeth I: The Most Glorious Ruler of England

- TShe is doted as one of England’s greatest monarchs, and brought England out of destitution, and into one of its most glorious periods, the Elizabethan Age. Though, she suffered greatly before crowning; throughout her rule as Queen, England was reformed and fortified to be one of the most powerful countries in the known world. Elizabeth was born in the Greenwich Palace on September 7, 1533 to Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII of England. (Stated on page 1 of Crompton, Samuel Willard. Queen Elizabeth and England's Golden Age....   [tags: Biography ]

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Empress Wu: Evil Usurper?

- ... She understood how to manipulate those that were dissatisfied in the palace to her advantage. Wu was not content with being one of the emperor’s consorts and her hunger for power drew her to extreme measures. As Wu’s status with the emperor rose, she decided that in order to remove Wang from the role of empress, she must ‘contrive a suitable excuse’ for the emperor to demote his principal consort. An opportunity arose when Wu gave birth to a daughter whom Empress Wang often played with, as she had no children of her own....   [tags: China's first woman ruler 7th century]

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Blurred Lines of Heroism and Villainy in Shakspeare's Henry V

- King Henry V is considered to be by far one of the greatest rulers to ever have graced the throne of England. Shakespeare demonstrates this belief by exemplifying Henry’s strong attributes showing just how great and powerful of a leader Henry was. However the issue of power and ethics plays a tremendous role in the personification of Henry as a person. There is no doubt that Henry’s power and ethical stance makes him a great king, but by being a great king, Henry is forced to act in a way that can be construed as dissolute....   [tags: Play Analysis, Ruler of England]

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The Essential Nature of Each Story in Beowulf by Gummere

- ... She punished the innocent because of her hubris and beauty (1932-1939). A bad queen, in the expectations of the Anglo-Saxons and narrator’s perspective, had causes for their actions, dismissed moral obligations, and did not care about their citizens’ futures or lives. Modthryth ignored these morals and therefore presented herself with the reputation of a bad queen in Hygelac's kingdom. Yet, “[she was] less cruel minded after she married the brave Offa… In days to come she would grace the throne and grow famous for… [her] high devotion to the hero king” (1947-1954)....   [tags: ruler, relationships, enemy]

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Vladimir Lenin and The Red Terror

- Eventually, nations collapse and kingdoms fail, termination can occur through many causes. Whether through being ruled by a sequence of out of touch men, engaging in war, having too many enemies, or an amalgamation: no nation is safe. Russia in the year of 1910 was in an immensely horrible situation, she had all of these problems. If it was not for Vladimir IIich Lenin, Russia would not have existed by 1920. Throughout the February Revolution Lenin was living in exile. In April 1917, Lenin returned to Russia with the help of the Germans....   [tags: Historical Events, Russian Ruler]

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Biography of Ferdinand Marcos

- Ferdinand Marcos was famous for ruling Philippine island with an iron fist for nearly two decades. He was also known for implementing a brutal martial law which gives the military to exercise their extraordinary power to maintain order, with his superior position in the senate, martial law was his excuse in uncontrolled growing level of the communist party called New People’s Army or NPA. He was the first president in the Philippine presidential history to be reelected twice in his term. Ferdinand was born on September 11, 1917 in a small village in Ilocos Norte, located in the northern part of Luzon, called Sarat....   [tags: Philippine Ruler, Achievements]

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Maharaja Ranjit Singh: The Sikh Ruler, In The Eyes Of Non-sikhs

- According to the famous historian Carlyle, a worthy sovereign should be judged from a sole factor as to how he employs his sword after being victorious. ********** Le Griffin writes that: "Maharaja Ranjit Singh ruled his kingdom exactly according to the Sikh way of life and Sikhism considers everyone as friends and talks about the welfare of all irrespective of caste and creed." ********** The spirit of Gurbani couplet, "The one Lord is the Father of all and we are the children of the one Lord rules supreme in every Sikh heart." Charles Hugal, writes in his book, "Travels in Kashmir and Punjab", that, "probably no person in the world could have establis...   [tags: essays research papers]

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King Leonidas I of Ancient Sparta

- In the city of a Sparta is a statue of a legend that left behind and attributed a vast of history of a king who was recognized and feared by always getting all he wanted even if the methods were deviant. Respected for keeping his head up in the worst of the challenges he faced. The name of this icon was Leonidas, a king from the ancient Sparta who was a fierce leader and showed the world what it needs to gain the respect of its people. Personal Background Leonidas was born in Greece Peloponnesian Peninsula in 530 B.C....   [tags: Sparta, King, Ruler, Biography, Achievements]

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Discharge Measurement For Papago Park Canal

- To perform module 2 discharge measurement for Papago park canal, a standard Six-Tenths-depth method was used to determine the wadeable stream discharge with the use of pygmy current meters. The pygmy was chosen since the depth of the canal was one foot or less. The pygmy meter was then taken away from its case and unlocked its wheel cups rotation and the transit book had been checked for critical notes. The assembly of the pygmy meter, wading rod, and the headset was performed (a flat screwdriver was used to fasten the pygmy with rod), upon connecting headset wiring with pygmy meter, the headset was tested and batteries were checked....   [tags: Measurement, Ruler, Tape measure, Velocity]

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A Brief Note On Static Electricity Or Electrostatics

- Jessica Vandeventer 16 March 16 Static Electricity or Electrostatics Charging Material Pepper Salt Paper Aluminum Styrofoam Uncharged Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing Cotton Nothing Nothing Stuck to ruler Stuck to ruler Nothing Fur Stuck to ruler Stuck to ruler Stuck to ruler Nothing Nothing Wool Nothing Nothing Moved a little bit Moved a little bit Nothing Silk Stuck to ruler Stuck to ruler Stuck to ruler Stuck to ruler Stuck to ruler Wool Nothing Nothing Stuck to ruler Moved around as ruler moved Moved around as ruler moved Polyester Nothing Nothing Stuck to ruler Nothing Nothing Data Table 1....   [tags: Electric charge, Rubbing]

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Machiavelli's Views on Leadership- It Is Better to be Feared as a Leader than Loved

- According to Machiavelli's view of how to be an effective leader, a ruler should be one who is feared but not hated. Machiavelli states that fear is better than love because love is unreliable. All of the reasons that Machiavelli gives relate to how human nature controls men and drives them to commit crimes in order to reach their goals and satisfy themselves. Before the organization of Italy as a country, it was broken into city-states one of which Machiavelli called home. He was a Florentine and was deeply concerned with how the political governments of Italy worked because the city-states were almost constantly at war with each another....   [tags: leadership]

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Comparing Seneca 's On Mercy And Machiavelli 's The Prince

- Advice to Young Leaders Response Paper #4: Machiavelli and Seneca Seneca’s On Mercy and Machiavelli 's The Prince come written in similar form. Both are advice books from prominent thinkers to individuals who recently came to power at the time. However, despite the parallels in their origin, the books these two philosophers present have vastly different teachings. Machiavelli and Seneca present two deeply divided views of the proper course of leadership, as they disagree on the nature of a great ruler and on the proper methods of ruling....   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Virtue, The Prince]

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The Proper Role of Government

- Philosophers have struggled with determining the proper role of government. In the absence of government and laws, people could do whatever they wanted, and some of them would try to slaughter others and steal their property. This is the state called anarchy. People have realized that the safety of the people and the country would be in jeopardy in such a state. Thus, it is necessary for a country to have a government and/or ruler. However, a ruler must not have absolute power nor lack authority....   [tags: natural rights, Declaration of Independence]

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