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In Plato’s “The Republic,” Socrates argues that education is key in creating a just state and a just individual. Socrates poses different views on the amount of education an individual needs in order to be an auxiliary, guardian, or philosopher-king. However, Socrates believes that the philosopher-kings’ education makes them more fit to rule as a just individual. While I agree with Socrates about the role that education should play, I do not agree that the education of the philosopher’s make better rulers than any other individual./
Before looking at the role of education in a just society, justice must first be defined. Socrates argues to Glaucon that “Justice will be admitted to be the having and doing what is a man’s own and belongs to him.” Socrates believes that being just means, in short, minding one’s own business and not getting involved in another’s work. For example, Socrates states “The opposite of [injustice], own-dealing of each class, moneymakers, assistants and guardians, each one of these doing its own business in the city, would be justice and would make the city just.” An auxiliary should not be getting involved with the work of a guardian, and vice versa. If each individual does not mind his or her own business, then the city is unjust. If each individual does mind his or her own business, then the city is just. In my opinion, the meaning of justice is more complex that just “doing its own business.” To me, justice is more closely related to fairness, in that no person should be treated as though they are above the law. Each person should be punished and rewarded accordingly to their actions. My definition fits into Socrates’ definition in that each person should be treated for who they are and fairly, despite ...

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...ucation is better suited in creating a just ruler than any other type of education. Yet, Socrates believes that the education of a philosopher-king makes them a more suitable ruler. Socrates defines justice as minding one’s own business, while injustice is defined as the polar opposite. While Socrates argues that the guardian’s education should mold them into a suitable ruler, he later argues that the education of a ruler should not recreate an individual. At the same time he states that more emphasis should be placed on “the good” rather than nature. This he believes makes the most suitable ruler. In my opinion, he correctly states that a ruler needs to be good, but forgets to mention that they should also be taught how to approach the political aspect of ruling. In short; however, education plays a major role in the creating of a just state and a just individual.
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