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Methods of dating Basaltic rocks

- Basalt is a common extrusive igneous rock, there are a large number of volcanic provinces across Southeast Australia that have been found to contain basaltic lava flows. It is likely that these flows have come from volcanic activity caused by mantle plumes from the mesosphere. A variety of dating methods have been used to date these basaltic rocks, which have been aged from the Jurassic era right up to the late Cenozoic. 1. Composition of Basalt Basalt is a commonly occurring igneous rock. More specifically however, Basalt falls under the category of Mafic Rocks....   [tags: mafic rocks, volcanoes ]

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Landscaping Ideas With Rocks

- So you have a beautiful home and want to make the backyard as beautiful, warm and welcoming as the house itself, but have run out ideas. Try landscaping rocks. Landscaping rocks refers to naturally found rocks or man-made, rock mimicking structures that you can use to make original amazing backyards or do a backyard makeover that improves an existing backyard. Landscaping with rocks makes more amazing backyards than other materials because rocks provide a unique, more natural looking and diverse look on any backyard and outdoor space....   [tags: landscaping, rocks, backyards]

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The Coquina Rock: Diagenesis, and Sedimentary Rocks

- Type of Rock The rock coquina is originally a sedimentary rock. Sedimentary rocks are made up of sediments. The sediments are formed by the mechanical or chemical activities of the natural activities like running water, blowing wind, glaciers etc. this which causes disintegration and decomposition of the pre-existing rocks. The products of decay are transported to some depositional sites by the natural agencies, where they get deposited and with subsequent compaction form sedimentary rocks (Hefferan, O’Brien, 2010)....   [tags: sedimentary rocks, uses, myths]

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Identifying the Distinct Rocks Types in the Streambed of Muddy Run

- Rivers and streams are the main transporters of sediment and rock and they are known for their powerful erosional capabilities. Sediment and rock travel down gradient from location to location until they come to rest in a delta or they are deposited when the velocity of the water has become too slow to move the debris any further. Secondary streams, although known for moving less sediment or rock, still retain the power to erode and transport. Muddy Run, a secondary bedrock stream in Oneida Township, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, is one such example....   [tags: Sediment and rocks, geological formation]

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The Science of Rocks

- ... According to Thompson & Turk (2011), basalt, also commonly known as a mafic rock due to its high levels of magnesium and iron, contains olivine, pyroxene, and Calcium- and sodium-feldspar (37). Granite, on the other hand, is considered a felsic rock due to its high levels of potassium feldspar and quartz, and it not only contains the two mentioned minerals, but also often contains small amounts of biotite, muscovite, or hornblende which give it a speckled appearance. The difference in the mineral composition is apparent in the rocks’ color and grain texture....   [tags: lab exercise in geology]

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Rocks and Dates Geology Analysis

- The Grand Canyon is a wonderful place to gain a sense of how old the earth really is because of the ability to date the layers of rock in the canyon. The Rocks exposed in Grand Canyon are truly ancient, ranging from 1840 million years old or 1.84 billion years old (to 270 million years of age. (Beus, and Morales, 2003). While the Grand Canyon is not old in comparison to much of the earth, it is considered young earth because it was slivered by an ie in the last six million years. This gives the rocks in the Canyon Ice age fossils and new deposits, in the grand scheme of things....   [tags: grand canyon, rock layers, geology]

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Leonardo 's The Virgin Of The Rocks

- Foreshortening was another technique, closely tied with perspective, that helped to show the perceived depth of objects. Based on a similar principle, foreshortening is the visual shortening of objects viewed at an angle. For example, in the piece, The Lamentation of Christ, by Andrea Mantegna we see the posthumous body of Jesus lain on a table, with mourning followers off to the side. As the viewer is situationally placed at the feel of Christ, the length of his body is inversely stretched, visually speaking, which when viewed as a flat image, makes him shorter at this angle....   [tags: Leonardo da Vinci, Renaissance, Painting]

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Rocks and the Earth

- Rocks and the Earth There are 3 main types of rock . These are sedimentary , metamorphic and igneous . Igneous rocks are formed by molten lava escaping from the mantle and cooling down to form solid , crystalline rock. The faster the new rock cools the smaller the crystals in the rock are. Eg Granite Sedimentary rocks are made when small chippings of rock accumulate on the seabed and are crushed together over thousands of years. These chippings are worn from rocks by wind, rain and ice , this is called erosion or weathering....   [tags: Papers]

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Rocks and Minerals Mined throughout Colorado

- Rocks and Minerals I selected rocks and minerals that are mined in throughout Colorado. Rocks and minerals can be mined underground and some of them are pit mines. I live in Western Colorado where there are several different mining operations of rocks and minerals. Gold, silver, gypsum, and marble mines. I will describe the different mining techniques, economic advantages and disadvantages, as well as how the rock or minerals are shipped. Marble Colorado, is located in the Rocky Mountains that was incorporated in 1899....   [tags: gold, silver, gypsum, marble]

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Students Learn About Rocks Through The Use Of A Film

- 1. Rocks: Students learn about rocks through the use of a film. The student uses a whiteboard to take notes, and organizes notes with the use of a graphic organizer. 2. Place People Lived: Very interesting video, showing how the use of video, interactive, whiteboards, and the internet, help students to see the different types of the shelter people lived in over the years. Visualization plays a key role in learning. 3. Broad Stripes and Bright Stars: The use of the internet, and websites help students learn about the American flag, using discussion questions from the teachers’ guide, the teacher is able to get students to engage in discussion while viewing the websites....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Learning]

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The World 's Oldest Rocks Underneath The Plateaus

- Africa is the world’s poorest continent, affected by the internal armed conflicts in 42 countries. Africa has the world’s oldest rocks underneath the plateaus. In eastern Africa, plateau surface raised where the top is cracked causing crustal rocks to fall forming rift valleys. Rift valleys is a deep valley caused by the rocks of Earth’s crust arching and cracking to let down a section of crust to form the valley form. Rift valley usually have deep lakes. These old rocks contains mineral resources which got Europe interest....   [tags: Africa, South Africa, World Bank, Suez Canal]

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The Appearance of Highly Reflective Fault Mirrors in Carbonate Rocks

- The appearance of highly reflective fault mirrors (FMs) (Figure 1) in carbonate rocks is a topic that is only recently receiving interest. Knowing the conditions that are required to produce these FMs is important as it can indicate how the fault has ruptured providing a mitigation tool for appropriate plans to be put in place for similar events in limestone dominated regions. This is geologically important, has economical significance and could save lives. Recognised FMs occur in carbonate rocks during presumed faulting which is a common occurrence in the earth’s upper crust (Barnhoon et al 2005), especially through Mediterranean countries such as Greece and Italy (Smith et al 2011)....   [tags: dead sea, atomic force microscopy]

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Chondrites: The Most Primitive Rocks in the Solar System

- Chondrites give geologists insights on the makeup of the early solar system. Geologists are driven by understanding how the Earth came to be what it is today. Chondrites formed at the time o Introduction Chondrites are the most primitive rocks in the solar system. Chondrites are stony (non-metallic) meteorites that have not been modified due to melting or differentiation of the parent body. Chondrites are formed when dust and small grains that originated from the early solar system accreted to form asteroids....   [tags: geologists, dust, primitive solar system]

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We Must Replace Rocks At Tide Pools

- Always replace rocks. If you want to look under a rock, put it back the way it was when you 're done. Leaving a rock "belly-up" is an almost sure way to kill any animals that were living underneath it. Plan ahead. Look at tide charts to tell you when the best time to visit tide pools, it will give you a longer time to explore and a safer exit. Watch where you step. Barnacles and other tide pool dwellers will thank you for stepping carefully while you explore. Stay on bare rocks where you won’t crush animals, rip slippery seaweeds, or risk a fall....   [tags: Tide, Intertidal zone, Tide pool]

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The Slab Component and Island Arc Igneous Rocks

- Explain how the slab component is generated in island arc igneous rocks. Consider both the fore-arc and back-arc basin environments Island arcs form as oceanic plate subducts under oceanic plate. Volcanism is concentrated in an arc of volcanoes, generally approximately located above the leading edge of the subducting plate. A trench often forms where the slabs meet and subduction begins. On the non subducting slab a series of basins form, with a fore-arc basin nearest the subduction/trench, then the main arc, and a back-arc basin on the far side (Mitchell and Reading, 1971; Frisch, Meschede and Blakey, 2010)....   [tags: Geology]

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Classifying Rocks

- Classifying Rocks      Rocks are classified to make it easier on people to identify them in the future. This can be done by a numerous amount of ways. Each rock type has their own specific ways, but there are two distinct characteristics that apply to all. These are texture and composition. These two, along with many others helps to classify igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks.      Igneous rocks are classified first by texture. This is broken down mainly into grain size. First there are intrusive, or plutonic igneous rocks....   [tags: Geology Geological Rock Essays Papers]

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Sedimentary Rocks

- Sedimentary Rocks Sedimentary rocks are formed from layers of deposits laid down in lakes or seas. Over millions of years the layers of sediment build up resulting in the weight pressing downwards, creating high pressure, which squeezes the water out. As the water is squeezed out, salts form between the particles of sediment due to crystallization and this cements the particles together. Sedimentary rocks can either rise to the surface again to be discovered, or they can descend into the heat and pressure below....   [tags: Papers]

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Physics of How Tires Throw Rocks

- Many of us have gotten rock chips, but how many of us understand how those pesky rocks hit our windshield. A common misconception is that the car in front of us throws rocks "backward" and hits the following car's windshield. A rolling tire cannot throw a rock backwards. A tire is a rolling object, thus every point along the tire is moving forwards. There is no force going in a backwards direction. Only direction part of a rolling object can go is a combination of up or down, and forward. The velocity of the rock at any given point can be determined by adding it's translational velocity at the center of mass (the orange arrow) with it's rotational velocity....   [tags: physics tire rock]

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Igneous Rocks Are Formed From The Ejection Of Earth 's Volcanoes

- Igneous rocks are formed from the ejection of earth’s volcanoes. Deep down inside earth’s mantle there lies hot magma. Magma is molten rock that is kept below the surface. This mixture is usually made up of four parts: a hot liquid substance which is called the melt; minerals that have been crystallized by the melt; solid rocks that have made themselves tangled in the melt because of loose materials, and finally gases that have become liquid. Magma is created by an increase in temperatures, pressure change, and a alter in composition....   [tags: Sedimentary rock, Igneous rock, Rock]

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The Difference in Limpet Frequency in Different Microhabitats at the Middle Shore

- The frequency of Patella vulgata has shown to be affected by different microhabitats. An experiment was taken to investigate the difference in limpet frequency at three different microhabitats at the middle shore – Rock pools, Under Rocks and on Top of Rocks. At each microhabitat six sites were investigated and the abiotic factors (temperature, humidity, wind speed and light intensity) were measured. It was found that Under Rocks had the highest frequency of limpets and Rock Pools had the lowest, this was because the limpets where sheltered from direct contact with sunlight and wind, so desiccation was less for limpets found under the rocks whereas in rock pools....   [tags: abiotic, rocks, currents]

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The Hiking Trail of American Fork Canyon

- ... Iron oxidation is another example of chemical weathering. There are tilted layers of bedrock. This is caused by the moving of tectonic plates, specifically the Pacific and North American plates. Some of the rocks have wavy lines. They were created by water moving slowly over the surface, or physical weathering. There are fossils that can be found in the sedimentary rocks, and the fossils indicate the kinds of life forms that lived in the region many, many years ago. Many of the rocks have different colored layers, which is known as stratigraphy....   [tags: rocks, weathering, caves]

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Soil Permeability: How Much Water Certain Soils can Hold

- You may never think about the issues that could occur from a little factor such as soil permeability. Soil permeability is the amount of water or air the soil can take in. People who work in the agriculture field have to pay attention to this kind of issue when finding the right place to plant and grow their products. Soil Permeability can also play a role when making a baseball or football field. The soil has to be able to drain the water, so players can play after storms. Infiltration rates are how much water the soil can take up in an amount of time....   [tags: rocks, pores, floodings]

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Radiometric Dating: The Assumptions of Scientists

- In the beginning of twentieth century, an advance in science occurred with the discovery of radioactivity. Scientist learned rocks and fossils could be used as timepieces, to tell the age of Earth. Radiometric dating is common method, often relied on by the world, which uses rocks to tell the age of Earth and its materials. Through this method scientist have concluded that the earth is 4.6 billion years of age and, this date and radiometric dating is accurate. However, over the years scientists have been proven incorrect....   [tags: rocks, decay, atoms]

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What is the Kamiak Butte?

- Kamiak Butte is one of the few areas near Pullman that reflect the many geologic terms learned in class. This area is an example of an area that is extinct to the surrounding landforms. This butte is located in Whitman County, in between the cities of Colfax and Pullman, Washington. With an elevation of 3, 641 feet above sea level, Kamiak Butte has one of the highest elevations in all of Whitman County (1). The county park covers about 298 acres, and consists mainly of woodlands. Once one has climbed to the top of the butte, the sights become endless and breathe taking....   [tags: geography, rocks, formation]

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The Application of Paleomagnetism

- Paleomagnetism is defined as the study of the record of the Earth’s ancient magnetic field using igneous and sedimentary rocks. It has been instrumental for our understanding of how planet Earth operates and is one of the cornerstones of plate tectonic theory. When rocks form, they record the direction, polarity, and absolute or relative intensity of the Earth’s magnetic field, which can be extracted with paleomagnetic methods. Paleomagnetism has several applications, most importantly it is used to reconstruct plate movements and plate tectonic configurations, and in magnetostratigraphy as a dating tool for sedimentary rocks....   [tags: rocks, ingeous, geology ]

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Leonardo Da Vinci

- Featured in this gallery are the two versions of The Virgin of the Rocks (also known as The Madonna of the Rocks). These two altarpieces are being showcased in particular in this exhibition because they share a location in the same Milanese church, the San Francesco Grande, and most importantly the same artist (although this has been debated), Leonardo Da Vinci, painted both versions of the altarpiece. Further, another reason why they are being portrayed in this exhibition is due to the debates over their authenticity, even though they are 15 years apart in conception....   [tags: The Virgin of the Rocks, Contrasts]

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Sea Water: Dolomitization

- Dolomitization – Question C One of the conundrums of carbonate diagenesis is that seawater is supersaturated in dolomite, yet dolomite is rarely directly precipitated in the present day. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of different mechanisms that have been postulated to explain dolomitization, and why it is important to understand from a hydrocarbon perspective. Introduction Dolomite (CaMg〖(CO_3)〗_2) is found in carbonate rocks of all ages that formed under a variety of conditions, but today it only forms in hypersaline lagoons, lakes and tidal flats....   [tags: warm plataform waters, carbonate rocks]

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Diamonds in the Rough

- Diamonds in the Rough Nature is full of many awe-inspiring things, from majestic mountains to carpets of flowers. There is much artistic creativity inspired by nature, but it is often of valleys, and streams. Rarely do we see the smaller pieces that make up such grand pictures. There are few people who appreciate the beauty of a single leaf, or a single drop of water. It is even rarer to find a person who finds beauty in a rock. For most people rocks are only beautiful if polished up and set in gold or silver....   [tags: Nature Rocks Outdoors Essays]

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Climbing Rocks and Dreams

- I am the bravest guy I know. I don't mean to brag, but that's just the way it is. Granted, I'm not great pals with any prisoners of war or any cowboys, but I am a climber, and climbers are hardcore. By sheer will, climbers scale overhanging rock faces, risk life and limb in the pursuit of the summit, and just generally go all out all the time. Aside from being able to handle the risk, climbers latch onto the sharpest and most painful handholds for the simplest reward of having climbed a particular rock wall....   [tags: Personal Narrative, Autobiographical Essay]

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Martian Rocks

- H. G. Wells wrote in his book, "War of the Worlds", about Martian invasion toward earth. He mentioned, "No one would have believed, in the last years of the nineteenth century that this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than man's and yet as mortal as his own; that as men busied themselves about their various concerns they were scrutinized and studied, perhaps almost as narrowly as man with a microscope might scrutinize the transient creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water." Since then it has now been about 100 years Wells based his well-known story of human's first contact with extraterrestrial life....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Why JT Rocks!

- I'll say straight up that I'm not nor ever was an N'sync fan. The 80's are over and so is the mandate for me to listen to and love pop..I like a bit more substance to my music. But even still, some albums or songs are so catchy, with great beats that even as pop or r&b records they make you run out to the store and purchase them. I thought this was the case w/ Timberlake, as the first single from his Justified had me boppin' my head and tapping my toes. No doubt about it, Justin has soul and can sing, so I figured with this new album he would let the whole world know who he is....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Dialogue Essays: The Test

- The Test Lucinda made it back home on that special day in time for dinner. She didn't say anything to anyone about what Ambur had given her. She hoped it was the right thing to do as she had only done it to better the lives of her and her family and to help others. She was not afraid to venture into the woods to search for gold. And Ambur said it was everywhere and that people just didn't know what they’re doing when trying to find it. But now Lucinda had the advantage. The gift. Or the curse. The next morning she went downstairs for breakfast and of course her mom is out on a run....   [tags: troll, glow, rocks]

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My Abandoment

- In this essay, I will be discussing the book The Abandonment written by Peter Rock. This paper will detail the facts and feelings behind the argument and in my conclusion; I will discuss the fascination in regards to Book cover #5. I actually took the time to read the material twice the information provided became more educational the further into the novel. I will say that I had to free myself to immerse in a journey of exploration that I probably did not know existed. The reading of the Abandonment put me face to face with the unfamiliar....   [tags: peter rocks]

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What Does Asteroids Could Make A Massive Destruction?

- In our nearby planetary group today there are more than 30000 space rocks flying around every which way slamming into different space rocks and planets not thinking about the demolition they may pass on. Our planet Earth is gotten appropriate a midst the greater part of this activity and is obligated to whole elimination of any life frames on the planet if a sufficiently substantial space rock crosses its way. Any one single space rock has the likelihood to delete a great many years of history and wipe out mankind as we probably am aware it....   [tags: Earth, Solar System, Planet, Sun]

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Description Of The Landslide Sediment

- Beginning with the youngest unit from the Quaternary period, alluvium was deposited in all of the mapping areas. It is an unconsolidated deposit of clay, silt, sand and gravel as a result of stream flows in a river valley or delta. The deposits that are not lithified fill a basin and lump together to form ‘alluvial’ sediments. Other Quaternary depositions include talus and landslide. Talus was found in both Block Mountain and Timber Hill, while landslide was found in Block Mountain. Talus is an accumulation of broken rock fragments at the base of valleys or mountain cliffs....   [tags: Sedimentary rock, Igneous rock, Cretaceous]

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The Rock Of Rock And Rock

- I was giving the opportunity to write about any lecture that was taught in class. I wanted to pick something that was easy and I enjoying learning about it. It was the rock cycle that caught my eye and attention. Just to learn more about the rock and how the rock was made it interesting. Also in lab I was able to identify the rock itself, what type of rock it was and how was it formed. I am a hands on learner, so it was great for me to able to touch and feel what the rock was made out of. Some rocks were hard while others were soft....   [tags: Sedimentary rock, Igneous rock, Rock]

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Earth : Earth System Science

- Jaskaran Pannu 005/ Elizabeth Earth System Science Earth system refers to the earths interacting physical, biological, and chemical processes. The system consists of land, oceans, atmosphere and poles. The earth system has four spheres, including the geosphere, the hydrosphere, the atmosphere, and the biosphere. The geosphere refers to the solid parts of the earth system, including earth’s rocky crust, mantle, and the metallic core. Within the geosphere is the lithosphere, which only refers to the uppermost layers of solid earth....   [tags: Plate tectonics, Earth, Igneous rock]

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Mount Baker in Bellingham, Washington

- ... The first thing I noticed when I was observing the map were all the different peaks within the mountain. From what I have been reading I have found two major faults that are within Mount Baker. These two faults are the Straight Creek Fault and the Ross Lake Fault Zone; these faults are thought to be primarily strike-slip. In addition, on the geologic map you will notice the Sherman Crater, which originated from a large hydrovolcanic explosion (Tabor, Haugerud, Hildreth, & Brown). This crater is responsible for many of Mount Bakers past lahars that have flowed down the mountain and into Baker Lake....   [tags: Cascade Mountain range]

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The Lottery, By Shirley Jackson

- To Never Graduate: Traditions Within a Family, Shirley Jackson “The Lottery” A tradition is an event that never graduates. It is a celebration for people to appreciate their ancestors and pass down the event to their sons and daughters so they can keep it alive. Although some aspects of a tradition change, the main idea or cause of the tradition to occur is always the same, just like in the short story, “The Lottery.” The key concept of the story is to show that a tradition must be equivalent to the year before if order for it to be the same custom....   [tags: Short story, Shirley Jackson, The New Yorker]

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Parents Should Homeschool Their Children Or Put Their Child Into A Public School?

- Throughout my lifetime there has always been a huge controversy about whether parents should homeschool their children or put their child into a public school, well in my opinion both get the job done. Over a full lesson observation, I have had the privilege to understand what it is like for a homeschooled student as well as for the homeschool teacher. With this project, I was able to observe my grandma teach a lesson to her granddaughter. Lucy is in the sixth grade and is striving with intelligence in all subjects....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Lesson plan]

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The Geological History Of The Little Falls Rock Formations

- On October 19, 2016, my geology class traveled to Little Falls in Eau Claire, Wisconsin to observe the rock formations that are present and determine the geological history of the Little Falls rock formations. This was the final trip where the class went to observe different rock formations around the Eau Claire region. These trips have given the class the information to describe the geologic history of the area, as well as the processes that have caused the rocks that are now present on the earth’s surface to form....   [tags: Igneous rock, Sedimentary rock, Granite]

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Geology: The Study of the Earth

- Erosion occurs when wind or water blow/wash away the topmost fertile layer of soil. As fertile land loses its fertility due to soil erosion, it is difficult to grow crops on eroded lands. Apart from affecting crops, erosion also weakens land, causing buildings to collapse. Soil erosion can be prevented by planting windbreaks. Windbreaks are lines of planted bushes and plants that hold soil firmly with their roots and prevent it from being washed away. Other methods include terracing, in which level plains are cut on hillsides and crops are grown on these plains....   [tags: Geology ]

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An Inside Look at Soil

- Soil makes up the outermost layer of our planet. On average, most soil is approximately 1 meter thick. But, where does soil come from. Soil undergoes different processes in order to become, well, “dirt.” Weathering is the name given to the process by which rocks are broken down to form soil. There are several different types of weathering processes, in which rocks undergo to form soil: physical, chemical, and biological. In physical weathering, rocks are broken down into finer and finer particles by means of physical attributes, such by water or freezing....   [tags: the outermost layer of our planet]

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Personal Narrative- Random Story About my Life

- Personal Narrative- Random Story About my Life One of them was that I was on my journey with someone. I was on the journey with my boyfriend Dusty whom I have been with for four years. I am more like myself when I am with someone, especially Dusty, than when I am by myself. I do think that spending time with just yourself is a waste of time. You should just be out talking to people because who knows when that dreaded day of death will come. I think that you should just seize the moment and spend time with people....   [tags: Personal Narrative, Autobiographical Essay]

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Questions On Scientific Science And Scientific Theories

- 1. Scientific Inquiry- also refers to the activities through which students develop knowledge and understanding of scientific ideas, as well as an understanding of how scientists study the natural world (p. 5) 2. Scientific Method- in which researches gather facts through observations and formulate scientific hypothesis and theories (p. 7) 3. Fact- the development of new scientific knowledge involves basic logical processes that are universally accepted, and the scientists use this to determine what is natural occurring in the world....   [tags: Earth, Plate tectonics, Electric charge, Mineral]

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Youth Participating in Risky Behavior

- Background/Rationale/Preparation: Recent statistics such as those listed below indicate that youth continue to participate in risky behavior, which may lead to a lifetime addiction or at the very least poor health. • More than 4.5 million teenagers smoke in the US today. • According to FDA at least 1/3 of children who begin smoking today will die from a tobacco-related disease. • Tobacco use often leads to experimentation with other substance abuse. • More than half of all 8th graders have consumed alcohol and more than one fourth have been drunk....   [tags: lifetime addiction, drugs, alcohol, smoking]

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Where Rock Layers Are Flat

- Additionally, the principle of original horizontality establishes that when rock layers are flat, they have not been disturbed and therefore are in their original horizontal sequence. Using the Grand Canyon as an example, scientists recognize that layers still have their original horizontality because they have not been folded and thus they have not experienced significant crustal disturbances. Furthermore, relative dating uses the principle of cross-cutting relationships which states that features which cut through rocks must have formed after the rocks they cut across....   [tags: Sedimentary rock, Fossil, Igneous rock, Rock]

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Eclogite Facies

- Introduction Dividing the P-T space of metamorphism to several subdivisions independent of the composition of the metamorphosed rock would immensely facilitate communication among petrologists regarding the grade of metamorphism. In 1915, Eskola introduced the concept of metamorphic facies to accomplish such a classification. Eskola emphasized the mineral assemblages (in mafic rocks) rather than index minerals. A facies may be defined as: “A group of mineral assemblages, each developing in the rock a specific chemical composition, and is characteristic of the P and T under which the rocks were metamorphosed”....   [tags: Geology]

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Tyrrhenian Sea: Can the back arc rifting nature of the Tyrrhenian Sea be deduced from its geochemistry?

- The Tyrrhenian Sea is classified as a back arc basin(Lavecchia & Stoppa 1990; Zamboni 2003) in the Western Mediterranean surrounded, mainly by Italy. Back arc basins occur in front of a subduction zone that is undergoing rollback and causing the overriding plate to also move in the same direction, which causes the extension (back arc) of the overriding lithosphere which causes the melting of the mantle due to decompression. The subduction zone in this case has moved from the northern part of the Tyrrhenian area southeast ward to where it is now, just south of Calabria (Sartori et al....   [tags: geography, subduction zone]

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The Geological History Of Death Valley

- This rich history begins with the oldest rocks found in Death Valley which date back to 1.8 billion years ago (Miller, and Wright vi). These rocks are from the early Proterozoic crust and act as base for younger Proterozoic rocks. Unfortunately other than the age of the rocks which make up the base, not much is known about them due to the environment altering that took place over time (“Geology”). However the rocks from the Proterozoic period that lay atop the base make up the basement for most of Death Valley....   [tags: Igneous rock, Sedimentary rock]

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Field Trip: Freshwater Habitat

- Our group had to conduct this field visit to a freshwater habitat to get hands-on experience about local habitats and the animals and plants around it. We think that going to the site and observing the animals, plants and the habitat will make it a interesting learning experience since we are allowed to actually here and everything is real-life not just pictures or words in a textbook. Also, our group wants to learn the proper methods to observe and examine the habitat without causing any damage to the area....   [tags: Aquatic Animals, Insects, Biology]

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The Authenticity of the 1969 Apollo 11 Moonlanding

- The Apollo 11 mission of 1969 marks the biggest leap in technological advancements for humanity. Neil Armstrong is seen taking the first steps on the moon forever making his mark in humanity. However, theories surrounding the moon landing have come to light. Conspiracy theorists say NASA, the National Aeronautics Space Administration, have faked the Apollo 11 moon landing. Yet, present evidence can support the authenticity of the moon landing. Evidence such as photos, rock samples, technology, and computer monitoring support the moon landing....   [tags: NASA, conspiracy theory]

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Analyse the Commodity Attractions of the Element Nickel

- ... (Hanson 2003) Due to its sustainability against wearing, corrosion and oxidation, nickel is coated on other materials to improve these resistances. For example, when it is coated on machine parts, it increases the lifetime of machine by decreasing the damage of wearing. (Du et al. 2004)   Nickel is also used as a catalyst in industries. In the production of ammonia, nickel is used as a catalyst to remove carbon monoxide from hydrogen gas. It also acts as an important factor in the carbonylation of alcohols....   [tags: chemical properties, commercial usage]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' Capped Hair '

- Initially an extension of the third enjambment “the beautiful earth” into the beautiful earth in my eyes.” Eventually, the third enjambment flows into to the fourth, reading: “in my eyes blurred flora,” meaning the ascension is distorting natures natural vista (flora). Enjambment four then flows nicely into enjambment five: “from atop bouncing shoulders and capped hair.” The literal implication is obvious however, what I embedded may not be. By writing “capped hair” I intended puns on both words....   [tags: Sedimentary rock, Rock, Igneous rock, Human]

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Rock Gardening Ideas

- Introduction: There are plenty of rock gardening ideas whether you want to create a traditional oriental rock garden or just imitate some principles of the oriental rock gardens. Let us here see about the general rock gardening ideas of natural rock gardens and oriental rock gardening ideas. Natural rock gardening ideas: The natural rock gardening ideas are given by the nature. The rocky yards are covered with greenery in order to beautify the area. In the rock gardens the stones, stumps, logs are not removed like the other garden types but are the vital elements of these gardens....   [tags: Gardening]

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Tourism in The Isle of Purbeck

- Tourism in The Isle of Purbeck HYPOTHESIS: =========== Tourism does more harm than good in The Isle of Purbeck Of Purbeck. Tourism should not be promoted or encouraged. WHERE IS IT. ============ Swanage is in the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset. The Isle of Purbeck is known to many different kinds of facilities to suit everyone's needs, one of the most populist features that The Isle of Purbeck has to offer is the award winning beaches. Because of the various types of attractions The Isle of Purbeck has to offer, it is known as a 'honeypot site'....   [tags: Papers]

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The Moon Landings Weren't Faked

- “Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed” (“Neil Armstrong”). The 60s were an interesting decade for The United States of America. Richard M. Nixon had been inaugurated as the 37th President, but he had created such a scandal with Watergate that he had resigned soon after and had the Vice President Gerald Ford take over in his shameful leave. The US had decided to hold the second draft lottery in order to find men to serve in the upcoming Vietnam War. This meant that the Selective Service System would conduct a lottery like situation drawing both a sequence number and a date would be drawn to select the next men serving in the war....   [tags: 1960s, NASA, Space]

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Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

- The day was ‘great’ but I didn’t feel so great.’ It was hot, and I was sweating. I wanted to get a drink of cold water but the only water with us was warmed up and with this weather, I didn’t want hot water because I was already hot. I wanted to be in New Jersey, not Wyoming. We pulled into an empty slot to view the ‘wonderful scenery.’ “Smile Chelsea!” My mother encouraged. I don’t smile. I wasn’t in the mood. “Not in the mood” I grumble. My parents listen to my older brother more because he’s older and lucky for me, he was on the same side....   [tags: Mother, English-language films, Rock music]

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Determining the Paleoenviroment and Tectonic History of a Small Area

- Determining the Paleoenviroment and Tectonic History of a Small Area Planning ======== In this coursework I am going to try and find the tectonic history and paleoenviroment of an area of exposed rocks along a short section of beach in Northumberland, Cocklawburn beach is 50 metres to the south of Berwick-upon-tweed and can be found on OS map sheet 75. The general geology of the area is that it is mostly carboniferous limestone with layers of sandstone, shale and coal existing between the layers of limestone....   [tags: Papers]

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The New Jersey Palisades

- The Palisades basalt sill is one of the most active mass movement areas in New Jersey (Pallis, 2009) and because of its activity it is important to understand the underlying mechanisms that cause the rockfalls along the outcrop. The Palisades are composed ancient Jurassic flood basalt that formed through at least three distinct intrusion events (Puffer, 2009). It is important to understand that in all of these events the molten magma was allowed to completely cool before the next event allowing for the formation of the iconic hexagonal columns of basalt (Puffer, 2009)....   [tags: Palisades Basalt]

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A Report On The Summer Of My Head Dead Center

- Writing 1 I begin my hike in comfortable clothes, a camelbak, flashlight and my ticket to view the caves. The first thing I see is the large rockslide above the visitor’s center. The rockslide is called talus slop. A talus slope describes a type of rockslide that is a loose debris piles. Talus slopes have mild to moderate rockslides as rocks slide down the pile. I was surprised when one such rock hit my head dead center. Facing the American Fork Canyon in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, USA I see another rockslide/rock chute in which the area of the chute is much tanner than its surroundings due to constant erosion....   [tags: Fault, Structural geology, Breccia, Fault breccia]

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The Impact of Oil on the 1900s

- Oil has been changing American lives throughout the 1900s and continues to do so today. Oil is made in the rock cycle and then bubbles up in oil springs and wells, but most of it remains in pools underground. The oil companies drill it and sell it making huge profits. It was sold to consumers who used it for many things, such as gas lamps and now transportation. The rock cycle is the system the earth has to break down rocks and decompose plants and animals. The earth has been recycling organic materials for billions of years....   [tags: U.S. History]

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Background Information of Death Valley

- ... Sometime between 1.8 and 1.7 billion years ago, the volcanic and sedimentary rocks were severely altered when chemical or structural changes occurred because of intense heat or pressure from the Earth's core. Because of this process, any fossilized information about the region was lost making it impossible to truly understand the origin of the region. There is some debate on whether basalt or schist was the original and dominate rock in the region before it was transformed into contorted gneiss, but again, there is no way to prove either theory....   [tags: elevation, dry, volcano]

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An Analysis of Sand and the Land it is From

- An Analysis of Sand and the Land it is From Sand can tell a lot about a land. Amelia island sand most likely does the same. But before one can find out if the sand depicts the island, one most know what sand is. The pure definition of sand is grains worn from rock between 0.06 to 2.0 millimeters in diameter. Sand can be talked about as sediment when it is together with silt, gravel, and clay. (3) But on top of that basic definition, one should know what makes up sand, the ways sand is distributed, and about Amelia Island itself....   [tags: Papers]

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The Rock Fight By Abraham Lincoln

- The Rock Fight Abraham Lincoln once said “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today,” and he was so very right. When I was in eighth grade my family and I lived in an apartment complex that at the time I felt was gigantic and right next to it was a huge amazing park to match which was always maintained almost better than the buildings themselves. I remember it all too well the breeze created by the air funneling between the two buildings, the smell of grass freshly cut, the huge slide that I felt if I fell off of would kill me....   [tags: Coming out, English-language films]

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A Day Towards A Hot Day

- On a hot day towards the beginning of September, I decided to go on a hike. I went with a friend by the name of Tyler, both 16 at the time, on a hike to the top of Bridal Veil Falls found in the Spearfish canyon. We planned on going rock hounding, which is a hobby of ours. Another main focus of ours was to experience the beautiful waterfall in a unique way. Unlike everyone else looking up at it from ground, we would get to see the waterfall’s source and watch it rush over the edge. With our hiking packs full of tools and water for the hike, we took off not expecting what was to come....   [tags: Root, Tree, Debut albums, Hiking]

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Earthquakes : The Dynamic Earth

- Earthquakes - The Dynamic Earth Precise definition of earthquakes: Earthquake is a natural disaster that occurs when two blocks of the earth suddenly slip past one another. The surface where they slip is called the fault, also known as the fault plane. The area below the earth’s surface where the earthquake starts is called the hypocentre, and the area above it on the surface is called the epicentre. More than a million earthquakes rattle the world each year. But, most are so small that they can only be detected by sensitive instruments called seismogram....   [tags: Earthquake, Plate tectonics, Earth, Love wave]

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The Hall Of Planet Earth

- My friend and I went to the AMNH on Saturday and we saw all the exhibits. We went to the Hall of Biodiversity first, and then Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth, the Heilbrunn Cosmic Pathway, Cullman Hall of the Universe, lastly is the Spitzer Hall of Human Origins. It took us three hours to visit all the exhibits. The first thing we saw was a giant clam and on the wall was the name Hall of Biodiversity. There were aquatic animals hanging on the ceiling from sharks to stingrays. I could barely see the aquatic animals because there was not a lot of lighting....   [tags: Earth, Universe, Planet, Human]

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Geology's Control of the Coastal Features in the Swanage Area

- Geology's Control of the Coastal Features in the Swanage Area Geology can have a great affect on many coastal features. This is because the lithology or structure of the rocks may affect the coastal landforms, and the different processes occurring may also affect the way the landforms turn out. Starting with the Swanage area it can be seen that the area of Swanage is an Atlantic coast. This means that there are bands of hard and soft rock in the coast and therefore due to rocks of different hardness, the rocks erode at different rates and so you get distinct landforms....   [tags: Papers]

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The Moon Hoax

- The "Moon Hoax" has been around since 1835, when the New York Sun printed an article about this whole ordeal. The New York Sun used and credited Sir John Herschel, who was a British Astronomer. Herschel claimed that he had tried out a new type of telescope on the Cape of Good Hope in January of 1834. While in Cape Town, he said he'd set up an Observatory. Using this, he claimed to have observed what he thought of as the "Real" Moon. He claimed to have seen vegetation, bodies of water, and living creatures....   [tags: Publicity Stunt Media]

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The tectonic evolution and importance of Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica

- 1. Introduction Marie Byrd Land (MBL) is a massif within West Antarctica that is of critical importance in understanding the evolution of the West Antarctic Rift System (WARS). Although the WARS is comparable in size other rift systems, it is poorly understood due to extensive ice cover (LeMasurier, 2008). MBL contains exposures which inform on the behavior of the WARS over time (Cande et al., 2000; Steinberger et al., 2004) and the potential for subglacial volcanism associated with the system to destabilize the West Antarctic ice sheet, thus causing an instantaneous rise in sea level (Blankenship et al, 1993)....   [tags: West Antarctic Rift System, tectonics]

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A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal By William Wordsworth

- William Wordsworth was an English poet from the late 1700s to his death in 1850 whose main concentration were love poems. He was known for his pieces The Prelude and The Lucy Poems which were popular in the United Kingdom and brought up themes such as love, nature, beauty, and death. These themes were prominent throughout his work, and the idea of death was one that was used in his poem A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal written in 1798. The poem is eight lines that are broken up into two stanzas with four lines in each that follows an ABAB rhythm scheme (seal and feel in lines 1 and 3, fears years in 2 and 4, force and course in 5 and 7, and sees and trees in lines 6 and 8)....   [tags: Poetry, William Wordsworth]

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Hazards And Hazards Of The National Geological Survey

- Golden, Colorado is a beautiful city located in between Mountains and tables just west of Denver. With any mountainous area, hazards arise from such beautiful landscape. Rock Falls, Landslides, Flood and swelling soils are all issues that Golden faces. Each of these hazards provide damage that negatively impact Golden. Data collected from The Colorado Geological Survey provide the information in this report. This report will discuss the issues and areas that these hazards affect and mitigation techniques that can be implemented to lessen such damage and risk....   [tags: Sedimentary rock, Rock, Metamorphic rock, Water]

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Stonehenge Remains One of Our Greatest Mysteries

- ... When the summer solstice would happen two nearby stones, The Slaughter and Heel Stones, would both align with the sun and the suns rays went directly into the center of the structure. Since the rocks seem to align with the sun it is safe to say that the ancient builders used it to see and view and keep track of the incoming winter or summer solstice. There is also proof at a nearby settlement that thousands of people traveled to Stonehenge to celebrate and have feasts in honor of the summer/winter solstice....   [tags: religious, astronomy, solstice]

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The 7 : Locations Of Ophiolite Belts

- igure 7: Locations of ophiolite belts in the Zagros from Ghasemi and Talbot 2005. ______________________________________________________________________________ Ghasemi and Talbot 2005 separate the ophiolite (type of igneous or volcanic rock) belts of the Zagros orogeny into two different belts: the Naien-Shahr Babak-Baft Ophiolite Belt and the Neyriz-Kermanshah Ophiolite Belt. The Naien, Shahar Babak, and Baft ophiolite constitute the Shahr Babak-Baft Ophiolite Belt. What’s left of the Naien-Baft Paleo Ocean in the south Sanandaj–Sirjan Zone is now the Naien-Shahr Babak-Baft Ophiolite Belt....   [tags: Igneous rock, Basalt, Crust, Volcanic rock]

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Historical Geology of The Permian Basin in West Texas

- One of the largest oil producing areas of the world is located in West Texas. This area is known as the Permian Basin. Most of the oil is being produced from rocks formed in the Permian Period. The largest amounts of these rocks are located in the Permian Basin and southeastern New Mexico. That is why this area is known as the Permian Basin. The main features of the Permian Basin was formed in the early part of the Paleozoic area but it wasn't until the Mississippian and Pennsylvanian Periods that the folding occurred in which formed the outlines of the basin as it is presented to us today....   [tags: Papers]

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Extraction and Separation of Crude Oil

- Extraction and Separation of Crude Oil Introduction: In this investigation I will use the multimedia science school programme and the chemistry books to see the formation, extraction and separation of the crude oil. Formation of crude oil: F81: Reservoir conditions vary with depthF82: Reservoir drive [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] As the materials were washed into the sea, land was formed. The living material dies then the sand, mud and other materials settle on the top of the seabed covering the dead living material....   [tags: Papers]

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Physical Geography of Orange County

- This sedimentary rock has hardened over the many years with sand shells, small pebbles, grains of sand and rocks of various sizes. In comparison to our 4.5 billion year old Earth, these sand shells might as well be brand new, when in reality they could be up to 1,000 years old. If the sandstone were to be replaced with calcite it would completely change the subclass of rock, it would then be chemical & organic limestone. The variation in sand stone is due to different rates of deposition and change in patterns of the sediment movement (Mc Knight, p....   [tags: earth science, geology, cloud types]

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The Night - Original Writing

- It looked like the floors had just been freshly polished. The walls too, look freshly painted white. Rocks sat on the far side of the room near the fire place. “Bethany did that when she walked across it yesterday.” Stevie commented. I looked over to Bethany who smiled at me and nodded, “Yep.” She wiggled her bare feet confidently. “No shoes either.” I didn’t know anything about the house, other than what I had heard from Bethany and Chris earlier. I’d met them earlier in the day when my grandmother decided to go help her step-father Morris clean his apartment....   [tags: Youth detention center, Crime, Prison]

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The Passionate Shepherd Of His Love By Christopher Marlowe

- Comparison Essay Winning over a women is not always easy especially back in the fifteen hundreds. In “The Passionate shepherd to His Love” by Christopher Marlowe is about a man trying to win over a woman with all his exaggerated promises and almost perfect world for her. In “ The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd” by Sir Walter Raleigh is his response to Marlowe’s exaggerated promises to his love. He writes about how unrealistic Marlowe views are and describes the realistic event that will happen if the woman were to move in with Marlowe....   [tags: Walter Raleigh, Christopher Marlowe]

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