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Rock and roll is a style of music that has roots traced all the way back to the 1800s. It is made up of jazz, blues, folk, country, and rhythm and blues. The rhythm and blues contribution to rock originated from the African American culture (??). Performers like Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, and Little Richard aided in the formation of rock and roll music. The generation that was highly impacted by this new sound was the baby booming population that arose after World War II ended. Black and white teenagers loved every aspect of rock and roll and listened to the music together at the staged concerts Alan Freed created. These young adolescents played a major role in the desegregation movements of the 1960’s and learned a great deal of information from their folk icons Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan. This new form of music gave them new freedom, thoughts, and expression. Middle aged and older adults would say that the creation and evolution of rock and roll corrupted their children or the youth they saw on the streets. Many believed that rock and roll did not corrupt the young it revolutionized them. Rock and roll desegregated young African Americans and whites, it gave a new way for adolescents to express themselves, and it created a new way for the youth to be involved in social or political causes.
In the 1950s rock and roll was shaping and the fight for desegregation was beginning. In 1952 World War II ended and two years after the war the Supreme Court made a decision to desegregate schools in the United States (p. 24). The Supreme Court case was known as the Brown vs. Board of Education. This court case strongly influenced the emerging teenage population known as the “baby boomers”. After World War II there was a post-war “baby boom”...

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...r going to the Alan Freed concerts that hosted integrated performers and audiences. The styles that many artists composed gave teenagers a way to express themselves and define themselves. Lastly, rock and roll was a source of news for teenagers. Folk songs included lyrics about events happening at the time and the songs either protested the events or gave listeners a way to feel secure. Rock and roll is a part of United States history. Without it we still may be a desegregated society today, or teenagers would not know how to relate to music or express themselves. Rock and roll had a wide impact on teenagers and the evolution of society because the baby boomer population played a role in creating the world we know today. There are negatives to every new invention but rock and roll’s impact had an overall positive effect on the teenagers who grew up listening to it.

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