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The Psychological Effects Of Injuries On Athletes

- Injuries are part of an athlete’s life from the time they decide to train. An athlete is aware of the risks in order to be perform and be the best at what they; however, they cannot afford to think they will be injured. They must adopt a mindset that they are untouchable and the best in order to perform and train and peak efficiency. When an injury is sustained however, the effects are disastrous to an athlete not only physically but mentally. An athlete’s mind is the most important thing to them arguably, because without the will power and determination channeled from their mind they would be unable to perform....   [tags: Psychology, Thought, Mind, Cognition]

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The Chemical and Psychological Effects of Chocolate

- In 2013, about 7.4 million tons of chocolate is expected to be consumed globally, totaling to nearly $110 billion (Pardomuan, Nicholson). I can honestly say that I will be one of the many people who contribute immensely to those massive quantities. Chocolate has always been one of my guilty pleasures, leading me to consider myself a “chocoholic.” After 20 years of eating chocolate, I learned there is more to chocolate than meets the eye. Many chemicals compose each delicious piece creating multiple psychological effects on the mind....   [tags: Flavor Intensity, Anandamide]

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The Physiological And Psychological Effects Of Meditation

- Meditation is the act of concentrating one’s thoughts in order to achieve tranquility and serenity within oneself. People have been practicing meditation for thousands of years, but not until recently has technology given us the chance to research the physiological and psychological effects of meditation with scientific backing. Doctors and scientists have studied mediation for decades in order to understand and utilize this incredible mental phenomenon for medical treatments. Meditation allows one to explore the contents of the mind to better understand oneself and how they interpret the world and process their emotions....   [tags: Schizophrenia, Major depressive disorder, Mind]

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The Psychological Effects Of Steroids Abuse

- Check your understanding about literature searching by applying what you have learned about your own project. 1. Write your topic as you currently understand it. I plan to analyze the psychological effects of steroids abuse. I would like to investigate how users mood, behavior, and other psychological factors alter while abusing steroids. I would like to see if research determines that steroids have a psychological effect on the user. There has been many myths about steroids from superhuman strength to roid rage....   [tags: Anabolic steroid, Testosterone, Helium, Anabolism]

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Psychological Effects On The Correction System

- Psychological effects that result from confinement characterize the dysfunctional aspect of the correction system. Incarceration makes inmates more prone to abnormal behavior patterns in comparison to the people living on the exterior of these facilities. Craig Haney portrays the understanding that one of the many difficulties that threaten prisoners’ mental well-being is their inability to be self-reliant as well as their innate response to use aggression. Haney states, in the journal of Law & Policy that, “vulnerabilities and inabilities to cope and adapt can come to the fore in the prison setting, and…the behaviour [sic] patterns and attitudes that emerge can take many forms, from deepend...   [tags: Prison, Penology, Recidivism, Corrections]

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Flamethrowers: Their Psychological Effects in Warfare

- ... When ignited, the burning mixture is spewed out from the barrel of the weapon toward the target. They first saw use in 1915 when the Germans caught the British off-guard at night. Lieutenant Carey wrote what he saw during that battle. As written in Lyn Macdonald’s 1915: The Death of Innocence, Carey wrote, “There was a sudden hissing sound, and a bright crimson glare over the crater turned the whole scene red. As I looked I saw three or four distinct jets of flame, like a line of powerful fire hoses spraying firing instead of water, shoot across my trench....   [tags: PTSD, warfare and weapons]

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Panic Attacks And The Psychological Effects

- My Journey through Panic Attacks Panic attacks have been studied and recorded through human history. They were first revealed in a medical book during the eighteenth century and then finally recognized as a psychiatric diagnosis in the late 1900’s. In today’s news, panic attacks are describe and a fearful and anxiety filled period of time where you feel like you can’t breathe. In this paper I will talk about panic attacks and the psychological effects, statistics, coping mechanisms and lastly my journey through it all....   [tags: Panic attack, Anxiety, Fear, Panic disorder]

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The Psychological Effects Of Cultural Diversity

- The United States has developed immensely since it’s establishment as a country. In today’s society America holds a great deal of power in the world and has attracted quite a bit of attention. The United States is a popular place for individuals to travel and immigrate to. With immigration of people from various countries and cultures as well as various reasons for the move, the United States of American over the years has come to be known as a sort of “melting pot,” where a little bit of everything comes together....   [tags: United States, Sociology, European American]

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Sleep Apnea: The Psychological Effects

- ... Age is also considered a factor directly linked to sleep apnea, as many middle-aged individuals are diagnosed with this medical condition. These factors associated with the psychological effects of sleep apnea can be controlled to a certain degree and improve the outcome people have while living with this condition. One cannot discount the physical factors of sleep apnea related to the psychological effects. As stated earlier, the body needs sleep and the brain needs oxygen to function properly and without this physical need being met the consequence can result in psychological effects....   [tags: sleep disorders, losing breath while sleeping]

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The Psychological Effects of Unemployment

- ... What the unemployed regretted in the absence of work was largely the extrinsic factors (O’Brien 188). Of these extrinsic factors, the loss of income and social status were regretted the most (O’Brien 196). “Unemployment is expected to lower current and future wages and lower reputation” (Carroll 289). One of the major ways in which mental illness is caused is through economic loss. Those who lose their job suffer from economic stress which precipitates or induces mental illness. The financial worries that follow a period of joblessness are one major factor....   [tags: decreased life satisfaction, stress]

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Psychological Effects Of Video Games

- Psychological Effects of Video Games Video games have been a prominent figure in modern culture so much so that it can even effect views and influence decisions on individuals, but can this be a reason to explain violent outbreaks or worse, a homicide. As someone who has been an avid gamer for over eight years this is a confusing ideology. T.V. shows and movies also portray extreme violence that can appear realistic, but are almost never considered. Przbylski’s (2014) research suggest that the people who didn’t grow up during the time of video games (the older population) are likely to associate acts of violence in adolescents to video gaming....   [tags: Video game, Video game controversy]

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Psychological Effects Of Child Abuse

- Psychological Effects of Child Abuse “Childhood should be carefree, playing in the sun; not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul.” ― Dave Pelzer, A Child Called "It" As a child, I remember the unconditional love I was given. My mother took me everywhere she went and made sure I did my school work, and my father made sure I burned off all my energy while he was coaching my peewee soccer team. I am one of many kids that get the attention they need from their parents but in the world there are children who don’t even experience life fully before they are enduring their own personal nightmare....   [tags: Child abuse, Domestic violence]

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Psychological Effects of Child Abuse

- Due to the rise of domestic violence in many families, psychologists are helping affected children cope and confront their emotional imprisonment by using various methods. Over the years, there has been a drastic increase in domestic violence cases. In many instances, the children are most affected in the involvement of the violent disputes. Psychologists study the behaviors of affected children and develop a plan of treatment that aim towards the child’s overall health. Psychologists provide the best treatment by immersing themselves inside the child’s situation and connecting with what the child sees....   [tags: Domestic Violence, Treatment, Therapy]

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The Psychological Effects of Sterotyping

- Over the semester, we have delved in the topic of stereotypes. We discussed the root of what a stereotype is, how it can influence infiltrating all aspects of human communication and comprehension and transform into a social norm. This topic was extremely interesting because it opened one’s eyes to the inequalities that we don’t inherently see unless we experience it. The part of stereotyping that caught the most attention was the psychology or influence of stereotypes. It seems that we move around the world not comprehensively thinking about the things we say or do but whatever suits the occasion for ourselves....   [tags: categorizing, cultural, ethical]

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The Psychological Impact of War and Peacekeeping

- Comparing ‘Suspicious Minds at Risk. The Role of Meaning in Processing War, Peacekeeping Experiences’ and ‘Nationalism, Internationalism, and Perceived UN Irrelevance: Mediators of Relationships between Authoritarianism and Support for Military Aggression as Part of the War on Terror’ and How Many Casualties Are Too Many. Proportional Reasoning in the Valuation of Military and Civilian Lives War is one of the unfortunate constants of human history, fought for various reasons. One has to wonder how much human beings can dehumanize the enemy, or their own soldiers with simple propaganda....   [tags: Psychological Effects of Combat]

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Psychological Effects And Its Effects On Society

- Emotions are internally distributing by the frontal lobe; they can’t really be stopped. Out of the two-genders, females are the ones who care the most emotionally in society, but it is not healthy for men to bottle up their emotions. Over the cause of years man have picked up the idea from the media that they so not show their emotion just like how woman should act like a housewife in the 50’s to this day. Times have change we know more about psychological effects people cause themselves if they refuse to share their emotions....   [tags: Suicide, Psychology, Mental disorder, Psychiatry]

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Psychological Effects of Ice Storms and Floods

- Psychological Effects of Ice Storms and Floods All disasters have numerous psychological effects on both survivors and disaster workers. This is because of the trauma and shock associated with disasters. However, though there are some disasters that cause similar side effects, some people react differently to different disasters. Ice storms and floods lasting for days are both serious disasters which can lead to extreme damage and cause serious psychological effects on survivors and disaster workers....   [tags: trauma and shock after natural disasters]

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The Physical and Psychological Effects of Rape on Women

- ... A national random survey of college women found that one in four had experienced rape or attempted rape in their lifetime and 84% of the women knew their attacker (Koss, Gidycz, and Wisniewski, 1987) (Campbell and Wasco, 2005). There are plenty of physical effects on women. The physical effects are pregnancy, urinary infections, uterine fibroids, hypoactive sexual desire disorder, dyspareunia, vaginismus, chronic pelvic pain, sexually transmitted diseases, bruises on the genital area and all over the body, and sometimes even death by the attacker....   [tags: psychotherapy, perpetrators, victims]

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The Psychological Effects of Abortions Among Teens

- Many young, teen girls experience the harmful psychological effects of having an abortion. Though many people are against abortions, it is still being done. Teen’s attitudes and demeanor about themselves change drastically once they have had an abortion. The abortion has several side effects that a teen may or may not know how to cope with it. These girls experience a sense of withdraw, quilt and self destruction. In the past two years many law-makers and statesmen have opposed abortion. Many states have set requirements for clinics and other facilities out of reach for continued services....   [tags: Birth, Pregnancy]

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The Psychological Effects of Stroke in Older Adults

- The Psychological Effects of Stroke in Older Adults Elderly people are continuously faced with the debilitating effects of the aging process. Age-related diseases are part of the aging process that put the elderly population at risks for physical, mental, and social incapacity in dealing with their everyday functioning. However, more than the external deleterious consequences of these diseases are the psychological ramifications that they have to older adults that are worth investigating. Cerebrovascular accident or stroke is one of the many age-related diseases that affect both the physical and psychological functioning of many older adults....   [tags: Psychology ]

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The Psychological Effects Of Guilt, Ambition, And Tyranny

- Marisa Voisard Mrs. VanMeter C.P. English IV 28 October 2014 Macbeth: The psychological effects of guilt, ambition, and tyranny The psychological effects of guilt, ambition, and tyranny are present very well in Shakespeare’s play Macbeth. Macbeth, the main character, chooses to rule by fate. This decision appears to be the source of his problems. In this play it’s evident Shakespeare focuses on Macbeth’s life. A major focus is on his character change, mainly his mental deterioration throughout the course of the play....   [tags: Macbeth, Duncan I of Scotland]

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Psychological Effects Of A Prisoner And Guard Scenario

- The Stanford Prison Experiment was a study put together by Phillip Zambardo to test the psychological effects of a prisoner and guard scenario in a mock prison setting. The experiment lasted approximately fourteen days and was comprised of twenty-four male students, all of whom were picked at random to take part in the experiment. Each individual was also randomly given the role of either guard or prisoner. The mock prisoners were subjugated to psychological abuse, harsh authoritarian rule by the guards, and intense living conditions to ensure maximum results were met....   [tags: Stanford prison experiment, Philip Zimbardo]

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Psychological Effects On People Who Are Adopted

- There are many psychological effects that happen to people who are adopted. Many grow up in the same family as they were born to, knowing who they are and where they came from. Usually it is passed by many and taken for granted that they know where they got their looks from. For people who are adopted, it is a completely different story. There is loss when it comes to finding out who we are as people, if someone is adopted they have questions about themselves that many cannot answer. I question myself constantly, “Why was I put up for adoption....   [tags: Emotion, Psychology, Mind, Thought]

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Physical and Psychological Effects of Marijuana

- Marijuana while illegal on a federal level has been legalized in 18 states and the District of Columbia for medical use and also for personal use for anyone over 21 in Washington and Colorado. 48% of Americans admit to using marijuana according to a 2013 survey conducted by Scientific America. With the change in public opinion concerning marijuana the need to understand the effect and consequences associated with its use are vitally important. What are the effects on the brain and the rest of the body....   [tags: legal issues, drugs]

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Psychological Effects of Physical Child Abuse

- Physical child abuse has grown dramatically in recent years. There are news stories about children being abused or neglected everyday. Physical abuse will cause the child to have many psychological effects throughout life. Although people might not realize, society can impact an abused child dramaticlly either positively or negatively. Even though there are many things wrong with child abuse, there are many controversies over how serious it is and how to prevent it from happening. Although there are so many controversies over child abuse, one thing for certain is that it can cause many problems psychologically either immediately or long term....   [tags: Long-Term Consequences of Child Abuse and Neglect]

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The Psychological Effects of Adoption

- “James and Martha Brown went to Mrs. White’s office the next day and found waiting for them a bouncing baby girl with soft brown eyes and a happy smile. Right away they said, ‘We love this baby already’” (Wasson). As is stated in the classic children’s book, The Chosen Baby, this story serves as a common introductory tool that some adoptive families use to explain to their children the way their family was created. The Chosen Baby shares the absolute joy that parents experience when adopting a child and effectively helps children better understand their family dynamics....   [tags: Legal Issues, Social Issues, Adoptions]

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Psychological Effects of Returning Home

- Most civilians do not realize the amount of stress troops face when returning home. Despite their gratitude for being back, it is difficult to cope with the events they faced. I had little knowledge of the serious impact in which battle rendered upon soldiers. My curiosity led me to constantly search information pertaining to the subject. Reasoning towards my fascination is due to my family’s loyalty in serving the United States. For generations my uncles, grandparents, father, and brother have each served in different branches of the military....   [tags: US MIlitary, Troops, PTSD]

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The Psychological Effects Of Poverty On Children

- When I first read the short story “The Lesson” I immediately was drawn to the character Sylvia. She is obviously the most outspoken and dynamic character in the short story, however, I saw more to her than a first glance read of an angry, bitter, and cynical girl. Partly I saw more to where she came from, because I understood that on a personal level. I also saw underneath and believe that under that hard facade is someone whose circumstances truly shaped their life whether they were aware of it or not....   [tags: Sociology, Poverty, Short story, Social class]

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Psychological And Sociological Effects Of Gmo

- CHARLES R. JURDEN, JR. Excerpt from a group report. The Psychological and Sociological Effects of GMO What are sociological effects. They are the effects that people have on each other. It includes religious affiliations, the class in society we occupy, the laws of the land, and even sexuality. Interesting elements of the sociological study details the family and community structure, and the social culture of a group is developed through it. Race and religion are structured to reciprocate acceptance, and outsiders are commonly shunned....   [tags: Genetically modified organism]

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The Psychological Effects of Gender Roles

- The Psychological Effects of Gender Roles “Let the boys be boys.” You’ve heard this phrase before. Often repeated by parents regarding their little boys. So what makes a boy, a boy. Rambo like characteristics. Muscles. Short hair. Wearing blue. Wearing T-shirts and jeans or playing with sporting equipment. Well last I remember, the main characteristics boys shared were penises. The role gender association play in the lives of our children can sometimes affect them negatively. The messages that gender roles send, is that in order to be part of society, you must fit into the norm or the status quo or most importantly what society deems as acceptable....   [tags: Gender Roles Equality Psychology Essays]

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Psychological Effects of Sexual Assault

- Psychological Effects of Sexual Assault      Sexual assault is a term that is used interchangeably with the word rape. The decision on whether or not to use the term rape or sexual assault is made by a state’s jurisdiction. Sexual assault is more readily used in an attempt to be more gender neutral (National Victim Center). Sexual assault can be most easily described as forced or unconsentual sexual intercourse. The individual that is performing these acts on the victim may either be a stranger or an acquaintance....   [tags: Rape Psychology Essays]

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The Divorce of Parents Affects the Life of a Child Severely

- The divorce of parents affects the life of the child. One of the biggest issues of divorce is who the child lives with after the divorce. The separation can impact the child’s sense of security and stability. The two people upon whom the child depended on are no longer as available as they used to be. It can send the child back and forth between the two parents over various distances, leaving the child feeling confused or lost. A child’s sense of continuity is disrupted and this can often lead to serious psychological effects on the child....   [tags: custodial parents, psychological effects]

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The Psychological Effects Of LSD

- The Psychological Effects of LSD Introduction LSD has always been a center of controversy in American society, often times because peoplehave been miseducated about its effects or exposed to media bias. Its physiological effects onthe brain and body have become more and more apparent in the last few decades when research in neuroscience peaked. The psychological effects of LSD have been often difficult to describe and document very well -- they were first discovered on April 16, 1943 by research chemist Albert Hofmann when a small amount of the drug soaked through his fingers during a routine synthesis....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Psychological Effects of Prisons

- The Psychological Effects of Prisons "I have visited some of the best and the worst prisons and have never seen signs of coddling, but I have seen the terrible results of the boredom and frustration of empty hours and pointless existence" -former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Warren Burger "If recent incarceration rates remain unchanged, an estimated 1 out of every 20 persons (5.1%) will serve time in a prison during their lifetime. -U.S. Department of Justice One of the largest problems with the prison issue in America today is that it gets little attention....   [tags: Papers]

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Psychological Effects of War Terror on the Palestinian People

- United States government estimated 37,212 Palestinians lived in United States in 2010. The influxes of Palestinian immigrants often could attributed to events called “Intifadas.” The Arabic word “Intifada” translated, means a “shaking off” but can also translate to an “uprising.” Israel’s and the Palestinian authority’s animosity derives from the First Intifada. The current political standing of the state of Israel and the Palestinian authority runs off from the Second Intifada, which lasted from late 2000 to 2005....   [tags: War, Psychology]

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Psychological Effects on Crowding, Population Density and Noise

- The variety of effects on individuals stimulates from population density and noise. The effects could range from easy annoyances to critical intrusive anxiety creating illnesses. When personal space, privacy, and territory are infringed upon by people or short lived and continuous noises; (Straub, 2007) accommodations become needed in acknowledging to prevent psychological effects of crowding as well as discouraging aggression, anxiety, and frustration with the ongoing increase in population density, territory, personal space, and privacy....   [tags: Anxiety, Personal Space, Privacy]

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Physical and Psychological Effects of Prolonged Computer Exposure to Humans

- Computer is a kind of machine that was invented by Charles Babbage, an English polymath. In the year 1832 he invented computer to impress the people. It is a programmable machine that can do instructions from the controller. But today it is more often known as desktops and laptops. ( , 2014) As the modern technology is improving the quality of computers are also increasing and there are different professionals who keep on transforming gadgets to make our life easier. Just like those people behind the brand Acer, Apple and Sony....   [tags: technology, charles babbage]

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Psychological Effects Of Becoming An Inmate Or Corrections Officer

- On August 17, 1971, a team of researchers at Stanford University conducted a several day observational study to understand the psychological effects of becoming an inmate or corrections officer. Led by psychology professor Dr. Philip Zimbardo, the research team randomly assigned twenty-four male college students to play the role of a prisoner or guard in a makeshift prison that had been constructed on university grounds. Weiten (2013) defines random assignment as: “The constitution of groups in a study such that all subjects have an equal chance of being assigned to any group or condition.” Because the subjects were assigned to their individual roles by flipping a coin, Zimbardo successfully...   [tags: Stanford prison experiment, Milgram experiment]

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Psychological Effects of War Shown in My Artwork

- Artist: My intention in creating the artwork was to show the long-term psychological effects of war. Also, I wanted to show that war not only affects soldiers but also the innocent civilians that get caught up in the war. This is because many people all over the world pay their respects to soldiers who have lost their lives while fighting in wars; but many people don’t even acknowledge that millions of civilians loose their lives too. Also, I wanted to touch on the subject of the holocaust and how victims of concentration camps were deeply traumatized and suffered for many years if not the rest of there lifetime after the war....   [tags: soldiers, civilians, survivors]

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Short and Long Term Psychological Effects on American Soldiers

- In the 1940’s a heinous act of genocide was committed by the Nazi party against several groups of “undesirables”, at the end of the destruction 14 million were dead (Byers 12). The bulk of these killings were conducted at concentration camps and at the height of the tragedy “death camps”. The discovery of the camps and the events that followed left many lasting psychological effects on American soldiers. Before the liberation of Buchenwald on April 11, 1945 few in the United States really knew or even understood the extreme actions the Nazi party had underwent to remove their nations undesirables (Wallenberg)....   [tags: post traumatic stress disorder]

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Gay or Lesbian Parenting and the Psychological Effects on Their Adoptive Children

- ... Same-sex couples do not raise their children any differently than heterosexual couples raise their children. Throughout the adoptive child’s life, the adoptive parents must explain to the child why he/she was adopted, but for gay adoptive parents, explanation of their sexual orientation must also be explained using “age appropriate language” (Gateway Child Wellfare Information). Recently, research has shown that gay and lesbian parents share the parental characteristics of support, protection, and stability that children need....   [tags: same-sex couples, non-traditional households]

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Neglect and its Psychological Effects on Adolescent

- Neglect is a form of child abuse. Whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, or sexual can cause life-long damage to its victims. Child Abuse is a serious and increasing problem in the United States. Every ten second a report of a child being abused or neglected, is reported. According to a recent government national study, reported that more than 2.9 million reports was made to the child protective service in 2003, for maltreatment involving children. Abuse and neglect is estimated to be three times greater than the numbers reported to the child protective service....   [tags: child abuse, neglect, african american boys]

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Athletes and the Effects of Pre-Game Jitters

- ... Early in his book, Lawrence identifies that pre-game jitters are in fact a humongous problem that athletes face today. They focus on the “pessimistic” side of things and get the subject to detour away from the task at hand. In another study done by Nohria, it was found that among male athletics 79% experienced some sort of jitters before game time. When female athletes were polled on the same topic, 85% said they had experienced pre-game jitters also. It can be determined by the results presented that athletes in one way or another do in fact experience pre-game jitters....   [tags: psychological and physical effects]

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Psychological Effects of Marijuana

- Psychological Effects of Marijuana Marijuana tends to be disassociated with the conventional spectrum of drugs in today's society. Certainly we can agree that cocaine, ecstasy, and heroine are drugs and thus highly addictive and dangerous. But can marijuana be mentioned in the same breath as these drugs. It is not my point nor belief to disagree that marijuana is a drug that can be addictive. I place strong emphasis however on the fact that physical dependency is not nearly as common as psychological dependency among marijuana users....   [tags: Papers]

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Psychological Effects Of Long

- The Psychological Effects of an Injury With every injury it is important to remember that the athlete will be affected mentally. Not all athletes will act identically to the same injury. Although research shows there are factors that are commonly seen among athletes going through adjustment to injury and rehabilitation. There are three reactive phases of the injury and rehab process. They are reaction to injury, reaction to rehabilitation, and reaction to return to competition or career termination....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Psychological Effects Of Major Depression Disorder

- Just about everyone feels an occasionally overwhelming sense of extreme melancholy. Thus, this emotional state is usually short-lived. When one suffers from depression, it impacts day-to-day life and causes unspeakable torment for the sufferer and his or her loved one. Thus, depression is uncompromising yet a common emotional medical issue involving the human brain and appallingly disturbs more than 20 million people in the United States alone. Because of a lack of knowledge about certain mental disorders like depression, people that suffer from psychological conditions succumb to unnecessary stereotyping....   [tags: Major depressive disorder]

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Negativity in the News

- Everyone knows that there is way too much negativity in the news these days. It seems like every time the news is on, the anchors are talking about death, crime, poverty, the bad economy, or something unpleasant. The news stations also ‘sensationalize’ nearly every story they report. Every aspect of the news, be it online, on TV, or in print, is oversaturated with unnecessary negativity at the expense of positive or insightful information. A lot of bad things happen in the world, and it is probably right that people need to know about them, but news stations tend to ‘emotionalize’ their stories....   [tags: journalism, emotions, psychological effects]

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Child Victims of Rape

- Louise (2010), a child rape survivor who preferred not to reveal her name, defined rape as being penetrated by a penis, finger or object into the mouth, vagina or anus against one’s will. Hence, rape is a form of a violation of a person’s spirit. In addition, statistics published in October 2013 by the National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children stated,” one in twenty children have been sexually abused [and] Over 90% of children who have experienced sexual abuse, were abused by someone they knew.” Thus, in the case of children, it is a more serious violation because they do not know how to defend and protect themselves....   [tags: Psychological Effects, Recovery]

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Coping Mechanisms for Stress

- The contents of this essay shall outline the physiological and the psychological effects that consume the human body during stress. This essay will also consider evidence and discuss positive and negative coping mechanisms that are employed in the hope of combating stress. The conclusion shall summarise effective coping strategies that are known to have positive results. When stress is experienced over a period of time and has manifested itself as chronic stress; the physiological effects can be quite frightening and even catastrophic....   [tags: Physical & Psychological Effects]

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The Psychological and Physical Effects of Bullying in the Workplace

- ... This continual social isolation in and out of the workplace can cause high levels of distress (A Rise). There was a study done by Dr. Christine Sprigg, Dr. Carolyn Axtell and Sam Farley of the University of Sheffield and Dr. Iain Coyne of Nottingham University that asked workers about their experiences with cyber-bullying in the workplace. It was reported that out of the “320 people who responded to the survey, around eight out of ten had experienced [cyber-bullying] on at least one occasion in the previous six months....   [tags: policy, social, media, health, statistics]

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Effects of Psychological Interventions

- There are many different types of chronic illnesses, chronic pain, diabetes, coronary heart disease, and cancer, just to list a few. Chronic illnesses are hard to live with on a daily basis. The Center for Disease Control (COCD) defined chronic illness as a disease that has a long-term effect on our body, but it can be controlled but not cured. The effects that chronic illness does to our body causes more stress on us then if a patient didn’t have a chronic illness (“What is Chronic Disease?” 2011)....   [tags: Chronic Illness, Diabetes, Heart Disease]

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Detrimental Effect of Abortion by Amy R. Sobie and David C. Reardon,

- Annually, 46 million babies die from abortion worldwide, that’s approximately one baby being aborted every two seconds says Dr. Craig. A. Kuhns. 98 percent of abortions take place because the child is unwanted or an inconvenience to the mother, and only 2 percent are taken place because of rape or incest. Since abortion was legalized in 1973 women across the world have took advantage of the legalization and have not been as thoughtful; abortion is used as the easy way out. After abortion was legalized teens have began to get the procedure and have experienced an emotional and physical impact; also the world economy has been changed dramatically....   [tags: teens, psychological effects]

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Physiological and Psychological Effects of Abortion on Women

- Physiological and Psychological Effects of Abortion on Women   1.0 Introduction   There are many arguments surrounding the abortion debate. An issue dealing with abortion that has not been explored very thoroughly is the issue of Post-Abortion-Syndrome. This paper will examine the psychological and physiological effects of abortion, on the women who had them, later in life. This paper dealing with abortion will not explore either side of the abortion debate because to do so would introduce biases....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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Psychological and Emotional Effects of Words

- Gitte Falkenburg once said, “ Stick and Stones can break your bones, but words can hurt your soul”. This quote is accurate because pain is only temporary, but words can also affect one’s psychological and emotional states in long term. So, how easy it is to hurt someone through electronic communication. People only need to send one or two text messages to launch an attack of insults and rumors, and within few minutes, everyone will know about it. This is an alarming issue that should be address because there are recent cases of suicide from cyberbullying....   [tags: social communication, amanda todd, cyberbullying]

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Psychological and Emotional Effects of Technology

- A young girl wakes up early in the morning to get ready for school. Before she gets out of bed, she checks her Facebook with her phone that sits in its’ place on her night stand. In class, she checks if she has any text messages from her friends under the table, making sure her teacher does not catch her. When she gets home from school, she sits on her couch, surfing the internet for a few hours before finally starting her homework. When she is about to go to bed, she checks her Facebook once more....   [tags: Facebook, Internet Applications, Technology]

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Psychological Effects of Violent Video Games

- When Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School last year and murdered 26 people, the majority of them small children, the nation was horrified. The latest in a series of mass shootings perpetrated by children against other children, the media coverage of the event sent news outlets into a familiar refrain: Lanza loved guns and violent video games, just like the Columbine killers and other disturbed teenagers who kill their classmates. Repeatedly, when trying to understand why these children kill, graphic violence in video games emerges as one of the elements that shoulders the blame....   [tags: violence,mass shooting,aggressive behavior ]

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Psychological Effects of Using Anabolic Steroids

- Anabolic Steriods. What are they. Where do they come from. Why are they used. From amateurs to pros, from body builders to football players and every sport in between, Steriods, or "roids" as they are referred to, have been in the circle of athletes since the 1950's. Is it vanity that drives athletes to use steriods. Do they understand the end results from the abuse of "roids". What psychological effects do steriods have on users?In order to understand the psychological effects of steriods, you must first understand what steriods are and where they come from....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Psychological Effects of Sexual Maltreatment On Filipino Comfort Women

- Introduction Any disparity in power makes physical and sexual maltreatment more probable. This is mainly true in the extensive prevalence of rape during the time of the Second World War. Sexual maltreatment, in the form of rape, inflicted on the Filipino comfort women during the war are considered as an offense of crime against humanity. However, it remained unreported and unrecognized years after the war. Rape is identified as criminal sexual intercourse without the consent of the victim. Even so, given all the consequences of rape for victims, this definition is rather limited ....   [tags: Sexual Crimes]

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Sociological and Psychological Effects Divorce Has On Children

- Introduction Academic studies have proven that 41% of all marriages end before their 30th year of marriage (Battams, 2013). Many studies dispute the fact that divorces only effect children psychologically, but this paper will focus on other important factors including emotional and behavioural effects, along with short and long term effects a parental divorce has on children. The purpose of this paper is to present the various types of ways that children are effected by a family divorce. Of these various ways in which children are effected with the stress of divorce, their are coping strategies that are proven to treat these stressful situations....   [tags: marriage, behavior, emotions, stress]

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The Effects Of Psychological Effects On Children Coming From Divorced Families

- The psychological effects on children coming from divorced families can be different for each child and can vary depending majorly on how the parents themselves deal with the divorce and the child’s relationships with their parents. The United States has the highest divorce rate of any other country. Chances that a child will experience their parents getting a divorce is pretty certain and to be exact 40% of children by the age of 16 will go through their parents getting a divorce (Mazur, E., Wolchik, S....   [tags: Family, Divorce, Parent, Marriage]

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Does Abortion Affect Subsequent Pregnancy?

- In society, abortion remains one of the most debated, controversial, and deliberated issues. According to “Abortions in America” from U.S. News & World Report magazine, approximately 43 percent of American women will terminate their pregnancy by means of abortion in their lifetime, making abortion greater than three times more common than breast cancer and just as common as divorce (Waldman, et al 22). Everyone deserves a chance to live, especially an innocent infant without a voice. Also, abortion may cause detrimental, psychological effects on the mother of the child....   [tags: children, psychological effects, life, murder]

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The Effects Of Psychological Disorders On The Brain

- This paper discusses what psychological disorders are and how to cope with them. It explains that psychological disorders are also known as mental disorders that affect the brain, which in turn alter the way people may behave. There are several different types of disorders that individuals can suffer from. A few that are mentioned are anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. All three of these can be classified as a mental illness because they affect mood, thinking, and behavior. Like with any disease, signs and symptoms are apparent....   [tags: Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, Mental disorder]

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The Effects of Psychological Trauma on Family

- Psychological Trauma can alter, destroy and create a lot of bad impacts in a person’s life. The main definition of psychological trauma is the results of unique individual experience of an unusually event that invaded a person’s sense of security and safety, making he or she feels helpless and at risk of dangerous situation, and the ability to assimilate his or her emotional experience is overwhelmed at certain situation. (Lawrence Robinson, 2011) A much more serious psychological trauma can leads to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) in certain circumstance....   [tags: Psychology ]

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Effects of Child Abuse on Psychological Development

- Most people do not know how to cope with abused children. I became interested in this topic because when I was a teenager I had a friend who was abused by her stepfather and I didn’t know how to help her. I would like to know how children’s psychological development is affected, and how we can help these children cope with their misfortune. The most common effect is that maltreated children are, essentially, rejected. These destructive experiences impact on the developing child, increasing the risks for emotional, behavioral, social and physical problems throughout life....   [tags: Effects of Child Abuse on Behavior]

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The Effects Of Psychological Empowerment On Employees

- Individual Factors Individual factors are also vital to incentivizing employees, especially during times when job security is uncertain. Over two and a half million jobs were lost in 2008 due to downsizing and layoffs, and surveys indicate that it takes at least six months to secure new employment, hence the reason why employees seek companies that empower their workforce Jawahar (2012). Empowerment along with recognition and rewards and career support and growth opportunities are respective of the individual employee....   [tags: Motivation, Employment, Management]

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The Psychological Effects of Sin in The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne

- In the novel ,The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, the author portrays the psychological effect of sin on Reverand Dimmesdale through internal torture and through Roger Chillingworth in him becoming a fiend. Roger becomes entangled in this idea of punishment and the discovery of the fiend who took his wife, while Dimmesdale becomes so sickened with guilt he begins to hurt himself. Throughout the novel Chillingworth slowly starts to develop into this fiend like character. His physical form begins to change over time....   [tags: punishment, revenge, guilt]

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Anorexia Nervosa- Eating Disorder

- Effects of anorexia are mostly seen on the outside of the victim’s body, but do not be fooled. This detrimental eating disorder affects one’s mind just as much as it would the body. What Anorexia does to the mind is that it distorts the way one views their body. Victims of anorexia become fixated on their body image and overly critical about their flaws and weight. Even being obviously underweight, Anorexics will continuously deny that they have a problem and continue with their fatal practices....   [tags: Physical Effects, Psychological Effects]

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The Psychological Effects of Going Through Cosmetic Surgery

- According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in the United States 14.6million cosmetic surgery procedures were performed in 2012. Cosmetic procedures range from skin rejuvenation to cleft palate repair. The most popular age range of cosmetic surgeries performed is 40 to 54 years old. Most of us are self conscious about how we will appear in the future. Our self conscious feelings towards our body image affects us psychologically and psychosocially by our own body-self image, sexual relationships, social interactions esteem and self worth....   [tags: Emotions, Body image, Surgery]

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Psychological Effects of Television on Children’s Behavior/Learning

- Does violence on television have a negative effect on children and teenagers. The violence seen on television has had surprising negative effect. Violence shown on television causes children and teenagers to develop behavioral problems and learning disabilities. Such behavioral and learning problems include; language development, school performance / learning, cognitive development and their general behavior to others (Kinnear 27). In a study on the correlation between violence and television done with 1,565 teenage boys over a six-year period in London, William Belson, a British psychologist, found that every time a child saw someone being shot or killed on television they became less carin...   [tags: Psychology]

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The 's Sheds Light On Complex Issues Such As Psychological Effects Of Fascism

- In The Conformist, Bertolucci’s sheds light on complex issues such as psychological effects of fascism and why one might conform to such a government. The film follows the complicated character of Marcello, a homosexual man with a traumatic homosexual experience in his childhood, which results in him becoming ashamed of his sexuality and begins to fear being shunned by society for it. Marcello deals with this shame by shutting down any homosexual desire he may have and becomes his idealized figure of normal; which at this time was a loyal and disciplined Fascist....   [tags: Homosexuality, Sexual intercourse, Gender, Male]

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What Are the Physiological And Psychological Effects of E-Reading on the E-Reader?

- What Are the Physiological And Psychological Effects of E-Reading on the E-Reader. E-reading has its roots way back in the 1930's. Bob Brown was the first to materialize the idea of e-reading. His first work The Readies were first produced after watching his first "talkie" movie ("Bob Brown's The Reader (1930), Retrieved May 20, 2014.) But it wasn't until the late 1940's the idea of an e-reader was conceived. Several people have claimed the title for developing the first e-reader. Years later, in the early 1970's, was the release of the first implementations of e-books....   [tags: reading and brain function/eye sight]

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Old Parents versus Young Parents

- Old parents vs. young parents ( 802 words) Malak Parents’ age has a significant effect on the child's growing, according to recent psychological studies on children. In the last half-century, it has increased dramatically that people are waiting longer to procreate, to well settle in their life. It may be surprising to know that about 20% of women are choosing to have a baby after the age of 35; In fact, a large number of women are giving a birth into their 40’s. Even though it is common to think that old age is positive, it does not necessarily mean better parents....   [tags: psychological effects on children]

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The Psychological and Physiciological Effects of Guilt

- Abstract: Guilt has physiological and psychological effects. The psychological effects can include something bad, such as feelings of worthlessness or inferiority. Guilt can also serve in a positive way as a motivator. A person may suffer physiological effects such as insomnia and physical pain. Discussion: Guilt is feelings of culpability, especially for imagined offenses or from a sense of inadequacy. There are negative physiological effects caused by guilt. Guilt can make someone over responsible....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Placebos Are a Valid Choice

- Placebos, (Latin for “I shall please”), have been around since medieval times to treat a variety of ailments. Currently, researchers are using them to examine what effects they will have on the general population, and physicians are prescribing them. Any alteration in a person’s condition derived after receiving a placebo is labeled a placebo effect. There is no debate as to whether the placebo effect is genuine; the dispute lies in what mechanisms cause it to occur. According to Klinger, Soost, Flor and Worm (2007), many mechanisms have been explored, but it remains unclear as to which one fully explains the placebo effect....   [tags: psychological effects on the body]

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Being Deported from Any Country Seems Like a Degrading Experience among Jamaicans

- Being deported from any country seems like a degrading experience among Jamaicans, quite often a myriad of ills caused by deportees are highlighted, but how does the act of deportation affect the deportees. Many of whom migrated with their parents at a young age, spent their adolescent lives and later matured into adult-hood overseas. Having been schooled, socialized and naturalized in foreign cultures and ways of living, a fraction of the almost three thousand individuals expelled annually by those countries they called home arrive in Jamaica displaced and with vulnerabilities....   [tags: psychological effects and trauma]

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Red Ink: Try Using a Different Color for Grading School Papers

- Red is the general color used for grading papers in school. Students are raised with red ink being the mark of failure. With all the negative thoughts it brings, red ink can be very detrimental to the growing mind,slowly leading to depression or even worse. Because of this, red ink may be one of the worst serial killers ever known to man. Yet, despite its wicked habits, schools continue to use it as their number one grading tool, encouraging this negative spiral to keep spinning downwards. Teachers tend to use red pens when grading and editing homework and tests....   [tags: psychological effects of teaching tools]

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The Psychological Effects of Dormitory Architecture and Layout on Residents

- The Psychological Effects of Dormitory Architecture and Layout on Residents For many students, part of the experience of going to college is living in university housing. With so many young people living in such facilities, it is certainly worth investigating how they affect their denizens from a psychological perspective. It is established that one's environment is a major determinant in one's emotional and mental state. This paper will focus on architectural elements, such as floorspace, room layout, and occupancy levels of University residence halls, and how said design elements enhance or impede human interaction and individual moods....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Papers]

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Physical and Psychological Effects of Domestic Violence on Women

- “Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women in the United States” (Jones 87). Every twelve seconds, a woman is beaten by a man (Jones 6). Every nine days, a woman is murdered by her husband or boyfriend (Jones 7). Statistics like these outline the severity and seriousness of the domestic violence epidemic in this country. Unfortunately, it has taken lawmakers too long to recognize domestic violence as a devastating situation that affects millions of people both physically and emotionally....   [tags: Abuse Violence Essays]

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Does Abortion Have Severe Psychological Effects?

- Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy by destruction of a fertilized egg, embryo or fetus before birth, prior to the time when the fetus attains viability, or capacity for life outside the uterus (Encyclopedia, 1995, p.43). Currently almost twenty-five percent of pregnancies in the United States are aborted. About one forth of people who abort are teenagers, fifty-seven percent are younger than 25, and almost eighty percent are unmarried. During the first trimester is when most of the abortions take place....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Effects Of A Psychological Disorder On The Person Who Has The Disorder

- The effects of a psychological disorder can be solely on the person who has the disorder. In short term, effects can be anywhere from taking constant medications, abusing drugs to lessen pain, self-harm, social isolation, self-hatred, feelings of no remorse or sadness, abuse from others, or homelessness. The long term effects of psychological disorders, especially if it goes untreated, may be thoughts of suicide and eventually following through with it. An example of how a psychological disorder affects a person’s life can be seen in the interview of Wout Van de Steeg, who is a 22 year old college student from the Netherlands....   [tags: Suicide, Mental disorder, Schizophrenia]

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