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Negativity in the News

- Everyone knows that there is way too much negativity in the news these days. It seems like every time the news is on, the anchors are talking about death, crime, poverty, the bad economy, or something unpleasant. The news stations also ‘sensationalize’ nearly every story they report. Every aspect of the news, be it online, on TV, or in print, is oversaturated with unnecessary negativity at the expense of positive or insightful information. A lot of bad things happen in the world, and it is probably right that people need to know about them, but news stations tend to ‘emotionalize’ their stories....   [tags: journalism, emotions, psychological effects]

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The Effects Of Negativity On The Human Mind

- Negativity is a dangerous to the human mind. Negativity can lead to depression and lack self-confidence. If continued for long periods of time, it can lead to disastrous consequences to a person’s psyche. The question is, how can it be counteracted. With proper scientific processes, negativity could be removed from a person with correct forms of positive reinforcement. Punishment, in this case, would serve no purpose except creating more negativity in the study. Alleviating this frame of mind would help many people and, if treated properly with reinforcement, could lead to a much happier people....   [tags: Reinforcement, Operant conditioning, Psychology]

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Negativity as A Cause of Decline

- Negativity in the workplace and the demand of jobs are causing a decline in American work ethic. Work ethic is a set of values that is based on hard work, attitude, and character. The three main causes of negativity in the workplace are people are negative, people are discriminated against, and single parents are trying to raise their child(ren) while working. As negativity in the workplace increases, morale, productivity, and work ethic decrease. When there is negativity in the workplace, customers can be chased away....   [tags: Occupational Issues]

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The Negativity of Ethnocentrism in Traditions

- The Negativity of Ethnocentrism in Traditions As a child I remember being raised as having my own beliefs on cultures. My family was raised to follow directions from my elders and that’s what we did. On a Sunday morning, it was an obligation for my family and myself to attend church. If we would resist or make a scene our punishment would be no video games, nor television. It never took importance to me of how our traditions affected our everyday life. However, now as a grown up I can see why people may perceive some traditions better or worse than others....   [tags: traditions, judgements, culture]

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Negativity And Discrimination Against Women

- Negativity and discrimination against women on both reality and fictional television continues to change the way women see themselves. When watching television, one will notice that most of the famous, liked, and spotlighted ladies are skinny or what society sees as beautiful. These women also dressed impeccably and tend to their partners’ desires. Natalie Imbruglia states, “You’re either too fat or too thin, just can’t win.” Her quotation truly explains how society, especially through television, makes the average woman feel as if she is not enough....   [tags: Reality television, Television, Woman, Obesity]

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Negativity of Doubt vS. Security of Certainty

- ... Many might say that certainty creates confidence, but that is the problem: too much confidence. Overconfidence blinds one from the truth, it tricks one to think that something will certainly happen. Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby was certain that Daisy loved him and would leave her husband, Tom, for him. Gatsby used his certainty as a protector and reassurance. However, when Daisy could not bring herself to tell Tom that she wanted to leave him for Gatsby; Gatsby was surprised and disappointed....   [tags: success, confidence, fear]

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Buddhism as Freedom from Negativity

- Buddhism as Freedom from Negativity The title of this paper is posed as a question so that one can explore and investigate if Buddhism and meditation can bring the mind freedom from negativity. One of the most important things I have learned thus far, is that anger and hatred are based on projections and exaggeration, not on objectivity or wisdom. This stikes me as very important in my search for how to release negativity. If we can accept that things feelings do not come from wisdom, that it may be possible to realize that they are fundamentally incorrect....   [tags: Papers]

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The Electro-Negativity of Atoms

- The Electro-Negativity of Atoms Apparatus The apparatus I will use to conduct the experiment are: * 1-clorobutane (1 mol) * 1-bromobutane (1 mol) * 1-idobutane (1mol) * Silver Nitrate (0.01 mol) * Ethanol * Water Bath (Heated to 50ËšC * Test tubes x3 * Test tube rack * Teat pipettes x3 * Burettes (1mm³) x2 * Pipette filler Method * Set up test tubes and test tube rack * Put 1 cm³ of silver nitrate into the three test tubes using a burettes * Add ethanol(1cm³) with the other burette * Put test tubes in water bath (pre heated to 50ËšC) and leave for 10 minutes test tubes will...   [tags: Papers]

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The Negativity Of Texting, Where Would We Be Without Text Messaging?

- The Negativity of Texting Where would we be without text messaging. What would our lives be like without text messaging. Text messaging or texting has become evolved into a part of our daily life. We depend on it for most if not pretty much all of the way we communicate. From sending messages, pictures to videos and so much more. “The first text message was sent in 1992 from Neil Papworth, a former developer at Sema Group Telecoms” (Erickson). “Nokia was the first handsets manufacture whose total GSM phone line in 1993 supported user-sending of SMS text messages” […]....   [tags: Mobile phone, Text messaging, SMS]

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Comparing Negativity in Utopia, Christian Liberty, and The Prince

- Negativity in Utopia, Christian Liberty, and he Prince More in Utopia, Luther in Christian Liberty, and Machiavelli in The Prince all say that people are bad-that no matter what is done bad things will happen; however, all three authors approached the subject differently. Machiavelli has hardest "people are scum" message. The entire book outlines ways to take advantage of other people. Through examination of history, Machiavelli wrote The Prince as a handbook of how things had worked in the past, and-he believed-would work again in the future....   [tags: compare and contrast essay examples]

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Your search returned over 400 essays for "negativity"
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