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The Ethics of Selling Cigarrettes to Minors

- Ethically as we Americans have defined is not on the minds of these executives of the cigarette firms. Our society has made it ethically and legally wrong to sell cigarettes to a minor. These companies located in the United States adhere to the laws and ethical issues within our borders, so what is the difference when they practice these unethical business transactions in smaller countries. These smaller, less developed countries do not have the technology and understanding to disallow the sale of cigarettes to minors....   [tags: Selling Cigarrettes to Minors]

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Should Minors Receive Parental Consent before Having an Abortion?

- Abortion is a very sensitive, yet popular, topic that is plaguing the United States. According to Merriam-Webster, abortion is, “A medical procedure used to end a pregnancy and cause the death of a fetus.” (n.d.). According to Griffin-Carlson &Mackin (1993), “In 1988, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that there were 1,371,285 abortions in the United States, 25% of which were obtained by women under 19. Researches at the National Center for Health Statistics estimated that of the 1.1 million pregnancies among teenagers in 1981, 40% ended in abortion, 13% in miscarriage, and 47% in live births (p....   [tags: unwanted pregnancies in minors]

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Prison for Minors

- “Prison is no place for anybody to start off at. This is where everybody ends up and they end up being a loser in life. This is where the ball game begins and only the tough survive” (“Prison”). There are approximately 2,500 prisoners serving life without parole sentences for homicide committed when they were under the age 18. More than 2,000 of them received that sentence as a result of a mandatory sentencing scheme (“US”). State laws call for a mandatory sentence of life without parole for those convicted of a felony murder....   [tags: state laws, mandatory sentences, life sentences]

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The Age Of Consent

- The idea of “the child” is constantly evolving, and children appear to be maturing more rapidly each year. As a response, laws pertaining to minors have had to keep up with these social changes. In the health care context, the competency of children is constantly scrutinized and challenged. Accordingly, reforms to past laws that deemed minors lacked decisional capacity have resulted in the “mature minor” doctrine. Although this doctrine allows minors a degree of independence in the decision-making process it maintains many grey areas....   [tags: Minors]

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Birth Control And Accessibility Of Minors

- ... Research has shown that many girls would not continue to use birth control if they had to ask their parents for it but almost all of them would still continue to be sexually active. Also not only does requiring teens to have parental consent put them at risk for pregnancy and STDs but it also puts them at risk with their families. Some teens have abusive or unsupportive families that they would not be able to talk to about that kind of thing. For example there are girls whose parents would kick them out for getting pregnant and it would not be safe for the kids in those kinds of situations to talk to their parents about it....   [tags: Pregnancy, Abortion, Sex education]

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Minors Being Tried As Adults

- ... He was sentenced to 111 years in prison without the possibility of parole.1 A school shooting case that made headlines everywhere was the Columbine High School shooting. Eric Harris, who was eighteen, and Dylan Klebold, who was seventeen, walked into Columbine High School in Colorado. In a rampage of gunfire and homemade bombs, twelve students were killed and a teacher before killing themselves.1 This would have never made it to court because Eric and Dylan would have found a way to commit suicide before the case made it to trial....   [tags: accoutable, adults, consequences, crimes]

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Should Minors Be Prosecuted As Adults?

- ... The juvenile court system should be done away with, the system of punishment is too lenient on juvenile offenders, and it is also inefficient in responding to juvenile crime and violence. In Tennessee an 11-year-old boy is facing first-degree murder charges in the death of an 8-year-old he shot and killed after he asked her to show him her puppy and she said no. The boy used his father 's 12-gauge shotgun, taking it from the unlocked closet, according to a story in the Washington Post. The local prosecutor will decide whether or not to charge the boy as an adult....   [tags: Crime, Criminology, Criminal law, Criminal justice]

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The Effect of Alcohol on Minors in our Society

- Minors and Alcohol In this paper we will be discussing one of the very big and important problems that is “Minors and Alcohol”, and the effects of this on society and minors. In reality if we look at things this is the way we have begun to perceive things because a bigger and a better society needs people to be more open and they need to be more apt. They are the ones who have to look at the things and it is up to them to interpret the meanings of the things in the literal sense. If we start to believe that the people are going to dominate others and there are some who are very docile and innocuous and there are others who are good at governance and who are good at controlling things is tha...   [tags: drugs, abuse]

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Medical Marijuana Should NOT Be Legal For Minors

- With the major and ongoing controversy of the legalization of marijuana, medical marijuana has been thrown into the limelight as an excuse as to why marijuana is “good.” But with medical marijuana’s supposed advancements, more and more doctors are prescribing it to anyone who claims to have a headache and now they are moving their clientele base to young children and teens who are not even old enough to know the long-term damage of the “medicine” their doctors are so willingly prescribing. While many doctors are beginning to jump on the medical weed train, others are continuing to speak against the effects; especially on minors....   [tags: Argumentative Essays]

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Should Minors Be The Cochlear Implant Surgery?

- ... There will be a ten closed question survey, with a response range from 1 to 7. Then the participants will watch a ten minute film with captions, “My Son is Deaf, Finally”. The short film is a deaf man signing, with word captions briefly explaining the procedure and process to make their son deaf, in order to have the same characteristics as the parents, so they can have a connection. Finally, the participants will answer another survey with the same 10 questions. The data will be gathered, analyzed and measured....   [tags: Sign language, Hearing impairment, Deaf culture]

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Unaccompanied Immigrant Minors and Child Protective Services

- In the summer of 2010, I was assigned to work with a youth who became known to the New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services (The Division) as a substantiated victim of child abuse (physical). Within the Division, the youth was assigned a case manager to handle legal aspects of the case and link him to services. I was specifically assigned to the youth to develop a therapeutic relationship and assist with his new adjustment, after being removed from his biological father and placed in foster care....   [tags: Immigration]

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Should Minors Be Sentenced? Sentences If They Are Guilty Of Violent Crimes?

- ... Minors are get experience to know right from wrong. Although minors ' brains are still to be developed, they can also be impacted by a particular person whom they did trust. Gang members, for example, use the youth of today to use them to do the crime they were originally supposed to do. Gang members could some how influence minors, because of their age, if they were to he caught by police, a judge would give them a 'light ' sentence such as probation, or a few months in a cell. The environment of the minor could also effect them they could easily misunderstand what they think the "streets" will do, such as protect them and keep them out of jail....   [tags: Crime, Murder, Violent crime, Violence]

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Smoking Prohibited with Minors in Vehicles

- Smoking Prohibited with Minors in Vehicles Children do not have a choice whether or not an adult smokes while driving a vehicle. According to Chest magazine, 4.8 million American children have been diagnosed with asthma. The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta report that in 1993, 159,000 children under the age of fifteen were hospitalized for acute asthma, and 5,300 people died. The American Lung Association states that the annual health care cost for asthma is 12.6 billion dollars. "The value of reduced productivity due to loss of school days represented the largest single indirect cost related to asthma, approaching $1 billion." The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disea...   [tags: Papers]

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The Need for the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act

- The Necessity of the DREAM Act In August of 2001, Republican Senator Orrin Hatch introduced the first iteration of the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act (or, the DREAM Act). It was intended to be a companion bill of sorts to his party-mate Senator Chris Cannon’s Student Adjustment Act of 2001, which had been introduced a few months before. The Student Adjustment Act of 2001 was meant to amend the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 so that undocumented immigrants would be eligible for higher education benefits such as in-state tuition in the same way as documented residents of the state in which they lived, and to amend the Immigration an...   [tags: DREAM act, immigration bills and policies]

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No Death Penalty For Minors

- The Death Penalty is the execution of criminals for committing crimes regarded so bad that this is the only acceptable punishment. It establishes order in society by putting the fear of death in to would be killers. Although this works for the most part, one has to wonder if a child who commits murder thinks about the fact that it can lead to a death sentence. Studies by the Harvard Medical School, the National Institute of Mental Health and the UCLA’s Department of Neuroscience found that the frontal and pre-frontal lobes of the brain, which regulate impulse control and judgment, are not fully developed in adolescents....   [tags: No Death Penalty for Juveniles]

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Minors and Abortion: Parental Consent Must be Mandatory

- How can a child make the decision for the life of another child by themselves. In this paper I will outline the mental, physical, and safety issues of minors (age 18 and under) having an abortion and why it is so important that they need to get parental consent before making this life long decision. Talking about abortion brings out an emotional response in many women. This is because having an abortion takes a massive emotional toll on some women. As Nanyjo Mann said, three weeks after having an abortion, “I became preoccupied with the thoughts of death....   [tags: Argumentative Essay, Persuasive Essay]

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Minors and the Death Penalty

- A. Should the death penalty be given to minors. The two groups against this issue, are the religious and medical groups. They believe they are too young to know what they have done. The medical groups believe adolescents are less developed than adults and should not be held to the same standards. . The opposing side, held mostly by state officials, feel if they are old enough to commit the crime they, old enough to get the punishment, including death. B. The very first execution of a minor was in1642 with Thomas Graunger in Plymouth Colony, Massachesetts....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Development Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act

- Undocumented students are unable to further their education after completing the public education system. The Development Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act (DREAM Act) was created by a proposal to cease penalizing children of illegal immigrants who were brought over to the United States by their parents at an early age. The DREAM Act includes many requirements that are necessary to be considered an applicant. The DREAM Act must be implemented in order to provide hard-working individuals greater opportunities, due to the fact that undocumented students are discriminated by cause of their illegal status....   [tags: Education, illegal immigrants]

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The Development, Relief and Education of Alien Minors Act

- Each year in late spring thousands of young students are graduating from high school and are looking forward to begin college. Most students have chosen what college they are going to, have packed and are ready to go and accomplish their dreams. However, there are thousands of students that graduate each year, that have dreams as big as their classmates and will never know what it is like to attend to a college or even visit a college campus. But they have hope that their dreams can be accomplish by passing the Dream Act....   [tags: dream act, economy, law, students]

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The Development, Relief, and Education of Alien Minors Act

- The Dream Act stands for: development, relief and education for alien minors. It is a proposed bill to grant certain illegal immigrants permanent residency. Through this essay I will explain why the dream act is important and why Americans should accept it. The Dream Act is important, because it would give students who grew up in America a chance to either help our country by fighting in the war or a change to obtain a higher education. Not only is the Dream Act good for our economy, security and nation, but it is also being overlooked on who is allowed to become legal....   [tags: dream act, residency, war, legal]

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How Do Fake IDs Assist In The Corruption Of Minors

- How do fake IDs assist in illegal activity in underage minors. We think that with the use of fake IDs, minors are able to obtain things they would not be able to get without a fake id, thus increasing the use of alcohol (going to bars), and underage smoking. It also increases other things that minors would not be able to do, such as get into over 18 clubs, R rated movies, buy spraypaint and weaponry such as boxcutters. The problems of the underage youth using fake IDs to buy substances, and do things that they would normally not be able to do without the use of a fake ID, is an age old problem....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Reflection of the Life of Minors in 19th Century Britain

- How far do the experiences of young Pip reflect the life of minors in the 19th century Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations is narrated by its young hero, orphan Philip Pirrip, known as Pip, living with his older sister and her husband, blacksmith Joe Gargery, in the Kent marshes. Young Pip lived a life similar to other orphans yet confronted a vast range of improbable incidents, such as helping a fugitive convict. Pip’s background, opportunities offered to him, and familial life make his experience uncharacteristic compared to others in a similar position....   [tags: English Literature:]

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The Freedom of Contract Connection with Laissez Faire Approach on Children’s Liberties

- “Minors make a great deal of contributions to the marketplace.” By binding a child who is of 15 years of age to a contract can potentially create a detriment for the minor, Due to society’s trends the viral increase in use of Facebook has become one of the greatest means of communication for minors and young adults. The information era has created a revolution between minors and social-networking websites many issues have been brought to the attention of the legal system of New South Wales. Through ease of accessibility many adolescents create a Facebook profile within seconds, not realising the probable future burdens which could be placed on them....   [tags: minors, autralia, market place]

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The Underage Drinking Crisis in America

- ... Next, State law, also prohibits any internal possession of alcohol by minors, with absolutely no exceptions. Third, the purchase of alcohol by minors is prohibited, with the exception of undercover law enforcement purposes. The next two laws are perhaps part of the problem of underage drinking. These two laws allow for the furnishing of minors with alcohol. Fourth, Missouri law says that furnishing minors with alcohol is prohibited, with the exception of a parent or guardian. Finally, the law of Missouri prohibits social hosting parties, which gives minors access to alcohol, again with the exception of family (APIS)....   [tags: alcohol, minors, hippocampus]

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Is it Beneficial to Lower the Legal Drinking Age?

- Minor Traditionally, at 18 years of age a person is no longer a minor. Yet, a person cannot legally buy a drink in America until they reach the age of 21. Meanwhile, in countries outside of the U.S. the drinking age is set at 18 years old. Although adults at 21 years old can drink, lowering the legal drinking age to 18 is not necessarily beneficial not only to our society but because there happens to be much rebellion and a vast majority of young adults in America are addicted to alcohol. But, keeping the drinking age at 21 avoids negative effects of alcohol consummation before 21, and it allows for less violence in the community....   [tags: minors, alcohol, law]

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DREAM Act Gives Illegal Immigrants a Chance

- The DREAM Act is proposed legislation that was first introduced in 2001. If put into action, it would give illegal immigrants who crossed the border when they were young the chance to become documented citizens of the United States, given they fulfill certain requirements. The DREAM Act should be put into place at the federal level because it will benefit the United States by filling spots in the military and adding talented young scholars to the workforce, as well as give young immigrants the freedom and pursuit of happiness they are promised....   [tags: minors, citizenship, aid]

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Children Sexual Exploitation in Thailand

- ... Many children are trafficked through criminal network into or within the country often involving border police and immigration officials who transport them to brothels across Thailand. Many children are persuaded to come into the country with promises of jobs but since they don't speak the Thai language they are exposed to physical abuse, violence and exploitation. According to the Thai tradition the first duty of a girl is to support her family by any means. Therefore in order to pay off family debts many girls have been obliged to work as prostitutes or sometimes even to marry their abusers....   [tags: sexual abuse of minors]

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Annotated Bibliography on Sex Trafficking

- Kotrla, K., & Wommack, B. A. (2011). Sex Trafficking of Minors in the U.S.: Implications for Policy, Prevention and Research. Journal of Applied Research on Children: Informing Policy for Children at Risk: Vol. 2 (Iss. 1), article 5. Retrieved from: This journal article examines the issue of minor sex trafficking in the U.S and provides the reader with the results of the research that was conducted on the matter at hand. A data analysis consisting of 115 minor sex trafficking was thoroughly examined and studied....   [tags: minors, research, victims]

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The Problems with Statutory Rape

- Many issues have come up with the laws surrounding statutory rape. Although the laws are in place to help people, many people see them as unfair and they believe that there are changes that could be made to help improve these laws. A major problem with statutory rape laws is that each state has a different law. To help improve statutory rape laws, all states should work together to have a set of country-wide laws, so that the states all have the same laws. With a few minor improvements, the statutory rape laws would be problem free....   [tags: Legal Issues, Minors]

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Internet and Child Pornography

- The Internet has become such a vast and quickly growing technology that law makers have had difficulty keeping up with the technological advances within the internet grid and the sick minds of individuals. One specific area of concern is internet safety regarding minors, especially in the area of pornography. There is a controversy that surrounds the policing of the Internet for illicit activities such as pornography that has been going on since the early 1990’s between the U.S. government and the American Civil Liberties group that claims policing the Internet would take away personal freedoms from Americans in the form of freedom of speech....   [tags: COPA, Minors, Predators]

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The Sex Trafficking Trade

- The sex trafficking trade has been largely acquainted with countries in Europe and South America of the years. Nonetheless, this epidemic in reality has been in the United States for some time. The United States has become tolerable because of the amount of money the sex business industry brings in annually. The youths trapped in prostitution, brothel, massage services has been on the upsurge due to a lack of assistance. Lack of acknowledgment by the government and the media has been astounding....   [tags: victimization, minors, youth]

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Labeling Minors As Sex Offenders

- Sex is every where these days. Whether it’s a sexual act, phrase, or action, sex has consumed most of our society. Consequentially it has begun to affect many younger children negatively. Whether there is a sexual act on TV, in video games, or within the media, it’s broadcast-ed for pretty much anyone to see anywhere. In most cases, it ends up being seen by the wrong audiences. These images are being seen by younger and younger generations of children; what may not be seen as harmful, but are indeed leading to harmful acts by curious minds....   [tags: Sex Crimes, argumentative, persuasive]

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The Process by Which Elders Give Advice to Minors About Dating

- The Process by Which Elders Give Advice to Minors About Dating The concept of courtship and dating has been transformed in the face of youth culture and the generation gap that exists between the young people of today and their parents. With this change, there is also a shift with regard to the advice that elders give the youth on the topic of dating. Not only does the advice vary from generation to generation, but it also varies from culture to culture. In this paper I will discuss the process by which elders give advice to minors in the realm of Panamanian culture....   [tags: Papers]

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Should Violent Video Games Be Banned?

- Should Violent Video Games Be Banned. In 2008, the computer and video game industry has made $1.7 billion in revenue. Of this, 16% was made through the sale of violent video games (FYI: Video Game Statistics by the Entertainment Software Association | Critical Gaming Project). Many parents are concerned about these violent games because of how they can affect their children. Many think that these games are dangerous and should be banned. Others believe that the sale of these games should go unregulated....   [tags: minors, violent, video games, ratings]

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Astonishing Statistics of Marijuana Use in Minors

- ... The next pro is the idea that upon legalization there will be a reduction in crime rates. The U.S prisons house up to 6.9 million individuals, 60,000 of those prisoners are there for marijuana use. To house marijuana users it costs the taxpayers around $7-10 billion a year. Approximately 90% of those individuals are in prison for being charged with possession only. The arrests for marijuana possession exceed the arrests for violent crimes including rape and murder. Approximately over 700,000 individuals are arrested each year for marijuana charges....   [tags: drugs, legal, medicine]

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Juvenile Crime from Single-Parent Minors

- Most people belive that single parenting will not effect anyone but the people who are in the household or immediate family. That however is not true. Single parenting leads to inaccurate child care. If the child does not receive child care that will benfit them, they have an extremely high risk of partaking in juvenile crime. That could potentionally effect other people who have no relation at all to the family. Juvenile crime is a huge deal becasuse the children that commit the crime are our future and parents need to think about that before making the decision they make....   [tags: child care, arrest, prison]

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Capital Punishment and Minors, Women, Retarded, and the Innocent

- This essay takes the exceptions to the rule, the classes of people who are not ordinarily sentenced to death, and expsoses how they are impacted by the death penalty. Child offenders are people convicted of committing crimes when they were under the age of 18. International human rights treaties prohibit anyone under 18 years of age at the time of the crime being sentenced to death. The ICCPR, the ACHR and the CRC all have provisions to this effect. One hundred and fifteen countries whose laws still provide for the death penalty either have provisions in their laws which exclude the death penalty against child offenders, or may be presumed to exclude such use by virtue of becoming pa...   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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The Importance of Gun Control Laws in the United States

- On December 14, 2012, twenty-year old Adam Lanza shot and killed six adult staff members and twenty children in a killing spree at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Before arriving at the school, Lanza shot and killed his mother at their Newtown home. Just as first respondents arrived, he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. With “safe” gun laws intact, a mentally ill person such as Adam Lanza should not have been able to obtain deadly firearms. America’s gun laws have proven to be ineffective and inefficient in keeping citizens safe with the rising number of gun related deaths, which supports the need for stronger gun control laws....   [tags: Weapons, Minors, Fear]

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Long Term Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse

- Children have resilience unlike any other group of people. They have the ability to heal quicker than someone does that has a better understanding of what it is to heal. Yet, when a child is sexual abused, something happens to that resilience. It isn’t as easy to pull through. That healing doesn’t come as easy and the damage that is caused by sexual abuse to a child is long-term. Effects of childhood sexual abuse are extensive. This extensive damage can lead to a number of different outlets. These outlets tend to be destructive....   [tags: STI, sexuality, resilience of minors]

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Kill or be Killed: Child Soldiers

- ... Parents are forced to tell where their children are hidden, if not they are tortured and even killed (Steel). After being abducted the children are then enforced to march to camp, anyone who attempts to escape is killed (Steel). As soon as these children are captured they are immediately trained to fight. To transform these children into killers, there are many tactics used. Training was an extremely difficult time for most children because they had to learn to not be emotionally attached after slaughtering men and women....   [tags: exploitation and abuse of minors, ]

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Children at War: Child Soldiers

- In the United States the idea of children serving as soldiers is an unfathomable concept; in many countries around the world, however, child soldiers perform tasks such as robbery, torture, and even murder for people such as drug lords, and political activists. Things like this are tragic even for adults; dealing with death everyday, knowing that one could be killed any second by an opposing force can really hurt someone mentally, and physically. This tragedy is not really even thought of that much, even though the effects are severe....   [tags: exploitation and abuse of minors]

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Taking a Look at Child Labor

- Child labor is a cruel act that involves putting children into back breaking work. The poet William Blake lived in a time when such harshness was accepted, and saw it for what it truly was. In his poem, Blake shows the child labor in chimney sweeping. The poem is centered around two characters, the narrator and a boy child named Tom. The narrator is a young boy who was sold into work at a young age. Tom is a child in the same situation but he has a strange dream. In “The Chimney Sweeper”, Blake expresses his view of the wrongness of child labor by showing what it is and how it affects the children....   [tags: back breaking work done my minors]

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Youth in Adult Basic and Literacy Education Programs

- Youth in Adult Basic and Literacy Education Programs Wherever adult educators gather, whether at conferences, meetings, or in e-mail discussion groups, a topic on many minds is the challenge of increasing numbers of teenagers enrolled in adult education classes. (Smith 2002, p. 1). The increase in the number of youth under the age of 18 enrolling in federally funded adult basic and literacy education programs is a trend that is putting increasing pressures on programs designed to serve an adult population (Hayes 2000)....   [tags: Adult Education Minors Youth Essays]

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Industrial Relations Between the Union, State, Miners, and Police

- During the 1980s, Trade Unions encountered significant challenges and losses, this occurred against a backdrop of rapid expansion and influence. Before the 1979 conservative election victory it was distinctively voluntarist, with minor legislative intervention. (Gallie et al, 1996).Two strikes in particular, the miners’ strike and the News International industrial dispute changed the face of Industrial Relations in the UK. The conduct and outcome of the disputes led to significant changes with regards to the role of the state, the role of employers and the power of the unions in contemporary Industrial relations....   [tags: union, state, miners, police]

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Modern Japanese Literature and Theater: Betsuyaku Minoru Japanese

- Japanese modern theater has gone through several changes during the years. From the early attempts of 1870 to reform the Kabuki, which resulted in the new form of shin-kabuki to the creation in the 1960s of shugekijo undo (Little theatre movement). One of the individuals that made an impact in Japanese modern theater is Betsuyaku Minoru. The following essay would be talking about Betsuyaku and his contribution to modern theater in Japan. In the Japanese state of Manchukuo on April 6, 1937 Betsuyaku Minoru was born....   [tags: japanese modern theater]

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The Miners Strike 1984

- Throughout the century British coal had become increasingly costly and difficult to mine. Nationalization in 1948 had not altered this. Indeed, there was a case for saying that lack of government investment since that date had added to the problem. For some time Britain had been importing coal from abroad. With the exception of few pits producing particular types of coal, British mines by the 1970s were running at loss. When Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister the first thing she wanted to do was limit union power....   [tags: British Coal, Margaret Thatcher vs Trade Union]

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Face-to-Face Communication in Special Situations

- In addressing the families and co-workers about the 30 workers that are trapped in the Chilean Copper Mine. I feel that it is best to understand that they people are scared and the best form of communication would be face to face. In face-to-face communication you are able to show empathy and comfort in a scary time. When the message, about the workers that are trapped 300 meters underground, is delivered to the family members a worker from the company needs to do these one by one. Bringing these 30 miners families to the site may cause an up roar so it is best to get to these families individual to create less mayhem....   [tags: copper mine, chilean miners, face to face]

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Chile Miners Rescue

- The mining industry has played a central and often tragic role in Latin American history, starting with the hunger for gold and silver that drove the Spanish conquest and led to the enslavement of indigenous people. 5th August 2010, 33 Chilean miners were trapped 2,000 feet underground for over two weeks. The miners were working at a depth of around 450m (1,475ft) at the San Esteban mine, near the city of Copiapo, when the rock above them collapsed. (Herald, 2010) This was a headline around the world and forever pain for the miners and their family members....   [tags: crisis management, search and rescue]

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The Effects Of Zola On The Miners Of This Time And Their Families

- ... Through Etienne, Zola expresses the need for a strike to happen in order for the workers to gain proper wages for their work in the mines. A strike is the only way to ensure this will happen because once production comes to halt, and there is no more coal being extracted from the mines it takes a great hit on the owners and holders of the Company. He believed that a strike would make the owners and holders think twice on their decision to lower the miners’ pay even more, and would make them come to the conclusion that the miners’ also deserved to live a comfortable lifestyle where they need not fear of starving to death or dying in horrible working conditions....   [tags: Working class, Middle class]

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Miners and History

- Miners and History At the beginning of the War the county had high hopes. War Socialism had been brought in, this was the country's industries being geared up toward the war effort, this included the mines being nationalised, and many miners hoped that they would stay nationalised after the war. The miners at that time liked the government and some even joined the armed forces, the miners were patriotic to England....   [tags: Papers]

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M & Ms - Miners and Mercury

- Most miners of the Amazon lead a very polluted way of life. They pollute the environment they live in and they pollute themselves. The, "garimpeiros" as the miners are called in Brazil are independent farmers of the gold that flows beneath the rivers of the Amazon rain-forest. Their daily routine of early mornings, long hard days, and late nights drinking and taking cocaine contribute to their way of life. Their only goal in life is to drill for the gold dust which seems to collect at the bottoms of waterfalls then use the profits for illegal self indulgences like cocaine....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Class Conflict During The Miners ' Strike Of ' 84

- ... This is an example of the way in which voices of women aren’t taken seriously. While it would be easy to view this as Mark not understanding as he sees the LGSM as an accepting safe space in itself, there is a long history of women’s feelings not being taken into consideration as there has been a constant male narrative which alienates women. With men throughout times gone having controlled the means of media, the representation of women’s opinions, thoughts and feelings have been severely lacking and thus a lack of understanding from a female perspective (Smith, 1987)....   [tags: Gender, Sexual orientation, Gender role, LGBT]

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Life of Miners in Hean marie Laskas´ Hidden America

- The quote, “My daily life was intimately connected to these people-dependent on them- and yet, up until my time in that mine, I knew nothing about them or their world (2),” best shows the theme that Jean Marie Laskas plans to in her book. Her statement is from the introduction of her book Hidden America as she is in a coal mine observing the workers, and she realizes how foreign their work and lives are to her. This quote symbolizes how Laskas plans to use logic and emotions to break the misconception and show the reliance people have on these characters from her book....   [tags: logic, emotions, misconceptions]

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The Foreign Miners in the American Gold Rush

- The Foreign Miners in the American Gold Rush One Saturday night, a mob of masked men, who numbered forty to sixty, approached a small house. Arriving at the house, they dragged two slumbering men from their bunks and hustled them from the house, without even allowing them to put on their clothes, and started to kick and beat them. One of the invaders drew his pistol and shot at one of the victims. The bullet pierced the body of the man and inflicted a terrible wound. Both men who were attacked that night died....   [tags: American History Research Papers]

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The Time Of Miners : Working Time At The Fair Labor Standards Act

- Majority Opinion The issue is whether the traveling time that miners take to get to the face of the mine counts as working time under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The State of Confusion should adopt the majority’s opinion and hold travel time as work time. This position held that because the workers were under employer supervision, physical exertion was involved because they are performing a service, and the worker is doing this work to benefit the employer travel time should count as worktime....   [tags: Employment, Wage]

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The Coal Miners in France During the Second Empire

- The Coal Miners in France During the Second Empire In this paper I will explain why revolt by the labor against capital in Second Empire France failed. To explain the situation, I will use Marx's theory of capital accumulation as he presents it in {Capital}. Also important in the theoretical description of this phenomena is the role of tradition and the way its restraints deviate from those of the economy in this French society. Based on this description I will discuss how the function of management is enforced by the economy and traditions inherent in a society....   [tags: World History Economy Economics Essays]

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Gold Fever: The Klondike Gold Rush

- In today’s world, gold is viewed as something that a person would put on their fingers, in their ears, or around their necks to show wealth. In the late 1800s, gold was used a lot differently than how it is today. Symptoms of gold fever were making their way around the United States at an extremely rapid pace. Everyone wanted to jump on the chance at possibly making more money than they would ever need on finding gold. These men and women would literally go to the extremes just to sink their picks and shovels into gold rich ground....   [tags: miners, hunters, money]

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Coal Mining in West Virginia: Storming Heaven, Denise Giardina

- Storming Heaven In 1883, the first carload of coal was transported from Tazewell County, Virginia, on the Norfolk and Western Railway. The railroad opened a gateway to the untouched coal beds of West Virginia. Towns were created as the region was transformed from an agricultural to industrial economy.(West Virginia Mine Wars) The lure of good wages and housing made the coal mining appealing to West Virginians, but all good things come at a price. In the novel Storming Heaven, Denise Giardina gives us an inside look at what really happened to the small town of Annedel, West Virginia....   [tags: miners, coal mines, farmers]

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John L Lewis Biography

- John L. Lewis was born in the town of Lucas, Iowa on February 12th, 1880. His parents are immigrants from Wales. When John was fifteen, he started working as a miner in Illinois. Between 1898 and 1907, John was voted to be a local representative to the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) in the year 1906. Lewis also tried farming, construction work, and owning a small business, before joining the labor movement in 1907. The United Mine Workers of America , aka the UMWA, later elected John as branch secretary....   [tags: miners, labor, unions]

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Michigan and Boston: The Copper-Mining Industry

- Copper mining has had a huge impact on Michigan throughout history. Copper mining has had such an impact that the Upper Peninsula of Michigan has a region referred to as “The Copper Country” because of its involvement in the copper-mining industry. The copper-mining industry has also led to technological developments necessary for hoisting and drilling as well as the development of towns and cities in the Keweenaw. In addition, it led to the creation of many potential jobs for residents of the towns that were developed to support these mines....   [tags: english miners, calumet, hecla properties]

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Crisis Management: Disaster in Chile

- On October 13, 2010, thirty three miners of Chile were finally rescued. The men had been trapped underground since August 5, 2010 when a rockfall caused a tunnel to collapse. Since then, the miners had remained trapped in a collapsed gold and copper mine for two months. The miners were hauled to the surface by a specially designed steel shaft known as “Phoenix” capsule through 2,050 feet of rock to the surface. While the mission of rescuing was completed, the Chilean government has gained enormous applauds from the world for their meticulous and systematic crisis management....   [tags: chilean mining, search and rescue, miners]

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Product and Pricing Strategies of Mining Machinery in the Ukraine

- Product and Pricing Strategies The Ukraine has abundant deposits of coal in the Donets Basin. However, most of it is at enormous depths from 300 to 1200 meters below the surface. (Wikipedia, 2013) These very hazardous mining operations require special equipment in order to operate in these conditions safely. The larger SME300 Series and smaller SME200 Series continuous miners are specifically designed to operate deep under the ground in tight spaces. Ukraine has well established manufacturing sector of mining machinery....   [tags: SME300 series, SME200 series continuos miners]

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Violent Juveniles Should Be Tried as Adults

- Guilty. As the gavel hits the sound block, everyone is amazed at the verdict. This teenage boy is sentenced to a life in prison without parole. As you read this in newspapers, magazines, and even online, what goes through your head. You may be thinking, “Why is this teen being tried as adult, he is just a kid.” While he is “just a kid”, and this is a widely held opinion but it is not mine. Should minors who commit violent crimes be tried as adults. Absolutely. Just because minors are young they do have the ability to know what is right from wrong....   [tags: Adult Punishments for Juveniles]

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Gun Alcohol On Her Real Property

- ... Upon a search of the property, the officer found empty beer cans and liquor bottles. Id. at 4. Brady would like the firm to examine whether she is in violation of knowingly allowing minors to consume alcohol on her real property. DISCUSSION Brady will most likely be in violation of knowingly allowing minors to consume alcohol for two reasons. First, relevant aspects of Michigan Law have been met. Second, based on the evidence and principles outlined by courts, her conduct constitutes knowingly allowing minors to consume alcohol....   [tags: Blood alcohol content, Alcohol, Beer, Ethanol]

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Thinking Before You Start Inking

- The lives of average teenagers are filled with perceived angst, usually due to the pressure to conform by society, and more and more of them are trying to claim independence by permanently marking their skin. A survey conducted by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found that 36 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 have at least one tattoo (Associated Press). However, the study did not look at minors who had tattoos, probably due to the fact that 39 states have laws prohibiting minors from getting tattoos and thirty-one states have laws that prohibit both piercing and tattooing on minors without parental permission (National Conference of State Legislatures)....   [tags: Health ]

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Children Of The Modern Age

- ... It has been questioned whether or not minors should be tried as adults in the justice system and has caused tremendous controversy. Minors are considered adults the year they turn 18, and it is the year where the law strictly enforces that as well because, if a crime is committed, they are well aware of the circumstances they are placed in and have the common knowledge in understanding the possible consequences regarding their mistakes. Many questions rise as in why a child would commit a certain crime and what the thinking process was in order to get in the problem at the involving them....   [tags: The Child, Childhood, Decision making, Child]

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Government Regulation of Video Game Violence is Unconstitutional and Unnecessary.

- “Breaking news tonight at 11, three students dead, several wounded after manic depressed teen lashes out with a handgun…” Americans serve witness in recent decades to this scary yet familiar occurrence. The cause of this familiar scene is minors suffering from social disorders and aggression. The major focus of blame is the entertainment industry including television, movies, books, and recently video games. The state of California decided to address the concern of video game violence by passing a law banning minors from purchasing games that are considered “violent”....   [tags: Video Game Violence]

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A Local Crisis: Underage Drinking

- By definition and federal law, underage drinking is any person under 21 who are consuming alcohol. In 2011, Missouri had 258 total alcohol impaired fatalities. Forty-six, or thirty percent, of these fatalities were under the age of twenty-one (Century Council). Surely, it does not happen in small towns like Warrensburg. Yes, in fact, it does happen in Warrensburg, the reason being it is a college town, and Whiteman Air Force Base is just twenty minutes outside the town. Here are stories of underage drinking incidences that occurred in Warrensburg, Jackson County, and St....   [tags: drinking age, alcohol, mip, drunk driving]

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The Issue Of Teen Pregnancy

- ... Many states require the consent of both parents, and six states allow other relatives, such as a grandparent to approve the procedure (A. Dennis, 2009). Today, thirty-two states require parent’s consent in order for an adolescent to have access to an abortion. Fifteen states on which enforces parental notification laws and 17 enforcing parental consent laws (Boonstra & Nash, 2000). Issues Raised by Parental Involvement Laws The purpose of parental involvement laws in the United States are to protect young women to make a dangerous decision and to promote parents to become involved in their child’s decision and care....   [tags: Abortion, Pregnancy, Birth control]

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Internet Censorship Essay - The ACLU and the Child Online Protection Act

- The ACLU and the Child Online Protection Act The Child Online Protection Act (COPA) was approved by Congress on August 16, 1998. It is the purpose of this essay to demonstrate how the ACLU destroyed this family-oriented act. Immediately after COPA was signed by the President, the American Civil Liberties Union and a coalition of groups representing publishers, Internet Service Providers, journalists, and the technology industry challenged the law in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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Freedom of Speech and Violent Video Games

- Most people see a violent video game being sold and do not think twice about it. The sale of violent video games in our current system is normal. In 2008, 298.2 million video games were sold in the US, totaling $11.7 billion in revenue. Six of the top ten best-selling video games included violence, with four of the games carrying a "Mature" rating recommended for persons aged 17 and older (Procon). In June 2011, the case of Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association California attempted to enforce a statute that gives a punishment for selling violent video games to minors (Herard 515)....   [tags: Brown vs Entertainment Merchants Association ]

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Sexting Law Reform

- In today’s American society, almost everyone, even children as young as six, owns a cell phone with a camera. Although convenient, camera phones also open the door to massive problems concerning child pornography that stem from sexting, or sending nude or lascivious photos. According to a 2010 Federal Bureau of Investigation survey1 of 4,400 middle and high school students, “approximately eight percent of students reported that they had sent a sext of themselves to others while thirteen percent said they had received a sext.” The main problem with sexting, aside from being child pornography if it is a picture of minor, is the ease of dissemination of the sext to other contacts or even the In...   [tags: American Society, Child Pornography, Technology]

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The Case Of Roper V. Simmons

- In the United States Supreme Court case of Roper v. Simmons of 2005 the Supreme Court ruled in a five to four ruling that the death sentence for minors was considered “cruel and unusual punishment,” as stated by the Eighth Amendment, according to the Oyez Project online database. Christopher Simmons, the plaintiff, was only seventeen at the time of his conviction of murder. With the Roper v Simmons, 2005 Supreme Court ruling against applying the death penalty to minors, this also turned over a previous 1989 ruling of Stanford v....   [tags: Capital punishment]

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Adult : Adult Crime Adult Time

- ... Juveniles that commit heinous and malicious crimes should be tried as adults, as long as they have the understanding of what is right and wrong (Juvenile Justice 2008). If a juvenile wants to commit an adult crime, they should have to pay adult time. Many minors feel that they can commit these adult crimes because they feel that they will only be charged with a juvenile offense. Whether juveniles who commit violent crimes should be tried as an adult has been a hot button topic for some time now....   [tags: Crime, Murder, Violent crime, Criminology]

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Idaho Minor Body Art Regulations

- ... The reasoning is that, the health department needs to step in, so tattoo parlors that do not take safety into account, can get shut down (Taylor, 2012). There are disagreements from those who are considered adults, such as those who are tattoo and other body art artists, who believe that minors do not understand the responsibility of acquiring a tattoo and are not emotionally mature enough to receive one (Burnside, 2013). There are some viewpoints people who believe in industries such as the tattoo industry if a business is mainly having a basis on kids then the children are being exploited (Taylor,2012)....   [tags: tattooing, branding, and body piercing]

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Capital Punishment For Juvenile Offenders

- ... Only the three youngest prisoners were affected by the Supreme Court’s decision in the court case Thompson v. Oklahoma (1988), holding state statutes that failed to set a minimum age at which the death penalty could be imposed to be violating of the eighth amendment -- the government is prohibited from setting excessive bail/fines or cruel and unusual punishment. (Uslegal, Inc) In February of 1999 a sixteen year old offender, Sean Sellers, was executed (Sellers v. State). It was made a big issue because Sellers had been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder....   [tags: Capital punishment]

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Curfews: What's the Point?

- Curfews: What's the Point. The 14th amendment of the United States Constitution states that any state shall not “deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws" (Legal). However, many cities and states in the US currently enforce curfew laws that deny young teens under the age of 18 their right to be in public places or to drive after certain hours. These laws are punishing minors for exercising their constitutional rights in the same way that adults do without such punishment; they are mostly causing no harm, and do not deserve to be discriminated against by the government in the w...   [tags: social issues]

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Juveniles Must Accept Responsibility

- Juveniles Must Accept Responsibility Are juveniles as under control today as they were in the past. Crime plays a major role in today’s society. The government follows the policy and has always followed the policy that no crime goes unpunished. The controversy that surrounds the United States courtrooms today is whether or not a minor needs to stand trial as an adult for committing a serious offense. These decisions made by the judge or jury in the preliminary hearing affect the rest of the suspects life....   [tags: Crime Teenagers Children Criminal Essays Trial]

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The Juvenile Court System

- The Juvenile Court System The Juvenile Court system was a system set up to deal with minors who find themselves in trouble. In trouble with their parents, or the law. This system has its benefits and its flaws. The first juvenile court in the United States was established in 1899, in Illinois. This set a trend that would grow across the entire United States { Forer, 198 }. In 1974 The Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act was put into effect. It had many regulations to follow, such as, making prevention of juvenile crime a national priority....   [tags: Papers]

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Teen Pregnancy and Abortion

- Teenage pregnancy significantly impacts an adolescent’s education, as well as the goals they have set for themselves. Parental involvement is sometimes overlooked by the teen while deciding if abortion is the right choice. Most teenagers have access to obtain an abortion without their parents’ permission because some states consider a pregnant teen an adult. When states consider a pregnant adolescent an adult, the teen has the authority to make their own decisions. One reason why abortion is a chosen procedure by young adults is to continue their education and receive an ideal career in the future....   [tags: adolescent's education, unprepared, immature]

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