emancipation of minors

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For teens in the midst of adolescent turmoil, the idea of being freed from nagging parents holds a powerful attraction. But the hope for a better life after emancipation often is dashed on the cruel rocks of an existence without the anchor of adult supervision. (http://redditjournal.ou.edu/story.php?sid=27) Emancipation can be an important legal tool for certain teenagers, but you should give careful thought before moving ahead. It is a major decision that can be right or wrong, it brings on a lot of responsibilities at an early age. You may think you’re grown, until you get out in the real world and realize you should have thought more about the decision before acting upon it. As hard as it may seem, parents can petition for their own child to be emancipated from their care. There are many reasons why parents would want their child to be emancipated, or taken out of their care so they can care for themselves. One reason could be that the parent does not want to be held liable for the minor’s actions. (peopleslaw.org) the parent/s could fine or ticket for the crime the child has committed. If you are with your parents in Wal-Mart and you decide to steal some of their merchandise your parents will get in more trouble than you do because you are a minor. If your parents cannot seem to get you under control, they may want to emancipate you so they will not be at risk for getting in trouble for you when you commit a crime while still under their care. The parent may also believe that the child can care for him or herself and does not want to pay child support. Here is one instance of emancipation. “Tort action by father for loss of earning of minor son. Court ruled that emancipation is proved by conduct and acts. The father forfeited... ... middle of paper ... ... to purchase the extra things they want, or to have money to go places with their friends, but not to support your parents. When you become emancipated you have rights that other teenagers do not have. If you are emancipated, you can do some things without your parents’ permission like: get medical care, apply for a work permit sign up for schools or colleges, live where you want to (source 4). You may also get your own place to live but will be responsible for paying rent and bills. You can also sue other people but you can also be sued by others. You are no longer under the control of your parents. Emancipation is a legal way for children to become an adult before they are 18. Although, if you are emancipated you will give up the right to be supported by your parents. You should weigh these rights and responsibilities carefully as you think about emancipation.
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